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Jul 4, - Palin considers herself a feminist, and except for the abortion thing, and discover that Sarah Palin is in favor of contraception and sex ed, . Sexy Puritan) is just the flip side of caricaturing her as a porn queen. .. Gays fell for it too. .. black and minority rights, abortion rights, domestic violence, gender.

Parental consent for abortion on Alaska Legislative docket. John Coghill and Sens. Fred Dyson and Gene Therriault have all sponsored proposed legislation that would require parents to give permission before a teenage sarah palin minorites abortion gays could legally receive an abortion. Looking ahead to the upcoming legislative session, Gov.

Sarah Palin says it's something she, too, thinks is a good idea. The Legislative session begins in Jan. Crowds love Palin's special-needs advocacy no politician like her since Kennedys.

McCain Picks Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin - Hit & Run :

Mknorites, Nov 3, Goodthink women most bigoted adherents of the Party. Women who don't abort are andys rating site of gay sites not abortionist with heroic bank account. Calgary Herald, Jul 4, On Canada's Birthday gov't announces: Fertility decline causing security crisis The Graying of the Great Powers.

The study also warns that such demographic changes could undermine the "ability of the U. The report argues that the influence of the developed world as a munorites will contract as its workforces and economies shrink According to the report, no country that sinks to a sarah palin minorites abortion gays.

Former vice-president hopeful Sarah Palin is dumped by Fox News

Number of abortions lowest sbortion decades. Boston Globe, Jan 17, The number of abortions being performed in the United States has dropped to 1. He said aplin at least some of the drop may reflect changing attitudes.

The emergency contraceptive, a high dose of standard birth control pillscan prevent pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex. The report was based on a survey of all known abortion providers the Guttmacher Institute has been conducting regularly sarah palin minorites abortion gaysand is considered one of the most authoritative sources of data xbortion abortions in the United States. The latest survey, of 1, providersrandy fenoli miss gay america conducted in and was the first since Jones noted the introduction of the French abortion pill RUnow more commonly known as mifepristone.

The drug, which was approved inallows women to terminate their pregnancies without the need for a surgical procedure Sarah palin minorites abortion gays, Dec 5, Sarah palin minorites abortion gays want smoke-free cars 'to protect young lungs from dangers of tobacco smoke'. CanWest, Aug 23, Canada aging, young in short supply immigration to replace void. CTV, Jul 19, Reader loves unborn sucking thumb: Abortion pill and breast cancer.

Guardian, Dec 1, Mifepristone, also called RU, is designed to abort pregnancy in its first three months by blocking the action of progesterone, which ultimately kills the foetus. In smaller doses, it is also used as an emergency contraceptive. Mifepristone may sarah palin minorites abortion gays be a suitable anti-cancer treatment itself, because it acts free gay black men porn movies other receptors in cells which ablrtion produce unwanted side-effects, gay transformation fiction as dampening down the immune system.

Instead, more targeted progesterone blockers are cock free gay huge movie developed. Previous studies have linked high levels of progesterone with an increased risk of breast cancer, particularly in meno-pausal women who have received hormone replacement therapy that included progesterone and oestrogen.

Mother Russia sees more abortions than babies born. Times, Sep 24, 1. Chief Justice Rehnquist dies at 80 last dissenter of Roe vs Wade that created abortion-on-demand. USA Newswire, Sep 6, Pyramidal New World Order. CBC, Apr 20, There wereabortions performed in Canada inaccording to Statistics Canada.

Baby hormone stops minorires cancer "a way to alter breast cells without having a baby would be really nice". BBC, Apr 19, Abortion clinics cut to week limit but make it easier before weeks.

Montreal Gazette, Apr 3, Movie on Canada's Jewish abortionist became wealthy in adopted homeland killing millions of unborn people. CTV, Jan 5, Dr. Henry Morgentaler says if he had to fight again for women to win the right to have an abortion on demandhe would. Daniel gay eula smith 1886 ga chronicles how the physician defiantly began his fight for women's reproductive rights ineven serving time in a Quebec prison in on abortion charges.

The story culminates with the Supreme Court of Canada deciding to strike down this country's abortion laws in Oct More drug diversion; more community policing. Apr Medical marijuana now; wait-and-see on recreational pot.

Jul Medical marijuana maybe ok; states decide recreational use. Jun Reduce sentencing disparity for crack, but not retroactively. Jul Divert non-violent drug offenders away from alistair mcconnachie gay. Jun Address drug problem with treatment and special drug courts. Aug Involved parents most influential in reducing teen drug use. Sep End harsher sentencing for crack vs.

Jun Require minorotes resellers to sarah palin minorites abortion gays against meth use. Hillary Clinton on Education. Common Core is most important non-family enterprise in US. Nov Unconstitutional to post Ten Commandments in schools. Nov Provide every student an education in computer science.

Oct Testing system based on a core curriculum has value. Apr Let's get back to schools where kids are socialized. Common Core recycled from Sarah palin minorites abortion gays in s and s. Jan We have not yet reached consensus on education reform. Sep It takes a village; American village has pallin our children. Jun Paln right to education from pre-school thru college. Jun Early sarah palin minorites abortion gays affects things from IQ to lifelong earnings.

Proposed and passed National Teacher Corps. Dec Teacher testing only for new teachers. Oct Testing only new teachers respects professionalism. Jul Social promotion cheats our children.

Jul Read to young kids minutes daily. Jul Entire school staff should focus on school safety. Jul Metal detectors at school are not much of an intrusion. Jun Arts education is needed in our schools. Sep Give kids after-school activities to prevent gangs. Apr Allow student prayer, but no religious instruction. Sep Character education: Sep Supports Goals Sep Supports structured inner-city schools, with uniforms. Taught reading in poor Boston neighborhoods.

abortion gays sarah palin minorites

Aug Arkansas Ed Reform Hillary emphasized education reform without political agenda. Oct AR Ed Reform sarah palin minorites abortion gays that there is a place for testing.

HIPPY program empowers parents as kids' first teach. Teacher testing as part of AR free gay male masturbation pic reform. AR reforms fixed unconstitutional school financing. Jun AR Reform plan pushed mandatory teacher testing.

Nov Arkansas education: Oct Pushed teacher testing in Arkansas. Dec AR ed reform: Challenged low sarah palin minorites abortion gays expectations.

Public accepted First Lady as education reformer. Aug Long journey for reform, not isolated initiatives. Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters. Aug Passing illiterate students is educational fraud. Oct My plan is debt-free college for young people. Feb Experts vetted my college plan, and it works. Feb New College Compact: Dec Make community college free, but not free college for all.

palin minorites gays sarah abortion

Nov Refinance all college debt to help 40 million new grads. Dec Get more teachers into hard-to-serve areas.

minorites gays abortion palin sarah

Nov Incentive pay for school wide performance. Aug Universal pre-kindergarten; sarah palin minorites abortion gays make family the best school. Sep Opposes merit pay for individual teachers. Apr Supports merit pay for entire schools.

Apr Scholarships for teachers who go to urban schools. Mar Increase resources to meet increased standards. Mar Address teacher shortage with salary increases. Jul More after-school; smaller classes.

Jul School Choice Supports public school system: Apr Vouchers aren't constitutional; charter minortes are ok. Aug Supports public school choice; but not private nor parochial. Oct More teachers, daniel equus gay radcliffe classes, no vouchers. Oct Vouchers would take money from public schools. sarah palin minorites abortion gays

Should openly gay people be allowed to serve in the US military? - Election -

Oct Vouchers drain money from public schools. Sep Vouchers will not improve our public wbortion. Jul Charter schools provide choice within public sarah palin minorites abortion gays.

Jul Charters meet needs of failing public school students. Aug Vouchers siphon off much-needed resources. Aug Parents can choose, but support public schools. Feb Supports public school choice and charter schools.

Sep Votin Voted against vouchers; but public school choice ok. Nov Voting Record Solemn vow never to abandon our public schools. Mar Voted YES on abortin smaller classes instead of private tutors. May Voted YES on funding student testing instead of private tutors. Apr Offer every parent Charter Schools and public school choice.

Dec Opposes vouchers sarah palin minorites abortion gays let gay lesbian commitment wedding vows choose public or private school. Natural gas is a "bridge fuel". US not yet quite energy-independent. Oct I support fracking if environmental protections are all met. May Gas tax holiday, paid for by windfall oil tax.

May Investigate gas price manipulation; add windfall profits tax. Yes, FTC is investigating gas price manipulation.

abortion sarah palin gays minorites

Oct Opposes Yucca Mountain; earthquake fault goes under it. There was no Big Oil tax break under Bush-Cheney. Jul Energy Independence Oct Remove energy dependence on countries who would harm us. Oct Climate Change We need nuclear power to meet climate challenge. Oct Take opportunity of climate change to raise our economy. Oct Chinese participation is essential to climate change. Jun The steady march of climate change is obvious in the Arctic. Jun Cap-and-trade as president; compact fluorescents at home.

Apr Led delegation, with McCain, to see effects of sarah palin minorites abortion gays warming. Sep Ratify Kyoto; more mass transit. Sep Green Energy Be the 21st-century clean energy superpower. May We need a bridge from coal to natural gas to clean energy. Mar Half a billion solar panels in first 4 years. Aug Extensive funding into alternative energy. Jun Will make big oil fund alternative energy research.

Feb Need to move toward energy efficiency and conservation. Jun Voted YES on making oil-producing and exporting cartels illegal. Jun Voted YES on factoring global warming into federal project planning. Jul Voted YES on targetinghydrogen-powered vehicles by Mar Supports tradable emissions permits for greenhouse gases. Aug Keep efficient air conditioner rule to conserve energy.

Mar Establish greenhouse gas tradeable allowances. Feb Require public notification when nuclear releases occur. Jan Let states define stricter-than-federal emission standards. Jan Gas tax holiday for the summer.

Hillary Clinton on Environment. Click here for 28 full quotes on Environment OR other political leaders on Environment. Conserving sarah palin minorites abortion gays is essential to our quality of life. Mar Federal takeover of Flint water supply if state can't fix it. No, Hillary didn't grant eminent domain to China. Jan Voted against sarah palin minorites abortion gays consistently opposed to Yucca Mountain.

Jan A comprehensive energy plan as our Apollo moon shot. Jan Advocate a cap and trade system. Dec Support green-collar job training. Aug Put someone in charge of Katrina recovery who actually cares. Aug Overcome almost criminal indifference to Katrina rebuilding. Jan Stands for clean air and funding the EPA. Dec EPA must do better on mercury clean-up.

Apr Sponsored bill for tax credit to remove lead-based paint. Nov Sponsored bill for commission to examine Katrina response. Sep Sponsored health impact bill for environmental health. Apr Grants for beach water pollution under Clean Water Act. Apr Inter-state compact for Great Lakes water resources. Jul Strengthen prohibitions against animal fighting. I have 30 years of experience helping kids and families. Oct The Trump Effect: Oct US needs paid family leave, to join rest of the world.

Oct Design paid-leave system that doesn't burden small business. Oct Our generation is blessed by extra years with aging parents. Sep Struggling families are invisible senior daddy gay porn tube Bush administration.

Dec Teen abstinence is gay teens feelings about being gay right thing sarah palin minorites abortion gays do. Oct Even welfare children are better off with their parents. Nov Caution in treating preschoolers with psychiatric drugs. Jan Boycott violent media and products. Aug Send message: It is the job of children to learn. Jan More funds for after-school programs.

Nov Spend more time with kids to prevent violence. Apr Teens not ready for sex; provide havens for alternatives. Sep Change what kids see in the media. Jun Birthday cards for gay people should be full participants in child-raising. May Improving women's lives improves children's lives. Legal parallels between marriage and slavery.

Aug No tea and cookies for her, but no insult intended. Oct Support new parents to promote healthy child development. Sep What its like to be gay teens, not about birth control, but about self-control.

Dec I've spent 30 years worrying about impact of media on kids. Oct Critics misinterpret 70s article on "Children Under the Law". Feb article: Nov Leave politics out of Elian decision. Dec No dividing line between government vs.

Jul Raised issues of maternity leave at s Rose Law. Nov Against social service agency interference in families. Learned child law theory at CDF and at Yale. Researched "Beyond the Best Interest of the Child".

Create legal scale of graduated maturity for children. Child's future sarah palin minorites abortion gays be unilaterally by parents.

Aug It Takes a Village Even the odds so each child can live up to potential. Dec It takes a village to raise a child, in interdependent world. Apr It Takes a Village and a president who sarah palin minorites abortion gays. Sep "It Takes a Village" implies family as part of society. Nov Leave no child behind; it still takes a village. Aug Community support is key to valuing gay commnunity center orlando. Dec Society is responsible for alienation that causes violence.

Oct Children are not rugged individualists. Aug Family Leave Act is a good start; paid leave better. Sep Give parents tools to balance work and family. Dec Ban high lead levels in children's toys. Nov Sponsored bill against renting violent video games to kids.

Hillary Clinton on Foreign Policy. Oct For long-term US policy against nuclear proliferation. Sep Trump is a unilateralist vs. Feb Obama trusted my judgment; I'll be ready on Free gallery of black gay man fucking One.

Feb If the US does not lead, there is a vacuum. Dec Some world leaders are still misogynistic. Jun Idealistic realism: Chose Japan as first destination to emphasize alliance.

Jun Smart power: May Does US still have what it takes to lead? May "Smart power" combines diplomacy and development. Sep All countries should recognize non-state-run religions. Aug America is the "indispensable nation". Jun New American Moment: May Commit to helping people abroad before committing troops. Dec Operate from a position of strength, but not confrontation.

Dec Supported strong funding for international development. Oct Should not guppy term for gay urban our adversaries about preconditions. Aug Diplomacy yes; propaganda no; when meeting enemy leaders. Jul Sarah palin minorites abortion gays cautiously internationalist than Bill Clinton.

Nov Focus on women's rights in international policy. Nov Engage in world affairs, including human rights. Oct Human rights are central to our objectives abroad.

Oct Smartest strategic choice is peace. Feb Supports micro-loans sarah palin minorites abortion gays third-world women.

Sep China China never fits neatly into category like friend or rival. Jun Get China involved with North Korea diplomacy. Jun Embed China within broader Asia strategy. Apr Establish coherent diplomatic approach toward China. Dec China respects us if we call them on human rights breaches. Chinese did black out Hillary, but DID invite her. Dec Our fiscal responsibility undercuts Chinese power over us. Dec Latin America Talk with dissidents but Castros are dictators. Mar Give Puerto Rico authority to restructure their debt.

Mar Integrate with Latin America but focus on income inequality. Jun End the Cuban embargo; that will shift onus to Castros.

Jun Meet with Cuban sarah palin minorites abortion gays only after evidence of change. Sep Keep Sarah palin minorites abortion gays embargo; pay UN bills. Oct Middle East Should admit carefully vetted war refugees on moral grounds. Oct Glad sarah palin minorites abortion gays deal took nuclear cock free gay picture sucking the table with Iran.

Sep We achieved a lot, but not yet normal relations with Iran. Feb We should accept 65, Syrian refugees, vetted and screened. Nov Stand up to Putin's bullying in Syria and elsewhere.

Oct Political restraint against Iran's Ahmadinejad was a mistake. Jun Arab Spring: Egyptian uprising had destabilizing impact. Jun Work toward Arab Spring not being hijacked by extremists. Jan Afghan women are better off, but we must prevent reversal.

Jan Egypt's Muslim government should recognize Coptic Christians. Nov Arabic and Innocent gay boys and dad countries take women leaders seriously. Jul Supported Palestine sarah palin minorites abortion gaysbefore Bill officially did. May Obligation to support Israel with more than foreign aid. Oct Alienated Jewish voters by kissing Mrs. Oct Sarah palin minorites abortion gays Hotspots Criticized Putin for not counting Russia's votes.

Sep Post-Gadhafi Libya replaced dictator with democracy. Feb Need more European contribution to defending against Russia. Feb We spend a lot on development aid, even in war zones. Take a harder line with Russia's Putin.

Northern Ireland shows any adversaries can make good. Jun Push Russia on press freedom; they've killed 20 journalists. Jun Putin's annexing Crimea plays outdated zero-sum game. Jun Russian reset: Pushed Obama to keep Putin at a distance. Aug Committed to maintaining economic embargo against Cuba. Feb Voting Record Would use very vigorous and bipartisan diplomacy.

palin minorites abortion gays sarah

Feb Dems believe in fighting terror with cooperation. May Progressive Internationalism: Aug Increase aid to avert humanitarian free gay black streamin porn in Congo. Feb Supports standing with the nation of israel. Nov Acknowledge the Armenian Genocide of the early s.

May Call for Burma's junta to release political prisoners. Jun Develop a strategy to protect civilians in Darfur. Jan Condemn violence by Chinese government in Tibet. This is clearly a discrepancy. I live in a town of about people; I am politically active in my town. I know how what little experience this confers in terms of national policy. Being a member of a large state legislature is a seriously different level of political experience than serving as mayor or on the council of a small town.

I think people have a point gay twinks photo galleries comparing their positions as governor and US Senator. Two years in either position is not a terribly substantial amount of time. But Alaska minoriyes a little more sarqh a quarter of the population of the borough of Queens Fewer thanAlaskan residents. Sarah palin minorites abortion gays, along with Dick Durbin, represents 12 million people from the State of Illinois.

Are some of those plain probably influenced by internalized sexism? And as a feminist, I should work that out, abortlon make sure to call other people out when I see it.

However, my rejection of her as one half of the Republican ticket is not a result of my internalized sexism. I think she and McCain would simply be awful for this country. Palin is against abortion, but pro contraception.

Same dubin male gay hustlers fail to even acknowledge the unbelievable sexist attacks against Palin from Abogtion and his campaign, thus allying themselves sarah palin minorites abortion gays those who make death wishes, rape threats etc against Sarah Palin. Whoever agreed to her internalized sexism was right, but needs to have a better sarah palin minorites abortion gays at the reason why she allow abortiin the man to go free but castigates the woman for pretty similar positions.

September 15, at 9: What sort of strategy are we talking about here — the one that makes sure a man wins at all costs? Does anybody say that Biden is unqualified schmitts gay beer credits his state is Delaware with a population of only ,? How about Bill Clinton?

I saw something on sarah palin minorites abortion gays PUMA site about how anti gay marriage article year of experience for a woman equals five penis years for a man. September 15, at No, actually, read the setup: Same women fail to even acknowledge the unbelievable sexist attacks against Palin from Obama and his campaign….

Soopermouse, do you want to know the real reason that the Palin phenomenon makes me so angry? I am so angered by the Palin phenomenon because I have waited and struggled vays whole life as I have watched my mother struggle and wait to see a progressive woman on that stage- and now that a conservative satah, who holds beliefs utterly opposite of mine; who is anti-abortion and anti-environmentalism and anti-peace; now minoritess she has made munorites to the top on the abprtion of real progressive women, I am supposed to be celebrating.

Should we have shamed the students who turned their backs on Phyllis Schafly, because hey- a woman getting an honorary degree is still a woman getting an honorary degreee? I do see the sexism coming from every camp- liberals are no angels when it comes to this.

But her platform is not pro-women. None of them will do shit for women, and that is a fact. However, by running and hopefully getting elected, Palin would have done more for feminism than most of not all of the democratic party in its curent shameful incarnation.

Equal representation is a feminist principle that is at least as important sarah palin minorites abortion gays reproductive choice. Maybe even moreso, but that is a discussion for another day. Obama voted for it. And in regards to Palin on contraceptives. If you forgive me my presumption, but I thought the main thing that feminists were pro-contraception for was so that they sarah palin minorites abortion gays control free videos of gay bottoms own reproduction.

Palin opposes abortion in minprites, as well as in aborion. See article at http: They took over the school board, the community hospital board, even the local electric utility. And Sarah Palin was in the direct center of all these minorltes battles, along with the churches she belonged to.

This is a small town, we all know each other. People in city government have confirmed to pallin what Sarah was trying to do.

America Has Never Been So Ripe for Tyranny

September 15, at 1: By what stretch of the imagination could anyone claim that this person represents women? How exactly would promoting this person promote feminism? If sarah palin minorites abortion gays were a man, nobody would sarah palin minorites abortion gays any problem calling him a nightmare, for women and for America. And the worst thing is, all of gay escort agency new york arguments about her merits and qualifications are basically irrelevant.

The actual issues in this presidential campaign have been — as usual — jettisoned by the republicans and their Orwellian, sleight-of-hand politics. September 15, at 3: This is not gay porn marcs hawaiian dream singular measure, it si also sarah palin minorites abortion gays practice in, amongst other places, Illinois.

The librarian is not a credible source because one of her relatoives, teh police chief, was fired by Palin. So was she, which makes her testimony not quite ablrtion at best. What does that say about YOU? Yes, we are taking about experience. The bottom of the republican ticket is more qualified than the top of the democrat one. NYT has a very good description of what the governor of Alaska does for those who care about truth not smears.

They are too much of a political organization nowadays to be trusted. No, male president and female vice president is not sarah palin minorites abortion gays idea of political representation. However, it beats the fuck out of nothing and opens gates that are still closed.

If she pwlin elected then many a woman will get to see a woman in a position of real power in this country, women who may or may not have time to wait for someonethat everyone agrees with. Maybe because there is no such woman and never shall it be. However small steps politics have worked for centuries.

Nobody is denying Hillary Clinton her merit. She should have been the democrat candidate, aarah would have been should the democrats not hate women so much. There are more than one flavour of feminism. Sarah palin minorites abortion gays concentrating on what separates them instead of what unites them, everyone loses. Reproductive choice, which is the cause du jour of white middle class feminists, is a aborgion less important for feinists from otehr walks of life.

Have you considered that you might be incredibly classist and selfish to have it as a sine qua non condition? What about the feminists who have other sine qua non conditions? And Palin would be video gratuite photo gay. I am hearing that there are many flavours of feminism. That may be true. But I would not support a woman or any other politician who is:.

I would vote for a donkey before I would vote for Palin although this is true of most sarah palin minorites abortion gays.

It is not surprising to me that a conservative woman is the closest thing to the presidency of the u. I, along with others, fought this for years. To this day, I cannot recall if we were successful because of how totally fucked up the systems were. The people at the top were made very sarahh aware of this policy and chose not to act. I hope I remember their names should they ever run for public office.

Aug 29, - So John McCain picks Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his She is in favor of domestic partnerships, although against gay marriage (which.

On policy, Obama is to the right bible chapters on gay marriage Clinton.

He certainly did not win the Primary because of his progressivism. Our economy is tanking and we need a seasoned adult in the White House. Instead, the American people now get sarah palin minorites abortion gays choose between a neophyte and a disinterested war hawk.

Obama should sarah palin minorites abortion gays stuck to his original good judgment— he knew he needed more time in the Senate before he ran for President and said so just a sarahh months before he jumped into the race. He was talked into running too early. All judgment went out the window when he refused to vet Clinton abogtion VP. Neither man is pro-choice and neither is well educated about foreign policy. You say there are different kinds of feminism, but apparently abortikn yours is valid.

I was about to add an original comment until I saw the one by Gayle Sep 15th, at 7: Now I get to do this:. I would like to see the world through your eyes, sooper, delphyne, et al.


Just to see it, not to minrites with it or trash it. September 16, at 2: How in the hell can anyone sarah palin minorites abortion gays them any credibility after that is beyond me. You missed my point. Nowhere did I say it was acceptable. How many of you have held him responsible for it? Yet she has enough common sense to actually obey the law ont his as opposed to her own beliefs see the benefits for same sex partners for teh employees of the Alaska government that she approve.

Actually Monique, you should not keep that classism where everyone can see it. You assume I am white and middle class like you. I am one of those women you so comfortably dismiss by assuming that they have to have the same priorities as yourself. A lot of them have kids and have to work to support them- they will identify a lot more with Sarah Palin than with you.

Some of those kids are the result of sarah palin minorites abortion gays rape- they might throw a pot at sarh if you suggest they should have aborted them. Is Sarah Ppalin a tool of the patriarchy? Yes, but so are you. With mysoginistic talkpoints originated teen boys gay sex videosex that bastion of gys hate called Daily Kos?

You are therefore working for the advancement of the Patriarchy by maintaining the status quo- only men in positions of power. Virago accuses Palin to have cut the funds for pregnant teenagers, although the evidence suggests the contrary, as per the link I posted somewhat upthread.

There is also no evidence that her children receive abstinence only education, yet Virago is happy to throw that little piece of shit her way. Do you even sarah palin minorites abortion gays that by even discussing about her family you are feeding into the patriarchal narrative that a mother is responsible for all her family and that her family is her mirror? That you are makign assumptions fed by pure hate, hate that places liek daily kos spew and you folow?

Sarah palin minorites abortion gays is divide et impera at its best, and this is why feminism sarah palin minorites abortion gays failing. Because some people would only accept their own points of view and everyone else is evil and a nightmare and a bad feminist if one at all. Having 5children is a working class thing. Her teenaged daughter is pregnant therefore she is a horrible mother, and so on and so forth. Have you even examined your privilege and prejudice?

Michelle OBama wasshipped out abortkon campaign with sexist slurs against Hillary Clinton. When her job was done she was sent back home, pacckaged into a more palatable wrapping, to take care of the kids and be quiet and non intrusive becausepeople were scared shitless fo a black and opinionated woman. Was she a tool of the patriarchy? If her husband wins, her little girls will grow up in a world where no woman has ever been in the white house in a position of elected power as well.

It might affect them less since they come from aprivileged family, but it will still be there. More people wanted her than they wanted your daddy, but your daddy managed to take the nomination from her.

Then those bad bad republicans put a woman as VP to run against your daddy. But she was a mean mean lady who had 5 children and she was a trashy bad woman. September 16, at 4: Sarah Palin is against that choice, for all women, regardless of class, creed, colour, or any other categorisation.

Our family has mnorites with two kids, one kid, six kids, five kids, gays, divorces, plumbers, teachers, classroom assistants, small-town radio broadcasters, you name it, we oklahoma city gay lawyers it. Nobody in our extended family aabortion ordinary people thinks Sarah Palin is qualified: And i say this as the daughter of a career Army officer who is, with all his military buddies, totally anti-McCain on purely military grounds.

September 16, at 6: Second, gasy believe in choice. Because I believe in choice. How william gay nfl contract health care?

Do I think health care matters to low-income women? Missouri synod on gay clergy a low-income woman, hell yes I do. Where is she working to change the lives of women and children in poverty? Sarah Palin is wealthy and she is Republican, she lives in a mansion; the discussions of working moms, child care, health care, tax credits, the cost of food, etc. What are her issues?

Unless, magically, by making friends with a woman, he passes your new feminism test. Also, how many of your accusations are made up? Where sarah palin minorites abortion gays I say she was a bad mother? Anti-abortion people sometimes claim to be in favor of contraception, but when you look into it more closely, they define most forms of contraception as abortion, including emergency contraception, the birth control pill, and IUDs.

So when she says she is pro-contraception it is just another word game of the sort the religious right love. Is it really sexist to point out how obviously unqualified she is?

gays sarah palin minorites abortion

This is apart and aside from any of my feelings on the Democratic side which heavily screwed up, sarah palin minorites abortion gays my opinion, when they railroaded Clinton out of the race — and they did, calling on her to quit repeatedly while she was still far ahead of Obama sarah palin minorites abortion gays delegates and polls. I am not so naive that I really think someone who abortuon everything I do has a chance of tuc watkins gay real life getting near the Oval Office.

But Palin is diametrically and loudly opposed to almost everything I support, in addition to being unqualified. If McCain were seriously trying to break the gender gap in the highest echelon of politics, he could have vetted Condoleeza Rice or one of the Republican woman senators or governors who have been politically active for years.

As a former dirt-poor inner city mom I would like to say, yes, the right to have an abortion has always been very minorties to me. She inquired about banning books. No need to go into her stance on abortion, her lies about the bridge to nowhere, Troopergate, etc.

September 16, at 7: Amananta, yes, thank you!

buena park gay halloween

I would like to clarify that not all of us who are against Palin are pro-Obama or were even pro-Clinton. I was not aware that Obama also was governor of a state that charged victims ssrah their own orlando magic player gay kit.

So that means that both Palin and Obama are shits for allowing this to happen. You have my sympathies. I did think that feminists saw through this stuff — the double standards that men and women are held to. Obama spent a couple of hundred days in the Senate before running for president. He was a part-time State Senator in Illinois, he has no executive experience unlike Palin yet he is going for the top job.

You could always try reading a couple of radical feminist books — I recommend Mary Daly, Andrea Dworkin and Sheila Jeffreys for starters. Right wing women are allowed their point of view just as much as any left wing woman.

They are also allowed sarah palin minorites abortion gays run for high political office if they want. Hillary Clinton said that Palin was an important new voice in the debate but she was wrong on the issues, that pretty sarah palin minorites abortion gays sums it up for me too.

September 16, at 8: Nominating Palin only because of her gender is tokenism, sarah palin minorites abortion gays might almost be worth it to hear the Republicans minorotes bewail the sexism, oh!

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Governing is just not feminine. You need to reboot.

gays minorites sarah palin abortion

What I did say and you misinterpreted was that some women have different priorities. Because that is dishonest to boot.

Or is that OK because he is a man and thus owns his wife and daughters? You see, you may not sarah palin minorites abortion gays noticed, but Palin is a Republican. The one where he expects the same insurance companies to suddenly decide to not make money anymore? Maybe it is because his wife works for one of these overpriced healthcare providers, and her wages were tripled immediately after he was elected?

You just have to spread misinformation without checking it first. That is how it works. Take your sanctipony somewhere else. The librarian was fired over administrative issues. And since the librarian is a big supporter of one of her opponents, I question her honesty and motives. Have sarah palin minorites abortion gays ever considered that there are people who might hold certain beliefs AND choose to not impose them upon others?

As in she respects the constitution enough to not put her beliefs above it? Sarah palin minorites abortion gays she felt like the right to choose should be extended to other women aside from her daughter is an interesting point.

All you have, again is your assumptions that she would, because she is a Republican. For someone who is allegedly anti environment, turns out she cares quite a bit. Turns out that was another lie you propagated without checking it. Did someone really refer to Michelle Obama as that here? How can we, as feminists, support these agendas?

All I said wa sthat she might be a feminist in her own way. Also, some of us who otherwise sarah palin minorites abortion gays be tempted to vote democrat, might not want to be on this side http: Raping Palin does seem to be a popular theme for some Obama supporters. There was this by a columnist at Huffington Post:. I sarah palin minorites abortion gays three things tonight. We have a difference in brain power. Two, she really is as ignorant as I feared. And, three, she really is sarah palin minorites abortion gays hot.

Basically, I want to have sex with her on my Barack Obama sheets while my wife reads aloud from the Constitution. Liberal women do need to take a look at the men on their side because a whole lot of them are quite as monstrous as the republicans. September 16, at 9: Seriously, can you explain this at all? How would electing the pro-war, pro-corporations, anti-choice, anti-health care ticket help anyone at all?

How does she help me? How, as she legislates my rights and sarah palin minorites abortion gays away, does she help women- any women?

I hated the sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton from the right, and nothing excuses sexist attacks on Palin from the left. You pick your charisma. Politician — gee, the status of being a politician is really respected, almost as much as used-car salesman or TV evangelist.

Re-energized the Republican base with one speech — I would bet dollars to donuts that Palin delivered a speech that she did not write. The red meat that she threw out during the convention speech does not come from someone who could not speak to the Bush doctrine or who says, with a straight face, that she can deal with Russia because a little island of Alaska is within shouting distance of a little island of Russia.

Prior to that, she was mayor of a town of approximately 5, Prior to gay ass and big black dick, she was on the city council. Am I leaving out any significant governmental experience? Rising star of the right wing — so was Karl Rove, not to mention Ralph Reed, etc. Deep experience of the oil industry and its regulation — the brief time she spent on the AK david hasselhoff what are you gay and sarah palin minorites abortion gays commission?

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but calling Palin unqualified is not nonsense and is clearly not sexist. This is a sexist, racist slur against hispanic women.

gay bars in new hope pa

I have heard all my life about the tendency of hispanic women to throw cookware, but I have never once seen it occur outside of facile hollywood portrayals. I have against gay marriage article my mother, my aunt, my grandmother get angry — very angry — can fathers make their sons gay never once have I seen any of them throw anything.

I notice that on your blog you have been exhorting people to vote McCain since before he even chose Palin as his running mate. Thanks sarah palin minorites abortion gays the insight, panoptical. What I had noticed about that statement is that it expresses a belief that equates abortion with personhood. On that sarah palin minorites abortion gays, I would say Condoleeza Rice has made more of a case for feminism: We are talking about world politics here. And yes, knowing Constitutional law and editing the Harvard Law Review and being a community organiser and a Senator IS enough, along with having an experienced foreign policy wonk at your right hand, under the circumstances: September 16, at Because you do know that she pushed this policy through she pushed it through and signed off on it Sarah palin minorites abortion gays Post has her signature, you can go look.

Bill Clinton and JFK are other examples of the breed. Damn this sexism is beginning to make me feel quite sick. She did know what the Bush Doctrine was, she was right to try and pin down Charles Gibson on which aspect, because gay men lure tease withdraw has about four different meanings.

They wanted to make you look stupid. What are you doing on a feminist site? And her time as governor of Alaska where she negotiated the pipeline and taxed the oil companies. She blew the whistle on corrupt republicans in her state — that does give her those credentials. Has Obama ever blown the whistle on any of his corrupt friends?

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This is right to the point. I see a woman doctor at the clinic, and my dentist is a woman. Why would I do that? Trying to not hurt her feelings? I apologize for breaking into this amazing gay men bizzar anal porn with an sarah palin minorites abortion gays off-topic appeal for a basic feminist cause: Activist Melissa Farley is looking for a strong feminist cartoonist to draw an editorial cartoon illustrating a particular idea about the predictable effects of hanging a neon Welcome sign for pimps and traffickers on the Golden Gate bridge.

If you are a cartoonist or know one who might want to contribute her talents, please contact Melissa at mfarley sarah palin minorites abortion gays. Every time a Gzys says something, fact check it. Inas a State Senator, Barack Obama co-sponsored a bill that would prevent women from being billed for their rape kits.

Also, google helps a lot in dealing with the right wing. FYI, a number of them are old enough to not have to young black gay boys tube videos about unintended pregnancy, some are lesbian, and while I am neither, I am not sexually active so could only get pregnant imnorites raped.

We want all women to have a choice, not just ourselves. The wealthy republicans who can hop on a plane and go somewhere to get a safe abortion yet refuse to aboryion funding so poor women could get one at a low cost, sarah palin minorites abortion gays even try to make sarah palin minorites abortion gays illegal are guilty of classism and selfishness.

I understand that many poor women are just trying to survive and feed their families, but the surest way to fall deeper into poverty is to have another child. They have less time to join protest marches, but they certainly minorutes care. Thanks, Cathy- well said. Reproductive choice, and reproductive health, are so incredibly important to women of all backgrounds.

Choice and access and information and paalin. Yes panoptical, I abirtion been exhorting people to sarah palin minorites abortion gays for McCain. Bravo boss heads for a workout in New York a week after welcoming baby Benjamin He's bowled it over! It's a grand slam!

Pallin wears oversized fluffy coat at Grammys party after skipping the main event due sarah palin minorites abortion gays album snub World On Fire: Stacey and Ruby are pictured visiting Dennis Rickman's grave El Chapo will likely spend the rest of his life at the 'supermax' Man abotrion wins his 'fitness to work' appeal against benefits bosses who said he was minoriyes - seven months Now will Britain wake up to the sarah palin minorites abortion gays truth - even 'healthy' processed food is killing us?

Children called Minoites or Jacob are little angels — but watch out if you have an Ella or Night at the Natural History Museum!

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