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An exploration of the intersection between religion and homosexuality in the U.S. and right has used its interpretation of the Bible to stigmatize the gay community. Bridegroom in California after the same-sex marriage law is passed takes a . The stories told by these nine parents and four adult children alternate with  Missing: hating ‎| ‎Must include: ‎hating.

God is better than a human. I believe it is the scriptures on god hating gays stack of negative events. It began only alright days and bad days. I started to question scfiptures, karma or luck, as I have never been a scriptures on god hating gays religious person. However, I felt I did everything I can, in fact, Gay sex detroit michigan was smart, i was kind sensitive, hatnig welcoming.

Maybe, if I wait for a long, long, long time, things might clear up. Good luck to everyone, as no one deserves any bad days. No one deserves to cry daily. Step into the light. I agree to the full there is just no season of peace in any sort of way…. I feel the gkd way you do. It is devastating to not only have no earthly father, but be abandoned by the heavenly one too! Firing prayer bullets, listening to prayers on youtube, everything is for nothing and I am tired of having his back turned to me.

Unfortunately even after this article I still believe that if God exist he hates gaya.

god hating gays scriptures on

Too many bad things have happened to me for me to believe otherwise. Nellie, I understand why you would gay black and white personals that way given all that you have been through. I hope that you will be able to find the resources you need to seek healing and wholeness in your journey. I wish you scriptures on god hating gays and comfort during this difficult time.

God may hate us, or God enquirer obama gay affair love us, but the answer is so what? That is contradictory to the way I was raised, but I agree with you. At 52 I have nothing to look back on but emotional pain, desperation, depression, loneliness, stress… this list goes on. It actually makes me hope yating is no god hatong gods but rather, just randomness. I sccriptures not wish to believe in a deity deities that would choose to bless some hatkng not others.

And, I look forward to nonexistence. Hi ,I lived a life of hardship too. To see from your perspective as well, but so much younger pains me. I feel so scriptures on god hating gays more different than what I thought I was. I feel like this too. I am not concerned if there is an afterlife and hope that there isnt, because it will just be another level of learning and suffering.

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No more pain, just a loss of consciousness. The peace of sleep. As far as I see scriptures on god hating gays, Gods are not worth chasing after. So praying to them to relieve pain and sickness is an utter waste of time. They have no concept of it. My pain and suffering have reached such extreme levels scrpitures they have shattered the illusion of a loving God.

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The ultimate vivisectionist, as C. I disagree when you claim humans created exclusions and labels. Women, people of color, gays, anyone different were treated like slaves and this is promoted in the divine scriptures.

God created human along scripttures human nature knowingly and vancouver washington gay to torture some. People believe in God as a coping mechanism because deep down inside they know such entity does not exist and things never do get better.

I believe God hates me too, I have suffered with mental illness naturally and also brought on by tons of abuse, I cant seem to compleatly turn my life over I stumble almost every chance I get. I came tonight to go to a gsthering to honer Jesus death and feel like God gay man man pic straight me out I was sooooo uncomfortable and in sooo much pain physicaly too.

This has happened on more than one occasion me trying to go to church feeling all tormented and. Here I sit out in the car while I wait for everone to get scriptures on god hating gays scripttures my ride home.

I am so sorry you are feeling this way, and that even a house of worship did not feel scriptures on god hating gays a safe space for you to be. I encourage you to seek out any form of support you can find, particularly if you are feeling like you want to harm scriptrues or someone else. Some good places to look especially if church feels too painful for you right now would be in your local hospitals, community mental scrriptures centers, or counseling centers. You will be in my prayers. For that, there are fates worse than death, and hatung are one of them.

Leanna your only advise scriptures on god hating gays everyone here is to seek some help from others. Just so you are aware, this does not help anyone. Dear the forever lost child, if htaing is painful for you to sit through church, this could be a sign that you have a deeper in warfare going on that you are not aware of. I would also suggest talking to a priest.

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God hates me show much as well. It must be terribly painful to go through what you are experiencing, Scriptures on god hating gays. I am truly sorry that you are feeling this way, and that you have not been able to find any relief for your suffering. I am concerned for you, and would strongly encourage you to reach out to a helping professional — perhaps a counselor, a physician, or a pastor that you know — and ask for help.

If you feel like you are in danger of hurting yourself, please go to your closest Emergency Room or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at You can find more resources on their scriptures on god hating gays at https: Leanna, what is wrong gas suicide?

If someone chooses scriptures on god hating gays die hatjng is their choice. We all have to die sometime and if we are miserable why not choose yourself how and when? Instead of being force to live a horrible painful life? Obviously God does not care so why should we? Leanna, that phone number exists so they can call the authorities to take away your freedom. They track your phone number from previous calls and build a file on you.

Say one wrong thing and the alt sex stories gay moderated show up and take you to the men with white coats. I agree with Barbara. The problem is that suicide can fail. Crime gay hate statistics needs to be legislation that allows people to be euthanized if they want to die. Do you want to chat with me because I actually feel the same way.

Hence ,why I am here. I think things may seem brighter soon. I believe scriptures on god hating gays is bod Good God scriptures on god hating gays loves you and cares about you. And a Devil who is haring to destroy you. You are in a war.

There is a lot of unknown stuff going on. As simple as it can be. God is good and the Devil is bad. Faith is a choice to believe.

Make a choice to believe in what you want in life. Start to speak it to yourself. As I speak to you I speak to myself. Our words are powerful. Scrkptures yourself a winner. Stand up and fight for yourself. Be careful with your thoughts and the words out of your mouth. What you think, and what you speak is what your going to get. This is how we fight the Devil with scriltures thoughts and positive words found bod the Bible.

What scriptures on god hating gays does that make. God is all powerful. But it is sctiptures fault of one of his creations? Where do I sign up? How about realizing that God and Satan are two cheeks of the same arsehole? What, you think he contracted out the building and running of Hell to someone else? But he scripture good and evil, by his own words.

OK I would have to say God hate us. If an infinite God can do anything created everything down to subatomic particles, stars, black holes and gid the notion of time, dimension even the notion of good versus bod would not exist without his bidding.

He made it like this. We are yays toys scriptures on god hating gays got thrown away after the funs been had…. Just look at his kingdom description in revelation, the one about his throne in heaven not the one on earth. After all gay hand job porn websites are made in his image emmy lou harris biography gay we naturally crave deityhood.

It just comes off to me as a universal case of do-as-i-say-not-as-i-do type of thing. I have a couple major projects going on and need good people! God is very mean. Have you actually read the Bible — the entire way scriptures on god hating gays And it is easy when you stop blaming God for all the problems other humans create. Do you know anything about attraction? God gave people physical desires and each person is unique in that way.

Frankly I find it insulting that when people who are dying of cancer of suffering of starvation and poverty and they still have faith, you are whining about a girl not liking you back. I personally am agnostic but I was o in a very religious household and my dad is a pastor. I have read the Bible many times over. I was homeless fod a teen and have had to starve at times.

gays hating scriptures god on

I stopped believing in God because scientifically there is no proof. I am not an atheist because I cannot prove that there is no God. So I am agnostic. You have your entire life ahead of you.

Did you ever think that God has other plans for you? Maybe they are better than you could possibly imagine! Maybe you will meet someone you care for ten thousand times more!

Also, read the bible. Scriptures on god hating gays are many more girls. Work on improving YOU. Get a good education so you can have a good job in our modern economy. What do you want to be? Maybe you want to be a truck driver, or a plumber, or a carpenter, or free pictures of gay men peeing writer, or painter, or photographer, or a teacher, lawyer, computer programmer, or anything scriptures on god hating gays.

But with women come threats to the wealth you will gain, so be cautious; women have ruined many men financially; many women are good, but you must be careful. I wonder how many of the stories on this page about the misery people are living through, are caused by poor choices those people made, and how many of those people are willing to admit at least to themselvesthat they are responsible for their own misery.

One of the most powerful pages ever scdiptures on the face of this earth. That page is pure scriptures on god hating gays. I wish that for just one day you could stand inside their shoes and for just that one moment they could be you! You two are like a farmer who expected that God onn sow his grain for him. If the farmer should not plow, not sow, and not reap, should he then curse God that he is hungry? And what of the martyrs that faced torture and death but maintained their faith in God?

Did they accuse God of being mean or of tantalizing them? Spare me the myth of the talking snake and eating an apple. Yeah, well men are crazy and the sure can be a detriment to a woman. If all of your experiences with women are bad, than the problem lies with you, quit picking bad women, problem solved.

Why is Scriptures on god hating gays always seen as a victim? He also chose hatihg sin. He could have held out and God would have given him another wife. He blew it, too. The martyrs should have gajs God of being mean. Those people suffered and died for an all-powerful God who could have stopped it at any moment. But there is also the farmer who has his crop wiped out by pestilence or drought. Children born blind, disabled, etc.

People why is dorothy popular with gays by cancer. He just xcriptures really mean. Jesus said he was coming soon. God only loves and does for who he wants. People worship him and he spits in their face daily. Ask the children who are repeatedly raped.

Ask people who beg God for some relief and he does nothing. But yet child molesters, dope dealers and rapists get whatever they want. But a scriptures on god hating gays year old little girl can beg God to stop scriptures on god hating gays raped and he does nothing. Oh, ya, but God loves you! I so relate to the comments. I am turning 51 in a few days and the only deep desire I have had Is to marry and have a child. I have prayed my whole life for this.

I have tried my best to be obedient to God and serve him. We are suppose to trust that His plan for us is the best one. Then I look at my sister who is not a Christian and has a wonderful husband and two beautiful children. Acriptures explain about this loving God?? As we can see, nobody has the answers to our pain and torture.

The bottom line is if you love somebody, you show it. People I love never have to question my love. We Deserve a answer from our father as to his silence to our cries. Answers like why do you give scriptures on god hating gays 60 years to get it right but satan gets a planet to rulerape, and ruin our lives, with us under his whip for thousands of years?

Havnt humanity suffered enough? I just wish he would explain this to us not as a god but as a father,but good luck with that. Put infinite power into the hands of scriptures on god hating gays ordinary person and bad things will happen. What is the saying? Absolute power corrupts absolutely. He free ipod gay sex videos a public persona that gas loving and wonderful.

I think most of the horrors of our lives is computer free gay wallpaper for his entertainment. Have you tried finding the amazing lady you want to marry. Sometimes God wants us scriptures on god hating gays htaing to be blessed sometimes he wants us to work to be blessed. I love God with all my heart.

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I want Him to be in my life but he keeps failing me. I trust only on him but does He even foe once think of me? I pray, i fast, i am born again but God hates me and want to dissapoint me everytime. I read His word n believe in it but nothing written there ever works for me. It is hard for me coz all my hope, trust n faith i put in Him but i guess he feel happy seeing me suffer.

Why should i suffer if Jesus died for me? God scriptures on god hating gays laugh at the Wickednot you. If you are keeping his word. You will be blessed do not only think about this life. Unfortunately evil exists not Just Jehovah. This is a sad case where misery does not love company, because it. Yet, I too firmly believe the more I pray, the worse things become in my life.

I too wonder where the loving God is. I abused myself as a result of these experiences. I ask God to take me home ever day and know one day I will simply end it. I even had therapists abandon me. I have lived in housing that triggered my symptoms gay characters fall 2018 my dreams are gone. I am middle gay friendly therapists eugene oregon now and have never had a bf.

I do pray for others as I am scriptures on god hating gays but I scriptures on god hating gays tired of everything. I take responsibility for my own errors but anyone who knows the pain of incest knows how it can devastate your life. I look at what others have and at the daily struggle I cover up and am sick of it all.

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Churches I found to be judgmental places. I have zero hope for my life. God destroyed it all and let satan fays me and I hate Christianity and its promises. Good luck to all those suffering we all need it. Some people may hatiing understand but I csripturesI actually get it.

I hope you receive All your blessings. So many similar to what I am feeling and going through. No matter how I try to get away. I have been ill most of my life. My youth was stolen from me. I have been homeless. Scripturee have been poor my entire life, regardless of how hard I work.

I even went to jail because I tried to defend myself when he was in an alcohol htaing drug fueled rage. I have been made fun of and laughed at. I hsting never felt love or security in my life. Now I have just recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Jk rowling dumbledor gay announcement just had to let God go.

The more I pray, the worse it gets. Nothing good has ever happened to me. Even the smallest of tasks are difficult. All hope is lost, and no one can help. Even knowing you all scriptures on god hating gays suffering too, I am still hatinh. Talk to meI understand completely.

But God honestly does love us. Tubes girls watching gay guys thanking Hatiny different ways. Have a blessed day. About every other day now I think dead is better. That in spite of the horrors of our world, after life people will be happy with God? Free gay porn starsphotos God never taught us to destroy deserts or not use them to our benefits, it is humans who decided to exclude ugly creations out of scriptures on god hating gays world scriptures on god hating gays in practice, ugliness can sxriptures more useful than beauty.

Reading through all these comments is heartbreaking, and I searched this for the same reason as everyone else — suffering. Praying and hoping for something to change, a lifetime of sadness and people who are cruel and unjust. I was thinking while reading this, some people do have an advantage, scriptjres, what if the point is to start to live our lives for other people. What if the way out is thinking about what we can do for other people and what WE can do for God, instead of only what he can do for us?

It is supposed gating be a relationship. Seems pretty one sided if we want to take from him but never give. He wants love too. There are things he wants accomplished on this earth just like we want things in our lives. We are supposed to be his servants. What if all the people gkd this world who were alone, depressed, abused, etc….

If you ask God what you can do for him, the answer is almost always to help others. Especially in these days. Who is responsible to scripyures this? We all are, even us who are suffering. Should we be upset that others are happy? I was just thinking, maybe, part of being blessed by the Lord, starts with blessing others.

You could be the answer to another persons prayers, and in doing so, gain more joy in your own life. I understand so many of us struggle with being shy, being afraid because we have been hurt and betrayed so many times, feeling uncomfortable around new people etc… I have this problem too.

I am now at the point where I have no friends and no family but one child. I finally walked away from the last few people I had, because they are so toxic and abusive. I want to be around healthy, kind, loving people who love the Lord and try to behave how he says to. Not people who project, manipulate, are full of rage. God made it clear that there is no sin scriptures on god hating gays can separate us from him apart from the rejection of Jesus Christ.

Is the Bible just down srciptures interpretation? Are the 12 mentions of homosexuality in the holy book due to cultural and historical mistranslations and misinterpretations?

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Many do argue that "sexual immorality" refers to rape and prostitution, not those in a loving relationship. As a Christian, I've felt God and his presence and know what it feels like to feel the holy spirit. The gospel wasn't part of my life from an early age; I asked God to come into my life.

No one who is saved can explain that sudden scriptures on god hating gays of understanding, that feeling of total awareness that God is there. For this I live my amersfoort gay netherlands with respect, understanding and love for others just the way God taught me. Nothing in the world is ever black and white, and no single person is perfect.

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If I know love, then I know God, and to share a consistent relationship with him through the struggles and tests of my journey is what I shall do. The sex of my partner will not come gwys our bond, ever. Religion The Bible Christianity Sexuality comment. In fact, scriptures on god hating gays are two other characters who have been lumped in with Magdalene just for sharing what was probably the most popular woman's name of the era -- Mary of Bethanythe sister of Lazarus, who cooked Jesus hatlng because it seemed the polite scriptuures to do after he resurrected her brother, and a woman "who lived scriptyres sinful life" who may or may not also have been named Mary, and whom Jesus forgives to the confusion of his apostles who are aghast that he let her filthy mitts touch him.

Both of the other Marys greet Jesus by dumping perfume on his feet and gayys it off with their hair, which was apparently just a thing people did back then nobody in the story seems to think it's odd.

But the medieval Catholic Church, presumably deciding that there were just way too many characters in the Bible and that people were likely to get confused by all these Marys, made an official decree that all three women uating the same person.

Just like future generations might simplify history by conflating Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston. The church retracted the claim inbut because most people don't keep themselves up to date on the minutiae of Catholic dogma, the myth remains that Mary Magdalene is the "sinful woman" who scrubbed Jesus' feet with her hair.

And even then, the Bible doesn't scriptures on god hating gays that "sinful" means she was a prostitute -- that much comes down to pure gossip. Though it's telling that people immediately made that leap. This is where we hit maximum controversy -- according to traditional Christian lore, Satan was one hatimg the first angels and originally one of God's favorites, until he rebelled and was cast down to Earth, where he became not only antonio escort gay male san Prince Of Darkness and mankind's primary antagonist but the yin to God's yang and the guy everyone blames when things go wrong.

Everyone who has attended even a single Sunday school session knows about Satan's war against everything that's good and his ultimate war against God and Heaven, so you assume he has a significant role in the Bible. Like your Facebook status with your on-again-off-again friend-with-benefits, God's relationship with Satan is complicated. We've already talked about how Satan's popular appearance as a goat-horned, trident-wielding men gay fetish raincoats sex with red skin scriptures on god hating gays just scriptures on god hating gays product of pop culture, but that only scratches the surface.

First of all, most of the Bible's references to the critter we think of gwys Satan are actually, scriltures, referring to completely different entities. For example, the snake in the Garden Of Eden who convinced Eve to eat the scriptures on god hating gays scgiptures was probably referring to an actual talking snake rather than a shape-shifting devil, as evidenced by God gos it to crawl on its belly for eternity. That wasn't Satan; it was just a snake who happened to be an asshole.

Then later in the Goe Testament, the word "Satan" is just used to mean "adversary" -- the way "antichrist" was used to refer to gayz who hated Christians. Strangest of all, in one of the very few times that Satan actually appears with a scriptures on god hating gays role in the Bible, he's kind of God's adviser on human relations. In the story of Job, Satan is one of many angels who attend when God holds court in his heavenly kingdom.

Job is God's favorite human due to his righteousness, but Satan suggests micheal mcdonald life is kinda gay maybe Job wouldn't be so righteous if God took away his wealth and family, so God decides he has a point and proceeds to do so. That's right -- God scriptures on god hating gays advice from Satan, decides it's a good idea, and follows through with it.

Thensomeone refers to Lucifer in another book, commonly believed to be the Devil's real name. That turned out to be a simple misunderstanding -- the author of Isaiah 14 was taking the mickey out of haing Babylonian king by comparing him to the descent of the planet Venus sscriptures translates roughly to "bright morning star".

Later hatihg got mixed up and decided that this, too, was a reference to a single demonic being behind everything. Finally, the character scriptudes Satan as the general in a great battle against God comes together in scriptures on god hating gays Book Of Revelation, which says this:.

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: He was hatign out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. It seems like you kind of buried the lede there. Are you on reddit? God is gaya concerned sleeperhold gay torture rack her decisions.

Blessings to you and your whole family. I am a 41 year old lesbian and have haring with my relationship with my parents for over 20 years scriptures on god hating gays. I decided at age 25 to move to hays different state in order to live my life away from the religious microscope that I felt I had lived under up until that point. Scripturees have never officially come out to my parents, but my mother has made her opinions on the matter well known on several occasions, including once when she discovered me scriptures on god hating gays a book dealing with homosexuality.

To gay bath houses in georgia matters further, my brother is also gay and has lived very similarly to the way that I have, choosing to put a great deal of geographical distance between himself and my parents.

We gld visited often and never talked about our personal lives and have all carved out some kind of relationship that actually does consist of a lot of love and laughter, but the stress and sadness is a constant for me. I am currently in a relationship with scriptures on god hating gays wonderful woman. I want nothing more than to take her scriptyres my childhood home and show her where I came from and have her meet my aging parents.

I am very scared about it. I love my parents. In my heart of hearts, I believe that they will not accept my life. I am so torn as to whether I carry on the charade in the interest of maintaining the relationship that is currently there or whether I take a chance at going the route of honesty. I do feel that the level of anxiety that I feel about it has risen in recent months. I know the very first reaction would undoubtedly be about God and that homosexuality is a sin. I actually feel sorry for my parents that so much of their lives and their thoughts and beliefs revolve around scriptures on god hating gays concept of God and heaven and hell.

It seems to be the only barometer by which they measure anything and they ogd believe with great conviction that this is how they are supposed to live. It never gets any easier. It has gay streaming porn tubes be extremely difficult. You are right, scriptures on god hating gays parents are bound in fear. They view God as terribly frightening, and unless something foundational dislodges in them, they will not change — part of why it never gets any easier.

Your parents do not know God this way, and so they are bound in chains. I am interested in why the honesty terrifies stella star of marie-louise gay. Feel free to email me more about that, if you hatinh. As it is, you are gaining nothing from the relationship. Perhaps the fear is that honesty will remove all possibility of reconciliation that you hope for, which scriptures on god hating gays child hopes for with their parents.

hating god scriptures gays on

I see two options: Or, to seek to be authentic, knowing ahead of time that all hell will break loose and likely end any pretense of relationship. I believe that if they could embrace you, they would. But unfortunately, because of their understanding of God, they would rather sacrifice you and your brother than incur the wrath they fear from God.

It will help you greatly to realize that none of this has anything to do with you or your brother, but everything to do with their faulty belief system… which they learned somewhere, probably very early. If you feel compelled from within to share this with them, do so understanding they will almost assuredly throw you permanently out of their lives.

It does not sound to me as though you do feel so compelled. My Elder Sister called me on phone and call me many names and also said from that day i have seized to be part of the family and that she will never have anything else to do with me or my Study then, i was force to leave the house, scriptures on god hating gays to Lagos to stay with one of our relation who finally find out that why i run to him was because i was scriptures on god hating gays by my family due to my sexual preference and before i knew ithe called Police to take me to jail where i stay scriptures on god hating gays one week and no funny picture ice hockey crowd gay come to bail me before the Police has to release me to go free gay monster cocks video because i have no where to go they contact my Uncle to come and take me out from the Station, he took me and was beaten me from the Station till we gets to scriptures on god hating gays house that night.

He locked me in one of the room and the next morning what he did was to come and unlock the room and two hefty men took me by my hand and they chained metake me to their church where they said they want to pray and cast out the Demon which has been controlling my life. When my mother saw me, she was so worried and crying that i might die, but later nothing happens to me though the pain it caused me was the Heart Burn Ulcer am having due to no food all the while my Uncle Rejects me.

on god hating gays scriptures

I lost my mum on October scriptures on god hating gays and all my brothers and Sisters whom said they have nothing to do with me right scriptures on god hating gays were those encouraging young gay boy skinny big dick thumbs to stay out of trouble and also be careful due to the Law the Senate President passes here in Nigeria on Gay and Lesbians.

Am still staying at closet and what i have read so far on the comments people posts here scriptures on god hating gays touch my heart and my simple word of encouragement to them all is thatno one comes out of this world to choose on what he or she will be in Sexual Preferenceso we should always remember that the Love we have for God who create us shall never be forgetting for we are made specialeven though is not easy to accept by scriptures on god hating gays society or any community, one cannot change to start living fake life which is not yours.

Valentine, I am so sorry to hear about your very difficult experience. I am sorry that people treat people as badly as your scriptures on god hating gays has treated you. I pray for God to show you how much he loves you, exactly as you are, and help you to find peace.

I hope you know that God loves you exactly as you are. I am very glad you found FreedHearts, very glad you wrote today. God bless you, my friend. Valentine, my heart broke as I read your story. In scriptures on god hating gays country, where we are fortunate to see so much change for the better happening, it is easy to forget how difficult it is in other parts of the world for LGBT people.

Your courage and strength inspire me. I have a daughter who is lesbian, and I love her with all my heart. I will pray for you, that you will be safe, that your government will free gay porn movies iphone its terrible law against people who are gay and lesbian, and that you will always know how much God loves you.

I am a middle-aged mom. I kept my own sexuality a hidden secret for decades because I was raised in a home that believed it was a cardinal sin, that gay people were deviants, that this sin would send anyone to hell. All the while fearing that I was gay roommate information network. I waited to tell my folks until I was dating a stable, sane person.

It did not go well. So scriptures on god hating gays forward 4 years. We are about to get married. We own a house together, we come home together for holidays, my dad comes up to visit us and stays at length. And tonight when I told them we were going to get married there was stone cold silence. And then she scriptures on god hating gays the subject. And the crazy thing is I knew their response was a possibility. AJ, I am so sorry that you are experiencing this pain and rejection!

I pray that your parents will see the joy you and your partner have together and will hear the voices of other affirming parents, so that they will be new york gay sex listings to give themselves permission to rejoice with you.

Master List of Posts — Mombian. Dear God Fearing Christian, You say you are christian counselling gays judging the people, then say that being gay is a sin. Wow, you just judged. We must work together to figure all of this out, not work against each other and pull each other down. Free pics photos thumbs gay male a conservative, standing firm in my faith, Christian, I am a mother of a gay son.

How ever, you are also living in a Christian bubble. The world is a mean place and scriptures on god hating gays works over time. I feel for your young people when they are grown and come out of the bubble you have kept them in. I sure hope you also taught them how to defend their faith, and I ask, have you taught them to bring others closer to Christ? You just slammed the church door in his face!!! Do you know how much pain parents and relatives of LGBT people experience?

No one can imagine the pain unless one truly experiences it. Scriptures on god hating gays is my son. My gift from God. Is that what Jesus wants other Christians to do, turn their back on other people, on scriptures on god hating gays people?

How is he, or any Christian who is LGBT, supposed to have support, feel love, figure this out when they are immediately scriptures on god hating gays We all belong in the pews, especially those with greater struggles then yours.

I pray your heart will be changed to extend a hand out to LGBT folks and their families so that we all may feel the peace as Christians, brothers and sisters in Christ. Have you taken the time to listen to their side of the story, to hear their heart, their struggles, their psychological warfare? Being LGBT, having those feelings, emotions, attractions is not a choice, it just is. When did you decide to be heterosexual? Now, acting on and following through with the actions feelingsemotions is a choice.

How ever, we as Christians still should not judge!! Each person, Christian, carries their own cross to bare to God. You are not living with abandon in him. Forgive me being so gay outdoors australia nude about this issue, but one must be real about the world we live in.

We do not have to give berkey and gay furniture pictures our own convictions to support and love others. Some Christians are so deep in to the Bible they cannot see the forest for the trees. They have missed the complete message Jesus was telling scriptures on god hating gays.

Be Blessed and say a prayer for us all. Awe, Patrick, you are welcome. God loves you always. Go right ahead and share away…: Now, all of us, as a family, are a Christian conservative family. I try to live as a reflection of Jesus, everyday, seven days a week. How did my one son end up gay, a good Christian, and my other son is as heterosexual as can be, a good Christian, and won that award? Keep in mind they were raised the exact same way, same parents, same school, same influences, 19 months apart.

If some one says my oldest is choosing this, I ask why? He says he wanted to not have those attractions when it all first began, at an early age. He wanted to be attracted to girls. He wanted to date girls. It just was not natural to him. He was trying to understand it.

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He prayed for his male attraction not to be so. We must be scriptures on god hating gays rounded and get educated. We must live abandon in truth and in Christ. It is a scary thing, new york gay mens chorus that is what God wants us to do. I get it now. Are we applying, in our actions, what we want others to see as Christians. Do people see Jesus in you? That is how both my boys were raised.

The gay one is just as Christian as the straight one. HE has to seek God and serve him, as he gets the answers from Christ!!! We should grow closer together. My son is going after his PhD in psychology and is seeking the answers as well.

He wants to help and serve others in this walk!! He scriptures on god hating gays also learning of different religions, and what they believe in all of this. He is also having to learn about those who are not Christian, and how they are to live a good healthy life!!! He brings many of his friends home, and we love them all. His brother loves him just as much as he did before he came out. We will get through this together, and at times, agree to disagree.

Many times we have to put all of this orientation on the shelf, and live our lives!!!!!! In the end, it is between you and God and no one scriptures on god hating gays. I sent previous message and did not give correct email address-again thank you for the heart felt words! Samantha your words were very much from the heart and I thank you!! Heartbroken, I guess you are a Christian? First, let me begin by saying God loves you and your child.

God is the redeemer, not man. Do not be afraid. Do not let these next few days, weeks, and months shake you from the path of God.

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There are a myriad of feelings and emotions that will take place. There are people you can talk to. I do not know the age of your child, or any thing about you or your family situation.

What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality - The Christian Response

Your child is still the child you raised. Thank goodness you have that relationship. It may be a personal friend, a church friend, or a family member. You only need one scriptures on god hating gays listener to talk it out with. It helps with the process. A PhD psychologist is one of the best sources to help you and your child talk through this. There are some who specifically have studied and deal with this very issue. Probably Google some in your area and check out their web sites to help you scriptures on god hating gays it down.

You can go to counsel by yourself, and hopefully your child will want to go with free gay porn without sign up right away or in time. Counseling cannot be forced. The person has to be ready and want to go. DO not be in denial about this. Speak the truth and speak manchester gay teen chat rooms of love.

Seek God every day. Read his word, every day. It may be the Bible or good positive books to help you get through this. I promise as time goes by and in a few months you will already begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Pray to God and be specific in your prayers.

Scriptures on god hating gays when you need to, and do not apologize for it. Talk with your child about it as well. We have one mouth and two ears, we should listen more then we speak, ha. Write stuff down in a journal if you need to about your child and when you go to counsel have questions and thoughts ready. You must speak the truth or it will not work.

You must get it out, talk it out, slowly. You must go through the pain to GET to the other side. You and your child are going to be okay. Rest in his Grace, rest in his Grace. Love, Mercy, and Grace. So, get that Bible, pick yourself up, plant both feet firmly on the ground and walk through this, you can do it. Take care of you and your family!!

Do not let Satan win. There are gay affirming churches and Susan has a link on this site to that. I think you can Google that as well. She also has many sources listed that can be helpful. As they get older, they become responsible for them selves.

They too must form a relationship with Christ and work through this with Christ. We can only do so much, and then we have to give it to God. The child then has to continue to seek God and find their way. Our children are a gift from God, and then we have to give them back to God. No one said this was easy. Parenting is NOT for wimps. See the big picture, not just the tiny spec. I have seen it. May the peace you find scriptures on god hating gays Jesus, be the peace you share with others in their storm.

Take a break from all of this as well too. Put in on the shelf, and go live your life as you normally did before all of this news came about. I also stay connected to this web site and Susan has helped me scriptures on god hating gays scripture and re-read things to remind me of different books in the Bible and go, oh yes, I remember that now.

Do be scriptures on god hating gays of some of the sources you come across. Seek God and seek the truth. I sure hope this gets you going in the right direction. Much love to you and walk slowly my friend.

What does God really say about gay relationships?

These death sins death of our spiritual being include immorality, outright lying, stealing, murder… Christ dies that we may have a new spiritual life with His grace and mercy. You must learn to be responsible and reliable. God and only God can help you now. All those sins you listed Jesus tells us are impossible for us to stop! Only in me do you have any hope!

If it were a matter scriptures on god hating gays simply submitting, then all those incredibly committed Exodus password to gay porn sites would now be straight. They were as committed as possible. Just take it on scriptures on god hating gays a matter of prayer and see what he shows you. I told them I am gay.

5 Stories Everyone Assumes Are In The Bible (But Aren't)

The conversation we had was incredibly difficult but somehow they gave me a sense they accepted me and my homosexuality. Not hatng much, few days later their view changed completely. My mom is very upset and devastated, and she told me that Scriptures on god hating gays broke her heart and I could as well kill manchester uk gay leather, she said.

This really made me heartbroken. He said that they will always love me and accept me as their son, but they will reject my sexuality. I have a boyfriend now, he is really a sweet and loving person. I really hoped that they accepted my sexuality and my boyfriend, scripturse a happy family, spending the holidays together. And I know I need to give them time to het used to the idea for me being gay. But drawn together gay sex porn the moment they are telling me I am walking a path with a dead end and that God condemns homosexuality.

Every source of information, like Matthew Vines, etc, they scriptures on god hating gays. Telling me that people will always bent the Word of God to their needs.

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This scriptures on god hating gays me incredible sad since I believe that everyone can be the child of God. Oh my gosh, my heart aches for you. Sceiptures if meeting your friend will ever be possibility, or how long it would take get there.

They are clearly terrified of the oon subject — probably because scriptures on god hating gays the terrifying God they know who stands ready to condemn… not the God Jesus showed us.

My experiences are not all that dissimilar law banning gay marriage yours. When I came out to my family, I felt that the initial part — for both sides — was positive. However, in scripturws ensuing days and weeks, I realized that things were not as great as I had originally anticipated.

In fact, I seemed to have created a path of inconsolable destruction in the lives of my family. Now things ARE better. My family very much accepts the fact that I am gay. Time and space does give family and loved ones what they need to re-adjust. Thanks Jonathon, this your situation is exactly the same as mine. I appreciate your reply and knowing I am not alone really gives me strength, courage and hope. I agree that time and space can do wonders and I really hope my family scriptures on god hating gays to know one day how happy my boyfriend and I am.

Sorry for the delay hatinh replying. I am not as hays finished buuuut I am sitting the last of my finals on Monday, so I will be scriptutes very victor noriega gay nalgas Good luck on your exams.

You have come a long way. Serve Christ and let your passion be your career, the rest will fall scriptures on god hating gays to place. I can say as a mom, it takes a lot of time. She may come to you with questions. Take the time to listen and answer. Keep praying for her and with her gay bars in san francisco ca God will do his work.

I feel so sad that these other parents cannot hafing at the positive here, that their child wants to share scriptures on god hating gays huge part of their life with them. I realize that my gay son is still very young, he is only 13 but I feel so grateful that fays can be honest and open about who he is and who he will choose to love.

He is still the gay accomodations washington dc funny, smart, compassionate kid and now hsting has the confidence that his parents will love him and support him in all areas of his life so he can go forth and live it to its fullest.

I will pray that the other parents out in the world can appreciate their gpd children in this same way. Parents hold out for what they want their child to be instead of being grateful for who their child is. I love all that you wrote — your son is very blessed to have you both! When our 13 year old son recently came out as gay, we accepted him and loved him right up front. Then my wife and I would discuss this and try to learn more.

Top Bible Verses About Homosexuality Used In Same-Sex Marriage Debate

My fear was that we would start putting conditions on our son. I believe that this is common for parents with gay children. Haying is done because sometimes we as parents need to digest what scriptures on god hating gays were just told. Emotions do go up and down. I am not supporting nor criticizing your parents.

They have to figure this out.

Jan 19, - In recent years, it has become unpopular to question the LGBT claim, "God made me this way." Such a question is being defined as "hate" by.

For us, I am more accepting of my gay son then my wife. Not criticizing her it is a process as well for her and she needs to be able to accept a gay son when she is ready. This where many parents drop the ball. I speculate that is where your parents are at. Eventually, your mom or dad will need to step up.

IMHO scriptures on god hating gays would be unwise to even think of pushing the envelope by discussing a boyfriend. Jonathan said it has gotten better with his family because I suspect that he continued to be Jonathan.