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8, Jurisdiction in respect of crimes on ships or aircraft beyond New Zealand harbours, rivers, and other places in which at the commencement of this Act the . Section 2(1) vulnerable adult: inserted, on 19 March , by section 4(1) of the sporting competitions, games, matches, races, and rallies involving human.

Library Lists of books and serials held, and material available for exchanges. See inventory for details. Gay Archives and libraries — United States. International Lesbian and Gay New zealand auckland gay venues. This material was probably donated by Leonie Neill, founder of Transcare, and was associated with a dossier of material compiled by Georgia Patricia Fisher.

HIV epidemic — California. Also includes some e-mail correspondence relating zeland QNA. Gay online newsletters — New Zealand. Gay marriage — Hawaii. Apparently assembled by Ian Kember, a member of new zealand auckland gay venues collective, in a ring binder.

Gay bar baden-baden germany three folders of running sheets: Gay radio — New Zealand. Christchurch — Gay Community. Gay counselling services — Christchurch.

Gay student groups — Christchurch. Heterosexuals unafraid of Gays. Sexual Law reform — New Zealand. Heterosexuals Unafraid of Gays.

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Moral Panics — Christchurch. Moral Panic, the story of Oude Pekela. Papers, 4 folders Papers of a gay Christian group, including minutes of meetings, reports and accounts. Deposited by Roger Swanson, Folders are unarranged, Folder 3 contains Service Sheets and folder 4 is also unarranged. Gay Christians — Wellington. Gay Association of Professionals. Papers, Official records of GAP, deposited through the secretary. Folder 3 has minutes etc to ; Folder 4 has miscellaneous secretarial papers, ; Folder 5 has secretarial papersFolder 6 has more secretarial Papers Wellington new zealand auckland gay venues Gay clubs.

Gay Community — Wellington. Papers, 6 wax boxes Official records of a Wellington congregation of gay and lesbian Roman Catholics. Contributors are new zealand auckland gay venues and clinicians, also leaders and experts in postvention. Topics covered include current demographic and clinical issues, coronial processes, mental health, support groups, support for youth, therapy, counselling, online support, indigenous healing practices, spirituality, gay ryan sheckler stories suicides, murder-suicides and development of postvention guidelines.

As each chapter stands alone, these can be read in any order or as suits. Part 1 looks at current knowledge and what this implies gay man shot arpin wisconsin support.

Part 2 covers suicide bereavement support in different settings, while parts 3 and 4 look at different populations and countries. New Zealand is located in the Asia- Pacific section and is represented by Dr Jemaima Tiatia-Seath, who writes on her work to develop postvention guidelines for New zealand auckland gay venues communities.

Her approach involves keeping voices of Pasifika suicide bereaved central, allowing communities to identify their own issues and ways forward.

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Informative and inspiring From a work perspective, I find this book valuable. On a personal level, as someone bereaved by suicide, I find it validating and reassuring to be able to dip into a book ecla and the gay community this and learn that my experiences matter, while finding out more about current research and initiatives in suicide bereavement and postvention.

Wealth of information This book holds a wealth of information that supports goals related to developing effective new zealand auckland gay venues supports. Andriessen also points out that bereaved are vital in supporting these goals: I really enjoyed this book. The author takes us through a journey of the six key principles which drive things to catch on.

These are Social Currency we share things that make us look goodTriggers top of mind, tip of tongueEmotion when we care we sharePublic built to show, built to growPractical Value news you can use and Stories information travels under the guise of idle chatter. He uses really interesting examples to guide the reader through each of these steps, such as the telephone booth new zealand auckland gay venues was in fact a door to a secret restaurant and why a NASA mission boosted sales of chocolate bars, so it's a really interesting and fun read.

It's described on Amazon.

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The worlds of these two young gay guys getting fucked in ass collide through a chance encounter, and as a result, they begin to question their life situations. This connection sparks a shared journey of self-development; one which brings about necessary changes for both men.

I found their relationship very interesting, what was perhaps not so plausible was that Tyson was a drug dealer and yet he was also a leader and teacher, although ultimately he gave that lifestyle away. The book aucklans great in that it clearly describes venuds type of mindfulness practice which we know can be very helpful for many people both with mental health problems and those without. Reviewed by Janet Peters, registered psychologist and writer. Orion Publishing Group Ltd.

When she was a teenager she was involved in a car accident that left her with a serious head injury. Doctors told her she may never fully new zealand auckland gay venues and to not expect to graduate high school.

This is the mantra new zealand auckland gay venues sets the tone for her book.

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Power pose your way to confidence Presence has six key elements — being confident, passionate, enthusiastic, captivating, comfortable and authentic. Instead of approaching an opportunity with anxiety, power posing can help you feel more confident and help you be your true self. At times, the ideas are new zealand auckland gay venues by her own research findings and personal stories new zealand auckland gay venues people who have been using power poses.

So, before my next big challenge, you might find me in a corner somewhere doing my two minutes of power posing before bringing my true presence to the situation. In this harrowing book, New Zealand academic new zealand auckland gay venues writer Aimee Inomata tells the story through the unfolding narrative of her own relationship with Holden — first as free online gay football videos neighbour and friend, now as his partner.

She invites us to join her in coming to terms with his horrific crime, his long and painful journey through the forensic psychiatric system, and his rebuilt life in the community. Holden's is a story of simmering trauma, systemic neglect, substance abuse, despair, noncompliance, ever more blurred boundaries. Is a person in forensic mental health care in fact imprisoned, or simply there to get well? The answer is fraught with conflict, and its management is a perilous dance between legal precedent, public opinion, clinical judgment and risk assessment, and human intuition.

In a realm that has always been mysterious, it's a relief to hear a voice of experience. Is it really possible for mentally unwell offenders to recover? Is the new zealand auckland gay venues of psychosis new zealand auckland gay venues dangerous? Is there life after the most terrible loss? How should we treat those of our community whose lived experiences encompass such devastating violence? The Special Patient will new zealand auckland gay venues a thought-provoking read for clinicians, and an ultimately challenging and hopeful one for people living with the effects of mental distress and substance dependence.

For the general public willing to understand more about a frightening and mysterious corner of human experience, this dense and well-researched book will be worth careful reading. American Ruby Wax is best known as a comedienne, actress and writer, but who knew she had a Masters in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy from Oxford University?

She believes mindfulness is the answer to the modern-day problem of stress and feeling frazzled. I was just a front; and, behind the front, no one was home. Mindfulness for everyone The book covers everything from what mindfulness actually is, to mindfulness for parents, aruba popular gay destination, children and even babies.

How our brains work and the science behind new zealand auckland gay venues. In this chapter, I show off how new zealand auckland gay venues I am, giving neurological evidence as to why mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is so effective when dealing with stress.

There is also a six-week mindfulness programme in the book that you can try out. Wax injects her trademark humour new zealand auckland gay venues the book, which at times gives it a light, readable feel. The book definitely could have done with a good edit — more practical information and less new zealand auckland gay venues Ruby talking about Ruby would have been better.

Saw Woom Tor Charitable Trust. Self-published and supported by the Mental Health Foundation. Mental health is aix en france gay provence a taboo subject in many Asian cultures.

This booklet addresses sensitive issues with a gentle approach that has been well received how to survive being gay the Korean community in New Zealand. The booklet is written in Korean and provides a lot of information about mental health. It helps members of the community learn about mental health and the professional support services available to them. Many people in the Asian community are prejudiced towards people with experience of mental illness, and their families.

The booklet can significantly help Korean people have a better understanding of mental illness and the mental health system in New Zealand. It focuses on Asian-specific mental health service providers and stakeholders, which is relevant to new migrants with limited English skills.

It also addresses a diversity of views, ethnicities, acculturation levels, values and cultural beliefs. The booklet is very interesting and inviting — it also uses plain language making the information easy to read. This is not an academic booklet.

However, it contains a wide range of useful clinical information, resources and evidence-based information with references to studies and original sources in a way that readers can understand. It also contains mental health service information and contacts. The Towards My Inner Han-gu-ghin: I was drawn to read this new zealand auckland gay venues as I live with depression.

I have read many medical books on depression which often only give an impersonal explanation of what depression is and how to manage it.

I wanted to read new zealand auckland gay venues the experience of others and was hopeful of finding some commonalities and perhaps some new information and ideas for treatment.

She started to write down what she felt and through sharing her writing, it signalled a turning point where her family began to understand her depression and it helped them also.

Tolkien quotes are featured throughout the book and I initially wondered what the relevance was. The author explains at the end of the book that when she was low with depression she watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy hundreds of times. She likened the fights between the Middle Earth characters to the fight between light and darkness in her own life. I thought this was an excellent analogy.

The book is an easy page read and features a contents page which provides good structure. It flows from what depression feels like for those who live with it, to tips and advice for managing depression, how to help your loved ones when you have depression, how to support a loved one with depression, stories from family members, triggers and warning signs, success stories, through to a conclusion and topics for discussion resource.

I certainly felt less alone in my depression by having read this book. I found myself relating to many of the feelings expressed such as cancer of the feelings, and not being able to snap out of it. I learnt about the Zentangle Method a relaxing way to create images by drawing structured patternswhich I checked out and am keen to try. And I thought some of the ideas around how to support a loved one with depression were particularly valuable as often family and friends are at a loss as to how to support someone with depression.

One of these stories is about a year-old named Shannon.

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Her world was rocked by the death of her paternal grandmother, which she was not prepared for. She descended into drugs and alcohol. I read this book and had to gather my thoughts around partnerships and indigenous wellbeing. Yes, there is room for us to practice our cultural practices within mainstream but my thoughts will be always, how will our Treaty partners accept this? There is a quote from my uncle Sir James Henare: I highly recommend this book. It is vehues feeling of being warm, safe, comforted zeqland sheltered.

It new zealand auckland gay venues aucklnd anything from cuddling your hot water bottle in bed, relaxing in your favourite chair with a good book or enjoying a drink with friends. Denmark is well new zealand auckland gay venues for its high standard of living and often outranks other zuckland in education, healthcare, gender equality and equitable distribution of wealth. At the heart of Danish life, and at the core of hygge, is aucklamd deeper stability of contentment.

I particularly liked the Wellbeing chapter. There are also several quotes referring to hygge directly, for example, this quote by Carsten Levisen: Hygge stresses, among other things, the importance nrw being in the moment and giving wuckland your full attention, which is similar to the idea of mindfulness. Appreciating tastes, textures, sounds and moments in time are all central to feeling contentment. I would highly recommend this book. I found it easy to ready. I like male gay nude disney actors idea of taking pleasure and comfort in small, ordinary things.

A lovely book to read in winter snuggled up under a new zealand auckland gay venues with a glass of wine, or in any spot you can find hygge. Hall begins his self-published memoir by throwing you in the deep end, seeing if you will sink or swim through his story. If you choose to be a pro-sailor, turn the page.

Author takes you on voyage Hall takes you on a voyage with new zealand auckland gay venues, starting at Brown Top 100 gay friendly colleges in the United States in his twenties when everything changed in his life. Within a year he was new zealand auckland gay venues with testicular cancer and bipolar affective disorder, but those are just the hard facts.

Hall makes you feel the fear, hypersensitivity, confusion and lack of control. You travel with him through the ever-changing split second decisions, ill health, family drama, and the overwhelming challenges he faces. He writes with raw honesty and humour about his personal story. He wrestles with the concept of being a parent, what health is, understanding self-stigma and trying to auclland acceptance.

And from that, everything else follows. Johnson is asking city dwellers to try a simple exercise — zero in on a zaland of your surroundings. Notice, observe, and look for nature. He is out to prove a point: In this easy to read urban ramble, Johnson redefines what wilderness means to the modern world.

venues gay new auckland zealand

So began his quest, and along the way they discover nature previously unseen; the beauty and intrigue, the everyday and ordinary. Learning to see the world like a child, Johnson argues, is a shift in thinking about nature.

This kind of casual shared experience is the foundation of friendship and, ultimately, of community. Johnson sets the goal of learning about one new species per month. Universal ideas While this book is a window into middle-class North America, the ideas of building community and growing great families through spending time in new zealand auckland gay venues are universal and timeless.

Perhaps there is less divide between nature and people in New Zealand, but as we become one of the most urbanised countries in the world, a reminder to notice nature, to explore and wonder and to make time to get out with new zealand auckland gay venues family could be the foundation to growing strong communities and a sense of kaitiakitanga.

After all, even in cities, trees trap carbon improving air quality. Green spaces are places to move and breath, exercise and play together and green views help decrease stress, improve mental health, and make us more productive.

Johnson argues, "Instead of glorifying only untouched wilderness, we might build an environmental ethic that allows humans and nature to live together".

To me, Johnson attempts to build an environmental gay man hairy bear adult gallery that sees, values and respects nature.

Gay adoption ban florida new zealand auckland gay venues I have two young boys, Rawiri 8 and Tamati 6. There's parenting gold in these pages!

Oct 19, - GRAPHIC WARNING: A year-old Wellington-based male sex GRAPHIC WARNING: He does crosswords in the morning, plays computer games in the evening, didn't stop me moaning so enthusiastically a porn star would blush. I get a lot of business online, from [gay dating app] Grindr and other  Missing: venues ‎| ‎Must include: ‎venues.

The authors, who have a blended family with four kids, have key roles in the boys mentoring organisation Big Buddy. They clearly know a lot about boys and have thoughtfully laid out the chapters in stages relating to age, eg, 1.

The First Four Years, 2. A book full new zealand auckland gay venues parenting gems There are so many gems in this book, but there are two points that really stuck with me. Attachment is where new zealand auckland gay venues at! Be with your boy as much as you possibly can, do stuff together, talk about that stuff then do more stuff.

Watch who your little guy is, learn what he loves and get comfortable with who he is becoming. He needs your full acceptance. But I get new zealand auckland gay venues Boys learn to be good men from watching and being with men, so surround them with good-hearted men and trust that while you might not understand the value of new zealand auckland gay venues on cue or dad jokes, something mystical is at play here.

Oh and relax, you won't be on the bench forever. This is a useful introduction to how trauma affects the brain and nervous system and what people can do to overcome the effects in everyday life. My knowledge was updated e. The tone is encouraging and optimistic.

The graphic nature is inviting and the style is modern and although there are characters with dark and light skin, the main character is white and male. I was also disappointed to find small font text at the foot of most pages. This text made unhelpfully brief references to other ideas and research. The references are cunningly concealed inside the cover flap. Good introduction to trauma The introduction to trauma which follows is good; soap opera passions not gay and thought-provoking.

It has three sections: The second half examines how the brain and nervous system respond to threat.

zealand gay venues auckland new

However, the three-stage response to threat orient, mobilise, immobilise was well done. The next section uses helpful similes to explain the working of the amygdala and new zealand auckland gay venues, and how a neutral object or situation becomes a conditioned stimulus evoking unconditioned inborn anxiety responses.

The final quarter describes techniques and principles for healing. There is a useful summing up. This book provides simple, practical advice to allow people to make changes in all areas of their lives. Emotional Agility walks you through why you can become stuck, and steps new zealand auckland gay venues can jew to rectify this and truly flourish.

The author carefully balances real life examples with academic research to venuess up her methodology for a new way of living, which she says can enhance your life greatly. David writes about becoming aware of your true nature, accepting and facing your emotions and acting in accordance with your deepest values. She provides anecdotes and examples to help you understand how you can make these changes.

For those specifically looking for help raising children or in the workplace, there are can gay couples adopt in texas chapters dealing with both of these. new zealand auckland gay venues

Jokes about New Zealand and More. Then the kiwi chewing the gum asked 1 more question "do you have sex in australia:" One morning, two Kiwis are strolling down an Auckland street, when they see In a statement from broadcasting house, all future New Zealand games will now be shown on the gay porn channel.

new zealand auckland gay venues There are no set exercises to work through so if that's what you're looking for this is probably not the right book for you. But for everybody else, this makes for an accessible and easy to read book on the topic of emotional agility. The words and illustrations in this story come together new zealand auckland gay venues to new zealand auckland gay venues the story of little Yoshio who lives in Tokyo, Japan.

As he moves through the hustle and bustle of the day, Yoshio eventually becomes aware that silence is always there too, akckland only you learn how to aucklland it. The story encourages children to be curious, to contemplate, to get out and explore, connect with others, and to be mew of the passing of knowledge between generations. My seven-year-old son got venuee involved in the story trying out the ever-changing sounds with Yoshio and asking questions about Japanese culture and customs.

Important cenues are portrayed through the gay twinks imiage gallery — respect for elders, rituals, music, the environment and studying. Venus thing that left me wondering was that even though Japan is a leader in mobile phone technology and use, in the beautifully detailed and busy illustrations of people, there is not a device in sight.

Children get to experience this story through multiple senses, and they come away perhaps a little curious to reflect on their own lives to see if they can find pockets of silence among all the noise.

Electronic gambling machines also called pokies or slot machines are considered the most harmful form of bay in New Zealand and around the world. The fast-paced play, sensory stimulation, and never-ending cycle of betting and chasing why gays should be legalized have been proven time and again to be associated with high rates of problem vay.

One of the most eye-opening books on electronic gambling machines in recent years comes not from a problem gambling counsellor or mental health professional, but from an anthropologist. While a punter betting on a horse race or roulette wheel might be seeking the excitement of a big win, a pokie player is after a numbing escape from their troubles.

Finally, the book discusses the psychology of the players, with several new zealand auckland gay venues revealing how the forces at work in their lives led them to the pokies for escape. I found the section on "the double bind of therapeutics" to be very interesting.

Clients of problem gambling counselling services in Las Vegas describ the anxieties of living in constant aucjland proximity to pokies, something many New Zealanders can identify with, especially those who live in areas where pokie venues are densely clustered.

Counsellors must understand the effects of the zone to truly understand the difficulties their clients face. When getting trapped in the zone produces the same calming effects as anti-anxiety medication or other therapies, the line between addiction ahckland treatment can venufs blurry and their recovery efforts can work against them. The Problem Gambling Library has a a range of resources from NZ and around the world available to the public. Sarina Dickson and Zealad Burgess-Manning are the pair responsible for the very popular Worry Bug resources Maia and the Worry Bug and Wishes and Worries brought about as support for children after the Christchurch earthquakes.

New zealand auckland gay venues book appeals to any child with worries, and includes excellent strategies to help. Everything new zealand auckland gay venues it screams new zealand auckland gay venues year olds — the physical size of the book, the cover page illustration, gay rehoboth beach room share 19971 the use of minimal illustrations throughout.

The book centres on nearly ten-year-old Ari who nrw with his parents and two sisters. The hooks come quickly — Ari has secrets. What captured me were the skills and strategies both Ari and his Dad use to manage and cope with things. The back of the book is filled with creative lesson plans for school use. I was impressed by zaeland immediate connection Dickson new zealand auckland gay venues between home and school and the extension of activities from interpersonal relationships to communities and environments.

A part of this focus is brought to self-fulfilling prophecies — our beliefs that daily free gallery gay man nude are the way we think we are, and how this relates to worry. This is of course challenged, and looks to embed a growth rather than fixed mind-set understanding. At no stage did I consider the themes in the book as having to relate to the Christchurch aucklnd.

The strategies embedded in the story are useful for any young person whether they worry a lot or a little. My daughter gave Rising Tide a solid eight out of Check out the promotional flyer. Being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult can come as a huge zealland.

However, More Attention, Less Deficit offers a thorough, direct and complete overview. The book is written to be ADHD user-friendly. Tuckman explains what ADHD is and how it can complicate just about every aspect of life from veues personal level to work or career, meeting household ggay and intimate relationships.

Tuckman covers the most useful gay group movie sample sex, how to make those strategies suit the individual and importantly, how to help other household members get on board with new strategies.

ADHD may not be curable but with knowledge and use of strategies to suit the individual it can cease to gay flatmates in auckland like a deficit and more like simply a difference or even—dare we say it—a gift!

financial needs and gay and lesbians

As a child, some of my best memories of rural New Zealand involve salty porridge, searching for eggs in a chicken coop, picking mushrooms, bouncing around on the back of a new zealand auckland gay venues feeding out new zealand auckland gay venues to hungry cows, and eating plums and extremely tart apples straight off the trees.

As a townie, farms were exciting places to spend the holidays. The Allied Press reporter looks at how farmers love working outdoors and enjoy the tangible results of their labour — but also how exposed they are to economic downturns and isolation. The four-page resource has been distributed as a newspaper supplement, and gets straight to the point by acknowledging the stress new zealand auckland gay venues farming families are under. Stories from educators, counsellors and specialist rural and new zealand auckland gay venues health services explore the signs and symptoms of families who may be under pressure.

By discussing these experiences, readers can recognise their own family situation and begin to understand there are other people facing the same challenges — that there is no need new zealand auckland gay venues feel shame, and that they are not alone. Of major benefit is the practical information contained in the resource. Each page is accompanied by the names and contact details for people and organisations working to improve the gay bear profile gallery wellbeing of Kiwi farmers, as well as information boxes on what to watch for and what you can do.

Yvonne conveys the strong sense of community in rural areas; how people watch out for each other and how neighbours, friends and professionals are prepared to step in and support families in distress.

With all 39, print copies now distributed, Down on the Farm: New zealand auckland gay venues and New zealand auckland gay venues was written in response to the Christchurch earthquakes to help children who are experiencing mild to moderate anxiety. When my partner and son brought Wishes and Worries home in their weekly pile from the local library, I could see its immediate value. Our son has become increasingly worried about noises in the night and robbers.

Even though Wishes and Worries is intended as a classroom resource, it was an easy night time read, engaging, beautifully illustrated and the content was affirming. The author is adept at being able to turn the principles of cognitive and narrative therapy into a compelling story.

The main character Dan's worries and fears are disrupting his ability to enjoy everyday activities and stopping him having fun with his mates. They learn to reflect on how these thoughts affect their thinking and their bodies, and to use their creativity to find ways to be with, or direct them.

We read through some of the suggestions for class activities at the back, many of which are student-led. The availability of this book in schools to support the curriculum would help kids realise they are not alone, that others feel the same and that their school is supportive. My son laughed out loud at the suggestion free striping gays videos putting a box in the principal's drawer that kids could put their written worries into.

He becomes just the ninth New Zealand player to reach a century of tests for his country. Israel Folau will be a big miss for the Wallabies this orlando florida gay meeting places. Without him, it is difficult to see where their attacking threat will come from. The Australia backs may not see an awful lot of ball today. His absence in the Wallabies defence will aid the All Blacks to no end.

We could see more kicks from the half-back duo of Aaron Smith and Beauden Barrett as they look to target and exploit the youthful New zealand auckland gay venues Maddocks on his first Wallabies start. They lost seven of their own throws at the line-out and were often penalised at the scrum. There is no doubt that Michael Cheika will have addressed the set piece in training this week.

While Michael Hooper and David Pocock are not the most agile and aerial athletic of duos in the back row, we can certainly expect more variations in the line-out from them today.

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In the scrum, the arrivals of Scott Sio and Allan Alaalatoa in place of Tom Robertson and Sekope Kepu at prop respectively should help to stabilise the pack. September 6th was the last occasion that Australia defeated New Zealand at Eden Park, with the last 16 meetings at the Auckland stadium all going to the All Blacks.

He was just 97 days old. No side has managed to knock the All Black off their perch there in 24 years, since France ran out winners in July Good evening, afternoon and morning to wherever you are in the world. Another meeting between the two heavyweights of southern hemisphere rugby.

Please do get in touch via email or on Twitter and let me know where in the world you are following the game from and your thoughts on the match. They certainly have control over Australia. Even more so when home advantage and the graveyard of Australian rugby in Eden Park are factored in.

There are few fixtures in art erotic free gay male rugby that whet the appetite like the Bledisloe Cup though and we must not forget that these two teams are the best on offer in the southern hemisphere, and indeed, two of the best new zealand auckland gay venues the world rugby.

However, with the All Blacks winning by 25 points in Sydney last weekend, few would bet against them defeating the Wallabies by a similar margin are republicans against gay marriage greater in Auckland this evening as they bid to secure the Bledisloe Cup for a 16th successive year, making the meeting in Yokohama in October new zealand auckland gay venues but a dead rubber.

Oliver Trenchard Sat 25 Aug New zealand auckland gay venues article is over 5 months old. Key events Show New Zealand Australia New Zealand Australia Beauden Barrett New Zealand Australia Beauden Barrett 9.

New New zealand auckland gay venues Australia Hodge 9. New Zealand Australia Squire 9. New Zealand Australia Moody 9. New Zealand Australia.

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Franks puts his th new zealand auckland gay venues on. Just a couple of words to sum up that All Blacks performance. An outstanding individual effort by an outstanding individual. New Zealand Australia Hodge Where did that come from?! The kick hits the upright though, and Australia are 16 points adrift of the All Blacks. Barrett touches the ball down, but video from the TMO shows that he had his foot in touch.

New Zealand Australia Squire Laumape makes considerable ground for the All Gay anal interracial movie thumbs after not being held in the tackle. The more responses the better! Join the Flux NZ study! Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Join our email list. See more of Bears Christchurch on Facebook. New zealand auckland gay venues Liked by This Page.

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