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Jul 12, - It is evident, then, that legal recognition of same-sex marriages, far from making On December 20, , the Vermont supreme court decided that the states with a policy against same-sex marriage to decline to recognize it; but . Manners · All Articles · All Authors · Podcasts · Photos · Games · Videos.

Just as the gay marriage issue confronts the presidential candidates, it may also face members of Congress up for re-election next year.

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The first Senate hearing to determine whether such an amendment is needed is scheduled for the first week of September after Congress returns from its summer break. A liability for the Democrats? Presidential candidates are at odds with majority of Americans Below: Oppose gay marriage vermont Dean grilled pork chops oppoze he campaigned at the Iowa State Fair last week.

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Elsewhere in the state, Dean was grilled himself on the topic of gay rights. Most active discussions votes comments.

The casualty of America's same-sex marriage fight: civil unions

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The Out List Haynes, a senior scholar at the First Amendment Center. Though people feel "deeply and emotionally about the issue," Haynes said, "gay marriage is inevitable in the United States.

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Twenty-nine states have constitutional amendments restricting marriage to one man and one woman, and 13 states have laws that do the same. Fifty-five percent of those polled oppose gay marriage vermont such marriages should not be legally recognized; 44 percent said they should.

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Six in 10 supported some form of legal recognition, but only one-third said vdrmont same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. The same-sex marriage movement has been historically speedy, oppose gay marriage vermont Marty Rouse, the national field director for the Human Rights Campaign, an organization at the forefront of the gay rights movement.

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It was only nine years ago that Vermont, amid turmoil and tumult, became the first state in the nation to approve civil unions for same-sex couples. For years, gay rights organizers have been working in targeted states to get sympathetic legislators elected, to organize oppose gay marriage vermont supporters, and to advance legislation that would soften the ground for same-sex marriage.

Four states allow same-sex couples to marry Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and Iowa.

marriage oppose vermont gay

Three other states New Hampshire, New Jersey and Oregon extend to same-sex couples the same spousal rights guaranteed at the state level. He never voted for measures to ban gay marriage, he was against don't ask don't tell, marrige when he was mayor he signed legislation banning oppose gay marriage vermont discrimination and approving the Burlington's first pride parade.

vermont oppose gay marriage

So, did he evolve? He went from passively supporting the LGBT community to actively supporting it. As to what sort of rationalization you're looking yay, can't help you there.

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His record speaks for itself. Although its not perfect, if you compare him to any other politician I doubt they'll match up.

marriage oppose vermont gay

You see the thing is that Hillary is pragmatic and amazing and she's a woman so she can better handle our problems and she loves the LGBT community and mature gay sucking balls has. Oppose gay marriage vermont thing about Sanders is he held Gay Pride day while mayor and has always supported gay rights so he's obviously too much of a hope and dreams guy and not realistic.

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This sub is a Sanders' circle jerk even though you asked a legitimate question with no bad intention. Yeah I figured it would get like this. I'm gonna post it over in politicaldiscussion tomorrow.

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You're not here to debate or have your question answered or to weigh up new information and possibly change your mind, you're here to act like Sanders hates gay people and try to convince other people of it. Sure it's not, mate, that's why you've been oppose gay marriage vermont and vetmont everything people say to you to explain it in this thread.

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I wish we had a central place for responses to misconceptions. It gets tiring seeing these discussions play out so often and for so long.

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He wasn't saying anything that wasn't true. The federal government can't impose certain things on each state like the minimum wage or gun laws open carry, concealed carry etc. That's why this whole matriage with crafting gun control on the federal level will never work unless the states oppose gay marriage vermont together and decide on a better system.

Sanders never came out against gay marriage, he never said anything to oppose it, he didn't need to "come out" mariage it. Hillary on the other hand explicitly oppose gay marriage vermont that she opposed to the right of gay couples to marry, something Sanders never did.

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He stated in when asked if he supported gay marriage, that he supported civil unions instead. Don't try to parse words and argue semantics Sanders was against gay marriage publicly in He held the exact same position as his Republican rival.

oppose gay marriage vermont

marriage oppose vermont gay

oppose gay marriage vermont Umm, Sanders voted against DADT which allowed thousands of Gays to vsrmont in the military and freed them from some of the harassment.

It was one of the most progressive reforms of the military in our lifetimes until it's repeal ushered in full acceptance of gays. Besides that you're getting off topic.

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Sanders was for civil unions not gay marriage in he only publicly came out for gay marriage in In a completely different political environment.