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Sep 25, - Asked if they are concerned same-sex marriage may impact on religious and to limit private health insurance companies profits if they want to  Missing: Porn.

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As a result, same-sex couples have a smaller safety net than heterosexual . care insurance companies now even offer discounts for same-sex partners. 5.

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And that was the rule for gentle, educated, law-abiding citizens, gay crusing anchorage alaska there's no way illiterate stab-happy pirates would've seen the value in the compxnies process unless it was voting on how many punches to throw into a prisoner's solar plexus before tossing him overboard into a cloud of sharks. Actually, Jack Warda wildly successful pirate captain who deserted from the Royal Navy along with 30 of insurance companies and gay marriage shipmates because high-seas robbery is way more lucrative than being in the militarywas elected captain by popular vote of his crew.

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This pretty much became the process by which every pirate captain insurance companies and gay marriage selected -- after all, it's difficult to convince a band of thugs with charming wooden prosthetics to take orders from you while you're all floating in a boat hundreds of miles from any sort of legal consequence if they don't unanimously agree you should be in charge. I think I've decided that you're kind of marriagd douche.

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And I'm juuuuust bored enough to stab. Some of these grizzled pirates no doubt grasped the complex relationship between elected officials and their constituents, and realized the value in having a leader who both understood and represented their best interests.

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Either way, every pirate had a say, regardless of inaurance frivolous or ignorant, and that's pretty much the literal definition of democracy.

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5 Ways Pirates Were Way More Modern Than You Realize

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marriage and insurance companies gay

Add me to the daily newsletter. Link Existing Cracked Account. Would the prospect of your or your insurance companies and gay marriage prolonged illness leave your finances or housing vulnerable? Evaluate your need for long-term care insurance. While Medicaid rules vary by state, they usually require someone 65 or older to spend down their assets for care find gay guys by zip code he or she can qualify.

Because heterosexual married couples may file a claim as a couple, they are able to avoid the healthy marriagee becoming impoverished due to the other spouse's need for long-term care. Depending on whether your insurance companies and gay marriage insyrance same-sex marriages, someone in a same-sex union may be forced to apply as an individual, regardless of marital status.

As a result, a prolonged illness requiring Medicaid could necessitate the gsy down of joint financial accounts or the selling of a jointly owned home.

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To avoid that hardship, speak to a long-term care insurance agent in your state to learn about your options. Policies come insurance companies and gay marriage different types, from covering just the basics to high-end policies that cover everything, including home health care. Most long-term care insurance companies now even offer discounts for same-sex partners.

What if one of you becomes seriously ill? Do you have the legal authority to care for your partner? What medical and end-of-life decisions do you wish to have made on your behalf? Get your end-of-life documents in order. Because the laws are different insurance companies and gay marriage every state, speak with an attorney in your state who has experience working with same-sex couples.

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