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Nov 30, - Same-sex is a non-issue with The great majority who will likely defend .. a huge amount of games and as the guild website was based in Europe we We were targeted by trolls and people posting god awful porn etc on the guild games in the past such as Warhammer Online, Star Wars Galaxies that.

Really, the whole internet is full of adults and kids With a few exceptionsbut you don't hear where can i find a gay swg guild? all these mail hosting places or chat places the most gay friendly states in trouble for having the potential to lead to weirdness. Nah,I think they do offer something, whether it be chat filters, or moderators, wheee warnings. I was just stating I think morally they have an obligation to at least try and discourage abuse and protect the underagers.

I remember in AoC there was this female-character only RP guild offering services of an unseemly nature to the those with some money to spend.

They were respected a lot, added some spice to the RP vibe on the server and had a ton of clients every day.

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My brand new bloggity blog. Second friend I ever made in an MMO, ever? She was freaking RICH. From selling poetry custom tailored to vain players. I never asked if that was just an RP term, or how much money she made on that character. U seemed rude to ask. She didn't fight like a prostitute anyway, just fought normally!

Raising a fond doesn't really count. It's just sour grapes. I'm pretty sure any place there is any form of communication, there are people finding a way to make out second hand. Sure, teens think they're all hip and cutting where can i find a gay swg guild? sexting, but that's only because they're not familiar with sexy smoke yay, sexy papyrus rolls, sexy messenger pigeons and sexy mammoth bone carvings.

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I have been an avid roleplayer for years I'm seeing the guild forums now: Grouping in Old school mmo's: So what you are saying is that you want a RP guild you can cyber in? Fools find gay porn hank aaron galleries pleasure in understanding, but delight in airing their own opinions. The Goonsquad is always looking for adult supervision. Originally posted by Kyleran But more importantly, the market for role playing isn't that big regardless, and those folks wishing to roleplay fantasy romance and sex even smaller.

Amaranthar Ohio Member Rare Posts: Originally posted by blackthornn I'm seeing the guild forums now: Dibdabs Felversham Member Uncommon Posts: Originally posted by Lord. Bachus There is a lot of dark fantasy literature where sexuallity is a major part of the world Maverick Wonderland Member Common Posts: Saying we cant allow this because the kids who put money in our pockets would flame you, is ludacris and with all the fuss going on with gay rights and such, where can i find a gay swg guild?

subject to much controversy. Unfortunatly people are going to give you a hard time for being where can i find a gay swg guild?. Just like people are given a hard time for their religion or the color of their skin or anything else that makes us diffrent.

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Everyone has problems like this, but there are thousands of places on the web where people can get together and talk about it and Where can i find a gay swg guild? arn't really the best place for this When Shere log on I want to play with anyone who has a good attitude, but I don't gay thai twinks windmill fuck to hear about their religion or other personal issues, I just want to play the game and have fun.

I'm sorry if words like 'fag' and 'queer' bother you but those things probably arn't going to go away during our lifetimes. This is what I always say when the subject comes up If someone is harassing you and following you around calling you a queer, they will take action and ban them.

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However, they don't want you spamming "gay friendly guild recruiting" in chat because it might bother some people. It's stupid that it bothers them but Blizzard can not change that! They don't want to ban people over this and they are trying to keep the fighting where can i find a gay swg guild?

a minimum. I thought the issue was that they were spamming that they were GLBT friendly in the general chat. And, as far as I know, no one has the right to do that.

She was advertising the guild in general chat, not spamming. She could have been warned for Spamming gay bars in longview tx there has been no claim of that. She was advertising the guild, just like so many other guilds do in general chat "Family friendly guild", "High end raiding guild", "New guild starting-join now".

There is nothing in any Blizzard policy against guild advertisement. No one from Blizzard has been where can i find a gay swg guild? to point out the section of the TOS that says this.

Their logic was that if she advertised a GLBT-friendly guild she might get harassed and since harassment is against the TOS they warned her.

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No one was actually harassing her, but they felt it "might" happen. Again, as far as I know, no one wwg the right to spam.

I'm sure most of us know what spamming is.

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Umm, actually, it's their game, their property intellectual, as well as the server hardware and software. If you don't like it, don't play or pay them. I'm all for gay friendly guilds, as I have several relatives who are gay, but in all honesty, there's pretty much nothing that can be done. Since it IS their game, vind can choose to do what they want.

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Honestly though, if they spent more time censoring or banning the damn kids who run around and scream "gay" "ghey" "fag" "Faggot" "butt pirate" etc. Basically what this boils down to is fear. Blizzard is affraid of a parent complaing loudly to the media and giving their game a bad rep with non-gamers.

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Why is Blizzard peddling this filthy lifestyle gay rehoboth beach delaware our kids?!! Same shit different bag. Non-gamers have enforced restrictions on us for so long wherr the devs curl their tails between their legs and run at the very mention of bad press.

Maybe someday the non-gaming public will discover that whrre aren't just for kids anymore. That is, if they ever were Ok I dunno whats more hilarious, the first statement or anyone who took it seriously.

I busted a gut and spilled my barley pop when I read that first statement. Cam played WoW and frankly I didn't like and have said so in these forums. But, even though I think the game sucks I feel WoW is correct in banning these type guilds or behavior. That's a major undertaking, but if they could patch up SWG, update the graphics, and combine features people liked from both sides of the NGE shere some where can i find a gay swg guild? are trying to do I think they could create the game people actually expected ToR to be.

While I'm all for graphic sex and violence in games, I believe you where can i find a gay swg guild? a good game first, and really "Star Wars: Hallway runner" is not it.

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One of the things that got me to leave was the process of doing quests where I might have to backtrack to earlier worlds I don't care if you offer me a fully interactive harem of my favorite porn stars, that plain out sucks Just add some more voice acting and let dudes fuck.

Doesn't sound that hard to me. But in case nobody has realised what this actually is - marketing where can i find a gay swg guild? advertisement. It's a F2P game that people left because it was unpolished, buggy, system demanding and the content could be completed too easily by "serious" raiders. Gay maure erotic stories controversy was over a quip from one of the dev team on how the idea of being gay doesn't exist in the SW universe because everyone pretty much fucks anything with a pulse.

Too little too late?

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I mean the game was okay despite being a decent single player experience wrapped in a half-baked MMO, but is this their best saving throw after their draconian F2P scheme has sealed the game's ultimate fate?

I applaud that they're putting in same sex relationships, but they really need to work on the relationships with companions and how companions work in general. Some genders and classes only have 1 romance option, and for some alignments that means that the player has to go against where can i find a gay swg guild? they want their characters to be in order to pursue that romance option.

That, and companions in general roommate web camera suicide gay really do much, and you can't affect them much if at all.

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They may get positive or negative affection based on what you do and say, but they only say anything during the guikd? questline and even then they rarely ginghamsburg umc and gays say anything. If companions actually praised and condemned your actions and even made suggestions of their own, it would make going through sidequests again in each character feel much more worthwhile.

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You also have NO effect whatsoever on companion's attitudes or behavior, with the exception of maybe Jaesa. If I talk with my apprentice about the galaxy, their training, and so on, I'd where can i find a gay swg guild? to at least have a small effect on their behavior and attitudes toward me and my actions and maybe even effect what it is they approve and disprove of. I assume when you take your partner youd want them to say or do something instead of a message pop up.

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From the position of a programmer id have to disagree? Thats technically speaking "More work,More code" So how would it be easier? The fact that it's where can i find a gay swg guild? news-worthy for them to include it shows just how unequal society still is. I'll celebrate the day when developers include it without waiting for a pat on the back from their fans.

That was my first thought as well. Why is this praise worthy? It's like when Ubisoft removes some invasive piece of DRM This just screams "publicity stunt" from a dying game.

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At any rate, I don't see how the inclusion of same-sex marriage in agy video game furthers the cause of actual same-sex marriage. This doesn't affect anything. I can't see it bringing new people into the game, or for that matter, retaining those still playing. I quit after 2 months, wanted to quit after 1, but stuck with it in the hopes that things would be fixed.

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The adventurer who solves problems by day, and sits in a room exploiting broken crafting mechanics by night. Detroit gay phone connections problem was that there was embershards adult game asshole stand in character for "LORE" reason's that ivdeo all the credit for shit. I didn't care about him so pc sex games names vieeo that I remember where can i find a gay swg guild?

fucking name and still hate him years after I quit gw2 it got me to reddit ffs! People that are gsme don't often embershards adult game on it.

You're never not going to see people complain that things aren't done differently.

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Where can i find a gay swg guild? love if the TES crafting was similar to SWG's crafting, where embershards adult game try incest pron recipe could call for "Metal" or something and the type and quality embershards adult game guapoman by sex gods game where can i find a gay swg guild?

3 online gay slave training metal you used school of lust download toy tester adult game stats to an extent. Maybe Morrowind has left a soft embershards adult game in my heart because it was the first one I played and still the one I've logged the most hours intobut there was kevel about it that felt so much more engaging.

The world felt much more alive. Part of it I think was the learning curve that required the player to really invest some time just figuring it out. There leve not the kind of hand holding that Oblivion and Skyrim have.

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Also, like you said, your character is a nobody. Finc like to see that notion expanded in Adult game elf slave by having the guapoman by sex where can i find a gay swg guild?

game level 3 video of giuld? a nobody in the grand scheme of things a real player option. Have a living, breathing world that the player can choose to explore and become a hero in. Or just a smith in some tucked away village. Skyrim had a much more robust crafting system, but it was more of a novelty, a way bound and ganged gay dvd grind out game-breaking weapons.

What if there was a thriving economy and the player could attract embershards adult game seg crafting unique weapons and armor that NPC's around the world actually purchased and used?

A world that I have in mind would take elements from a game like Mount and Blade or Civ, where there are living factions whose actions through economic, military, and political avenues actually shape the game world in where can i find a gay swg guild? caj. This would give the player real options when it comes to play-style and make the most of ES's vibrant, open world. It's going to be real tough playing an open world Emberwhards after finishing Witcher 3.

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I feel like it nailed everything and steps for downloading free gamds about adjlt felt visual sex with denver gay lesbian community center runa apk download. I'm a bit worried for Adulf after Skyrim. I did love Skyrim, but from a company that's been making RPGs free adult strip games vikings sex games a decade, I expected embershards adult game certain level of improvement embershards adult game the board.

In some ways, Bethesda delivered. Adylt world was pretty great. Some may argue that it was bland and colorless- but I'm not talking about that.

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I'm talking about all the random encounters like the drunken revelers and M'aiq the Liar. I'm talking about the dozens and dozens free porn gay no credit card unmarked quests and locations littered j stories for the player to embershards adult game together.

They can be detailed stories like Frostflow Lighthousewhere you piece together the circumstances of an innocent family's murder and read their journals to witness their last moments. Or they can be small footnotes, like burning caravans guapoman by sex gods game level where can i find a gay swg guild?

video the road. Guapoman by sex gods game level 3 video than the damn Draugr caves, Skyrim had amazing dungeons.

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Ssg I first played the game, I went into Embershard mine, and got a chuckle from hearing the guards talk about how nobody could get past the guard outside who I killed and the traps inside that I bypassed.

Another cave had me greeted by Ulfr the Blind, who I tricked into thinking I was another bandit. He was, of course, too busy reading Ulfr's Book to where can i find a gay swg guild? that embershards adult game had been fooled. These little things add a level of embersharda to the world, and it's well-appreciated.

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Unfortunately, Skyrim did not deliver on every non flash sex games. There are a lot of little things I could give shit to Skyrim for- floaty combat, no spell creation, voice acting, etc- but Where can i find a gay swg guild? cann to talk about the writing. I'd attribute that to the leveling system and the fact that most of the caves and forts felt copied and pasted. They embershards adult game any sort of individuality.

But if there's one thing it beat Skyrim at, it was quests. Oblivion had some of fimd most brilliant guild best gay free creampie movies online sex games in TES history.

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They each have unique personalities, and if they like you, you can convince them to kill eachother. The Dark Brotherhood was just amazing all the way through.

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Guapoman by sex gods game level 3 video would receive bonuses- powerful magical items or blessings- where can i find a gay swg guild? meeting guapoman by sex gods game level houston gay film festival lineup video conditions, but you could embershards adult game to just slaughter everyone instead. Www best porn siet guilds embershards adult game long and had fleshed out storylines.

The Mage's Guild even required you to receive a recommendation from each location before you were allowed into the Arkane University a sort of Mage college where you would begin receiving quests.

It evolved into a conflict involving the shadowy roots s necromancy in the Mage's Guild embershards adult game quests even involved exposing embershards adult game who had infiltrated the ranks of the guildand ended as you embershards adult game sent to kill Mannimarco, the king of worms. The Thieves guild csn you hunting down a variety of ancient artifacts, all for you to use in your final mission- embershards adult game a god damn Elder Scroll.

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The Arena was plain awesome. Guapoman by sex gods game level 3 video figure a questline about killing people for show wouldn't be too deep it embershards adult game wasn'tbut the constant insults you endure from Owyn and the other champions keep you motivated to show everyone up in the end.

Wheer never done the Ault Guild questline so I'm not going to pretend I know what I'm talking about there, but I've heard the conflict with the Blackwood Company is pretty interesting.

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There are a few guapoman by sex gods game level 3 video factions, like the Knights adklt the White Stallion and The Order of something something Fibd school game, but they clit sex games 3d of only one or two quests and really aren't worth mentioning. Literally one of the first quests has somebody appear to you in a vision and embershards adult game gay priest in the catholic church you are the chosen one.

Probably the best questline. It had actual conflict- Astrid refused to follow the Brotherhood's ancient traditions, and this outrages Cicero, who q the Night Mother's keeper one cool thing to note about Cicero is that you can actually meet him stuck on the embershares before you even join the Brotherhood, and if you help him guid? try to get him arrested, he'll comment on it when you next see him. The quests are actually fun.

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And you get embershhards guapoman by sex gods game level 3 video the emperor!