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Nov 28, - The United States should get out of the United Nations, and our highest .. the web and to spam and marketing lists and all his favorite gay porn sites. You are too intelligent to let yourself be caught up in the games of party politicians. like the sex pistols would say anarchy in the UK fuck all of you.

Atheist Republican, you realize your president believes Jesus rules the white house, right? A true atheist can see how dangerous this is to the rest of the country, and would never vote for such an ignorant and narrow-minded individual. I'm sick of ALL politicians, not just Republicans and notjust Democrats, imposing their moral and religious beliefs on me. What happened to the separation of church and state? The very first sentence states the separation of church and state, yet on every piece of currency and in every courthouse in this country it says "In God We Trust".

The second sentence provides for the pratice of free speech,yet the FCC regulates what people can say, hear, or watch. As an American citizen, the government should not be telling ME what's appropriate for me to hear, I should be making that decision. Finally, I believe Howard Stern is right to get involved in politics, because that's his right as a citizen.

He tells the truth, he tells it exactly as it is, he doesn't care what other people think about him or what he's saying. I think it's great that he's making a stand for what he believes in and I think more people should. I'm throught with Republicans. I'm ashamed to admit I ever voted for them. But I realize that the Democrats are really not any different.

The two parties are one in the same. I'm making my vote count in November. I'm voting Libertarian from this point forward. I have found that I've become increasingly Libertarian as of late. I support the rights of all individuals in the pursuit of happiness.

Whether it be gay marriage or what have you. I believe the government should keep its nose out of peoples' business my bedroom, my house, etc. Let's legalize some drugs and reap the revenue! The only time the gov't has any right united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay my home is when it is for the purpose of protecting another person. Gay beasiality porn post support neither Bush nor Kerry.

United kingdom uk 24 drewski gay anyone actually know what Kerry stands for? I have yet to hear more than two platforms. Pro-abortion and he does not support gay marriage, just "gay union. What I want is a President who united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay run this country, decrease the bullshit spending, and stay out of my life. All I have to say is that IF by some miracle of the deep black abyss, his 'appointedness' maintains his position, we're all better off going down to K-Mart and picking up a few new brown shirts Seems like it is that or being shipped of gay group pension scheme re-education camps with bibles tied to our necks.

To all republicans that think a democrat in the united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay house is bad for the economy -- guess what. Open your friggin eyes. Both Bush Senior and Bush junior have presided over the worst economies we've had in the past 20 years. Democrats CURE them from ridiculous republican policies. I agree with CMU. Just be an United kingdom uk 24 drewski gay and lets take care of our own. By the way I am a Capitalist.

The Bush "ass kissers" are using the death of Ronald Reagan to draw imaginary comparisons between the two presidents. A better free hardcore gay cum shots might be between Bush and O J Simpson! The most powerful, I think, is the first one, titled "Child's Pay".

It pretty much sums up Bush's economic failures. We all need to wake up to the reality of our situation as Americans. The problem cannot be blamed on either Republicans or Democrats. The problem is us. We have been given so much personal freedom and so many diversions that we really don't care what corporate America and organized religion is doing through the government.

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If we can manage to pry our attention away from our TV's, movie screens, fast food troughs and SUV's to focus on who we really are and what is united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay going on we gay carpenters on designed to sell just see things improve.

It's so easy to blame one party or the other and then go right back to our distraction of choice, blindly hoping that it will all work out in the end. If we could just exercise some will power and show these greedy, manipulative, ego-driven corporate swine what power really means. True power is love and unity. Peace, brothers and sisters. Republican, Democrat what's the difference? Neither of them run the country, PACs do. George Dreewski warned that political parties would be the ruination of this present constitution and the influence of PACs is the manifestation of that ruination.

As for the gay marriage ubited, all i have to say is what ever happened to that wonderful little thing that helped create this great country of ours Dear Republicans, Whatever happened to the core American values you say you cherish: You seem to be saying it's okay if someone united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay those values as long as he's on our side.

Well, those of you who feel that way can eat shit. There are lots of third-party candidates to choose from. Wanna guess and see if there is a record amount of money spent on hookers that week? I guess thats trickle down economics in action.

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Hey, being Republican isn't a crime. It also doesn't make you stupid. Often, however, it makes you wrong. The two types of people who vote Republican generally, of course, not 'always' are the Rich who benefit by this vote and the ignorant who are trained in ethics, politics, and 'life' by Fox News, fair and balanced but not much more than propaganda and tend to actually be shooting themselves in the pocketbook keep in mind 'Catsup is a veggie' in school lunch.

I have even voted for Republicans John Lindsey, Nelson Rockerfeller to name a few ; since the 'Big Tent' opened and let in all the Neos whose philosophy is 'turn up the volume', Lie to the masses that ALWAYS worked throughout historyand serve your own interested at the same time you deceive the world, I've not been able to do anything with Republicans except fear them because they do Wars predicated united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay invented 'intelligence' which, if it is invented isn't 'intelligence' at all, but fraudSTEAL elections get real; that IS what occured in Periodcommit treason doing things like stealing elections ricky martins gay affair undermines the United States national Security, thus it IS treason and more So, we'll soon see if the American People are as stupid as we fear.

Will they wake up to find that 'Manufacturing Jobs' like McDonald's Hamburgers are all that are left assuming they aren't outsourced to India where the cows might object anyway? Will they awaken to find the middle class has gotton an eleventh finger, the middle finger of those robbing them?

But we can hope. Feel free to be a Republican. Unless, of course, they interfere with our agenda!! On the gay marriage thing: How many people select phrases bear beefy gay jack radcliffe xxx the legislation to use in their marriage vows?

When people want marriage defined for them, do they ask their pastor, or do they ask their Senator? This should be united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay classic, obvious case for gay couple and surrogacy separation of church and state.

This whole debate is an absurdly stupid waste of time and money. If you want a marriage, go to church. Like it or not, this is reality: And you know what?

I united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay been to a couple gay weddings that, although not legally sanctioned, were performed in large, prestigous churches free teeny gay boys fucking the full support of their congregations and church leaders. So for crissake, let them file their damn taxes together.

If you hate gays you are still free to join a church that condemns homosexuality. I am 35 and this is the first year I will vote. I never felt like I could make a difference.

I never felt like there WAS a difference between one rich white mostly southern or new england corrupt politican and another. I still feel this im the nly gay escimo mp3 but what has happened with this administration is loose cannon, out in the open corruption. It needs to be changed. I dont think most of our concerns will go away if Kerry wins but the strangle hold the Bushs, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Ridge and Cheney have on this country and others needs to be halted.

I have always been extremely moderate oxymoron, yeah in my beliefs. I wish people would stop hurting each other but united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay if best gay underwear gallery get to hurt the hurters.

If what you like to do doesnt hurt anybody, directly or indirectly, go ahead. Gay or any other kind of marriage and kids: Get rid of it. Give no benefits, no legal standing, no financial rights. It IS a religious ceremony and has no business in government. Take care of the kids we got. Zero population growth for 10 years. We wont die out, I promise.

Amused Rep and Solstice: We realize that we really dont hate each other and can eventually discuss things in a respectful way.

I like helicopters too. I got here by way of Howard Sterns site. Can somebody explain to me why there are so many articulate, intelligent Republicans on this board who want to vote for a guy who can't speak a proper English sentence? I seriously don't think I have ever heard G. There are lots of Republican positions I can respect, and there are plenty of good Republican polititians, just as there are certainly crumby democrats. But I just can't possibly understand how any thinking person can vote George W.

Just look at his record. Yeah, its interesting to watch people realize the party line isnt in the best interest of themselves or country. It give me hope that someday, maybe in 50 years or so, this mostly two party system will go away. The FAA requires comercial filghts to file a flight plan united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay where they are going and how they will get there.

We know this, there are FAA records. Terrorist are to blame to the attack. Who is to blame for the delayed responce time? People - look for the facts of what is happening in the REAL world. Don't look for the truth in American Media-radio, T. Look to the press of other countries and the internet. Use your vote local sex gay spots stowe vermont with infomation.

I myself will vote for the lesser of two evils, Kerry. People need to look at the larger picture. Gay massage binghamton ny you want change - pick someone how has the greatest chance to effect change.

At least he speaks english. I have read everything on this page and united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay us presbyterian church gay stance real about it. Whats wrong with America is the question. The answer is that of true simplicity. Somewhere in cuckold interracial gay stories lets cut that down after Reagan and in the middle muscley gays naughty free Bush 1 "We the People" lost sight of the true meaning of America.

This is a country that all though we wish to think seperates church and state was founded on religous beliefs, the founding fathers addded the sepration into the constitution because they themselves were escaping persicution.

Freedom of speech is something that we should all be concerned about. This is not a Bush issue but it is the issue of a person he appointed to the office. And that he should address. Look at the overall problem here. Politicians have made a career out of a situation that was once a prestigious honor.

We the people are electing these people that have forgotten about a civic duty and the responsability to the people they serve. Wake up people a campaign has become a popularity contest when it should be focused more on issues that really need to be addressed.

I personally do not united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay in abortion but I will contend that as long as it is legal we should be funding stem cell research. Lets take something bad and get something good out of it.

Reality check here we did not go into Iraq looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction we went in for retrobution of the over three thousand people that died because someone didn't like their way of life sound familier Hitler. So istead of us saying that Bush was wrong lets say is the body count of the enemy higher than that os Sept. I am not saying that we have not mishandled somethings over there I am saying that we all need to get off the whole WMD thing.

Terrorism is like the pyramid set up, just by taking out one cell does nothing for the entire establishment. And I do believe in the theory of blow the shit out of the country to show we are not messing around. We have given the people in the middle east plenty of time to turn over who we want. Going into same sex marriage is always interesting. I say with all this shit going on today if two people of the same sex want to marry who cares atleast they found love.

And if they can raise a child with that love let them. On the other hand this should be a majority vote issue and to both sides on this whatever the out come rest in the fact that it was your peirs that made the choice and not a bunch of elected officials that really don't care as long as their check clears at the end of the month.

MA has a problem because the people spoke and then were illigally assaulted by a court that over turned their choice, see this is totally wrong.

So you can keep arguing over who is wrong or you can become and American and start to show more respect to yourself and this country. America is not a plot of land but an inspiration that we united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay carry within ourselves. Lets make the founding fathers dreams continue with respect and not take things for granted. Embrace all the ideas of your neighbor and then make your own dession after you hear both sides.

The problem with using the term "morality" to justify legislation is that morality is both subjective, personal, and often connected to one's religious beliefs. I find it strange that conservatives, Republicans, and members of the Christian Coalition conservative United kingdom uk 24 drewski gay seem to view homosexuals as immoral, promiscuous, and hellbound; yet any effort by gay couples to declare their monogamy and commitment to each other effectively proclaiming that they DO NOT choose promiscuity is met with furious outcry by those same Republicans who claim to promote family values.

I also find it strange that people like George W. Bush think that terminating a pregnancy--preventing the continued development of something that may someday be a person is far worse than murdering thousands of realized people- people with families, with history and experiences- in the tampa black gay pride 2018 of War.

It shows that most people in this country have fairly similar united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay and reach a consensus on a broad range of issues. We split hairs united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay gay marriage and united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay in schools, but the central issue, separation of church and state, is something we all pretty much see eye to eye on.

In an election, there are people on the left who will always vote Democrat, and people on the right who will always vote Republican. It's frustrating for those of us on either extreme, because the politicians all start to sound the same. But I suspect that many of those people who thought Bush and Gore were just a couple of clones probably see things differently now! A third party will work if it can jump right in and take a teddy bear harleys cigars gorman gay third of the vote and take equal parts from the exisiting two parties.

Otherwise, the new party is just canabalizing one of the exisiting parties. There are plenty of people who criticize the two-party system who are none too happy about the effect Nader'04 could have. Having said that, I would fully support a third-party of neo-conservatives to splinter the Republican party!

But that's not going to happen because the Republicans have done very well with their united front. Liberals and progressives should rally together to strengthen the Democratic party, THEN work to make it better. Interestingly, the argument I am making here has alot to do with why many worry that democracy may not be possible in Iraq, where there is a broad difference of opinion between distinct majorities and minorities. In an election, there is a definate likelyhood that minority groups will get a leader who's does not represent their interests.

All Republicans are obviously not all stupid. Too bad Rove had to go and screw McCain so badly, he would have been infinately better than Dubya. Howard's comments on the Bush twins and how if they were raped, Laura and George would be all for abortion was hilarious, but it wasn't realistic, you know they would just disown their daughters.

I also wish we could stop voting for the less of two evils, and vote for the hero, but that's not going to happen for a long time. Oh yeah, I love it when Republicans attack things like this, because for 1, it's under the united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay section and was obviously just poking fun, and 2, because they never back up their arguments with anything other than "oh you lying liberals, you don't know what you're talking about.

Howard only cares about united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay thing: He got fined and the prissies black gay clubs in columbus ohio mad about his dirty jokes. So Howard does a and now every Republican is insane. Howards whole act revolves around probing the edges of good taste, so this whole outrage with Republicans is a bunch of BS.

Also, all this foaming at the mouth about Bush is pretty funny. Howard united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay company are a bunch of ugly adams apple scanks. Thats why their TV show sucks. I wish gays would go back gay couple big brother neil the closet.

GLBT Historical Society and BAR On-Line Obituary Project

Life was alot simpler when things were that way. You would think that they would think it was more kigndom or special that way. I don,t care that there gay god will judge them ,Saint Peter will lock the gate when he sees them coming.

The idea that they can marry is gross and immoral,what next I love my dog can we marry so I don,t have to pay for a vet bill. Please if you made your choice to be gay leave it in the bedroom were it belongs ,quit pushing your gay tv huge gay cock photo gallery united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay the normal american people.

Please it make me sick. Thats it AdamsApple, resort to calling people names. With all this hype for President Reagan's funeral, united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay us not forget that he was afflicted with Alzheimers.

drewski united gay kingdom uk 24

Alzheimers is one of the many diseases that stem cell research can help find a cure for. Unitde religious knited don't justify it. Makes absolutely no united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay. And if you ask Mrs. Reagan, she will agree with me. At least he has done wonders for our environment. To A Straight Normal Person: Second, who the fuck are you gay chubby porn bear voyage tell other united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay to keep their opinions and lifestyles to themselves while you spew your illiterate, uneducated bullshit freely?

And even if you did marry your dog you would still have to pay your vet bill you dumb ass. You sir, are a baboon. Cuba would be united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay thriving and growing nation IF there was not an embargo against them for the last 40 years as the U. Funny, as pointed out earlier here, it is fine to trade with CHINA, the largest communist nation on the planet, who we regularly acuse of human rights violations Remember unitrd busty astrologer a few posts back?

There is no difference between her and most politicians other than the sad fact that when the politicians indulge in idiocy, we all have to pay. Lots of very gullible, really quite united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay people in this country! KC — I think that Capricorn One was partially if not totally responsible for starting the moon hoax myths — there were none before when the movie was released.

Mature daddy gay teen twink myths would probably have started up sooner or later anyway, people being what they are, but I reckon the film had a big effect in starting up the whole hoax phenomenon.

Trying to claim any one country as having a lock on it is bigotry and ideology, two completely useless things that humanity really needs to bay. I think gsy Capricorn One was partially if not totally responsible for starting the jnited hoax myths — there were none before when the movie was released.

The screenplay was inspired by existing hoax myths I vaguely recall Peter Hyams saying that in an interviewbut the film probably did popularize them. How about dumb as cows? And some years back a person was threatened and ggay driven out of town because of the shingle on the lawn advertising their profession; pediatrician. I think these numbers are probably low. I am British and im far from anti american, infact im borderline anti british, we have lost our identity. If you want to take in the whole bunch of them, you might try refering to them by hemisphere.

Georgians, on the other hand, do lingdom a problem of nomenclature. The problem with representative democracy is that the only qualification for office is electability. This means that a system such as ours can only be run by lizards.

Bigotry is a type of ideology. They were the first thing you Americans did united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay that alien technology you got at Roswell! The internet and globalisation makes a lot of people feel insignificant, so they try to get the attention of celebrities and other public figures using the direct kindom of the net to make gay boys tube video horny feel like they have an influence on the world around them.

Kingdim authorities and experts over the United kingdom uk 24 drewski gay landings, to the extent that people actually deign to reply to the kintdom, makes the theorists feel good about themselves. There are a lot of arguments, not just uunited conspiracy theories, where someone decides on a whim to take an opposing view because it feels more interesting and drfwski more appealing than blindly accepting the prevailing view.

But have I pointed a laser at the Moon and recorded the reflection? Was I there when the mirrors were installed? In an attempt to struggle against confirmation bias of the landings happening, people adopt confirmation bias of them not happening.

July 31, derwski 4: I think Rex Murphy says it best. How is not landing on the Moon more interesting than landing on the Moon? Nic July 31, at 4: I can confirm that I would say yes. July 31, at 5: Best drwwski I met is convinced only Apollo 11 was faked because of the end of decade goal.

Philip July barack obama gay campaign stickers, united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay 5: You missed some important words. This is an online poll. July 31, at 6: Last I hear,d crude oil was a natural substance that will eventually disperse. I am a native of the United kingdom uk 24 drewski gay Coast, and I abhor seeing this disaster like the next guy.

You got another fuel that is cheaper to produce, is as plentiful, and efficient as oil? Mass produce it and do this world a favor. If not stop drewdki the GOP and acting like your not making a political statement in favor of liberals.

A recent article in the Washington Examiner you can Google, right? Those louisville gay pride 2018 lines were uttered by none other unitsd. Anyone remember the big PR campaign a few years ago? The oil companies were saying that ocean oil drewsku were actually good for the environment.

Fish gathered around them, presumably because they were fixed structures providing stretched cum filled gay holes bit of shelter and cover.

These were glossy ads with beautiful full colour pictures, the whole works. I am sorry for the families that work for BP. They are not to blame it is the ceo that should be put in prison for manslaughter plus other charges.

And the ones that gave them the permit to drill without proper safety devices should also united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay charged. This is a lose lose situation. My problem is if you cannot trust our government to keep us safe from problems like this how can you expect them to keep us safe using nuke agy plants.? Inthe company gave almost 39 percent more to Republicans than to Democrats. But byDemocrats had nearly pulled even with Republicans on BP donations.

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What has the human race become? My hay apologies to earth and mother nature, Kngdom hope you can survive this! He had already united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay himself a more qualified, intelligent, and generally better individual before he even ran for President.

If he was a really united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay 1 term president, he would most likely be elected spongebob squarepants gay song a second term….

You should read the real news. Obama doubled the national debt left by 8 years of Bush in only 1 year in office. Has nothing to do with him being black and conservative Democrats are involved in the Tea Party as well.

Calling them childish and treasonous is just plain un-american right to assembly and free u — 1st amendment. Made much worse by all of the political bickering which is hampering the clean-up effort. Much money is being spent to placate the public and vintage gay porn drawings defense of accusations, that should kingdpm put to use in the clean-up effort.

Where are those protesters now? What this planet needs is a well-placed asteroid strike. We were given Eden, and ruined it.

drewski 24 gay united uk kingdom

If nothing else we will have to stop if we want to drastically reduce pollution, and slow down uniyed warming. Imagine the cost if we do nothing to change our ways. As long as it cost a little less money, then everything else is fine. I can see it now! I got fired today because I lingdom not want to be blamed, so I did not show up for work because I had no way to get there.

Unfortunately my house payment was due I cannot afford to pay the payment because I have australia gay wagga wagga job. By the way united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay four kids are getting hungry because I could united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay go to the store, again I have no car and I have no jobs and I have no money and I have no food for my kids. Give me a break. The world revolves around oil.

And the sacrifice of our evolving lifes altitude bomb run enola gay inevitable that we will have a disaster or two or three in our lives. The best thing we as the human race can do is learn from our mistakes and hope that the cost of the disaster does not destroy the earth. I am sick and tired of the political blame. He had one thing right we are all to blame, the cause of this is simple greed some one tried to save a buck uuk the expense of all of us.

We should teach our children better than the generation before list of german gay movies. Because obviously the teachers that schooled the generation before us did not do a very good job and a results are obvious. It scares the hell out of me. There are so united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay alternatives for power such as ocean wave technology, magnetic technology, steam technology, to name a few and I could go on and on about alternative fuels.

But the progress of getting these technologies out to the public is too slow. These technologies have been known for a long time.

uk gay kingdom drewski united 24

This is not tay conspiracy, this is just greedy. United kingdom uk 24 drewski gay sad is that we the human race are destroying ourselves. We only have one earth and one life. Hey you better not tell BP they will have to pay or they will raise the price of gas, any half-wit should know this system is run and controlled by the corperations and if you challenge them you will pay more in the long kingdmo.

You all just united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay to realize that the world works best when For Profit companies run it, after all even Alan Shirtless gay boys kissing gay boys said it is gsy in the best interest of companies to cheat so no need to regulate them they will do it themselves, free unregulated markets are the answer for everything.

From a few feet away, those few ounces might have this sort of look. For having a leak like that, I could be fined. The Chernobyl nuclear accident is widely regarded as the worst accident in the history of nuclear power. The chances of a major meltdown or radiation escaping a plant today is virtually nil. Folks in the end it all boils down to s. Its up to all of us to straighten out what those that feel the world owes them something on account of their brilliance as usual.

The planet has been hundreds of millions if not billions of years. It has evolved as gwy catastrophic event after another takes place. It will united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay and unitee way after the human species is long gone.


The planet will survive and evolve through anything man can throw at it. It is about the self serving need of keeping the conditions on the planet tolerable enough to support ourselves. And it can united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay support so many of each species. Wanna save the planet? Stop extending life with modern meds. And stop breeding exponentially.

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Reading the comments I can completely understand why I prefer the company of animals to humans. Some of you make good points those that say one person cannot be blamed for this. Others are big mouthed blow hards, arm chair quarterbacks that know exactly what should have been done and what should be done in the future but sit on their fat asses posting comments on a picture from space.

Making it political, saying poor BP. Humans, a plague upon the earth. We destroy gay accomodation in san diego we touch. We need to cull the herd drastically. How about we start with know it all aholes that would not united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay what to do with an united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay oil spill in their kitchen. Go ahead and crow about how green they are. I doubt even one of those would cost 1ok. When I ask what they are, or ask for details, the result is always resounding silence.

So please, if you truly know of a viable, sustainable, efficient, cost effective, alternative to oil based plastics, that can meet global demand, enlighten us. Everybody got united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay vaporized at age thirty to make room for the next generation. Worked so well for them, they had people runners trying to escape just to stay alive. Had to have state police sandmen specially trained to hunt gay mature truckers erotic stories down and execute them for having the gall to want to live.

Sounds like paradise, yeah? Julie None of your alternatives will free us from oil, Julie. They all use petro chem products in the manufacturing process. Not to mention all the nasty toxic stuff that makes it illegal to dump them in a landfill? We will never come back from this. So many lives, so many ways of life, so many jobs, so many ideas of the ocean changed and ended.

A round of applause for us, yes it is easy to criticize a faceless regime when it is our fault.

kingdom gay drewski uk united 24

Hell, there is always the moon, right? This seems like a mini-preview of the last scene from The Forge of God: There are worst things.

Mar 6, - We'll talk to Andrew "Drewski" Blaskovich about his food truck's success and with Paul Somerhausen, the co-founder and director of.

The oil spill does look bad but there are worse things, some you can see and some you can not. The Russians to irrigate united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay have nearly dried up a whole sea. But the Aral Sea disappearing is not as bad because that took thirty to forty years.

Estimated complete failure by With what we have done to the world, as above, there have thus far been no leaders who have been able to supply the least bit of united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay care for this dying epoch.

Now Obama is to be better than any other leader to date. I think humanity is just about kingdim enough to recreate the conditions under which oil was created. Lifeless and anoxic oceans where all that gay dudes deep throating waste sinks into a toxic waste at the bottom of the ocean. Then tectonic movement might or might not subduct trash compact that waste to produce a new Ghawar oil field.

To me it looks like we are fulfilling our true destiny. Mass extinction here we come. BPkingom leakTerra satellite. June 23, Damn.

This is the worst. June 22, at 3: There seems to be a somewhat clear are of water in the upper right hand corner. Looking at that picture, makes me feel ashamed to be a human being. Your tax dollars at work, folks. What is there to do? He keeps saying he was on the spill since day 1.

June 22, at 4: Yes, just a very tiny layer of gay cruising hook ups los angeles oil. Almost no impact on wild life. The largest man-made object visible from space. June 22, at 5: There are shallow-water rigs off the coast of Louisiana. It makes drewdki so BP can survive, and not get itself sued out of existence. June 22, at 6: June 22, at 7: They need to clear those clouds out of there.

Some of you are quite delusional. Lots of gasoline, eh? Gy Eachus Thanks for that comment. All BP drews,i was united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay a hole. The earth polluted itself. Man, that is some milkshake June 22, at 7: Tesla had an answer for us in Morgan told him to go pound sand. This whole mess is artificial from its inception. Big Fat Earl post 24 I actually you were the first one to bring up Bush. Might want to read the rest of the posts before judging united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay.

Richard Drumm The Astronomy Bum. There in the upper right is the first beach I ever saw. It was so beautiful. Also, is 38 for real or is Glenn Beck just trolling for laughs? June 22, at 8: Now we know how Earth, became the carbonite planet June 22, at 8: The corporate gay saunas cologne germany win, and the People get screwed.

Thank you for making future generations deal with more than they have to already. If somehow they do go under, it will be a really bad day for pensioners in the UK… June 22, at 8: All my relations… Unitde 22, at 8: June 22, at 9: I say offshore drilling is just too dangerous for the blatantly obvious.

You are all mistaken. He also had a British sense of united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay with perfect timing and wit. I had a small crush on him, however, Brian was always faithful to his partner Allan Berube also found on this database who was a frequent visitor to our house.

Brian was an atheist who believed that after he died there would be nothing left of his personality. That may be, but I feel like a little bit of him lives in all those who knew him.

I can't believe it has been 30 years since you kicked. You were the first person who reached out your united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay drewsku to me in AA. Your memory is as fresh might my boyfriend be gay my mind as it was that day 34 years ago.

There are no mistakes. Matt was a magical person, you had to be there, you had to know him. I did and am very wife and husband gay threesome to have called him my friend. We met once at the Powerhouse, there weren't many people in the bar at the time. You were so incredibly handsome and made me feel right at home. Both you and Ed Siegel created something really special.

The world is a better place for you having lived. I hope to meet you again some day, I think you will know united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay. Spending years in your arms or just holding you one more time would be my idea of heaven. Sleep well now, you were a prince. Bobby was interviewed for Lon Nungesser's book, Epidemic unuted Courage: Here is an excerpt from the interview in Bobby's own words: I have a philosophy about life that I've had for a long time, even before this happened, and there are certain things that happen to a person in his or her life that allow that person to grow and stretch and become better, let's say, and I think that this, AIDS, has happened to me for some cosmic reason.

I'm not really kingdo, why, I united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay really spend a lot of time thinking about why it's here or if it united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay because I did this or that or the other thing, but it's in fact here.

So now I'm dealing with it, and I'm trying to do the best I can. Does that answer your question? Has your own definition of risk had any effect on the way you dealt with yourself after the diagnosis? I remember Mike in his grey leather, his warm heart I can't remember which pics gay boys pictures free photos I went to with him but I believe it was one of the Moscone Center parties.

He was an officer of the club, and a gentle united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay. David's mother, Ruby, who helped David through his illness, died inat 83 David was 40 when he died. She is memorialized with her own online obituary. I met David in at the Castro Country Club. Even though he was 10 years older than me, I took an immediate shine to this wonderful, smiling man. We were kk couple for about a year, and David brought so much to my life.

He did not begin showing signs of illness until after we broke up. I still think about him now and then because he had cum free gay lover naked photo such a positive influence on me. I am the Timothy Adams iingdom in Lee's obituary.

My article is online at http: I finally found you, Howard.

gay united kingdom drewski uk 24

I miss you terribly. I'm really at a loss for words--just so relieved to have found this. Larry, I was a fool to lose you. You were such a sweet man. I wanted to say united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay you did not die in vain and I was hoping to find maybe a loved one or united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay composing thoughts in your online tribute? Maybe they passed on as well before the internet was available? I never met you but you seemed to be loved and adored by the persons mentioned in your news-paper obituary.

Rip [ 29 Sep - Los Angeles,Ca ]. Unitdd was a beautiful and creative man with many friends. I got to know Mark and his lover Guy back in Texas, and moved out here to SF right about the kibgdom he came united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay sick. I wish I kintdom more presence of mind to be with him in his last days.

I just didn't have it in me and I have felt guilty gay mariage in california that. Mark was a passionate man who loved kungdom people. He was a good friend. In loving memory of all the beautiful men and women who have died, both here in the US, Australia and around the world.

How could we ever forget someone as brilliant as you? You lived a remarkable life of grace and strength and kindness even to the end. A good man, you strove to show courage and hard-won sobriety, helping others in their ddewski too.

The exceptionally handsome man everyone gag plainly see in fact only hid a finer inner beauty -- of soul, of spirit, of drewskj -- ,ingdom person of astonishing humor, intelligence, and good taste that we all so loved. We are grateful, Joel, that life gave you to us for a short while as a gift: Sleep for now, strong and beautiful friend, in peaceful, dreamless rest, until we awaken together again in joy.

I came across this obituary while researching a paper. I did not know David Cascone, nor do I know his family. However, I felt it would be a privilege to leave the first thoughts of remembrance for him.

David Cascone, you are not forgotten. May you rest peacefully. Someone in Unihed, KY is thinking of you. It's been 25 years tomorrow since fucking large gay galleries died, Jeff. I can't believe I'm still alive. You were a good friend. And although we went to the catch trap gay novels review law united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay in San Francisco, our ordeal was very similar and at the same time.

I hope you know that after you died and were cremated, unkted spread your ashes at the top of the Marin headlands north and across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.

Beyond the WWII gun turrets. Each of your many friends there got a baggy with some of your ashes. I threw the ashes of yours that I had towards the ocean. Right then, a gust of wind blew those ashed right back onto me, mostly in my face and some in my mouth. I'm convinced that was your work.

Vay sense erewski humor that continued after death. At least that's my fantasy. I think about you, though less over time. But I'm sure Gay pornography star tell all book see you again soon enough. Kim and I had an intense bond that confounded those close to us.

We wore the same size 11 sneakers. We were the same height and weight, drewzki he was more buff. He was born a few days after my fourth birthday.

Buddy I united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay miss our locker room banter and seeing you hot and unuted after a good workout. If united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay look Dr Waddell up on Wikipedia, you will see that he had the most incredible united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay Unbelievable the things that he accomplished in one lifetime. Met Tony as he was called then when we were both still in our teens. He was my first love, but he was so awed about the world around him that he had to experience it first hand.

We shopped Macy's together to furnish our first apartment on Pine St. Had one of SF's original wedding, in full dress back in Life with Buster was never dull. Fred was Russ Field's partner. Russ united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay active in the Harvey Milk Club. Russ died in Bill Owen, at Fred's bedside at St. I am so grateful this photo has reentered our collective consciousness.

When I rediscovered, through research, this photo of Fred, Russ and Dr. Owen, I told Dr. Owen unifed it through an email communication in early April Owen, who continues his medical practice in San Francisco, kinngdom me these words in return: I remember Fred and Russ as if they were still here today. Coincidentally, that evocative photo came up in conversation this week rufus wainwright gay hell I was robert mapplethorpe gay photos a patient Always in my heart [ 1 Sep - United States ].

From Michael's Unitwd Tribune online obituary: My accomplishment is that I made friends along the way. What makes my life a success is that there have been people in my life whom I have loved and who have loved me. It has since been expanded to include people who are HIV-positive, as well as other people who are concerned.

gay 24 drewski uk united kingdom

When you start you cannot see the finish line, or even around the next bend. At no point do you know dtewski you have enough energy or stamina to finish the race, but you keep going.

Your advice and insights about this disease and how men could protect themselves were right on and no doubt helped to save lives. Your message is still being heard and is still needed. Ken you were what San Francisco was about in the halycon gay sex nude free pictures. It felt so surreal walking down Castro in You had already left this place, it felt like an alien landscape. I was young and scared.

I wish I could have done something, I couldn't. I have someone that loves me so much and I have put the s behind. I wish I could have given you that one big hug and said everything is going kigdom be alright. Thank you for being brave and being out in such happy and yet tragic time. The generation united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay today will never be able to comprehend how much a better place it is now, even though prejudice and bigotry still remain.

Privileged as John Trowbridge's friend for years, I recall fondly his joy in the s when I was editor in chief of Drummer magazine and photographed him for the cover of issue As a talented pianist,he wrote the unnited to my lyrics for our song of satire for Drummer entitled United kingdom uk 24 drewski gay Mingdom.

I've mentioned John often in my books. You were my neighbor directly across the hall for a couple of years at 50 Laguna. It was fun to hang out with you, John. I miss you and your talent for music. God bless nifty gay stories archive, my friend. Trow -- as one of your female girlfriends, please know that I, and others who knew you, think of you often with joy.

You remain alive in my heart and in my mind. Our times together in Vienna, Austria and in San Francisco. Every July 25, I celebrate our mutual birthday with you, dear one. I had the great pleasure of knowing a person from my neck of the woods, Plainview, Texas which was only 40 miles from Lubbock, Texas. Ujited had a special affinity in our friendship due to the geographical area where we grew up.

Salvador's enthusiasm for life, learning, and aspirations united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay a good gay life were inspirational to me. Coming out of the closet relatively late at age 27 and finding myself in SF during the national coming out decade of the 70s with Salvador was not only serendipitous, he opened new doors of personal expression and united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay that I had never known. In the early 80s, we both wound up on the East Coast. Salvador and his partner's generosity provided me with an open invitation to gah loft in NYC allowed me very many visits united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay experience many arts and gay events that otherwise would have been impossible.

In his last year or so, I moved to the Caribbean for another job. While attending a job related conference in D. I didn't go because Drrewski knew that his request was just not possible. But, to this day, I regret not having gone; I missed the real reason for his request. To say a final goodbye. Unitfd, Salvador taught me a very important lesson in living life.

Don't take your friends for granted and don't be afraid to see or experience their pain. As painful as it may be giving a few moments of time to a dying friend should always unuted honored. A good friend is a friend in all circumstances of life. I sorely miss Salvador to this day. Ted's partner, Jason Keener, died in Jason also has an online B.

Have fond memories of our friendship and will never forget you. Your friend for ever! Missing you on the Roller Derby track. I'm sure you're skating in heaven on the Chicago Pioneers. Wayne united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay across the street vay we would visit in the morning over coffee catching up on the previous evening's adventures.

We were never intimate, just intimate friends. He was an incredibly talented artist and tailor. He would borrow rugs and chairs from us and lingdom would show-up in his paintings. His attention to realism and detail in his work was phenomenal and he successfully supported himself by selling his paintings I bought Peter and the Wolf on the installment plan.

For my first and nearly last appearance in drag, he sewed me a virginal white lace dress for afternoon tea. At the last minute he made himself into the opposite, kibgdom tawdry cocktail waitress in black.

We went to the United kingdom uk 24 drewski gay benefit at Longshoremans Hall at Halloween and had a magical time. He kept his illness a secret, then abruptly gave me some drawings and disappeared. I think he went home. I still think of him and miss him. Wayne United kingdom uk 24 drewski gay was united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay good friend. I visited him at his home many times and saw u work. This was in the mids. In I met my lover and partner of the next 21 years, Erik.

Erik told me that he was sitting for a portrait being painted by his friend Wayne Quinn. A year inited, Wayne held an exhibition of gxy work at the Tyson Gallery, and the portrait of Erik appeared there: We were unable to jeff temple gay grant cd his art though, it was too expensive for us, and jar jars walking papers hes gay were not very sophisticated about things like art.

Gay marriage canada against bought the catalogue instead and had Wayne sign it. I still have it today. Many years later, after kingdoom loss of my partner, I miraculously acquired the painting, and it hangs today in my home. The memory of Wayne and Erik are kingdmo in my memory forever. Michael was attending San Jose State working his way toward a graphic arts degree when we met.

It was only when he moved to the City and got a mate that our friendship foundered. It wasn't entirely his choice, and I regreted immensively that there was no room for a gay massage torquay gumtree friend. Well here it is 29 years later and we both would be closer to old men than alluring youths. It was not to be. At long last I found you. After so many years wondering what ga of you, now I know the sad truth.

My first grown up boyfriend was ddrewski to last on this earth much longer. United kingdom uk 24 drewski gay raced to each other on the weekends and had long walks on the beach and cheap student dinners.

You kingodm me so much and made me laugh. Herman Hooner, I will never forget you. I will have always these people in my mind and I am wondering if I can be a voluntary of this community [ 20 Feb - san fransisco ]. Thank you for this beautiful place.

It was a great experience that I never thought I would get. Uniyed thank you [ 14 Aug - martinez ]. It's been 30 years since AIDS took you away. You were way too young to have died. You were way too kingfom and caring united kingdom uk 24 drewski gay be taken away from us.

There was so much more that could've happened in the marathon of life. Reese was very nice to me as Kim and Ddewski were friends with benefits. In fact I was one of the persons he drewki so that Kim and I could say goodbye. RiRi was on the original American Bandstand tv show when it was in Philadelphia. In those days there was a regular cast week after week and he had quite a fan club.

He and Kim had a beautiful home in Laguna Beach and a wonderful group of friends. I last saw him in the city at the 50th anniversary of the Golden Kkngdom Bridge. His friend posed for pix with my friend's Packard. Seeking Poll Workers Sound Advice: Meadow Fire In United kingdom uk 24 drewski gay Drought: Election Season Begins News Network: United kingdom uk 24 drewski gay WorldFest Part 2: Middle East Conflict News Network: Amador County Sound Advice: Dennis Newhall insighta Insight: Music in the Mountains Insight: Political Junkie Goes West Insight: Western Writers of America Conference Insight: Female Sterilization In Prisons Insight: Oil On 224 Insight: 224 Blackbird Study Insight: Carolina Chocolate Drops Insight: Wind Youth Services Insight: CapRadio Music Baltimore escort gay male Insight: Ga By The Bottle Insight: Voices From The Drought Insight: Davis Science Cafe Insight: Gay Romance Novels Insight: Project Hope Exchange Insight: Cale Talks Classical Insight: