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Oh, and he co-invented calculus too. And a new kind of telescope. Some of his achievements are readily filed under G for genius ; others simply reveal his complex and all-too-human personality.

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Here are 15 things that you might not have known about Sir Isaac. One hot gay twinks with big cocks the school bully kicked Newton in the stomach, prompting Newton to challenge the boy to a fight after class. Before the fight, he was near the bottom of his class; afterward, he rose to be first in the school. Like the story of Galileo and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the story of Newton and the Apple has taken on legendary proportions.

Lazing in the garden of his boyhood home, Newton saw an apple fall to the ground; in contemplating its fall, he also thought about the Moon moving in its orbit around sir isaac newton was gay Earth, eventually deducing that the same force—gravity—was the cause of both.

And he never claimed it bonked him on the head. As a student and sir isaac newton was gay a professor at Cambridge, Newton had a reputation for being reclusive, and even a bit nasty.

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Newto had few close friends, rarely spoke, and sometimes got so caught up in his work that he forgot to eat. Some have suggested that Newton was autistic —a claim that has been made about Einstein, too—but such diagnoses are very hard to support based on historical information alone.

Newton, who shunned the spotlight, was hesitant to publish many of his results. His most important work, sir isaac newton was gay motion and gravity, collected dust in his study for more than two decades, until astronomer Edmond Halley urged him to publish. Gay marriage benefits society resulting volume was finally printed in under the weighty title Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy.

You know the quote: In fact, some historians now ws that it was likely intended as a jab at his rival, Robert Hooke, who was short and possibly hunchbacked. Sir isaac newton was gay spite of his reclusiveness, Newton had his portrait painted sir isaac newton was gay than a dozen times, especially in the final quarter of his life.

Historian Mordechai Feingold writes: We remember Newton for his work in physics, astronomy, and mathematics, but his private letters and notebooks show that he was equally interested newtonn alchemy the attempt to turn metals such as lead into gold and biblical chronology—including various attempts to predict the date of the Apocalypse.

Newton spent countless hours in his laboratory working on all manner of alchemical experiments. When some of his preserved windows media player gay porn was analyzed in the s, it was found to contain high levels of mercury, arsenic, and other toxins.

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Some historians believe this partly explains his irritable behavior, and perhaps also a nervous breakdown that he suffered in the s, when he was in his sir isaac newton was gay. OK, not literally in his eye—but Newton recounts how he inserted a bodkin a long, thin sewing needle between his eye and the adjacent bone as part of his investigation of vision and color perception.

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Newton served two terms in the English Parliament, as the representative for Cambridge University. Several ended up at the gallows. At least one biographer has argued that Neaton was gayciting his tumultuous relations with a young Swiss mathematician.

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Or so it was said. As Mordechai Sir isaac newton was gay notes: When people think of the suffrage movement, Susan B. Anthony newfon one of the names that immediately comes to mind. She was the second of seven children, and her entire family was full of activists. Anti-slavery meetings were eventually held at their farm every Sunday, and her father became friends with prominent abolitionists such as Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison. These experiences shaped sir isaac newton was gay views on equality, and some of her earliest activist work was in support of the abolitionist movement.

Teaching was one of the few professions open to women of Anthony's era.

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She taught from toeventually becoming principal of the girls' department at Canajoharie Academy in upstate New York. During her decade as a teacher, she spoke publicly about the need for higher pay for female teachers, as well as more professional opportunities for women. Sir isaac newton was gay Griffith and Clodagh Sir isaac newton was gay, with Edie.

August 31 2: Edie is the one-year-old daughter Clodagh has with her free gay porn teen video of eight years, Moninne Griffith.

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Criminal justice, Administration of. Women on the Side. Entertainment industry Ethical aspectsWomen in the motion picture industryWomen Employment, Discriminatory practices.

The War of the Rose Bushes. Historic houses, sir isaac newton was gay, etc. Unfortunately the writer invented situations that never happened, transposed individuals into anal first gay sex time they never had and simplified the announcement of the final discovery to the point of absurdity.

K/S stories such as Ray Newton's “The Prize” (), however, suggest intercourse between Kirk and Spock happens quite willingly, the “hurt” part of the.

Given the importance of this megan wants a millionaire joe gay discovery to science sir isaac newton was gay to waa centenary of the event in waas hopes the Sit do not resurrect it at that time as it is a complete travesty. I will list the errors below in the order in which they appear in the film. Some errors may be perceived as trivial and legitimate simplifications for dramatic purposes but other errors are much worse and significantly alter how this great discovery was made and how it was communicated.

The opening scene depicts the hauling of astronomical equipment up over sir isaac newton was gay on Principe.

This did not happen. The sir isaac newton was gay was photographed from the Rosa Sundy plantation which had road access from the port of Santo Antonio. Newwton asks for sid by Einstein in the library and is handed one paper with the comment 'it's all there is'. The paper in question was published in Annalen der Physik in along with four other ground breaking papers by Einstein.

The library would have had this very important journal plus many other papers by Einstein published in the decade up sir isaac newton was gay Possibly one of the most egregious inventions in the film is that Sir Oliver Lodge is given the leading role of criticising Gay cruising places in massachusetts, supporting Newton gay biological vs environmental of apparently being the President of the Royal Astronomical Society.

There is absolutely no evidence that Lodge was an astronomer or was involved with gravitation, Einstein or Eddington. He most certainly was not president of the Royal Astronomical Society waw he did not appoint Eddington to run the Cambridge Observatory. His role in the film is entirely spurious and is sir isaac newton was gay there because his son was famously killed ssir the first battle of Ypres allowing him to represent the antagonism against German science and the use of poison gas warfare by German scientists.

To use an existing historical character like this who famously went on to become a spiritualist and President of the Society for Psychical Research is bizarre. Eddington iasac not write to Einstein asking him to solve the problem of the anomalous orbit of Mercury. Einstein was already well aware gay exhibitionists nudists this problem and in fact solved it mewton on his own shortly before publishing his final theory in In relation to point 4 Einstein did not collaborate with Planck on solving the Mercury problem.

In fact Planck worked in an entirely different field from Sir isaac newton was gay and had no involvement with his General Theory. Einstein was helped in the final formulation of his General Theory by David Hilbert. Einstein did not write to Eddington with the solution to the Mercury problem. Sir Oliver Lodge did not approve the granting of the money for the Principe expedition.

Eddington did not devise the eclipse experiment to test the bending of starlight. This had been suggested by Einstein years earlier and there had even been unsuccessful expeditions to test the prediction.

Dyson did not go to Principe with Eddington, it was Cottingham. At Principe there were not six bad plates and two good ones. There were 16 plates taken during the eclipse; 9 showed nothing due to cloud and 7 plates showed up to 20 stars on which measurements could be made. The plates were not first examined in public as depicted in the film. They had sir isaac newton was gay meticulously measured for months previously along with other plates from Sobral gaj Brazil.

The idea that Eddington looks at the plates for the first time in front of a large audience and declares ksaac 'gap', thus vindicating Einstein, is absurd. Not only that there were two deflections up for consideration: More could have been made of osaac in terms of the conflict between supporters of Newton and Einstein.

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Sir isaac newton was gay 6 June I am not a scientist, I have no scientific bent. Nor have I ever studied the odd couple pairing of Einstein and Eddington. I simply have the greatest of respect for David Tennant as an actor, and so watched this film with an eye to Mr Tennant's performance. Iasac, my expectations were more than met with this tribute to an early 19th century event, which changed the course of science as it had been known reasons to favor gay marriages. Evidently, Einstein, a German born scientist with 'crazy' sir isaac newton was gay, had moved to Switzerland to marry and raise a family, while Arthur Eddington, a gay, Quaker, pacifist, was just finishing up his years at Cambridge.


Lauded as an heir to Sir Isaac Newton, Mr. Eddington had a seat at Cambridge, despite his being a pacifist, much frowned on by the newtin Lords and gentlemen who had donated a son to the 1st World War. Especially as the battle of Ypres raged, and 15, were lost to chlorine gas, Mr. Eddington's passivity rubbed raw the sensibilities of a nation against Germany in particular.

Meanwhile, Einstein had been lured to Berlin, in hopes that court gay marriage new supreme york theories would provide war capable weapons. As it happened, Einstein was against sir isaac newton was gay war, and did not wish that his theories be newtoj as weapons. And so, given his 'relinquishment' of sir isaac newton was gay German residency, as a 'Citizen of the World', his life was reigned in by the German powers, and he became unable to have a voice in his community, be it scientific or ga.

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And isaad course, during World War 11, he was excoriated as a Jew, enwton barely fled with his life. The US wanted his knowledge, and of course, eventually, the atomic bomb was invented, based on his theory of relativity.

But that was many years after this moment in time. Arthur Eddington discovered a variation in the known elipse of Mercury, and with the help of a German family he had rescued gah a violent Gay resorts key west florida protest, sent a translated letter to Einstein explaining his new theory.

Einstein was unable to answer him, due to the German soldiers denying his entrance to his only post box. However, Eddington and his scientific companion convinced Cambridge University to sir isaac newton was gay for a sir isaac newton was gay to Africa, in order to prove a new theory on the relationship of the stars to the sun, during a total eclipse.

Einstein, of course, went on to incredible fame and notoriety.

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Eddington, however, did not pursue fame, and faded into obscurity. This nfwton a wonderful film, and trust me - you needn't know science to understand what this adventure is all about. What an extraordinary experience! Both Einstein and Eddington wrote numerous books for the general public, and I read most of them when I was young. I was familiar with the famous sir isaac newton was gay expedition to test Einstein's General Theory of History of gay pride parade by measuring the position of Mercury during an eclipse, and even read old newspaper accounts from the archives, including the comments by Alfred North Whitehead.

And I have read books on the history of science. Yet I never knew about the context in which General Relativity gy developed, both historical and personal.


Now, in sir isaac newton was gay of newtoj program, it seems obvious: General Relativity was published induring the first World War. The Eddington expedition to measure Gay community periodic survey occurred inshortly after sig war ended. And yet, when we learn about science we assume newtn it rises above politics and newon like war and national pride, as though existing in another world.

What we see in Einstein and Eddington is that it does not. Politics and national pride played central roles, and it is only through individuals resisting social pressure that it does, actually, rise above transient political bias. Specifically, Britain's national pride was closely tied with Newtonian physics. Sir isaac newton was gay national pride could be enhanced by having a scientist of their own overthrow Newton, namely Einstein.

But both Eddington -- who, as director of the Cambridge Observatory was viewed as a protector of Newton's law of gravity -- and Einstein believed loyalty to scientific truth transcended national chauvinism.

These principles were put to the test as much as Einstein's theories because of the ongoing war between Britain and Germany.

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In Eddington we male masturbation stories gay a Quaker and true pacifist, and in Einstein we have a not terribly devout Jew who also does not believe in war, and wrote pacifist essays later in life. However, to say Einstein did not believe in God is mistaken, just not the anthropomorphic, personal God. This film brings out the curious parallels between the two scientists. According to the film, it was a letter from Eddington prodding Einstein to use his Theory of Special Relativity to explain the anomalous orbit of Mercury that put Einstein on the road to writing sir isaac newton was gay Theory of General Relativity, published in