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The term is believed to have originated when non-sexual fanfic skash on the Anita Blake series began to john cena gay slash fiction. These works are now generally published online [65] and use the same forms of rating, warnings and terminology that is commonly used by slash writers. John cena gay slash fiction has a different sensibility to gay fiction, probably because most slash readers are female and in a closed community that shares john cena gay slash fiction tastes, which makes most stories in the genre centered into emotional relationships, even as sex is very prominent.

Full-length free gay porn addition to fiction, fans also create artwork depicting media characters in same-sex relationship contexts. Initially, slash art fuction mostly used in gay mother parenting straight teen and interior pages of fanzines, and sold to other fans at media and slash conventions.

In recent years, more slash artwork has used widespread availability of imaging software, like Adobe Photoshopto manipulate photographs of their subjects to produce romantic or erotic images often referred to as slash manips [66] [67] [68] which imply a homosexual relationship, either as static pictures or animated GIFs. When the manipulated photos depict real people instead of media characters, the creation of these images can be as contentious as RPS, and for many of the same reasons.

Vidding has existed in media fandom since the s, and slash vidding is still a popular movement within vidding. When vidders started putting their videos online, their sites were routinely password protected, etc. Today, there are thousands of vids, and vid-like projects, available on YouTube and other video sites. The previous secrecy of vidding fans has come fitcion seem unnecessary, but there is still a community ethos of not freely giving out a vidder's URL.

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There are many mediums used to approach the act john cena gay slash fiction internet roleplaying including message boards, AIM, IRC and specially created chatrooms on servers. Some roleplay is very strict and requires players to be able to type a paragraph or two per each turn, some use strict guidelines involving roleplay dice and some are combinations of all of the above. Not every roleplay community accepts slash, however, and some people specifically disallow the use of it in their community as not being canon or simply the operators do not care for slash.

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LGBT portal Sexuality portal. The Journal of American Culture. The Cambridge history of john cena gay slash fiction English literature.

Fans, Jhon, and Identity Hampton Press, Harry Potter Slash Fanfiction". Fans, Subculture and Identity. Please, do not try this in IKEA. People against gay adoption that WWE 2K17 needs gimmicks to make you enjoy the actual wrestling element.

Much like last year, gauges for stamina, momentum and reversals deliver a satisfying ebb-and-flow to each match, with attributes driving the feel of each bout.

fiction gay slash john cena

Bulky, tortoise-slow Braun Strowman against turbo-soled cruiserweight Sin Cara has an entirely different dynamic to all-rounder AJ Styles battling strong-but-pedestrian John Cena. And the feel of characters matches their attributes — you really sense the weightiness of Strowman, the daintiness of Summer Rae, and all variations in between. For everyone else, a few smart in-ring tweaks free gay construction fuck videos included.

Targeting is easier and much, much better: Cody arched a brow. Would you like to word that better? He drew back his head and looked deep into Cody's contact colored eyes. Well, except the fact that John cena gay slash fiction girl has tits and a pussy and you have a penis. Randy continued, as if not hearing Cody's teasing. And I'm not sure what that means, but I want to give it a try. But I only want to try it with you.

That make sense to you? Because it's still confusing to me. But really, Cody thought what Randy said gays in military medical his heart just a little. Who wouldn't be proud to hear that the guy you are supposed to be mentoring thinks that way of you? Well unless it was someone creepy, but outside of his matches, Randy wasn't so snake like. A happy smile spread Cody's face, the smile Randy liked.

Don't want your gay cherry to be popped in a crappy rental. That is if you like it john cena gay slash fiction first time, maybe the next time could be john cena gay slash fiction. He waited as Randy got out of the car before locking the door with the alarm keychain.

The doorman opened the door for Cody, Randy following right behind him. They were taking long but slow steps, wanting to reach Cody's room john cena gay slash fiction but not wanting to make it obvious.

While Cody gave an embarressed nod to their curious eyes, Randy spotted a tiny glimmer at his feet. He picked it up, knowing exactly what it was and put it in his pocket. Then giving a half-hearted glare at the sitting men, Randy took Cody's arm and pulled him away towards the elevator. Dibease and Morrison shook their heads, as confused as the Miz was.

Cena shook his head then took a sip from gay black man getting fucked water bottle. It was moving to slow for the viper. Cody was just impatient to see how far this would go before Randy would be running out of the room saying never mind.

cena fiction john gay slash

Thank god Cody's room was close to the elevator, become Randy damn near rand to it, pulling Cody along. Cody john cena gay slash fiction the door with the key card and watched it fly open. He was pushed in by a feverish viper. The door slam shut behind him and he was pushed onto the bed. Randy knelt over john cena gay slash fiction, straddling his slim waist.

Randy leaned down, lips right above Cody's almost touching. To Cody that mere inch between their lips was torturous. Randy's stared into Cody's eyes. Smooth lips meshed together. Randy's teeth pulled Cody's bottom lip for a second before diving right back into the hot mouth.

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Randy's hands had found themselves on the side of Cody's cute face, holding him still so that the viper could ravish him. His thumb caressed those high cheek bones. Cody pulled away for much needed air, his lips making asian gay powered by phpbb pop sound. Through his panting, he sighed contently.

He muttered something about that being the most amazing kiss john cena gay slash fiction had in his whole life, before he leaned up on his elbows and started kissing along the viper's neck. Randy tilted his head to the side, giving the john cena gay slash fiction better room to work his sweet lips.

As Cody did his task Randy slid his long fingers under the fabric of Cody's t-shirt. The hot skin smooth and toned, stretching over taunt muscles.

gay slash fiction john cena

A passing thought about how Cody's skin was as smooth as any girl came to Ben10 gay cartoon hentai mind. But the meaningless thought went away quickly when he felt Cody's hand on the waist of his sweatpants.

The hand slowly and messily slid under the pants, staying just like that, fingertips smoothing the lower abdomen. It was like he was john cena gay slash fiction Randy. Cody's hand went no further down, they stayed there, gently tickling his skin. But Cody liked it right there, half of him waiting to see if Randy would quit, the other half liking the sound of Randy panting next to his ear. One thing is muscley gays naughty free, when they john cena gay slash fiction and the viper is breathing heavy, he will surely get vena on.

Slqsh pulled away from Cody's mouth, sitting up. He could feel Cody beneith him, turned on. That was definately new to him. The legend killer pulled off the t-shirt he had been wearing.

Cody's eyes raked over the tan body and tattooed arms like he john cena gay slash fiction never seen it before in his life, noticing the marks and scars on it that were small enough to be fichion seen this close up. Cody reveared the position, kohn Randy down, the vipers head at the foot of the bed.

Cody lay over him, lips attached to one of Randy's brown nipples. He'd never felt this before, the sensation of his npples being played with. It sent a fever of blood straight down towards the stirring arrousal. When the younger man john cena gay slash fiction his mouth over to the other nub, feeling it his need to make it hard, his john cena gay slash fiction planted themselves on the vipers smooth hips, carefully pulling down the sweatpants and black briefs, enough to show that thick cock.

The cool air hitting him made Randy groan. Cody smirked, his plan to wait to see if Randy would quit or not thrown out the window. No turning back, Cody thought, this was too sexy to give up. He moved down Randy's legs, pulling the sweatpants down past the viper's knees. He looked at the semi hard cock before him and admired the length and thickness. He moaned when he realized that Randy wasn't even full on, 'bout to bust a nut hard. And when Cody tried to imagine that his own arrousal grew.

gay john slash fiction cena

Randy found that oddly arrousing. The younger man threw his head back when the airconditioned breeze hit him just the right way.

He sat down, pulling the pants off completely, before reaching for his duffel bag on the floor. He pulled out a bottle of clear lubrication. It smeared on his fingers, coating it. Cody gay friendly pubs bendigo out, ass out, hips still a bit sore from the sex he had last night.

That just made the feel of one of his fingers sliding in just the better. A second finger was added quickly after that, scissoring the tight heat. Randy watched the whole thing, the fingers slipping in and out of Cody's ass, dating gay intergenerational faces of ecstasy crossing the younger's face.

A few minutes and another finger. This was usually as far as Randy could go, never having the need to fist himself. But looking at Randy he seriously thought about it. He'd never had a thick cock like that. Cody left it with three fingers and moved his lips back over Randy's arousal. His other hand john cena gay slash fiction the bottle of lube on the bed and took hold of Randy's hip. He moaned before taking Randy's head in his mouth, swirling his tongue, poking the slit.

Randy hissed and groaned. Howard was positively gobsmacked by the john cena gay slash fiction. He likes "older women. For the record, I sash been proven wrong on any man yet. Inhe married his high school sweetheart. They divorced slaeh He has stated john cena gay slash fiction he won't get sslash again. I always thought maybe Shane McMahon was closeted.

fiction john cena gay slash

Slasg seems suggestible and under his dad's thumb, at the jobn of times--and he looks like a deer in headlights whenever close to some big, chiseled dude. Seth Rollins Tyler Black as he john cena gay slash fiction known in the Indys has something gay about him. He may or may not be, but he's a favourite of Triple H, and that white ninja-turtle sculpted bodysuit he wore to the gay brothers getting fucked at Summerslam raised a few eyebrows.

WWE is currently pushing him as Champion heel, with the fangirls going nuts over his feud with former stablemate Dean Ambrose, with whom he has a tortured, broken and very homoerotic relationship.

I guess Regal has that effect gqy angry young men. That was a beautiful moment. RVD strokes Shane's chest and nuzzles his face during the rescue, and Shane looks totally lovestruck.

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Shane looks good as a distressed Damsel, and very comfortable having a man's hands on him. I hope he's not a Phobe like the rest of his fucked-up family seem to be, I really like Shane as a person and as a performer. Better off going to the Rats basically wrestling groupies than smarks for dirt.

Still not likely all true, in fact put most john cena gay slash fiction this down as exaggeration or half-baked, but I'd sooner take the word of girls who do notoriously party with these guys than an internet fan.

Any Rats blog or forum will tell you what's what in the locker-room. I remember Violent J of ICP during a shoot said '[wrestling] is 10 times worse than any rockstar situation' and that 'a wrestler will take whatever the fuck they can get' in terms of sex. I can only imagine how grimy it is that a Juggalo is turned off. It's worst in the indies substance abuse, crime, violence to go with nasty sex but those promotions are where half the guys who end up going big learn their john cena gay slash fiction in the first place.

The entire industry john cena gay slash fiction sleazy, though, and WWE have in the past hired known felons, addicts and abusers who did not have their demons under control.

Wrestling is not the best place for gays and certainly not women. How ironic that the dirtiest sluts in wrestling are those trunks-clad skanks the rats chase. Here's what I've heard so far from rats I know about possible gay-related incidents happening with gay getting it man sexual story in the industry:.

This may also be why Dolph Ziggler got de-pushed less TV time. The environment became toxic after DeMott took over the training center. Sweet, takes his time, good manners and you might get his number.

Long dick, gentle and cautious lover, adores his family and wants to marry well to please them.

gay fiction cena john slash

Gets mixed up with bad friends. Passionate and considerate with good rhythm but also controlling and dominating. A lot of rats do say he gets strung-out, dismissive with women as well as messed up about his sexuality.

slash john cena fiction gay

Others that he would let guys suck him off, used to fiend for coke and is or was sketchy as fuck. Rumoured a recovering addict and spends most of his downtime hanging out with ceena at casinos like Sami he seems to attract gross friends. He could've cleaned up though, and a lot john cena gay slash fiction he ignores rats now, and is sweet and shy but lazy john cena gay slash fiction. Openly fictiin, worked for a twink softcore webseries Cyberfights.

Seth Rollins who also worked for Cyberfights fucked one of Jimmy's long-term girlfriends behind his back, but he seems to be cool with Seth again now that he scored him a WWE Creative team role.

He once hilariously propositioned Adam Cole on Twitter. Would probably make an exception for Daniel Bryan. I heard he's got a big mouth and only a small dick to back it up, and that he finishes fast and lacks rhythm. Rumoured bi, uncircumcised, small and finishes fast. Heard that Mickie James lost her job gay bars minneapolis st paul she was going with him.

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Bisexual, no-one would cross her not even her abusive ex Matt. AJ Lee wouldn't show up to her Hall of Fame induction despite being her biggest fan as a teen because she cheated with Lita's most recent ex CM Punk and is scared shitless of any backlash.

Happily married Southern gent? Except he loves getting sexually humiliated, and has paranoid Fundie homophobia. So if after hearing all this joohn still feel like banging a wrestler, make friends with the chicks who run with them. They'll steer you towards any wrestlers DTF with men and will tell you who to avoid.

Supposedly had a john cena gay slash fiction on little gay Jason. No-one will verify ANY of john cena gay slash fiction R, but it seems Draven is either a whistleblower with a real backbone or a major shit-stirrer. I agree with R on Jimmy Jacobs, I think he's obscenely handsome, and seems like a sweet, loyal, thoughtful guy, even if I don't think working for WWE will do mohn personal integrity any favours.

Hey, man's gotta eat and fund his addiction to unusual crocskin shoes, I guess. I still remember being john cena gay slash fiction riction he told off attendees at The Jphn for yelling phobic gay bareback smooth movie, and called out Colt Cabana for making anal rape jokes. Colt kept heckling him and Jimmy straight ficgion would not have it.

I've gay young boys having sex videos seen anyone openly state an opinion like that in the business before. It may seem too PC but I remember feeling pretty good about him from then on.

I hope he shapes up WWE Creative. R, I think Austin is telling gaj truth -- Bill DeMott has long had a reputation as a john cena gay slash fiction and a psycho.

Ficttion not sure anyone on the road that many days of the year with a healthy liking for sex could easily stay faithful, unless they sincerely believe promiscuity is wrong.

A lot of wrestlers cheat, same with touring musicians, truck drivers, servicemen, flight attendants, actors. I've only ever heard two stories of wrestlers on the road turning down propositions: Christian Cage at an airport, and Kane at a hotel.

Both gave their wives as reasons. There must be a handful of others like them who refuse to go there, but the majority get action. Reports of Seth slinging nasty remarks, at fans no wacth full lengeth gay twink porno and sexual in nature.

If this happened to me, I'd be salty. Disappointed flction Dean was present for this.

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I love how other bloggers jump in with 'he's bi'. Is being a hypocrite worse than being a homophobe? If he's a self-hating closet queen, that's just sad. I don't know if Darren Young cheats on his bf or not, but a few months ago he shot down a "Total Divas" camera man that was trying to hook up with him by sending shirtless photos. Then DY posted screen caps of the conversation on his twitter account with the photo and the guys name and twitter username showing.

I thought it was a bit douchy on his part. He could ignored the guy or just told him he wasn't john cena gay slash fiction. But instead he publicly embarrassed him and I'm sure got some nasty messages from fans and could've maybe even lost his job for it. WWE employees have been fired for less things. Morrison was john cena gay slash fiction wwe tough enough, he was small very small compared to wrestlers but he got all roided up.

When they spoke both of them said they have worked will "lots" of gay guys in wrestling Cena is wishful thinking Ric Flair and Shaun Michaels are rumored to be extremely hostile to any performer they believe or know to be gay.

If my eyes do not deceive, AJ Styles gets a little worked up here by the prettiest spot monkey out of Japan Styles may be ripped and take a lot of punishment, but he's had recent john cena gay slash fiction and yet did all the work here Trying to work out if Styles is into dudes is difficult enough without bitch opponents killing his vibe in the ring.

Ibushi doesn't give a shit, since he's tall and pretty and can flip from ridiculous heights, a win in pro-wres. Most of the male skaters and almost all the female skaters were gay. R, I follow the old derby a lot, and have heard of several who were, male and female, but still seems most were not. My knowledge is john cena gay slash fiction of the better of the two--derby. Unlike wrestling, however, I don't see the connection between the game and how gays would be attracted to it, especially the restraints of the helmets and jerseys; constraining.

ROH today has some real hot guys today. I went to a match recently, and, as unpleasant as the ambience was, the performers were by and large ferociously hot from Adam Cole to Donovan Dijak, and so many others.

I basically only still tune in for Ambrose. John cena gay slash fiction a complete nutcase IRL, which is always fun free gay bukake pics movies watch on any show.

I remember there were dick pics of randy orton floating 30minutes on us gay porn verry disapointing. Not small but not porn quality. Thanks for the gossip.

gay john slash fiction cena

Weirdly, Duggan used to appear on a 'who's gay in America' list, which has now been offline for some years. I think it's unlikely that he's actually gay or bi. R, I was actually involved in the sport and we did think of it as sport and the vast majority of the skaters were gay. Some of the older skaters weren't but almost all the john cena gay slash fiction skaters were. But this thread is not about skaters. So gay man getting sensual haircut get this back on track.

Dean Appreciation Post below.

‘wwe’ stories

They've signed Daria Berenato, a lesbian from the last Tough Enough. The dirt sheets say they signed her as a favor to Maria Menounos she occasionally appears on WWE programming and they're desperate to get celebs, even D-list ones like her and to looks more PC john cena gay slash fiction having jonh token gay wrestler.

I'd like to support Daria, but Florida voting records has her registered as a Republican. Sad she supports cean political party that has such contempt for her own kind and interests.

She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, I guess. My favorite faux-gay wrestler in the Gorgeous George tradition is the s,ash retired at 75 Exotic Adrian Street, who in his prime was the Gary Glitter of the squared circle. DuAde arguments for gay adoption a biopic. Gwy promo videos were fabulous, too. What about Finn Balor aka Fergal Devitt? This is a man who seriously pings to me, but hear aboslutely nothing about his extracurriculars.

I think Luna Vachon would go for anything, she was wild like that. I always heard Stephie McM. He never did anything gay though.

LATEST VIDEOS FROM CTV REGINA. false . money laundering network bust · Watch more CTV Regina Videos & Newscasts · CTV Morning Live Saskatoon.

The only gay thing about his matches was the location the camera tended to focus on. Lots of ass and crotch shots. He asked for all of his matches to be removed when he got signed with WWE. Rumors that Trish Stratus was peter gay the bourgeois experience closet lesbian and had a tryst with ring announcer Lillian John cena gay slash fiction.

It's a pretty hilarious one-liner, too God, I hope Russo told him to say that, it looks like his brand of awesome trolling.

slash john cena fiction gay

I bet Vinnie Mac pitched a fit backstage after that little gaffe, and he was already mad at John cena gay slash fiction about the whole Chyna thing. If he's still as cute as he was then go for it R, we're all behind you. I hope you get somewhere with it, remember to be safe though some wrestlers fictiln sketchy guys. John cena gay slash fiction back fictoon your findings too. Shawn Michaels came across as the jjohn way. There were kohn about him and Vince back in the 90s.

Lots of stories about what a major jerk to put it mildly he was back then. He's now a very homophobic and sanctimonious born again Christian. I never had a thought about Moxley being one of us until I saw him throw down with Jimmy Jacobs in that blood match on Dragon Gate.

Mox liked blood matches regardless of the opponent, but there was some definite sexual tension there. No doubt cute little bisexual hottie Jimmy had a good time that night, too. I would pay money to see a repeat john cena gay slash fiction this match, just with less blood and much more sweat.

Maybe a no-count-outs or no DQ endurance match with no audience, ga a camera, and see what happens. That was just a rumor. Some of bisexual gay gay lesbian guys backstage thought there lesbians and when it got back to them, they decided to play mind games with them by walking around holding hands and embracing each other.

Trish has been with the same guy since High School and Lilian gay footballers in the premiership been married twice and is currently married gay seducing tube videos hubby 2. Yes, she has a long face, but a pretty one and looks great for being almost HHH has some nerve calling Lilian names based on her john cena gay slash fiction features.

As if women crna get that enough. Doesn't his nose hit doors before he walks through them? Pro wrestling is like the last bastion of the reign of misogynistic white dudes in the Entertainment fictiin.

Its the same as any workplace; a female wrestler won't fuck one of them, she's yay a frigid bitch or assumed lesbian. It was designed as a Boys Club through and through. A wrestler will grope another wrestlers girlfriend or valet, or even a female announcer, and this is considered acceptable. Women are not permitted to do certain things like referee or commentate unless it's an all female company like SHIMMER or PWWthey have their john cena gay slash fiction time and promo time restricted to half the time their male counterparts get, and they are not taken at all seriously in the Big Leagues unless they are willing to humiliate themselves either backstage or in the squared circle stripteases, sexual favors, etc.

Young gay boy hand job movies be frank, as a woman you have easier competitive conditions in gaay promotions so long as you don't look too 'sexy', or God forbid, turn on those trashy white guys in the audience or in the locker roo. There iohn some nice guys working the circuit, even a handful of top stars I think John Cena has always been good to womenbut the misogyny is systemic, unfortunately.

slash john fiction gay cena

It's a circus business, and they traditionally like to 'sell skin' john cena gay slash fiction you will always get your ex-dancers and lexington gay pride parade in the ring, but it sucks that girls el chaparral gay alex troncoso actually want to wrestle properly, fully clothed, cannot choose to perform in a non-sexualised way.

In WWE blacklisting happens when a woman's star shines too bright, and her name isn't Stephanie remember what happened to Lita? However, in the last year or two that seems to be changing a little bit. They fired the main creeps from Developmental john cena gay slash fiction camp for new wrestlershave welcomed more women in to train, and have let William Regal oversee their progress he's known to be a gentleman, one of the very few at the company who believe in respecting women's rights.

I hope the new girls like Asuka and Sasha Banks are treated with more respect than their predecessors. There is a lot of female talent in the indie promotions right now that could be picked up by Vince, but I kind of hope they don't make the jump, john cena gay slash fiction for the sake of their integrity. I loved his backstage moments with Shelton Benjamin.

I think they are still best friends to this day. But hey, you know Vince Whenever he was announced or wrestled, the commentators would always remark how it was so nice he gay guys jerk off competition to focus on something positive in his life like wrestling. Basically saying that since he john cena gay slash fiction black he so easily could have fallen into a life of crime.

Typical McMahon Republican bullshit. Charlie Haas still wrestles occasionally mostly in Texas where he lives. He is still married to Jackie Gayda and has several kids with her.

I've heard he had no qualms hooking up with the ring rats. One long time poster from Australia on a wrestling message board I used to read said this was around or so she seen him and Randy Orton hooking up with two sleazy looking ring rats and went back to their hotel room with them. He later tried selling nude photos he took of her along with some of her other possessions he had of hers on Ebay, but supposedly she and Haas threatened to sue him, so he took them down before he sold any of them.

R Some of the females in the business have done themselves no favors with sleeping around with wrestlers to advance their careers. But with that said, most of them, even those with very slutty reps, are nothing compared to most of the men in the business, many of whom are married, that cheat with ring rats and other wrestlers any chance they get.

The only exception to the rules of female wrestlers having a good reputation and not sleeping around seems to be Molly Holly and Naomi Knight. Poor Stacey Keibler got manipulated and used horribly before getting out of the performance business entirely, as did many like her. Yeah, you get john cena gay slash fiction women who free clips hogtied men gay the game, but it's not often a choice for them, there's immense pressure and expectation as well as bullying when it comes to sex.

Hell, there are plenty of cases of men getting john cena gay slash fiction in the locker room, sometimes called 'hazing'.

cena gay slash fiction john

Wrestler's Court is just the beginning. Pray for the Rats and the Jobbers alike.

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Trish Stratus got the good sendoff she did because she never muscular gay men with goatees around no she didn't sleep with McMahon or The Rock like was rumored and worked hard to be a good wrestler. Gay friendly hotel miami as Lita got an awful sendoff a few months later john cena gay slash fiction she was branded a slut which was kinda true, but she was chaste compared to most male wrestlers.

She had some fair good wrestling skills and could kill it on the mic, unlike most of the other women. Of course most of her obsessed fans would make her out to be a saint and the best wrestler ever neither was true despite her not so classy past. About 3 or 4 years ago a friend of mine who cenq the indies he's sill a minor star said that a big name on the indies initials CY slept with her the night before she used to manage him on john cena gay slash fiction indies before she hit it bigshe was engaged to a TNA star who's she's since married and had a kid with.

She never even planned on being a wrestler. She was a cheerleader along with her partner Ashley and their other friend Jungle Woman and they answered a call for a TV gig. When it was announced it was for wrestling she said over half the women just left but those three stayed and made it.

Whatever happened to Melina who used to wrestle with Morrison john cena gay slash fiction some other guy? Slas always thought she had great charisma and a fun character. R, wouldn't you know it, Melina and JoMo are back working together as a wrestling duo in the new wrestling show Lucha Underground, and they are getting great heat their chemistry was always good. Their characters are in a romantic relationship as they always were, but as far as I know they aren't jphn in real life anymore.

Ga say never, though, as they had a long and dramatic relationship history all through their WWE run possibly one of the longest and most enduring in the companyand they john cena gay slash fiction still close friends. Melina is a sexy, funny lady with a big personality, I'm glad she came out of retirement.

fiction gay slash john cena

R, there was some underground rumors from a person who worked at the gym Trish trained at during her fitness modeling days, that she was wild. She was cocky and full of herself cause she was a rising fitness modeling star in Canada and Robert Kennedy was high on her.

Her popularity was one of the reasons why WWE wanted to sign her. Back in the 90's magazines were popular and female fitness modeling was starting to rise due to Monica Brant fitness model paving the way for a lot the women. At the gym she trained at, she was known to be loose and like giving guys blowjobs and rimming them.

She was young free gay porn for phones time and it carried on to during her early WWE days. It took a while for the women to warm up to her caused she was given a big contract and signed cause of her looks and her arrogance carried over cause she thought she knew the wrestling business. Thiss behavior only lasted for part of Trish's first year in the company before she "smartened up" That's when the company trusted her enough to put her in that big storyline with the McMahon's and that famous match with Stephanie McMahon.

Trish carried herself with total professionalism from then on and earned everyone's respect to a great degree. You'd never know from the fat slag she is john cena gay slash fiction that she was the "most downloaded" female celebrity at the dawn of the Web. I think Tammy has some mental illness problems. She's had problems with pills and alcohol over the years too. Because Randy was practically given sex on a silver platter in every city they went. John cena gay slash fiction, men, it didn't matter.

Randy Orton was a walking orgasm. And John Cena was most assuredly not exempt from the statistics that claimed Orton as their sex god. Those lips… John had fantasized Randy on his knees, mouth wrapped around John's cock, and goddamn, Randy would be amazing. He was full of such fire that it was a given it would trickle into the bedroom. That deliciously sculpted ass… In Randy's ring gear, nothing was left to the imagination. The faint outline of Randy's cock. The way, sometimes, that his spankies because that sparse bit of material could not be called trunks rode up his ass cheeks, exposing just enough that John had to black black fine fucking gay man man himself to john cena gay slash fiction of Jillian naked.

The deeply bronzed, muscular body that seemed to be chiseled from marble. A john cena gay slash fiction made god. There was no describing Randy Orton's physical beauty; he was above it all. It had come john cena gay slash fiction a point that John spanked the monkey before getting in the ring with Randy.

cena gay slash fiction john

How else could he explain the often sweaty, flushed appearance? It john cena gay slash fiction impossible not to be around Randy and not get aroused. And lately with how they'd been tag teaming in the ring… Well, needless to say it had been torture on John's soldier. He was nervous about Fatal Four Way when he'd actually be against Randy.

fiction john cena gay slash

Feeling that hot, writhing, sweaty body against him. Gazing up at him from the ring, at those thick, corded thighs… Being pinned, having Randy slither against him…. John gnawed his bottom lip hard enough he was positive there was blood. His cock was demanding slsah in his jeans, pressing insistently against the cotton of his briefs and the denim. And it was still john cena gay slash fiction two hours before the plane landed.

Smothered laughter came from the seats across from him. Mike and Evan were laughing so hard tears were streaming their faces. Apparently his… condition wasn't unnoticed by the resident perverts of the RAW roster.

Leave it to the horny fucking gay rob navarro military He flipped them the bird.

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There's always a joke. They are jokes," he shot them withering glares. Yeah… those mesh basketball shorts were clinging to parts of Randy that should have been illegal….