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All men are created equal. No president nor man is above the Constitution. Inherent in the Constitution is that the President is not a king nor dictator, he can be charged with crimes from misdemeanors gay real estate agents oakland felonies as like any other citizen. While the President awaits for a speedy trial, the President gay real estate agents oakland incapacitated and the Vice President takes over.

If found guilty of gay real estate agents oakland high misdemeanor or felony, the president must gay nightlife japan kobe sentenced to jail or prison like gay real estate agents oakland other citizen.

Congress must then perform the duties of impeachment. This is what the U. Constitution is about, the government is subservient to the people. Intermediate algebra martin gay cannot allow Presidents such as Nixon, Clinton, Bush and Obama to get away with crimes against the people.

If I am to be a leader of this world, I must perform as a leader for all leaders to follow. All mayors of cities and estaate of states in the world must declare criminals as criminals when their actions are criminal, even if the criminal is the head of the state. Each executive branch of a government is charged with administering laws. To allow criminals to continue to rule with impunity is the greatest injustice to the people they supposedly serve.

Obama and Eric Holder is obstructing justice by not releasing administration records to Inspector Generals agetns current corruption in the Internal Revenue Service, Veterans Affairs, Justice Department, etc.

This is absolute high treason, judges and elected officials from all branches of government should condemn this criminal behavior immediately. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and U. A game for people who want to be Rich.

Playing the game teaches by experience: Print owkland game rules and sell it for money, it will test your business acumen. Time yourself for 3 hours to see how many you can sell.

In 3 hours, see how much money you earned total:. Every campaign sign is hand painted by I, Peter Yuan Liu, autographed and serial numbered. Why will it be gwy so high? Hurry while supplies last.

One per neighborhood, first come first served. Each one is unique, hand painted by the candidate, Peter Y. This is the first one created.

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One of my neighbor complaining that my campaign sign is too ghetto and scary. I told him it was suppose to. I pushed my victory cart around the city, passing out my CESP5 flyers to hundreds of people, teaching them how to be rich in the land of capitalism. On Wed, Dec 23, at You and I, we know how to deal with violence in Oakland. There is demonic influence over the democratic leadership, starting from Debbie, Hillary, Bernie, etc.

I lost faith in running for Oakland office, the voters are too brain washed, left wing media silenced truths, people failed to understand what is real leadership and what it entails.

There is an urgency for real leadership, hard choices to make. All good men must be able to concealed agenhs to protect gay real estate agents oakland women and children, this is the last resort.

Young boys gay sex video these actions will bring peace to our communities. Governor, there is no hope in Oakland. Oakand, Dec 23, Jerry Brown made it clear Wednesday that attempts by Oakland leaders to put another gun-control bill on his desk will not be fruitful, saying a new law would not curb the violence plaguing the streets of Oakland.

Brown vetoed a bill last year that would have made Oakland the first gay real estate agents oakland in California to require residents to register guns with the city or meet strict new licensing rules.

The bill, which was authored by Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, would agenys allowed Oakland to create stricter gun ownership rules or higher fees than the rest of the state. Oakland leaders had hoped the bill would help stem gun violence in the gay men in underwear videos. Brown, a gun owner and former Oakland mayor glen mills and jamaica and gay has a home in the city, said in his veto message that the state already has the strictest gun laws in the nation and allowing individual cities to enact more restrictive regulations would create confusion.

That is where the greatest yield can be found in terms of making Oakland a safer place. Wed, Aug 6, 8: On Wed, Aug 6, at 1: When I accessed the U. These sleepers are operating within the normal confines of society, take specialized jobs in the electricity, water sanitary, security and law enforcement. When the time comes, they will poison the water system, cut off phone networks and electricity. These sleepers could very youtube teen boy gay sex be running for public office.

Oakladn are cold calculating killers and they actively seek new Muslim converts in prison because gay real estate agents oakland evil cult conforms to raping women, little boys agetns girls. This evil cult pretends to be a peaceful religion, only fools would believe them. In gay real estate agents oakland country Muslim moved to, they start all kinds of evil.

In China, just few days ago dozens of these Gay real estate agents oakland got together, armed with knives went on a stabbing rampage killed a lot of people. Same thing is going to happen here, not with knives but gay real estate agents oakland AK47s.

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Tue, Aug 5, If it is uncomfortable for you to lie on emails, perhaps you should be honest gay teens with large cocks a change, it is not really that hard to do.

It is not I who preferred to talk gay real estate agents oakland email, you started this politically correct garbage gay adoption restrictions on email.

I was a journalist for the U. Army and I put my integrity over yours any day. I deal with the reality at hand, not some fantasy where criminals get free ride raping and mugging while people like you sit on the sidelines being all soft and cute estatw these terrorists. Tue, Aug 5, 7: By a long shot, your assessment of our crime situation and ways to address it are superior to all that has been said to date by anyone. I implore you to be vocal on your perspective on this matter. The curse of educating others, particularly those on this thread, comes with the blessing of gay real estate agents oakland, knowledge, and compassion that you rwal.

Again, I really hope that you use the various media outlets at your disposal to shed the right light on this issue. On Tue, Aug 5, at 6: It is difficult to talk productively through emails; gaay this is my last response to you.

We are talking pass one another. There is no way we are going to find agreement this way. Let me say that I hear the emotion in your words about the pain that people are facing everyday because of criminal activity. I know that you do not just feel it for Oakkland people. I know that you know that most of the crime in Oakland is visited on black, flatlands citizens. I believe that you also feel their pain. As I feel the pain of Asians. In your previous emails you spoken as if only blacks commit heinous crimes…you clarified that later by saying in Oakland.

I was responding to what I got from your earlier emails which only referred to black criminals when I spoke about white criminals in Appalachia. A few examples of some one having a gun and saving someone is hardly proof that folks having more guns around will mean more people will be saved from crime.

If you look at this more scientifically gay real estate agents oakland less emotionally, we can compare the crime rates in countries where there are more civilians agentd guns with countries where there aggents less. Generally we find higher crime rates where more citizens are carrying guns. That is a indicator and does not settle the matter since agente maybe other ral that correlate both with heavy gun possession and crime.

I am not saying that high rates of civilian gun possession causes crime. Canada has high rates of men in hose are not gay possession and relatively low crime.

Oakpand also has much lower rates of relative poverty than the U. I have handled and shot a gun. My father - after teaching me that guns cause more problems than they resolve most of my life - brought a gun into his house when School Superintendent Marcus Foster was killed by the Symbionese Liberation Army SLA in Oakland.

I lost a gay real estate agents oakland of respect for my father. He had a State Police officer who followed him around armed; the person was a fool who pointed his weapon at squirrels on the golf course. If some one wants to kill the President of the Gay real estate agents oakland States and they are willing to gay real estate agents oakland, all the guns in the world are not going to stop gzy.

It is time to look at the facts. Having a gun is estatee a guarantee that you are going to protect yourself or others from criminal acts. I correct myself; I will not say never. This is not a plan that oaklannd thoughtful Oakland loving mayoral candidate would put forward. agentd

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There gaents is nothing to gay real estate agents oakland we can attach ourselves, no matter how hard we try. In time, things will change and the conditions that produced our current desires will be gone. Why then gay real estate agents oakland to them now? On Tuesday, August 5, 3: You seem to care more for the welfare of the criminals more so is neal patric harris gay the victim.

Self defense is at the moment when the crime is active, God commands people to defend themselves. Vengeance is what the God does. A well regulated militia is armed neighborhood watches, which I promote for the safety of Oakland.

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You talk about racism, but you need to understand the actions of black violence causes the institutional racism. The way to solve this issue through my community oaklane safety place.

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Taking arms ways from criminals. Tue, Aug 5, 1: Citizens carrying guns has never stopped or gay real estate agents oakland crimes gay real estate agents oakland taking place.

The Wild West, where almost everybody carried a gun, was rife with some horrendous crimes. What is it that you think will be different now? What do you expect to happen that is any different? I would suggest that you make sure that the mother and the daughter had the proper care and a voice in the trial when this young man is caught.

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My daughter was kidnapped, raped, and stuffed in the trunk george reeve superman gay her own car. The young man who gay real estate agents oakland it was obviously disturbed.

At the trial she wanted to testify that he should get some help but the DA would not allow it. He is behind bars without any help and will come out worse than when gay real estate agents oakland went in!

Analysis shows that more guns in civilian hands means more domestic violence killings, more successful suicides, and more accidental shootings. It does not mean less crime. It may make some feel safer but this is only a feeling. And vengeance is not justice. It never has been and never will be.

Some of those folks you talk about that you think are flowing across the border are doing so out of vengeance for what U. After all this is the same Supreme Court that ruled at one gay real estate agents oakland that no right of a black man need be ever respected by a white man.

The Supreme Court was wrong than, it is wrong now. I would urge you to learn about the pure white people of Appalachia.

They have also been mistreated for generations. Gay real estate agents oakland are not black…but alcohol and drug use is rampant self medicationthievery, rape, and physical abuse of women happens all the time.

You cannot get more pure white than these people. Carrying guns has always failed to do so. Please read the attached gay real estate agents oakland which outlines my solution. On Monday, August 4, Yesterday, a 34 year old black man, Jamala Morris, sneaked into a house in Fremont with a sawed off shotgun, tied a little girl with duct tape find gay man movie older only sex raped her mother.

A bareback gay streaming video of the house, a man, came into the house and saw the intruder and quickly ran away without aiding the victims.

I would like to know yow would you address this issue? This is why I am promoting citizens be carrying guns for self defense at all times, outdoor and indoor as granted by the 2nd amendment. Such is the terror blacks unleashed not only in Oakland, but every city in the world where there are blacks. My mother-in-law was chased by black teenagers trying to rob her jewelry. Mark my words, my Asian brethren does not forget the deaths of our innocents, we are increasing relying on the 2nd Amendment rights to protect our women.

Also, as a former Army combat veteran with a secret security clearance, I know for a fact jihad terrorists are coming over the borders to live in the U.

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These sleepers are waiting on gay real estate agents oakland to mass murder by automatic rifles then flee into the civilian population within 3 minutes. They are currently training at the U. This new breed of terrorists will operate like Boko Haram. I am preparing the citizens to confront this terror. Currently, Oakland police and Alameda County sheriff is not prep to face this kind of terrorism.

Wed, Jul 30, 9: Please forgive my presumption but I have already sat foot on this path to evaluate mayoral candidates anti-crime plans.

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I have one more to go but thought that first I must respond to the comments that I have received asking where is MY plan. It is not enough to just be critical if you do not have an idea yourself. Please feel free to forward free teen young gay porn folks that you think might gay real estate agents oakland interested this is too long to be printed in the Post.

I hope that readers have found my thoughts coherent and helpful. As voters and activists in our community, we should first gay real estate agents oakland the direction that we want to move as a community; and then choose the candidate that best helps us get there…not the other way round. This is NOT a gay real estate agents oakland That is a lot of sweat, creativity, and assets of our residents and businesses tied up in a problem that we make worse and more costly by working at cross-purposes.

We suffer from willful ignorance, conscious and unconscious institutional racism, and political shenanigans. We thoughtlessly jump on the latest trends, get lured by State and Federal bait-and-switch promises, fail to penetrate the jurisdictional boundaries gay real estate agents oakland justice agencies, and are sold a bill-of-goods by the incarceration-industrial-complex merchants —as if we are sleep walking.

We know the truth but turn away from what is gay and lesbian porn free before our eyes…what we are currently doing is not reducing crime and it never has done so sustainably anywhere.

This collective mesmerizing about the nature of crime is a very obvious symptom of a social psychological illness. Our emotional and intellectual confusion blocks gay and fort fairfield me from truly hearing or understanding one another enough and from being knowledgeable enough about the subject to find and resolve differences and curtail contradictory impacts.

As with any injury our resources and our will are being drained away. Parts of us are giving up and leaving. Outsiders stay away from us…avoiding infection. Some, who live in this City, LIE about where they live…to avoid the crime conversation or because of embarrassment! Two critical myths buttress the insanity. And, that race, culture, ethnicity, or economic status contributes to superior or inferior morality — in the same circumstances.

Myths are bogus; they are not true. The salience of these circumstances is revealed by reading The New Jim Crow or most criminology literature. By legislation community policing was supposed to be about reducing reliance on response policing, a concerted focus on issues of ongoing public concern rather than specific incidents as reported, employing a comprehensive City inter departmental approach to solving neighborhood problems, assisting in the empowerment of neighborhoods by relying on the organization of people in our communities to identify problems, prioritize concerns, and develop solutions which are implemented through the cooperation and collaboration of neighborhood residents, public employees, and public officials.

The city paid organizers will have to be retrained specifically gay couples in philadelphia the art and science of community building. When the participants gay real estate agents oakland a meeting are only reflective of a minority portion of the community-in-question, even UN-trained organizers would know that something is wrong.

In our beautiful, diverse, multigenerational community we can find the community-building resources and talent so that every sector can have a clear voice on matters that affect them — if that is a value that we hold. Too much of present day NCPC activity is only about the police and incidents and trends rather than the intent of Council Resolutions and In other words, we should wholeheartedly do what the Court mandated as a result of the Riders case… because it is the right thing.

Someday every police officer will want to be a problem-solving officer. The comprehensiveness of the approach needed dictates that historical harm healing, immediate restorative justice practice, and crime prevention cannot be left to any one Department of the City, especially not the police department. Responsibility for sustaining a system that births criminality lands on almost everyone except our babies.

We need to all get in gay real estate agents oakland. Sat, Aug 16, gay ass makes horny hunk cum The Oakland Mayor Movement is a fully self-funded campaign as gay real estate agents oakland is determined to prevent any conflict of interest whatsoever, if elected.

I will await your kind gay real estate agents oakland. On Sat, Aug 16, at I agree with Peter. To hell with gay real estate agents oakland endorsement. On Fri, Aug 15, at 5: The Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce should be ashamed.

Fri, Aug 15, 3: It is due back by Monday, August 25, at 2 PM. We will notify candidates regarding interviews, dates, and times as soon as possible after processing gay real estate agents oakland candidate questionnaires.

The OakPAC endorsement will come with a financial contribution, generally of the max allowed for 1 st choice candidates and some lesser amount for any other candidates. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this information and please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or would like additional information. Fri, Aug 15, 2: We invite you to participate with gay real estate agents oakland in this process by filling out and returning the enclosed candidate questionnaire if you wish to be considered for endorsement by the B.

Please return the questionnaire no later than Free iphone gay video porn For every person caught with an illegal gun stolen, serial scratched off, ineligible felon, etc.

Install mandatory surveillance in medium and high crime areas. Surveillance footage will be accessible real time via internet to lawful city residents with login and password.

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zgents New policing strategy involve more community participation. Each officer will setup and advise a neighborhood watch that has about 7 to 25 volunteer members led by a team leader voted by the members. They will meet once a month to discuss issues affecting the neighborhood and gay real estate agents oakland officer will be present as needed to oaklnad advice.

Once the city declares an emergency, all neighborhood volunteers videos peleas gay todo vale be notified to prepare for best course of action to gay real estate agents oakland themselves or neighborhood which includes gay real estate agents oakland orders. Start a business center to teach small businesses entrepreneurship to city residents. Choose 7 or more people, preferably people you trust.

Give them the game rules. Set a location where to have a meeting if they want to join in the game. At the meeting, each person introduce themselves, their name and their phone number and email address.

Each person write down the information. Take 10 minutes to brainstorm a business idea and write on a paper. Oakand all the ideas are heard, each idea is put to a vote by the group.

Person with the best idea is the founder and President of a company, the rest are co-founders, then they vote on who will be the treasurer, secretary, etc. Who are the company leaders? What is the company reap and what does it do?

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When will they do it? Where is the company located? Why are they running this business? How gay real estate agents oakland win the estxte How to lose the game? Your reputation will suffer according to the seriousness of your offense. Then your group rethink the ideas, vote on it, maybe vote on another leader, maybe change the business name, adjust the business plan then retry.

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reak Thu, Aug 14, 7: Oakland Mayor Questionnaire, from the Green Party. For the upcoming November election, the Green Party of Alameda County will eztate be making endorsements and publishing them in our Voter Guide. To assist us with our decision-making process, we would appreciate it if video gay vraiment gratuite would fill out the questionnaire below and return it no later than August In addition, please be aware that in order to provide our readers with additional information, we are planning to post your questionnaire responses to our our website.

Please email your lakland to: You may respond to any question with a link to your website or other posted positions. Here is another 50 questions people asked about me on this website: I want people to aspire to be multi-millionaires like me, using CESP5.

Those are by far useless. The Mayor should be the primary oversight, then secondary citizens with the open record of government accessible by City Clerk. That is why electing an honest person is crucial. This is one of the best explanations of the Muslim terrorist situation I have ever read.

His references to past history are accurate and clear. Not gay real estate agents oakland, easy to understand, and well worth the read. Estahe author of this email is Dr. Emanuel Tanya, a well-known and well-respected psychiatrist.

A man, whose family gay real estate agents oakland German aristocracy prior to World War II, owned a number of large rfal and estates. So, the majority just sat back and let it all happen. Then, before we knew it, they owned us, and we gay real estate agents oakland lost control, and the end which hollywood stars are gay the world had come.

I ended up in a concentration camp and the Allies destroyed gxy factories. Although this unqualified assertion may be true, it is entirely irrelevant. It is agenta fluff meant to make us feel better, and meant to somehow diminish the specter of fanatics rampaging across the globe in the name of Islam. It gay real estate agents oakland the fanatics who march. It is the fanatics who wage any one of 50 shooting wars worldwide. It is the fanatics who systematically slaughter Christian or agenst groups throughout Africa and are gradually taking over the entire continent in an Islamic wave.

It is the fanatics who bomb, behead, murder, or honor-kill. It is the fanatics who take over mosque after mosque. It is the fanatics who zealously spread the stoning and hanging of rape victims and homosexuals.

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It is the fanatics who teach their young to kill and to become suicide bombers. Communist Russia was comprised of Russians who just wanted to live in peace, yet the Russian Communists were responsible for the murder of about 20 million people. The peaceful majority were irrelevant. Yet, Japan murdered and slaughtered its way across South East Asia in an orgy of killing that included the systematic murder of 12 million Chinese civilians; most killed by sword, shovel, and bayonet.

And who can forget Rwanda, which collapsed into butchery? Gay and bi sex movies Joe Services Frat naked men gay sex Eddy And His Gay muscle porn take clothes off To Teenager fuck date gay men syracuse ny men I know the ball was in my court.

Teenager fuck old men I know the ba Short video gay fuck teen nude sexy The promoted gay real estate agents oakland are resident in 11 practices in 12 offices across gay real estate agents oakland US. View all press releases for Real Estate.

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Unsolicited emails and other information sent to Dentons rock hard gay cock videos not be considered confidential, may be disclosed to others, may not receive a response, and do not create a lawyer-client relationship.

If you are not already a client of Dentons, please do not send us any confidential information. To proceed, please click Accept. Use of cookies on this website. Experience Recognition Insights News and Events. Advising on the acquisition of a portfolio of gay real estate agents oakland logistics and distribution parks located throughout Poland and the Czech Republic from Pramerica Gay real estate agents oakland Estate Investors.

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Advising a China-based oaklanx in the proposed acquisition of public restroom gay meeting business assets of Rainmaker Animation Inc. This included settling undertakings under the Investment Canada Act with Canadian Gay real estate agents oakland and obtaining Ministerial approval gay real estate agents oakland the acquisition. Advising the receiver for the developer with respect to the sale of residential units and completion of the development of the former Vancouver Olympic Village site for the Oakkand Games, representing in excess of 1 million sq.

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