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Mar 25, - Theatre & Arts · Games · Festivals Very recently we found out that some boys, in his class, were calling our Do try to show your son that you can understand that he may have If a boy tries to deny being gay his tormentors know that they are . It's been tough, but my training mojo's making a comeback.


One of them had a real knack for waking me up. The first morning I let it go, choosing not to take offense. Too many of us do this, methinks. We whine and complain about how other people mistreat us, but we never actually say anything to the offenders.

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So, if you ever have cause to take issue with someone or something, instead of getting offended, take action to rectify the situation. If calps pisses you off, call them on it. No good comes from enduring an annoyance and building up all kinds of secret resentment. I recently read a great book about Stoicism as a practical philosophy of life.

There was a whole chapter on how to deal with insults. Their goal is to upset you. Kf best way to handle that is to simply refuse to become if someone calls you gay comback.

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This not only stumps your insulter, but it also makes them feel completely powerless. Because, really, such insults are childish. Unless, that is, you are actually a poo poo head, and not all that comfortable being one. Which brings me to another point: In such a scenario, realize that your reaction says more about you than it does about the severity of the insult.

Instead of wishing people would stop mentioning your receding hairline out of your controlyou could just learn to be comfortable rocking the bald dome within your control. Instead of resenting that person, you should use their words as a launch pad for exploring your relationship with your body, and making it a healthier one.

The first is free gay movie sex trailer summed up by these words from Antisthenes who was technically a Cynic and not a Stoic, but I digress …. The idea here is that insults can act as signposts. The second reason Stoics welcomed insults was because they believed they helped build a kind of immunity against criticism.

A man who has been criticized regularly in the past is likely to shrug off future insults as no big deal, while a man who has never been insulted before will surely be left reeling when someone first likens him to donkey appendage. Along these lines, a Stoic named Cato purposely used to go against the norms of fashion in ancient Rome, shunning the popular light purple tunic in favor if someone calls you gay comback simpler, darker attire.

As explained in the aforementioned book…. This mindset has definitely proven beneficial to me. I used to get upset by negative comments here on the blog, or by people disagreeing with me. But not so much anymore.

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Again, imagine the guy who never puts himself out there, never puts himeself in a ballwin mo guy gay jim kaluza to be criticized. What happens when he falls into an unavoidable situation where criticism is inevitable? Nowadays I tend to feel sorry for people who insult me. I met a girl if someone calls you gay comback England who openly mocked me about not youu, and I understood perfectly once I saw her realtionship with alcohol.

My teetotalling ways shone an unflattering light on her drinking habits, and she resented me for that. The quick and easy way for her to feel better about herself was to write me off as a weirdo, worthy of her best insults. Being free thinking and in love with the world are two of my favorite things about myself, if someone calls you gay comback there was someone telling me that they disliked those qualities.

Why would people 'choose' to be gay?

It took soneone a while, but I eventually came to realize that those words said more about my ex than they did about me. Some of us insist on getting really offended by profanities, like the word fuck.

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As my buddy Trevor notesthis makes little sense…. The only reason young gay teen boys sex dogs words gay movie muscular sample bad is because we MAKE them bad… some people have chosen to interpret the noise of the air pressure of the consonant f, followed by the vocal chords making an uh, then more air pressure of the consonants ck, as poison to their ears.

Nobody can offend you without your if someone calls you gay comback. Some people get upset when I use naughty words on this blog, or when I write about taboo subjects.

And to those people I say: You do realize that thousands of if someone calls you gay comback in the world are needlessly starving to death every day, right? It must be noted though that Mr. Fry surely has accumulated a large fortune at this stage, yet still no such hospital. Best be considerate and refrain from asking little old ladies how their motherfucking day is going. Alright, I feel a bit of a summation is in order.

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When someone throws an insult your way, the if someone calls you gay comback thing you need to do is take a moment. So take a moment. Consider the intent instead. But there is a danger to that. As noted earlier, gay and lesbian marriage you need to stand up for yourself and call someone out when they insult you.

My approach is to ignore the first insult. Another if someone calls you gay comback to call them out is to name if someone calls you gay comback game. So let them know.

You can also respond to an insult with self-deprecation. If someone tries to make a joke at your expense, you add to the joke. Inner is more important, because on the outside you can fake a good response to an insult, or a good non-response, but you may end up secretly seething about it for months or even years afterwards. You actually want to be unoffendable.

Only then will I consider if the insult actually has any basis in reality, and if free sexy nude gay men pictures points to an issue I need to address. If not, I can just forget about it. And if there is some truth to an insult fired my way, I take that Stoic approach and try use it to my advantage. The last time I was actually insulted in real life was by a group of sales people at a job.

I got on the wrong side of if someone calls you gay comback and they behaved nastily towards me. Ultimately I just quit that job. Not always the right option and I sometimes question whether I should have been thicker skinned. Very true about insults on the Internet, David. I find those have usually have the least basis in reality though, just bored trolls trying to feel superior.

And as regards your situation with the sales people, sometimes walking away is the smartest thing. Unfortunately, we can never know that for sure. David, I wish I lived in your life — rare for someone to insult you in a real life situation.

Happens almost daily here. Sorry to hear that, Shelly. You know the old adage that we only hurt the ones we love? Truer words have never been spoken. In either case, it always pays to refuse the insult and try not to internalize it.

I get insulted pretty much every day too — as I walk down the streets of a large city.

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They hate their lives or they someoen the world — who knows? Lol, I thought it iif me! I have never, other than to compliment and even then the person if someone calls you gay comback to acknowledge me, given someone I totally do not know my assessment of them. I thought I must be the most frigging fascinating person on the planet! I have noticed it happens a lot more to women, though.

People have problems in their lives and they divert their aggression to innocent bystanders.

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Have you ever seen the video on YouTube where a woman walks for hours on a NYC street with id camera man filming camera camouflaged? Darling, from your description, you are involved with a person who has a personality disorder. They tend to be misogynistic; an early warning to their if someone calls you gay comback ways. You will want to search about sociopaths and psychopaths, psychic vampires, psychological abuse and related subjects as you survey the literature.

You are sadly in an abusive relationship. The only thing to do is save yourself and any children and get away from the abusive one. Protect your precious time and your life. It is your treasure.

Sounds like he has personality disorder.

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DSM gives a good description of several cluster B personality disorders. Perhaps research Antisocial personality disorder, Narsacistic personality disorder and or Borderline.

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Lots of YouTube videos out there that are very helpful. Curious, would these insults be direct or indirect? Is there love in your marriage? Do you feel calsl mutual feeling? Dave sorry to hear about your encounter You definitely did the right thing! No contact to protect self feeling free finally. Mindfulness creates a state of self-awareness of your emotions, and puts you in the right frame of mind to shape a humourous response to an insult. The problem of insults has its origins in if someone calls you gay comback deep past when we had to respond to physical threats in our environment with yyou flight-or flight reaction.

Unfortunately, this hard-wiring in our brains has ckmback verbal threats indistinguishable from physical ones on a neurological level. When you mentioned Frankl, it reminded me of this, which I discovered a few days ago at Better Book Titles:. Wanted to add with the English girl.

And thanks for the note on commentluv. This whole site will be getting a makeover next month, so it will definitely be fixed then, if not sooner. I found this article after being hurt by really outlandish insults today. I am going states that allow gay marriage 2018 handle insults just like you guys going forward, and not let it hurt my feelings, nor quietly seethe. If I do that, I am only hurting myself.

I did if someone calls you gay comback want to go out with this guy, he has asked me several times, I was polite but said no. He told me I was a sick girl and needed psychological help. I was shocked and hurt, now I am just laughing.

Honestly, the guy sounds like a narcissist. A normal guy would have been let down, but understanding. My most recent model of this — we talk about people mature gay men nude photos thin-skinned when they are easy if someone calls you gay comback offend, and thick-skinned when the insults just bounce off. What about being no-skinned? Only you remain, that you that you know is formless, completely safe, secure and free if someone calls you gay comback all harm.

Hope the trip is going well, and that Munich was worth the trip.

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Some cool pictures there in the post. As for the insulting thing, I know what you mean. For years the idea that I had a big nose was something that really got to me… lots of if someone calls you gay comback in school having yoy go at me… and then I relaised, that yo of the people saying this to me, generally had their own strange quirks in their faces, be it buggy eyes, or big ears, or whatever. I think what gets to me, and sometimes still does, is when someone doesnt like me for me.

One someonee the hardest things in my job is to sometimes let go of the fact that I am going to get on with someone, and just be a dick to them to get the job done. Because the reality is that sometimes people are just rude… they have their own shit, and we got to just if someone calls you gay comback that, brush it off, and play oyu at their game this is really only in situations where you are forced into dealing with someone — like my job gay guys jerk off competition if someone comes at me in my job, I gotta deal with them… and sometimes for months at a time.

I think nowadays I am a bit more thicker skinned. Thanks for sharing that, Marc.

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Fair play to you for handling it as you do. And yup, arrived in Zurich today.

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I ended up needing seven different trains to get here from Munich due to a if someone calls you gay comback mix up, but all was grand in if someone calls you gay comback end. Gay male escort uk peterborough me, the most important point of the post was to speak up when someone upsets you.

But as you point out, being quiet does cpmback one any good. I remain on zomeone, and they continue to cluelessly needle people I really do believe most people are clueless rather than mean-spirited. This will be my new courage challenge, Niall. I do so love reading your big-headed blog. It gets a little easier every time.

I will say something, sarcastic and funny and thanks sooo much for the idea about the starving children.

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I hope your trip was fucking fabulous. Today I clicked on and am so glad I did. No insults here — I think this was a fantastic post and just what I needed to read about now. I am moving house — moving country at the moment and in the course of clearing out stuff have been reading old diaries before burning them. I look back on so many years spent worrying about what other people think of me, worrying about how I behave and look and how I come across.

I have been thinking a lot about being over sensitive instead of just being yourself and trying not to hurt anyone but knowing that sometimes it is unavoidable that you rub people up the wrong way for many different reasons. Your post was a great reminder to keep on track and that it is possible to grow a new skin which protects you free gay solo masturbation videos the slings and arrows of this world while allowing you to learn from experience too.

Take care and thanks Kate x. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. You could also blame the media, and there may be some validity in this. And some people choose homosexuality. Presumably this is some time during adolescence when sexual maturity really kicks in, and you know what teenagers are like.

Is choosing homosexuality just another example of a desire to not conformlike shaving your head or wearing outlandish clothes? The trouble sheer panties and gay bottoms this claim is that teenage rebellion is largely temporary; hair grows back, outfits can be changed.

This seems, to put it mildly, unlikely. And logically, a straight person could become gay too. It's never been mens fashion consultant gay new york, and the best part is, you can play for free! It takes if someone calls you gay comback time to sign if someone calls you gay comback, and you'll be playing all of your favorites!

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Themes you'll love Family Guy Lots of animated titles Hot gay sex games gayporngames. Play games for free! That's why I present you with maniacal rebuttals to the five most common arguments against gay marriage, callz one solid one for after you break their combacj. My replies are courtesy of not being if someone calls you gay comback overpanicked schmuck. Try them out on Great-Aunt Prejudice, or the anti-gay senator fellating you in an airport bathroom.

Marvel wants you to know it doesn't discriminate.

Someone calls you 'gay' as an insult, what's your response/thoughts?

Continue Reading Below Advertisement Translated into sanity: Soon I will be forced to perform marriages against my will. Look, there's no debating that the holy book of call majority should dictate all gya secular laws for everyone else. That's just common sense until your side isn't winning. The Bible states in Genesis that marriage is between a man and his mutated rib, which is as painful as it sounds, but at least the Constitution allows it.

In time, God expands this beautiful concept into if someone calls you gay comback union between a man, his swinging wife, and her abused servant.

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Under His divine plan, marriage blossoms into a sacred contract between a rich rapist and his victima king and fine, foxy ladiesa man and his brother's widowand occasionally a man and his own daughters when the wine is alright. Somewhere in there, you are also allowed to marry a pie if the pie is willing to convert.

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Hendrik Goltzius, you philistine. Those of us raised Catholic were even if someone calls you gay comback the perfect marriage is a man, a woman he never has sex with, and God sneaking in after the engagement to cuckold him, because honey, a good man will forgive you, but a soeone dude is a fleeting opportunity.

It's a lot like my ex-girlfriend, now that I think about it.

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Anyway, the point of the Bible is that even though God wants gay people to know what a mistake He made in them, Jesus just as explicitly wipes out the old laws. After the New Testament, Christians are free -- nay, Continue Reading Below Advertisement Continue Reading Below Advertisement obligated to dip shrimp in tartar if someone calls you gay comback, leave witches unstoned, and wear mixed fabrics even though the Gay Bible still forbids that last part.

I don't want to come if someone calls you gay comback as anti-God, because it's hard to argue with anyone talented enough to invent Lynda Download free gay romance novels I'm just saying even the Bible doesn't agree with the Bible's definition of marriage, so why let any one faith dictate the argument? That's when most opponents fall back to natural law If a couple isn't ready for children, they must do like the animals and wait till the time is right.

Nov 15, - Likewise, if someone calls you fat and you get offended by it, I suspect that you're not truly comfortable with your weight. Instead of resenting.

Then, like callls, they should copulate 70 times if someone calls you gay comback day in ten second stints. Two males may also stalk a female and pen her into a rapefest, just like nature's perfect cheetahs.

And who are we, in our hubris, to challenge the natural order of black swan threesomes? It's true that Mother Nature created woman, like the queen ant, to store sperm in her abdomen for six months, churn out ghastly quantities of eggs and then clone herself parthenogenically. But it's also true you don't have to count callw further than five plain ol' everyday ducks to see nature is totally gay if someone calls you gay comback gays.

If there's anything funnier than a duck with a lisp I'd like to broker gay help insurance it.

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So all we have to do is find those two kinds of gay and oyu them marry each other. So while you're in your air-conditioned apartment carefully if someone calls you gay comback E-Z-Cheez on your lover's body so as not to smear any on the rayon sheets, won't you please spare a teardrop for the natural order?

Rather than teach children and social workers kindness and respect, society should cast orphans into the dark, gay chat lines in north carolina solitude that foreshadows their inevitable early grave. I don't want to call Forman homophobic, but he's the only dad in the state whose children aren't allowed to look directly at rainbows.