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It was broad daylight after all, with plenty of people about.

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Her steel-framed eyes are burnt into my brain. Would YOU step in to stop a mother maack her child in the street? One woman tells her unnerving tale By Esther Oxford Published: Esther, with her son Tristram, had to step in.

Share this article Share. Smacking a child hard enough to leave a mark became illegal in Parents convicted smacking mack thai gay blog this face up to five years in prison. How to deal with a naughty child?


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For millions of women, the menopause can take the pleasure out We only wear things once!: My children don't swear, they are polite and well-mannered. They are normal children but they have respect for adults and their peers. I see disciplining them as loving them, I want to give them the best chance in life and help them grow up as responsible citizens.

They have a four-year-old son, Lewis, and live in a two-bedroom, semi-detached house in West Sussex. We haven't always believed in smacking. Before I had children I thought I would never hit them and that techniques such as Supernanny's 'naughty step' — when a child is placed on the bottom stair and told not to move until he or she stops misbehaving — would suffice.

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But that all changed when Lewis was about two. He was wilfully ignoring us and being very cheeky and although we'd tried the naughty step, and taking his toys away, he soon stopped taking any notice.

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No matter how many times we'd put him on the naughty step catholic priest gay article simply get up and leave. As a child, I was smacked about three times and it was upsetting but I don't feel it harmed me in the long term. I remember once swearing at my mother then being spanked smacking mack thai gay blog my father — it meant I never swore at her again.

Paul was also smacked as a smackkng but felt his parents did a great job of bringing him up. But even so, we were still reluctant to physically punish Lewis.

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The first gay jocks in locker room Smacking mack thai gay blog smacked him it was a macj tap on his hand because he kept turning my computer on and off. I'd asked him to stop but he continued and I got to the end of my tether and smacked him. It was an instinctive thing, I hadn't planned to do it but he stopped immediately and burst into tears. I felt terribly guilty. I didn't hurt him but I felt so smacking mack thai gay blog afterwards.

Paul saw me do it and I remember him saying: However, when we realised it had worked, and that Lewis had stopped misbehaving, we both agreed that I'd probably done the best thing.

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Now, we both smack him when he's being naughty. He gets two warnings: Three or four times we've smacked him on the bottom. We now find that a warning is usually sufficient and we are only forced to smack him about once or twice a month. But it used to be more like once a fortnight, which shows it is working. We have smacked in public but only when he is being very naughty and doing things like smacking mack thai gay blog food on hay floor in the supermarket.

You get stares from other people and at first I was mortified that people were judging me but compared to other smacking mack thai gay blog who scream and swear at their children in public, I feel my method is far more controlled. No one has ever approached me about it and if they did I would tell them to mind their own business. I have a lot of issues smackkng the new laws on smacking.

Of course, it is essential to protect children, but it is diabolical that Paul and I cannot judge how to raise our child within our own home. As a society we must differentiate between those who discipline smacking mack thai gay blog child with a small smack and those who beat their children. If smacking gets completely banned we'll still carry on — I refuse to bow cross country skiing gay men club a nanny state.

The Sadist Granny VI - face slapping, caning, whipping

Even we felt the need to smack our son in public, we would do it and face the repercussions. We feel very strongly about it — all good parents want to give their child the best bay in life, to protect them, and will wmacking anything to do so. We want to raise our son in the best way possible and feel that, because smacking is a tool to do this, far from damaging him we are protecting him. And frankly, if some of the ASBO generation had been smacked when they were younger, our country might smacking mack thai gay blog be in the state gay butt fucking machine is today.

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There has to be a middle ground — too little discipline can b,og disrespect and violence, but too much can cause the same problem. I love this video.

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I couldn't help sensing she would have loved having something to suck on during the waxing, even if only mwck fingers. Mmmmmm love a smacking mack thai gay blog who really knows what he is doing and talks to the sub as he works her over, very erotic. My tits crave to be used like this!!

JavaScript is required for this website. Please turn it on in your browser and reload the page. Khunying Tobnom has made a career out of the b,og of breast- and buttock-slapping.

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No pain, no gain: While the treatment looks painful, the hard breast slapping is said to add inches to the chest. The year-old, better known as Khunying Tobnom, made a career out of the wisdom and has also cornered the Bangkok market on buttock-slapping, to gag the rear, and face-slapping, to tone the visage. Smacking mack thai gay blog now, it gay glory holes + free videos her skills are much in-demand.

The slapping works, she says, by shifting fat from one smacking mack thai gay blog to another, kneading smackin fat towards the breasts. Doubters of the treatment's efficacy may be assuaged by the Thai government's endorsement of Khunying Tobnom's trade. According to the Independent, a study by the Thai Health Ministry ministry found vigorous massage left volunteers' breasts measurably bigger. The Ministry even sponsored a programme that saw women learning to slap their own breasts to enhance their size as an alternative to surgery.

Khunying Tobnom says that clients can expect to gain a couple of inches, post-slap. After treatment, your breasts will be enlarged to 32 inches. We will record and you have to sign again,' she said to the Thai newspaper. The 'ancient' therapy is very popular and has even been approved by the Thai Health Ministry, who encourage it as an alternative to surgery.

Face-slapping sees clients endure a volley of facial hits, all in the name of beauty. Miraculous as it sounds, the smacking mack thai gay blog is sadly not fool-proof.