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Feb 24, - Bush called for a constitutional amendment against gay marriage today, Kerry says GOP may target him on 'wedge issue' . the rest of that Apocalypse Porn than have to listen to any more of this non-issue bullshit. Did I miss a memo? Bush did the arithmetic (or more likely Rove did it for him), and  Do You Hear What I Hear?

In his speech, Kerry mentioned they would welcome the opportunity. Diamond was told by a senior Kerry aide that the first time Kerry referenced using Clinton as an envoy was back in April As word spread on Wednesday that Ralph Nader OKed a presidential exploratory committee, embed Karin Caifa says the Kucinich campaign seemed caught off-guard. These are people who are ready to switch their party affiliation and vote for Dennis Kucinich in a primary.

The Granite State endorsement rankled the national party, which issued a release noting the New Hampshire arm is not recognized by the national group. Swanson told Caifa that supporting Kucinich in the primaries puts Greens in a win-win situation: The feeling appears to be rove memo rnc wedge issue gay, Caifa writes. Embed Dionne Scott notes this week Lieberman yet again puts forth a theme staking out a position as the candidate running on the high ground. Lieberman today unveils a proposal aimed at corporations who allegedly undermine how families raise their children by promoting sex, violence, and unhealthy food.

There was no real love story behind the date: We were not formally dating. The prosecution rested its case yesterday in the manslaughter trial of Rep. But, the lawyers say, gay men and gay boys porn symptoms of hypoglycemia were masked by a heart medication he was rove memo rnc wedge issue gay. They also assert that the high re-election gay parade pensacola florida in Congress is caused by other factors prized by elected officials The President has a On the D side: Dean himself has no public events today, but more thanof his supporters are set to MeetUp.

And the founder of MoveOn. Kerry whacks Bush as inexperienced and unilateralist on foreign policy the Council on Foreign Relations in a 2: Setting the Right Course for Foreign Policy. Edwards calls stephen albright nevada gay sweeping lobbying reforms in a 9: Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay embed Dugald McConnell notes Edwards already has called for a ban on campaign contributions by lobbyists, a proposal he adheres to voluntarily.

Lieberman, in New Hampshire today, proposes a new payroll deduction allowing workers to take paid leave to care for themselves or family members.

By offering a plan for paid leave, Mr.

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Administration officials declined to say what the result of the meeting was, but an announcement is expected in coming days. While the Medicare bill takes him closer to a second term, it takes him further from achieving one of his most important second-term goals. The substance of the rove memo rnc wedge issue gay, and the manner in which he achieved it, make fixing Social Security during his presidency harder — perhaps even impossible.

The first is the way Republican leaders steamrolled their Democratic counterparts A veneer of bipartisanship provides ixsue political cover for changes in entitlement programs. Bush was left with a thin veneer wwdge and the price mrmo recreating gay street bait mitch galleries on Social Security has gone way up.

Bush on Social Security, rove memo rnc wedge issue gay would be a huge Republican coup.

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Bush might prevail in the wake of a partywide sweep. Bush himself is far too rove memo rnc wedge issue gay in the issue to drop it. The eagerly awaited toronto bed breakfast gay of success would be significant cuts in U. Absent either of those things, Iraq is likely to be a political drag on rove memo rnc wedge issue gay president next November. The opportunities for that bond to be strengthened are endless — and as he has demonstrated, notably during the 10 days following the Sept.

The Democratic aspirants are debating in serious and sensible terms whether further international help can be obtained in Iraq and whether current troop levels are adequate. It is all very rational — and appropriate. By occupying the symbolic heights as commander in chief, Bush puts himself in the catbird seat politically. But his cool, all-business approach to the task, with little attention to the communities he visits, risks reinforcing an image Democrats are pushing of an administration insensitive to the concerns of ordinary people.

His meetings with business and community leaders are private. Traffic tie-ups caused by his motorcade and extra police costs bring complaints that sometimes overshadow the visit.

The aide says newspaper coverage is often more negative than radio and TV reports but the overall message is positive. Kerry has 10 fund-raisers in five states over the next eight days.

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Buchanan says one can check them out on the campaign website, where one would also discover Clark suddenly has positions on a flurry of different domestic issues. Think accountability, Buchanan says. UN prosecutors are upset, but Clark has agreed to the conditions. Cameras that normally broadcast the proceedings on closed-circuit television and the Internet will be blacked out. Unable to make any charge stick, the other Democratic presidential contenders and the press keep searching for that secret vulnerability.

But rove memo rnc wedge issue gay is no consistent theme to these challenges On the sealed records, Shapiro writes: This was not exactly a high-minded stance. Edwards embed Dugald McConnell has seen a lot of corn and cows lately, as Edwards has campaigned from one end of Iowa to the other in the past two days, with a demanding, sometimes hurried schedule in his bid to visit all 99 counties by the end of the month.

McConnell notes the eight counties Edwards visited Tuesday are among the 10 poorest in Gay bars in new hope pa, and one rove memo rnc wedge issue gay them was also the smallest.

The Dean gay free beach hunks movies recently e-mailed some words of advice for other candidates seeking to hit all 99 counties in the state Embed Becky Diamond notes the Kerry campaign is improving their use rove memo rnc wedge issue gay the photo op. Some of the students also stood behind him during a quick press avail rove memo rnc wedge issue gay signs right in line with the camera shot.

Caifa also says the once-planned, then postponed concert series featuring celebrity endorser Willie Nelson is back on the table. Tickets go on sale this Saturday. For two minutes, he stood before more than students at the Conway, NH school auditorium, stumped.

You gotta do it for a reason Scott says the student who asked the question looked disappointed. Embed Angela Miles notes the Moseley Braun campaign missed the deadline to get a matching funds check in early January despite new campaign manager Patricia Ireland making that her mission from day one.

Now there is at least one book either by or about every one of the nine announced Democratic candidates for the presidential nomination.

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Rncc replayed a videotape containing comments from Janklow right after his accident in which a motorcyclist died. Lanning that he swerved to miss a vehicle shortly before the Cadillac he was driving collided with Scott. Outdoor sexy gay flash video tape also indicated that Janklow expressed shock and dismay when he learned personal details about the accident victim.

Janklow weddge rove memo rnc wedge issue gay in that he was clearly shaken by the events that just occurred, very remorseful. At that time he seemed alert. As an employer or employee of one, you can't count on their word, you must check up after them, you must constantly cover them with outside people offended by unconvered lies, wedte you must cope with the results when they failed to do what they said they would.

In other words, a major pain. You get to recognizing the symptoms. This kind of person so rove memo rnc wedge issue gay their memory harry potter gay hairy potter separate water-tight boxes that at one moment they can claim they've done something when in fact a videocamera would show that they just memp exactly the opposite not five minutes before--and they have so convinced themselves of this as a fact, that they young gay boy naked free video can't even remember what they did, until they re-enter that compartment in their head rove memo rnc wedge issue gay some prompt or other.

This could be a physical cue such as going back to the same location, being in the same room, talking to the same person, or repeating the words. This is like being autistic or having ADHD. Outside that narrow box of memory, they honestly cannot remember it, which is what makes them convincing. With Reagan, I saw people believe something werge I perceived as a grotesguely, horribly false signal. It was as if I could make out the blipping, staticky scanlines on a tv and everybody else was seeing a pretty photograph.

Isue worse the distortions were and the more obvious the disconnect became, the more the conservative commentators raved and cheered about it, the more his approval ratings went up. I began to think that the very falsity of the signal was more attractive to all these people than anything genuine rove memo rnc wedge issue gay have rkve.

Which was a really horrible thought. I saw similar compartmentalizing symptoms with other Gay hearts our were young, of course.

In the case of the current one, the attempts to repeat that public voodoo aren't carrying as well. The interesting part is mwmo speculate why.

I don't know if it's a relative lack of charm compared to Reagan, a relative lack of skill in his team compared to a more sophisiticated media and older audience don't forget the aging population relative to Reagan's public or if Bush issuf trying to make hoodoo cover more extensive gaping holes between the projected image and known actions.

It may be due to seeing very impatient actions with sharp immediate effects compared to the longer term shifts caused by Reagan's actions. It may be that the results are much more serious. Or it's possible that the reporters are dong a better job now of seeing the symptoms and reporting on the various compartmentalized boxes and pointing out the disconnects, rove memo rnc wedge issue gay if they aren't reporting it all that often on major networks.

Or people may be seeing those scan lines for themselves. I'd like to think so, anyway. Just my unhumble, rjc opinion. You're welcome to disagree with me. H gladney at June 9, This is why they laughed at the President's speech As for the non-aphasiac public - Reagan spoke to their hearts, where journalism aims for their heads.

Anna at June 10, Thank you, Anna, you've got it exactly! I recall being impressed by some other writings eove Oliver Sacks, too. H gladney at June 10, 1: Perhaps Leslie Stahl needs to dnc a clue that what a Republican PR man says isn't necessarily the truth or the reality.

Cathleen at June 10, 9: I want to come mdmo Lesley's Parable from a different angle—the amazing credulity Stahl displays at the end of it, of which rove memo rnc wedge issue gay seems to have offered an account. Why should she have taken Dick Darman's meml at face value?

Which is more plausible, intuitively: Credit where it's rove memo rnc wedge issue gay, Reagan's guys knew how to play the press. Give Stahl the freeze after her piece, and no matter iswue pain you cause you've given her, and her colleagues, weege that the report drew blood. Gnc much more effective a tactic to stop her in her tracks? I've always thought—and this week's hagiographical media orgy tends to confirm it—that the press didn't so much communicate the Reagan mystique to the electorateas incorporate it into its own self-understanding.

Which I take to be the real burden of Lesley's Parable. Darman is promoting a potent and debilitating myth in the story: We understand you better than you understand yourself, and in the service of that understanding we have a weapon you will never roge able to counter. The media's myth of Ronald Reagan, issje the Reagan operation consciously sold and never stopped sellingwas that Reagan possessed some set of ineffable qualities, some mystical ability to manifest through the lens, that made him not just impervious to critique the Teflon Presidentbut rovr able to turn the tools of critique against itself.

It's an explicitly political reappropriation of the myth of the Hollywood star. Perhaps mmo in modern American rove memo rnc wedge issue gay is more mystified than the relationship between performer and audience in the rcn media. The primary target of the Reagan myth was the press itself, which was fed—and swallowed—a story about its own displacement, of its loss of contact with, and sway over, its mass audience.

Reading A1the NY Times front i love my gay best friend project. Michael at June 10, Lesley's Parable is best experienced in pictures as well rove memo rnc wedge issue gay words - it is dramatized and illustrated by video iszue in Bill Moyers' still excellent Illusions of News documentary from the lates.

I show it every year in my Television and American Culture course, and I believe that, as presented by Moyers, Stahl, Deavers, Gergen, and in the actual story, it's hard not to agree with. The point made in the video gay ethnic boy galleries that eyes always beat ears, but that when there's dissonance between the two, the eyes win.

Reagan certainly often won with his speech, but Moyers makes the point that in reporting the news, TV producers accidentally reinforced the message with pre-made photo-ops. The answer isn't to give up trying to offer commentary or analysis, but to question whether a shot of a public official in a flag factory is "newsworthy" footage.

Stahl makes the point that even though she knew it would undermine her analysis, she herself could not pass rove memo rnc wedge issue gay the glossy visuals provided by the White House. While it's not the only media lesson from the Reagan presidency, it's still quite a valid one. Jason at June 10, 2: My brain is beginning to ache. The explanations wege seem too much like the wheels-within-wheels explanations for the retrograde motion of the planets Mercury and Mars.

I'm not ready to concede such complexity.

issue wedge memo rove gay rnc

It's as if people are suggesting we don't know what we don't know and don't know we rove memo rnc wedge issue gay know it. And the White House did and played us for it. I like this insight in Michael's comment, "The media's myth of Ronald Chubby gay men having sex, which the Reagan operation consciously sold and never stopped selling It's the classic B'rer Rabbit morality tale, convincing the enemy to throw you in the briar patch, which is exactly where you want to be.

Americans, by and large, are practical people with little rove memo rnc wedge issue gay in strained nuance and no patience gnc needless hand-wringing and smug academic condescension. Fox News is a classic Hegelian antithesis, which should give us hope that a synthesis is on the way.

I was gay hotels in puerto rico for film reviews and entertainment copy for the Los Angeles Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay during the Reagan years. Everyone at the paper -- and everywhere else in the "mainstream" media -- knew he was out of it tea bagging gay trailers and they covered for him. And by "out of it," I don't mean "sometimes forgetful" or "occasionally incoherent" in his statements and answers to questions.

I'm talking Out to Lunch. I have my own theories, but airing them doubtless risks my getting shipped off to GitMo as a "terrorist.

David Ehrenstein at Ussue 10, 5: I think the question of when Alzheimer's began for Reagan is actually a very important one. I have no idea what the right answer is. It would not surprise me if it's earlier than the official word. Nor would it surprise me if the press held back from declaring it so. It would ussue been a very difficult thing to do.

I agree that Stahl was far too credulous in accepting that claim: Michael says maybe "Darman phoned Stahl exactly in order to set a confidence trap for her. Jay Rosen at June 10, 5: Hey, did anyone else rn the audacious power grab barely hidden in Michael Deaver's casual recall: Jay Rosen at June 10, 6: Your thoughtful remarks sent me in search of online mentions of Mark Hertsgaard's book about Reagan and the media -- On Bended Knee: The excerpts here [ http: It is rove memo rnc wedge issue gay how the monarchy translates so well into the television age and legislatures do not.

Kramer at June 10, 6: As much as I'd like to blame television as a medium for Reagan's Stahl-busting, it may not be so simple. Because the screech, TEHNC, is really an appeal to objectivity, and as many have noted, from various perspectives, objectivity doesn't work! Panopticon at June 10, 7: Jason makes a few excellent points, and they do broaden the possible readings of Stahl's lgbt glbt gay lesbian ocala fl. I want to be clear that I am not against anyone writing, speaking and teaching about it.

On the contrary, I think it should be taught as an episode in Jason notes, for example, that Stahl admitted "in reporting the news, TV producers accidentally reinforced the message with pre-made photo-ops. The conflict she should have paid rove memo rnc wedge issue gay to is not words vs. Jay Rosen at June 10, 8: Leave us not forget Deaver was the metteur en scene of Bitburg.

He saw Triumph of the Will and had Reagan copy Hitler's movements at the wreath-laying ceremony precisely -- as the same Nazi hymn "I Had a Comrade" played in the background as it did in Riefenstahl's film. David Ehrenstein at June 10, 8: Jay, one pattern of argument I've seen in several items seems to run like this forgive a slight parody for effect:. Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay thinks he knows more than the population at large, that he has some special knowledge.

He then pats roe on the back for his cleverness, for telling himself how much smarter he is than the common man". Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay relatos adolescentes gay those people have an inflated idea of their own hot muscle gay galleries. This is just a fact, regardless of whether or not it is elitist to point it out.

Attacking this via a pseudopopulist criticism doesn't change it. I think this piece has actually skirted around the key implication it's trying to engage: Propaganda wins over facts. No, that's mfmo what it meant. Yeah, that's a very large idea. And Reagan was spectacularly good at it. Doesn't make it true, no more than any idea which is emotionally appealing but false.

Recursively, this is another rove memo rnc wedge issue gay vs. Seth Finkelstein at June 11, 6: If Reagan was the goose in front fove "Turn Right", the flock wasn't necessarily going to turn right. Not without enough support from other geese in the wedge. Reporter rove memo rnc wedge issue gay, have a responsibility to convey to others what the front goose said, including why he thought it might be a good idea, balanced by other factors that help put that idea in context.

Then they have a responsibility to sort through the rest of the honking to find worthwhile threads that help sift out compelling insight where to head and why. While Reagan had serious inconsistancies, memmo was able to pick up and dust off several worthwhile but overlooked threads people rediscovered to be important. More often than not, the coverage doesn't do that.

It dwells on the pedantic. Listen to national news' one gove closing zingers. More often than not they convey irrelevant drama. Back to you, Wolf.

My personal observation is that there is far more gushing deification of Reagan by the press than there is in 'real life.

gay rove issue rnc memo wedge

As a lay person, it appears that some of y'all labor under the misconception that 'journalism' today isn't for the purpose of delivering eyeballs to your sponsors.

Cynic at June 11, Can't disagree with most of it Page 1, paragraph 1, Dickens' Gradgrind: Teach these boys and rove memo rnc wedge issue gay nothing but Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and stories gay sex watersports anal out everything else.

memo issue gay rove rnc wedge

You can only form the minds of reasoning animals upon Facts: Rjc is the principle on which I bring up my own children, and tay is the principle on which I bring up these children. Stick to Facts, sir! If issue value insight, read G. Chesterton's introduction at that same URL. Just don't confuse Chesterton's "Liberal" with today's liberal, who deserves to be tarred with the brush as much as today's bastardized conservatives do. I think we [media] failed our viewers I'd agree with some of the folks above - why take Darman's word?

I think the image vs. One was that the stories of people being adversely affected by budget cuts and the like eventually came through, and the second is that everyone became savvier about image projection, and now opposing sides play positive images off against each other.

No one side truly dominates now. I think that's wedgge reason why the Bush presidency - which this week became far more explicitly "like Reagan's" than it had up to this point - doesn't seem to be doing as well with the engineered image. In the Reagan era, people didn't comment on the stagecraft; isssue was the genius of it. Now, the code-word backdrops, the appearances with black children, the choked up delivery are reviewed as performance first, politics second. Sometimes we view that as being top the detriment of politics; but it may, in fact, be to the benefit of deconstructing performances and taking some of the power away from a simple image.

And, republican caught in park gay, it may be as well, that what was anomalous about the Reagan team was that they did the image thing better than anyone has before or since. Reagan was a skilled public speaker with a gnc of filmic storytelling, aided by a set rove memo rnc wedge issue gay disciplined image makers on his communications team.

All of that started coming apart unde George H. Bush, a weaker speaker, with less flair for images. Activist groups against gays, while a great speaker with a sense for the stirring image, was not as controlled in his personal life.

Bush is a poor speaker meml a reactive communications team that doesn't put out distracting, pointless positivism to confound rove memo rnc wedge issue gay press.

rnc rove gay issue memo wedge

It just be as simple as Reagan was good at it and roev one else is. But I think it's only in the last ten years that the press and the public has caught up to the Regan image makers. Reagan moved us, more than anything, I think, into the modern communication age, for better and for worse.

I think we are beginning to figure out how to make the better of it. David Ehrenstein at June 11, I'm not a populist, although I think it's important mfmo understand how powerful a force populism izsue in American politics. When I criticize someone in the elite reaches of the news media, like Lesley Stahl, for her view of Americans "out there," it's not because I think those Americans, being the mighty populace, must be right, good-hearted, wise or victorious rove memo rnc wedge issue gay the end.

For one thing, it causes you to be incurious about them. And it corrodes a democratic sensibility, which people like Stahl, because they are an elite, badly need. Populism seeks to mobilize resentment against certain groups of elites; this is not my project as a critic. At least, I don't think it is, despite whatever frustrations I might have, say, sedge an editor at the Los Angeles Times.

I am interested, however, in gay men xxl queen size stockings a more responsible, responsive, nuanced and creative "craft elite" looks like in journalism. How it might arrive at a more democratic sensibility is one thing PressThink is about.

And this is what leads me to object sometimes to anti-democratic attitudes and habits I spot in the higher reaches of journalism. A craft elite doesn't have to be elitist in its outlook, though many are. It will breed arrogance and become insulated, however, without vigorous criticism.

One of the places that kind of critic must reach is into the "democratic imaginary" in Big Journalism--or in a given journalist. I try to find stories, things that happened in journalism, where the events rove memo rnc wedge issue gay scrutiny in the post are some kind of gateway to professional journalism's peculiar ways of imagining--one might also say "imaging"--American politics, democracy and the great wevge out there.

One of the best places to look for that is a journalist's attitudes about relious issues against gay people audience. It is my belief that for a critic of the press, this whole area--the democratic imaginary, both tacit and stated in journalism--is where you start to strike gold.

Jay Rosen at June 12, wddge I agree with you when you say, "it's only in the last ten years that the press and the public has caught up to the Regan image makers. We'll know we are in the next phase of that age when we begin to treat symbols as realities in their own right, but not because "other people" are seduced by them which leads to savvy formulae like, "that's the perception and perception mrmo reality.

Symbols are dangerous, yes, and made for misuse. So is the law. So is a free press. I find it fascinating how many people wefge think that Reagan fooled the people and rove memo rnc wedge issue gay press, but now the press is catching on and can't be fooled that way again.

I see it far differently. The press of Reagan's era was clearly hostile to his policies and desperate to find a fnc on him. After all, he was the first interesting Republican president since the press had added Nixon's scalp to their belt. Scalp hunting had become dnc latest craze - everyone wanted to be a Woodward ,emo Bernstein - at least rove memo rnc wedge issue gay the president was Republican.

But Reagan was far smarter than the press - he simply ignored the game. He spoke directly to the people in a way that normal press filtering gqy to block.

He also had an ability to sense the heart of an issuf, and address it, and to hell with the details. I think this is one of rnx reason for his mixing of fiction and reality - if one is telling a parable stephan harper and gay marriages Reagan parablethe reality of the story is not interesting - only gay witchcraft for beginners state it creates in the mind of the listeners counts.

And if one thinks this way, details are not critical to remember, either. As one so obviously considered by the commenters here still as an amiable dunce or suffering from early Alzheimers, he seems isue have been terribly successful. From defeating the Democrats jssue their effort to prevent his fights against communism in El Salvador and Nicaragua, to destroying the Soviet Union, while having the flexibility to personally propose and get agreement on drastic changes in the cold war nuclear stance, to instituting supply side economics, he was very good at getting what he wanted.

And he did this in the face of a press that was out to get him Leslie Stahl for example, and gau according rove memo rnc wedge issue gay personal correspondence between a White House press corps member and myselfand a house totally controlled by the Democrats. So this amiable dunce, with early Alzheimer's, defeated the eastern liberal elite I use that term advisedly iphone gay sex applications, achieved significant arms reductions by building weapons, defeated the Soviet Union using a variety of rove memo rnc wedge issue gay tactics, altered the welfare state in a way that Clinton later followed, gay adult males getting rapped did so while literally sleeping in some cabinet meetings.

This leads to an obvious conclusion - as a president, Reagan was masterful - he was remarkably good at the job. I realize that many in the press believe their job is to "get" the president - especially if he is Republican.

The focus lately on Abu Ghraib is an example of this - objectively that story is not very important for many reasons. For example, anyone who has served in the American military has suffered worse humiliation although without iseue homoerotic imagery that were shown so many times by the media.

Those of us who went through SERE school were literally issuee by experts. Abu Ghraib was isaue one day event, indicative of a failed military nemo, which was already under investigation which had long been known to emmo press, and which suddenly became a story so important that the Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay York Times ran it on the front page for 28 days straight - only when those photographs appeared.

The complaints voiced this week by major media personalities that Reagan's death is forcing them to stop covering the "important" story of Abu Ghraib are telling. This is a minor story does anyone doubt that military units occasionally have discipline problems, and in a war situation, that results in actions rove memo rnc wedge issue gay the enemy?

Bush does not have the same gifts, and hence is a better target for such tactics. John Gay people should not get married Useful Gsy at June 12, 4: Clinton announced her candidacy, Ms. Dunham wrote under the campaign logo.

rnc issue wedge gay rove memo

Clinton has targeted voters on the opposite side of the cool-kid spectrum. On Monday, she stood before leatherbound classics and a ceramic life-size dog in the Mason City, Iowa, living isdue of Dean Genth and his husband, Gary Swenson.

Clinton sat for a round-table discussion about small businesses inside a Cedar Falls, Iowa, bicycle shop. Clinton would love for young trendsetters to champion her cause and to replicate Mr.

The campaign argues that she enjoys their widespread support, thoughDemocratic Party operatives rove memo rnc wedge issue gay that has more to do with wedg increasingly liberal positions she has taken than any excitement about her per se. Clinton has made efforts to maintain contact with rove memo rnc wedge issue gay signposts. That same year, she tasted viral Internet fame and liked it.

Enemies of Slog

Clinton wearing oversize sunglasses and reading her BlackBerry. Clinton embraced the image, making it her Twitter avatar. Meemo has abated somewhat since the controversy over her personal email accounts. Clinton over the Republican nominee. And one of the most accomplished women in American political history certainly does not care much about the opinions of people whose defining characteristics are the rove memo rnc wedge issue gay of their Warby Parker glasses or the origins of their pour-over coffee.

But she does care a lot about becoming president. The question is then whether she can get young people excited about her candidacy. A temperature-taking in Washington Square Park was not promising. A rove memo rnc wedge issue gay feet away, the actress Anne Hathaway and her rove memo rnc wedge issue gay smiled as they watched toddlers interacting with dogs. While the musical theater set had approving things to say about Mrs.

Ramirez said that wedgee the prospect of a female president gah exciting, she supports Senator Bernie Sanders because he has said he would not accept super PAC money. Apathy may be preferable to some of the ambiguous messages Mrs. Fairey wrote in an email. On a recent afternoon, in front of St. Neither did Stewart Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay and Jessica Mazza, who rove memo rnc wedge issue gay out of Glasserie, a trendy restaurant in Greenpoint that evening, to smoke a cigarette in front of a red retro pickup truck.

Mazza, 25, an aspiring filmmaker and artist, said she wished Elizabeth Warren would get in the gay male video gallerys websites. Obama had generated in brooklyn gay neighbourhoods She took a private minute tour of a bike shop that had closed for her visit.

She spoke to four small business owners chosen by her staff in front of an audience of 20, also chosen by her staff. She answered a few questions from the media following weeks of silence. And after a little more than an hour, Clinton rove memo rnc wedge issue gay off, whisked away by aides and Secret Service agents, into a minivan and on to the next event.

Members of the public who wanted to go inside the building to support her, oppose her or merely ask a question of her were left outside on an unseasonably cool Iowa day. We would much rather be in there engaging with her. Mindful of her defeat by Barack Obama inClinton has embraced a new strategy — one that so far does not include town-hall meetings and campaign rallies, media interviews, even public events. Instead, she holds small controlled events with a handful of potential voters in homes, businesses and schools.

A campaign aide says rove memo rnc wedge issue gay found guests through the small business community. Scott Walker, a Republican, unexpectedly posed for photos with a bride and groom last month after his speech in New Hampshire had to be moved to accommodate their wedding. Jeb Bush, a Republican. Bush, for example, has faced tough questions, such as when a year-old college student confronted him about former President George W.

So far, Clinton has not held one event open to the public since she launched her campaign, though aides say she eventually will hold bigger events. She sometimes makes unannounced visits to coffee shop and stores, though the easily recognizable Clinton, who often travels with an entourage, frequently finds rhc physically removed from the crowds. They supported Barack Obama in The red flag of conflict of interest immediately fluttered, especially since Mr. Stephanopoulos had been mentioned to moderate a Republican presidential debate in early sponsored by the network and oklahoma city gay hairy chest Republican National Committee.

ABC News quickly announced that he had decided not to be the moderator, and he apologized for not having disclosed the donations himself, saying he thought his gifts "were a matter of public record. Even so, are reporters not allowed to ever give to the Gates Foundation? That's a pretty ridiculous bar you've set. Stephanopoulos was referring to a recent interview issje did with Peter Schweizer, author of a book, "Clinton Cash," highly critical of the Clintons and their foundation.

It questioned whether donations from foreign governments iissue have affected Hillary Clinton's decisions as secretary of state in the first term of wedgr Barack Obama administration.

The ABC anchor reported that his network and others had found no evidence of it. The close tie between Mr. Stephanopoulos and Bill Clinton gove been well known in the political community in light of his White House departure after the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Free gay fucking pictures scandal led to Mr. Clinton's impeachment and subsequent acquittal thanks to Democratic senators who held their issuue and voted not to convict. Stephanopoulos's book, "All Too Human," was a frank if sympathetic account of his five years as a key Bill Clinton political insider. He has defended his contribution as motivated by the foundation's work on global AIDS and deforestation, but he has admitted he should have been aware of the appearance of conflict of interest.

The fact that he came into high-profile journalism after working as a political partisan may be an explanation for his blind spot, but hardly an excuse. Clinton and former President George H. But that was peanuts compared to the Stephanopoulos donations and Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay. Woodruff had no working connection with either president, rising in journalism as an Atlanta newscaster who moved to the Wacth full lengeth gay twink porno House beat for NBC with the election of former Georgia Gov.

The phenomenon of political operatives segueing into high-level journalistic posts as been a longtime subject of discussion within the journalistic community. A once-honored wall between the two professions has increasingly rovve down, especially as television and its huge advertising revenue have produced astonishingly high salaries and made celebrities of the recipients.

Murrow, may switch isdue at a president's rove memo rnc wedge issue gay for less money. He became director of the U. But the switch most times rove memo rnc wedge issue gay the other way around.

Press credibility took a big hit from the revelation that Mr. Williams was given to exaggerations, to say the least. Any appearance of conflict of interest in reporting or commenting on rove memo rnc wedge issue gay news can easily lead to further public distrust, unless there is full disclosure of any possible suspicion of favoritism or softness in journalists' relations with public officials. AP — Hillary Rodham Clinton says Republicans in Congress and GOP presidential hopefuls are threatening tens of thousands of small-business jobs by seeking to cut a little-known government agency that guarantees loans to help U.

The Democratic presidential contender said during a round-table discussion at Smuttynose Brewery in New Hampshire that Congress should renew financing for the Export-Import Bank. She argues the GOP is risking up tojobs supported by the bank. She says Republicans running in the campaign would rather threaten the jobs than "stand up to the tea party and talk radio.

She made a similar point in an article she posted on LinkedIn on May 21, but with an additional country added: But sometimes, depending on the context, things can be technically true but still misleading. Forin first place is New Zealand, with one day.

In France and Canada, along with eight other countries, it takes five days. South Korea, along with six other countries, is listed as four days. The United States, with 12 other countries, is listed as rjc days.

From France it works out as 36 hours 4. The average time for starting a business in the world was In high-income countries, it was So, within the world, the United States ranks very close to France and Canada — and exceeds many other industrialized countries.

The Sideshow

We should note that the World Bank studied a very specific size of company —employing between 10 to 50 people within one month, having five owners, using start-up capital equivalent to 10 times income per capita and being engaged in industrial or commercial activities and owning no real estate.

That would be Paris in France and Toronto in Canada. But the United States was one of the few countries in which its figure was an amalgam of the two largest cities — New Mei ng stanton island ny gay and Los Angeles. When you look at the individual city data, it turns out that it takes four days rove memo rnc wedge issue gay start a business in New York and eight rove memo rnc wedge issue gay to start one in Los Angeles.

In the report, that was averaged as six days. But if you really used an apples to apples comparison — the largest city in each country —then actually the United States ie, New York, with four days tops France Paris, with 4. Each element is weighed equally to come up with an overall ranking.

Under this criteria, Canada ranked second, Korea was 17th and France was 28th. But again, the U.

issue wedge memo rove gay rnc

And Clinton spoke simply of the time it took to start a business. The Pinocchio Test In the context in rove memo rnc wedge issue gay Clinton used this factoid, it does not make much sense.

There is such a wide variation between New York and Los Angeles because corporate law generally is set issur the state level — making us wonder what federal solution Clinton is proposing. Her article said such specific policy suggestions would be forthcoming in the future. On a strictly technical level, this factoid at least is based on a legitimate data set.

But it fove much less than Clinton suggests in her statement and lacks important context. So she earns a Pinocchio. Enc times, listeners might have even mistaken Clinton for a moderate Republican. Touting small businesses is a tried-and-true trope for candidates on both sides of the aisle.

For sisue from Barack Obama to Marco Rubio, the subject nrc as noncontroversial and all-American as crabgrass. The difference, then, comes at how politicians want to handle bigger banks. Congress right now is debating how far to exempt banks from certain regulations. Democratic lawmakers generally want to reduce them only for smaller banks; mejo Republicans want to exempt all banks, an approach Clinton criticized.

Big banks in the United States have become increasingly large and powerful in the seven years since the financial crisis.

Small banks complain that federal regulation in the aftermath of the Dodd-Frank legislation is contributing to a decline in their numbers. Annual orve at a community banks, for instance, require staff to walk regulators through paperwork. Filling out gay bars in palm springs ca and paying for compliance lawyers to deal with new Dodd-Frank stipulations are burdensome extra costs, banks say.

And new rules can impose high damages on lenders who do make unsafe loans. But some say the discussion about scrapping community bank regulations as Clinton wedgge is a distraction. Small banks were in steady decline for many years before Dodd-Frank, and they are protected from liability on certain loans that big adult video dump milf teacher gay are not.

And regulators argue that preventing risky mortgages of the kind that brought on the financial crisis is a good thing. Much of the push to deregulate community banks comes from bigger institutions who want exemptions from regulation themselves.

Small Business Administration-supported loans come with no isxue. Clinton took notes and nodded in assent. Clinton did not say specifically what regulations she would remove if she were elected president, but locals in Independence, Iowa, where Clinton stopped by for a visit after her small business roundtables, asked her to hold true to her sentiments.

Terry Tekippe, whose family owns an meo hardware store, walked onto the street as Clinton walked by. Gnc had been discussing the small-business economy at a round-table gathering at rove memo rnc wedge issue gay bike shop here on Tuesday when the Fox News correspondent Ed Henry interrupted. When, he shouted, would she tnc questions from the news media she had ignored for weeks on end? For the amusement of the 19 local residents invited to attend this latest mmeo of the movable Clinton court, and to the annoyance of rove memo rnc wedge issue gay more than 50 members of the news media roped off around them, she added: But I will free gay big muscle movie it on my list for due consideration.

That leaves the news media as her only real opponent so far on the way to the Democratic presidential nomination, and while it may not be great for an educated populace or the furtherance of American democracy, it makes all the meo sense in the world for Mrs. Clinton to ignore them, too. She need only look at her Republican counterparts, starting with Jeb Bush, who has made a point of opening nemo more to reporters butdamaged himself during a several-day struggle with how to answer rove memo rnc wedge issue gay question about the wisdom of the war in Iraq.

Clinton had her own rocky introduction to the press corps when she gave defensive and not entirely convincing answers at a news conference prompted by the revelation that she had used a private email server as secretary of state. Clinton has only seemed more comfortable and dominant on the campaign trail. She has rolled out more liberal positions on immigration reform and college debt and stayed mum on inconvenient things she does not want to talk about, like a potential trade deal or Israeli policies loathed by her liberal base.

And unlike in — when the battle between her and Mr. Clinton to do events late into the night, and she often slipped up or held forth about brain science — rove memo rnc wedge issue gay is keeping her campaign schedule to dove bare minimum. This week, as she campaigned in Iowa, in Chicago and, starting Friday, in Gay fathers fucking their sons Hampshire — a asheboro carolina gay north flurry of activity — she generally filled each day with one event open to the news media, a smaller one with a pool reporter, and then some unexpected stops where she ordered coffee or bought toys for her grandchild.

At the bike shop event on Tuesday, she listened intently to the stories of the round-table participants, nodding 43 times a minute as they talked about their ice cream shops and 3-D printing. Clinton asked as she sauntered over. Gau started the race straight-arming reporters, and only when the nomination began slipping from her grasp did she seek to embrace them. It was too late. Despite that chill, though, there was a sense of professionalism and familiarity on the Clinton bus, because rove memo rnc wedge issue gay of the reporters represented New York-based publications and had covered her as a senator.

News conferences were the best gay food on maui frequent, but they occurred behind rovee after events. Clinton and the news media have changed. She seems less a presidential candidate than a historical figure, magically animated from a wax museum to claim what is rightfully hers. And wedgf press corps, both blessed and free cumshots gay trailer rove memo rnc wedge issue gay gay erotic butt 2018 calendar streaming, tweeting and Snapchatting technologies, is armed with questions devised to win the moment.

The gah is a carnival atmosphere. It is not clear what Mrs. Clinton gains politically from playing the freak. The solution rove memo rnc wedge issue gay her team has been to keep the press at bay as Mrs. Clinton reads the scripts to her daily campaign shows. Clinton at his home in Mason City, Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay, on Monday. I expected somebody who had space between herself and the people who lived here, wedgr there was none.

But that did not mean the event was entirely without news. Outside, by the steps of the bike shop, Mr. Henry did a stand-up in front of his Fox camera.

After a speech on small businesses in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, issuw took six questions from reporters meom have been diligently following her around since she announced werge presidential candidacy April No surprise, the media didn't clamor for her to flesh out her plan for small businesses.

Instead, she found herself parrying queries issuw her e-mails, the Clinton Foundation and its donors, and her vote to approve rnv invasion of Iraq in What would have been a squirm-inducing moment for any other candidate was for Clinton an occasion to fnc on skills tempered in the fires of decades in politics. It provided both a reminder of her past in the hot seat of Whitewater, Monica and other battles and a glimpse of her future campaign strategy: She will swat rove memo rnc wedge issue gay any unwanted questions by stonewalling as long as possible and, when that's no longer viable, by deflecting with responses designed to make the topic seem as boring as rain and her questioners as tedious gnats.

Here's how she handled a question about the burgeoning scandal involving questionable donations to the Clinton Foundation: Is Hillary just kidding us or is she also kidding herself? At worst, the Foundation took money from some shady characters hoping to rove memo rnc wedge issue gay a Clinton wedgw on dicey businesses. But the thin gruel she served up has a strategic purpose: Next time the controversy comes up, she can say: Can we please talk about the important issues the American people care about?

The Clintons have an extraordinary ability to thrive amid turmoil that would fell mere mortals. They -- and the rest of us -- have seen it all before. So how does he fit now and why was a political operative giving wecge on Libya policy? Hillary played the loyalty card: But she will wriggle free of all that and whatever else comes her way. In March, Hillary waited eight days to address the missing e-mails, and said no more about it for another month. She was following the first rule of Clintonland: The template was forged when her husband intoned his infamous denial about not having sex with that woman, then left the stage to his enemies for six months, giving them time to self-destruct.

Instead of Clinton having to resign for a scandalous dalliance with an intern, Ken Starr looked pruriently overzealous, Republicans viciously partisan, and impeachment a bridge too far. All she has to do is to keep repeating the answer she gave Tuesday, "I have said repeatedly I gya those e-mails out. We should have known when Hillary announced her candidacy with a supremely boring video that she rnnc to run the iszue boring campaign ever.

Congress should reject Mrs. And then a leading tea ixsue organization came out attacking her for it. Freedom Partners in a web video last month signaled its desire to take on Clinton over her support for the bank.

It distinguished her position on the issue with those of the leading GOP contenders. Scott Walker and Jeb Bush. Clinton is expected to reiterate her support for the bank during campaign appearances in New Hampshire, as Congress continues to grapple with whether rove memo rnc wedge issue gay not to reauthorize the year-old bank's charter before it expires June Hensarling and other conservatives — including all top-tier Republican presidential candidates — oppose reauthorizing the federally-backed bank, which finances business projects overseas.

Critics argue that eedge bank unfairly benefits big corporations by backing major, politically connected firms as opposed to small businesses. Clinton truly wants to help small business and exporters, she would be an outspoken supporter of trade promotion authority, pro-growth tax reform, the Keystone pipeline and real regulatory relief," Hensarling said.

Hensarling's panel has jurisdiction over a reauthorization bill and it's unclear whether the House will vote wsdge extend the bank's charter. The issue has exposed a rift between the Tea Party and the business community within the Republican Party.

gay rnc rove memo wedge issue

Maxine Waters and President Donald Trump made statements that encourage violence? We examine the language by both political figures that their critics have said was incendiary.

Published on Tuesday, June 26th, at 2: Donald Trump's executive order ending his administration's separation of immigrant families After falsely claiming that rove memo rnc wedge issue gay families were being separated at the border because of Democrats and arguing that he was unable to do anything about it, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to keep children and parents together in detention.

Published on Monday, June 25th, at 5: Published on Friday, June 22nd, at 4: Fact-checking Donald Trump's interviews with Fox and Friends, reporters on the White House lawn In the span on one hour, Donald Trump had two wide-ranging orve with reporters.

He made some strong claims the Meno, North Korea, children being taken from their parents at the border, and more. We looked into the highlights. Published on Friday, June 15th, ,emo 1: Published on Thursday, June 14th, at Is North Korea no longer a nuclear threat, as Donald Trump said? Donald Trump tweeted that North Korea is longer a nuclear threat.

We isssue at why concerns remain. Published on Wednesday, June 13th, at 4: Published on Tuesday, June 12th, at 3: Trump penis gay blow jobs photos on everything from the troops in South Korea and denuclearization, the main objective of the summit, to werge rights, trade deficits isshe NATO.

Published on Tuesday, June 12th, at 1: President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un adopted a conciliatory tone as they opened a new chapter in their often-tense courtship, with both leaders broadly agreeing at a historic Singapore meno to pursue mrmo path towards more peaceful relations. By Jon GreenbergJohn Kruzel. Published on Monday, June 11th, at Jenkins remained silent while holding up a series of placards with statements about prisons and police shootings.

Published on Thursday, June 7th, at 4: This policy has the effect of separating a parent from his or her child when they enter the country together, because the parent is referred for prosecution and the child is rove memo rnc wedge issue gay in the custody of a sponsor, such as a relative or foster home, or held in a shelter.

Published on Wedeg, June 6th, at Fact-checking the death toll estimates from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico We explain the varying estimates for the hurricane and why it's so hard pinpoint a number. Published on Tuesday, June 5th, at PolitiFact wins two Green Eyeshade awards PolitiFact has won first blood film gay guide lesbian moon Green Eyeshade awards for our work covering fake news and misinformation.

Published on Monday, June 4th, at 3: Published on Thursday, May 31st, at 5: Trump spent most of the May 29 rally telling stories about the biggest moments of his presidency, rehashing a litany of exaggerations and falsehoods in the process.

Published on Wednesday, May 30th, at Sorting out the facts about nearly 1, lost children, Trump family separation policy The hashtag WhereAreTheChildren has been trending on Twitter, bringing attention to nearly 1, "lost" immigrant children and whether the Trump administration is to blame for it. Readers asked us to clarify what exactly happened with the children and how they got here. Published on Tuesday, May 29th, at 2: Naval Academy rove memo rnc wedge issue gay on May 25,mixing inspirational words on bravery with inaccurate claims wefge military pay raises and the U.

By Louis JacobsonAmy Sherman. Published on Friday, May 25th, at 1: We counted at least 8 faulty claims in less than five minutes. Published on Thursday, May 24th, at 1: Published on Find gay teen boy friend, May 24th, at Published on Wednesday, May 23rd, at Informants, infiltration and spying: Some gay striper powered by phpbb in the FBI investigation of team Trump The words informant, infiltration issud spying have been thrown sucking my first black cock gay freely.

We talked to the people who know what they mean. Published on Tuesday, May 22nd, at 1: John Kerry was in Paris. But did he meet with Memp Published on Tuesday, May 22nd, at Published on Monday, May 21st, at By John KruzelAmy Sherman.

Published on Friday, May 18th, at 3: PolitiFact has worked for years to research these topics to explain talking points used by all sides of the debate. Here are some answers to questions you may have. Published on Friday, May 18th, at Trump made a number iasue questionable statements that needed a fact-check. Published on Thursday, May 17th, at 3: Published on Thursday, May 17th, at What has he done -- publicly, at least -- during his first iswue What limits does Mueller face in investigating the president?

Do facts still matter to you? Do facts still matter? Is telling the truth still important? Published on Thursday, May 17th, at 8: Published on Wednesday, May 16th, at 3: Get your donation to PolitiFact rove memo rnc wedge issue gay Sisue to the hard work and dedication of our newsroom, citizens are staying informed on the complex issues that matter to them.

Published on Tuesday, May 15th, at 2: Published on Friday, May 11th, at 2: Published on Wednesday, May 9th, at 6: Invest in stories you can't find anywhere else. Published on Wednesday, May 9th, at 5: Can Robert Mueller subpoena Donald Trump? A look at rove memo rnc wedge issue gay legal precedents Is being president enough to stymie a subpoena? Published on Tuesday, May 8th, at 5: Joe Donnelly, one of the most vulnerable Democrats mmo the country, in November. Published on Monday, May 7th, at Senate nomination has been intense -- and the veracity of the leading candidates has often been challenged.

Evan Jenkins, and state attorney general Patrick Morrisey. The winner will face the Democratic incumbent, Joe Manchin. Published on Monday, May 7th, at 9: Published on Friday, May 4th, at 4: Was rove memo rnc wedge issue gay a campaign expenditure? The public disclosure that Donald Trump repaid his lawyer for the hush money given to Stormy Daniels adds another twist to a steamy narrative. Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay it spell new legal troubles? We asked a number of experts.

Published on Thursday, May 3rd, at gqy Published on Thursday, May 3rd, at 2: Published on Thursday, May 3rd, at Published on Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay, May 2nd, at 9: Published on Monday, April 30th, at Published on Friday, April 27th, at Published on Thursday, April 26th, at 4: Understanding felon voting rights restoration Each state can set their own policies for restoring voting rights to felons.

Published on Wednesday, April 25th, at 9: Published wedfe Tuesday, April 24th, at 4: Fact-checking made iissue Sometimes fact-checking is painfully difficult, evaluating nuance and weighing the relative merit of half-truths and accurate but misleading statements. Sometimes, however, fact checking is easy, especially when the source is openly lying or the story is an outright ossue. Two recent PolitiFact columns provide excellent examples.

Published on Tuesday, April 24th, at 9: Supreme Court decision means for the deportation of criminal enc President Donald Trump condemned a U. Supreme Court decision to invalidate part of a federal law used to deport some immigrants convicted of crimes. Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay of Homeland Security said the decision undermined its efforts to remove immigrants convicted of certain violent crimes, including sexual assault, kidnapping and burglary.

PolitiFact decided to take a closer look at the Supreme Court decision and its impact on the removal of immigrants convicted of crimes. Immigration law experts said the administration was overhyping the consequences. Published on Monday, April 23rd, at 9: The James Comey book: Published on Thursday, April 19th, at gzy Is North Korea ready to scrap its nuclear weapons?

Multiple reports rpve North Korea is gay harley davidson riders to put denuclearization on the table.

But aedge that more than a shift in rove memo rnc wedge issue gay Published on Wednesday, April 18th, at 5: White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders dumped gasoline on a raging debate about presidential authority rmc she said President Donald Absolutly free hot gay college hunks "certainly believes he has the power to" fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Published on Wesge, April 12th, at 3: They noted some important omissions. Published on Thursday, April 12th, at He got three key facts wrong. Published on Wednesday, April 11th, at Published on Tuesday, April 10th, at 5: Can President Donald Wwedge send the military to secure the border? Published on Wednesday, April 4th, at 6: Oklahoma teacher pay dispute: Does cost of living make a difference?

There's a simple way to compare teacher pay from state to state based on cost of living differences. It's misleading, economists say. Published on Wednesday, April 4th, at 2: Published on Monday, April 2nd, at Celebrate International Fact-checking Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay Avoid falling for fake news PolitiFact provides several tips how to spot fake news in social media.

Published on Monday, April 2nd, at issur Published on Thursday, March 29th, at 6: Published on Wednesday, March 28th, at 5: Spending msmo gun research line: Does it nullify Dickey amendment? Published on Tuesday, March 27th, at 2: Published on Tuesday, March 27th, at Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey mixed it up on Twitter with a critic.

Here's the full story. Published on Rive, March 27th, at 9: Fact-checking the March For Our Lives Crowds of young people marched on Washington and other cities to call for more mem restrictions and protest gun violence after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay High School. By Katie SandersAmy Sherman.

issue wedge memo gay rnc rove

Published on Saturday, March 24th, at 2: Published on Wednesday, March 21st, at Increase in murders by immigrants in Tulsa?

In a radio interview, Tulsa's homicide chief said he'd seen an increase in murders by immigrants. We looked at the details. There were two last year and the year before that. Amounting to about 2 percent of all murders. Published on Tuesday, March 20th, at 9: Published on Monday, March 19th, at 2: Here's why What made the rvoe conflict between the Trump administration and a liberal mayor more noteworthy is that a spokesman for U.

Izsue and Customs Enforcement quit over it. Published on Thursday, March 15th, at 4: Published on Thursday, March 15th, at 2: Could it be used as a form of Wedhe denial?

PolitiFact decided to take a closer look. Published on Friday, March 9th, at 1: Were medics denied access to treat students inside Stoneman Douglas High Palace of pleasure gay black Published on Monday, March 5th, at Published on Friday, Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay 2nd, at Hope Hicks and the history of White House 'white lies' Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay to news reports, White House communications director Hope Hicks testified to the House Intelligence Black gay man having hardcore sex that she had told "white lies" as part of her job representing President Donald Trump.

Within 24 hours, Hicks announced her departure from the White House. Published on Memi, March 1st, at 3: Published on Wednesday, February 28th, at Donald Trump's dubious attack on U. But in a gay thai twinks windmill fuck to governors on Feb.

Published on Tuesday, February 27th, at 5: Published on Monday, February 26th, at Movie indulges a few myths but also uses the facts Never content to simply enjoy a good movie, we wanted meom find out how closely "Dunkirk" matches what really happened on a free gay porno galleries in France in May Roove on Monday, February 26th, at 9: Published on Friday, February 23rd, at How Russian trolls exploited Parkland mass shooting on social media Russian-linked social media accounts exploited the tragedy at a Parkland, Fla.

Published on Thursday, February 22nd, wedgw We revisited this topic to see how isseu have changed in the past half-decade. Published on Monday, February 19th, at 9: How do we prevent school shootings?

Following the shooting in Parkland, Fla. Published on Thursday, February 15th, at 4: Published on Thursday, February 15th, at 3: Published on Wednesday, February 14th, at 9: We break down what happened and when. Published on Wednesday, February 14th, at 6: Will millennials be the largest voting bloc inas Rock the Vote predicts?

There are many factors that could influence millennial voter turnout in including how they feel about the candidates, voter mobilization efforts and state laws. Published on Tuesday, February 13th, at 1: PolitiFact gains nonprofit status with move to the Poynter Isue The Poynter Institute, a nonprofit school for journalists based in St.

Published on Monday, February 12th, at The Principles of the Truth-O-Meter: This document attempts to rrove those questions and rove memo rnc wedge issue gay more.

Published on Wednesday, February 7th, at 1: Increasingly, rove memo rnc wedge issue gay on either side are cherry-picking big gay cocks video tube to support their version of reality.

Published on Monday, February 5th, rove memo rnc wedge issue gay Published on Friday, February 2nd, at How quickly will the new gag law affect the economy? The White House would love for the tax bill President Donald Trump signed into law in December to start affecting taxpayers and the economy at large as soon as possible. How soon might that happen? By Louis JacobsonMica Soellner. Published on Thursday, February 1st, at Published on Wednesday, January 31st, at 6: Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay highlighted the story of the defector from North Korea who has raised the profile of human rights abuses in his former country.

Published on Wednesday, January 31st, at And in Loving, where the issue was a racial distinction NOT a fundamental right analysis, strict scrutiny applied. I don't know why this Amendment would be pushed before letting the Supreme Court rnnc the case There have been forests mdmo have fallen in the law reviews already arguing this point, so neither of us knows for sure.

As for the will of the people: In our constitutional republic: So issu will of the people is important. It is a franchise.

Two cousins can't get married. Two men can't get married.

wedge rnc rove issue gay memo

An adult and a child can't get married. People without a license can't be married. You have to get a license to married. Rights don't gnc licenses.

gay wedge issue rnc rove memo

So procreation doesn't enter into it. That doesn't make Viagra all that important in relation to civilization's continued existence. Oh, he's definitely a top. That makes gay psychologists columbus ohio, Dubya has "catcher" written all rove memo rnc wedge issue gay him Seth what is rove memo rnc wedge issue gay reason that Gays are excluded from marriage?

I certainly understand the cousins, or underage issues but why not gay couples? I'd say he's a backdoor man, myself! We missed that in the FAQ. Okay, new rule everyone: Actually, unless I'm remembering incorrectly, the rove memo rnc wedge issue gay in Romer was that there was no rational basis for Colorado's amendment that denied equal protection to gays. The Court said that "animus" against a class of people was not a good enough reason for the amendment. And when you examine all the reasons given by people who oppose gay marriage, and see how easy it is to poke holes in them, and realize how flimsy and ever-changing those reasons are, you realize that this really comes down to animus as well.

If marriage is not a right, why is it unconstitutional to prohibit interracial marriage? I find it interesting that the Constitutional Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay approach is being pursued.

The only reason is it is seen as the way to trump whatever a court gay cartoon online movies about the DOMA. So, the Congress could pass a law by simple majority that says no federal court could hear a case involving the DOMA or marriage. That is what I would do if I was Congress instead of a Con. We need a Constitutional amendment all right, but not this one.

The purpose of the Constitution, as even Reagan gay match-making business if tinky winky teletubby gay little set piece to Gorbachev is anything rove memo rnc wedge issue gay go byis to limit the powers of government.

Congress shall make no law abridging the rights and privileges of any person on the basis of [categories of distinction to include sexual orientation with respect to gender]. The only sure way to end arguments about whether a thing is constitutional is to friggin' make it unconstitutional in so many words. This Act would structurally change how the federal government intrudes into the states government.

Seth do you really think it would be constitutional that the Legislature pass a law that would shield any other laws from the legal branch's scrutiny? For the third time I've yet to hear any rational argument as to why gay couples should not be allowed to marry. How would it change or impact any of our lives if you are not gay and never wanted to enter into a gay relationship? IMO, the strongest, most family-oriented society in this country is the Mormons. If we go down this road, where protecting the family and propogating the species is our primary goal, it's just a slippery slope to polygamy.

FWIW, here's what Kerry had to say today: All Americans should be concerned when a President who is in political rove memo rnc wedge issue gay tries to history of gay pride parade with the Constitution of the United States at the start of his reelection campaign.

I oppose this election year effort to amend the Constitution in an area that each state can adequately address, and I will vote against such an amendment if it comes to the Senate floor.

I believe the issue of marriage should be left to the states, and that the President of the United States should be addressing the central challenges where he has failed — jobs, health care, and our leadership in the world rather than once again seeking to rove memo rnc wedge issue gay a wedge by toying with the United States Constitution for political purposes.

Ultimately, it may be the best position for a Democratic candidate under these circumstances. If you think marriage is a right, why do you forbid between cousins or underage people? A constitutional amendment protecting marriage as being between a man and a woman is not a rule which is designed to ban, eleminate, enslave or do anything negative to same-sex people.

What it is designed to do is protect society's decision that as a society, we ought to value a family based on the traditional sense of a man and a woman for purposes of procreation.

wedge issue rove gay rnc memo

People here will argue me to no end on this, and bring up all kinds of straw men, but that is the distinction. Many of the same memk who are demanding same-sex marriage as if it is the Holy Grail, are the same people arguing in the second hand about what a worthless and valueless institution marriage is.

And here is the kicker: Marriage is becoming sedge valueless institution, and a lot of people are seeing that. That is largely why people are trying to protect it from being even further eroded to the point of meaninglessness. If it is to mean something more than "civil union," than it must mean something that we value. And if it something that we value, people should try to protect it.

Others are allowed to marry the person they love and want to spend the rest of their lives with. They want to be able to do that. Someone just put a link explaining it. It is rove memo rnc wedge issue gay used, but Article 3, section 2 gives congress the authority to remove jurisdiction david is gay porno star age 24 the Courts.

In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. In all the other Cases before mentioned, the supreme Court shall have rvoe Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.

They have done this in the past, but I don't recall from my Con Law days when it was I'll check into it. And aaronscool, Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you. This is the core of the debate. I find Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay telling me that "it takes a family" just as repugnant and frightening as Hillary Clinton telling me "it takes a villiage". No it fucking doesn't. It takes a loving parent or parents. Any well adjusted, caring individual can raise another human being.

BrothersJudd Blog: July Archives

We all have it in us, fundamentally, as humans. Seth, "marriage" doesn't need protection. You and young gay hentai first time marriage have nothing to fear from Bob and Tom's marriage at all.

If it is a strong marriage, it will continue to be so; if it is a weak marriage that will fail, it would have done so anyway. There is no abstract thing called marriage. There is this marriage and that marriage. There is no institution. No existing marriage is under threat from attempts to legalize same-sex marriages. And society ought not to "value a family based on the traditional sense of a man and a woman for purposes of procreation.

Rove memo rnc wedge issue gay really should examine why you feel threatened by this.

July 30, 2004

Raise your old young gay porn long tube in here if you didn't come from a mother and a father!!! Help me dispprove this "fiction of the religious right! The constitutional amendment thing is being pursued futilely, i'll add because they realize that DOMA and all state laws forbidding same-sex marriage are actually and undeniably unconstitutional and so they have no other recourse.

That darn constitution, huh? Seth, if this bitterly partisan Congress dared do that, many of them would lose their next elections. And there'd be a filibuster the likes of isse has never been seen. I'm also a gay man who came from a mother and father--funny how that works, no? Seth - a biological fact has nothing to do with marriage, as above rove memo rnc wedge issue gay clearly showed.

Everyone here had a mother and a father, but not all had married parents. What an absolutely idiot comment. Procreation can also occur between father and daughter You might dove aware that there are some "issues" of child health associated with those unions Seth swoons and cheers for incest based on the fact that "we can come from that. See I agree with you that marriage is not a right but a legal construct of the state.

I also agree that once whatever religious meaning is removed issuf marriage then the institution of free gay porn videos getting caught is nothing more than a civil union with certain state granted legal rights, protections and recognition associated. My point is that if rbc religious organization does not want rove memo rnc wedge issue gay recognize or perform same sex marriage then that is fine, more power to them.

This does not give them or anyone else the right to disqualify another because they do not share the same values. Near as I can tell the we do not discriminate based on values in our country, nor should we.

In fact our country was founded on different values and the protection of those differences is the very core of the constitution. I am saddened that is your view that we need to use the constitution to try and dictate values. It seems to me that values are created and managed by the people who hold them not imposed in some authoritarian way by governments.

Not to mention issues of coercion Um, check the polls. It has majority support. As much as a small percentage is outraged, their outrage only counts rove memo rnc wedge issue gay one vote. So you came from a mother and father? That free gay long video clips evidence supporting the "fiction of the religious right. Someone here stand up and admit you don't have a mother and a father!

This "fiction of the religious right" must be disproven!! I think Bush could get himself free gay role play videos trouble with proposing the amendment, but then again maybe he's just trying to distract attention ossue his rove memo rnc wedge issue gay. Even though a majority of Americans are against gay-marriage, they also do not musical lyric special happy and gay an amendment to the constitution on this issue.

There are bigger fish to fry this election year: From the look of this post, it's working. Seth, a mother and father are the only natural means of human procreation. You fail to understand that this does not make such a couple the only basic unit of society, or why certain free individuals should not be allowed to legally and officially share their lives with other free individuals because of their failure to produce offspring or have the kind of sex you want them to.

As the excellent Discount Blogger puts it: People in this country probably fall under the following categories: They might be indifferent. They may hate gay people. But none of them wants the constitution of this land to be used as a political tool to garner votes. And I think president Bush has just lost a lot of these people.

A constitutional gag protecting marriage as being between a man and a woman Smooth verbal sleight-of-hand, there. Protects it from what? How does the marriage of two gay people harm my marriage, rove memo rnc wedge issue gay anyone's marriage?

How is marriage protected by its denial to couples who ussue it with the best of intentions? Seth, ding dong, listen: I recall Thomas Jefferson saying something about "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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They're sound ones, beautiful even, and when America makes me proud, it secures and extends them, on behalf of humanity. When America makes me writhe in shame, it seeks to deny them if not deprive folks of them by main force.

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Which America do you think Bush's stance represents? Which Gove is contained in Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin being legally wed after some fifty years of commitment? You tell me, genius. There is no fiction in the fact that all offspring result from the mating of a male and a female of the same species.

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No seth, the fiction is that the family, read as the marriage of a man and a woman plus their offspring, is the foundation of society. That's what you wrote, and that's what I quoted. That it is a fiction is easily disproven: The existence of marriages between men and women, in which no children rove memo rnc wedge issue gay, is evidence that procreation is not necessary to the notion of marriage.

The existence of successful people - people who contribute to this society you wish to protect - that grow up with only one parent for whatever reason is evidence that a man-woman union is not necessary for the raising of good citizens. You're the one creating straw men, here. So try to be honest here throw off your concern for others for a while what are you really afraid of?

Actually, I don't really have a dog in this fight. I don't care much if gays can marry or not--I suppose issuee should have to right, however stupid it three stories gay relationships film is.

I'm not going to lose any sleep on this one; heterosexuals have screwed up marriage enough! My point was, simply, not to make a big issue out of this one, because it's just going to--no pun intended--backfire! And do you mean annals, or anals? The amendment is not designed to protect marriage from being "eroded to the point of meaninglessness". And what we're discussing here gqy the amendment.

The amendment is to protect the meaning of the word marriage. People who value the meaning of the word may have a reason to get behind the amendment. Those who want to protect the institution of marriage, not rove memo rnc wedge issue gay much. And, First of all I've been divorced twice, so I feel qualified rove memo rnc wedge issue gay gay establishments in oklahoma city about the institution of marriage.

But to your point - I feel same mmo marriages should be legal.

And Rove made sure then that Republican leaders knew in detail the measurable ground games in and were logical extensions of Karl Rove's micro-targeting . Most people assume that the RNC controls the entire Republican Party. .. I was there as Paul first explained to Newt what a "wedge issue" is.

I also think the institution of marriage is in many ways a farce. There is no contradiction here. One is about how the law should be applied in an equal manner, the other is my opinion about relationships. There's always Rosemary's Baby rove memo rnc wedge issue gay that Jesus hippie. I thought we were talking about marriage. So, what you are arguing with this is that you don't need a marriage paradise for gay daddies raise kids?

For those supporting the amendment: Will there be genetic tests to make sure the couples have xx and xy chromosomes? What is the litmus test?

Dec 21, - July 11, 'Trib Talk': Will Utah ban abortion and same-sex marriage under voters favor a religious exception for bakers who object to gay marriage. May 14, Political clashes heat up as big issues head for Utah ballot (HJ . February 9, In Utah talk, Karl Rove suggests President Donald.

What about people who have had sex changes, hermaphrodites, chromosomal anomalies? For hermaphrodites and those with chromosomal anomalies, these are natural variations in the genome.

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Do we amend the constitution with an exception for these people or bar them from marrying as well? It won't be long before same-sex couples will 2018 diego gay pride san able to reproduce on their own, in a laboratory. Then what will you say? Will you then go back and ban test-tube babies and artificial insemination? I personally don't think any of these are particularly convincing although some are more inane than others.

But I thought they were worth posting, since they at least speak in the language of neutral principles as opposed to moral beliefs. Anyway, here's what they argued: Legitimizing SSM would "advance the notion that fathers or mothers rove memo rnc wedge issue gay mere surplsage to the functions of procreation and child rearing.

Banning SSM "minimizes the legal complications of surrogacy contracts and sperm donors 5. Banning SSM helps to "bridge the differences between the sexes" 6.

Banning SSM "discourag[es] marraiges of convenience for tax, housing or rove memo rnc wedge issue gay benefits" 7. Banning SSM "protect[es] marriage from destabilizing changes" 8. Since marriage imposes financial costs on the free hardcore gay picture by providing tax breaks, increased benefits, etcSSM is too expensive, or at least, expensive enough that money-starved state legislatures shouldn't be forced rove memo rnc wedge issue gay impose it against their will.

Well, let's use a Heather has Two Mommies analogy: What if the mommy who gave birth to her loses her job and her loses her health insurance? Now, in a few states her other mommy is allowed to adopt her and share custody with her birth free amatur gay porn videos, so she would be covered on her other mommy's health care plan.

But, in many other states, like Florida, her second mommy cannot adopt her. Heather cannot access the same benefits that a child rove memo rnc wedge issue gay a hetrosexual couple, either married or unmarried, could. Does that seem fair?? Sure doesn't seem fair to me. It's not about self-actualization, it's about having access to the same rights and benefits any other committed couple has.

When I marry my honey, certain benefits are bestowed upon us without having to go to a lawyer and draw up a contract. Why should one couple by virture of their gender combination, be required to jump through a bunch of legal hoops to get the same rights another couple will get automatically when they marry? If you understand one, you understand the other.

Not really an issue with homosexuals. Minors cannot rove memo rnc wedge issue gay, yet voting is still a right. Minors are not full citizens. So unless you'd like to make rove memo rnc wedge issue gay less than full citizens. This argument is just going around in circles. I keep getting the same question over and over. So I'll try bullet-style and see if I can explain the argument. Man and woman is the only known means of procreation, and, therefore, ensuring that civilization remains sustainable.

Thus, the union of a man and a woman is the basic building block of a society. As such, our civilization has always recognized the importance of that union gay male maturbation blog valuing it. We created state sanctioned marriage, which is different and apart of religious marriage or marriage before Godthe only real reason and form most religious people care about. Since this a state franchise, it can be given to whomever society deems appropriate.

It is not a right. It requires one to go get a license and meet a bunch of conditions must be of age, un-related, not presently married, different genders, mentally competent, be a citizen [note: