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Aug 22, - San Francisco 49ers assistant coach Katie Sowers is a pro football pioneer. This season, she will become the NFL's second full-time assistant.

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City-proud fitness nuts, prepare to fall in painful workout love. Even those are a pale reflection of truly bizarre courtships that unfold in the natural world.

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For example, the common garden snail is a hermaphrodite that carries both sets of genitals near its head. One is the creepy anglerfish, the male of which sinks his teeth into his mate and dissolves until nothing is left but gonads.

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Another is the exquisite bower bird, which attracts a partner through song, dance, and flamboyant architectural feats. HistoryToursFree EventsArts As a self-described "logical extension of a free public library," our local free walking-tour company is, like most libraries, a fascinating gay publications in san francisco of nerdy and white-hot rad.

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The San Francisco City Guides walking tours happen every day except major holidaysare free, and follow in the footsteps oublications hypereducated history nuts who hand out copies of secret, illuminating documents while pointing out the beauty publkcations around us. What's more, in the best-weather months of May and October, the Guides offer extra tours, bringing the weekly count up to Among gay publications in san francisco tours offered: A Walk Along the Waterfront Ongoing, 9: Permanent Collection Ongoing, 10 a.

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Penguin Feeding Ongoing, Coral Reef Dive Ongoing, Like the eternal light that can be found in every synagogue, Lane's gigantic lamp can be seen as a symbol of higher connection — both literally francsco figuratively. Tours Interactive historical walking tours led by local comedians.

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In June in New York City, police conducted a routine raid of gay publications in san francisco Stonewall Inn and, for the first time, patrons fought back. The raid led to a four-night riot in which protesters threw rocks and bottles at police, smashed windows, and set garbage cans afire. Gradually, more and more young women with tie-dyes and men with long hair and sandals started going to the bar for a drink and a discussion about radical politics, startling some of the more conservatively dressed longtime customers.

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The new clientele also alarmed the Johansens. The couple refused to allow the Berkeley-based radical im Gay Sunshine to be distributed in the bar.

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Gay publications in san francisco everyone knew that [the anti-gay rules] were not unique to this place. Protesters printed up leaflets containing eight demands, including distribution of Gay Sunshine and other publications, a repeal of the antitouching rule, and an end to ejections of Gay Liberation Front members from the bar.

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One protester recalls pulling out copies of Gay Sunshine. Another GLFer member walked in the bar and started distributing pyblications list of demands to customers. The White Horse finally emptied as the customers were forced almost in a panic through a tiny back door to freedom.

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Oakland police arrived but declined to make arrests. The people had won! The bar was closed!

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The boycott unnerved some of the more conservative patrons, fgancisco were stepping around protesters on the sidewalk so they could enter the bar to have their usual drink.

They just huddled around wondering what to do.

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As gay and lesbian newspapers and churches opened and gay discussion groups formed, more radical gays began to view bars like the White Horse as symbols of oppression, rather than as safe harbors. The rhetoric in the Barb and Gay Sunshine was as virulent against the centrality of bars to gay culture as it was against the Johansens themselves.

And the myth that the only gay publications in san francisco a homosexual can be comfortable is in a gay bar.

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Gay radicals decided to create their own space. We need more room!

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We need the world! But the protest by that time had ended: They lifted the no-touching rule, contributed money to the formation of a gay community center, allowed a hundred people who had been banned from the bar to return, erected a community bulletin board, and allowed the sale of Gay Sunshine.

The White Horse became a symbol of what the drive for gay and lesbian visibility and self-respect gay publications in san francisco accomplish.

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The Johansens owned the White Horse until No one involved with the bar knows where the Johansens are today—or whether gay publications in san francisco are still alive.

Nowhere was that sexual energy more intense than San Francisco, where many gay male franxisco became sexual playgrounds, with a grope as common a greeting as a handshake.

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The White Horse was much more subdued. People who wanted a wild time generally went to San Francisco.

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The White Franicsco remained primarily a place for camaraderie. I remember discussions around the fireplace and stuff that was more political. Cerkanowicz preferred the White Horse to the social scene in San Francisco.

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You came here to sit around and talk to people. The City was a whole different thing. It was a performance. An eerie pall fell over the White Horse as longtime customers became desperately ill.

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When Graham Bell first went gay publications in san francisco the White Puboications inhe was struck by its charm. Two years later, Bell bought the bar from the Johansens, and the White Horse has been gay-owned ever since. Straight women fetishizing the lives of gay men. Most of us who identify as queer understand the complexities of sexuality.

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Many of us struggled with claiming our identities and defining them. That said, fetishizing the sexuality of others is still a blatant form of sexism, homophobia, racism.

Gay pulp fiction, or gay pulps, refers to printed works, primarily fiction, that include references to male homosexuality, specifically male gay sex, and that are cheaply produced, typically in paperback books made of wood pulp paper; lesbian pulp fiction is . Davidson put gay porn twists on familiar genres: A Different Drum features.

You make them Other. From the vantage point of the male gaze of these books—because the majority were written by men Ann Bannon and Valerie Taylor aside —the women could never be happy together because two women was a perversity.

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A man was needed to complete a woman. That was the inviolable paradigm. Straight people are still arguing this in the marriage equality fight.

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A stronger man rapes a younger, more feminine man. This was often a feature of lesbian pulps and lesbian porn written by men.

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Oasis also creates its own shows and, inPublixations helmed drag parodies of Star Trek, Sex and the City and Facts of Life, as well as staging 70s exploitation-inspired comedies about exotic dancer Champagne White. Catch newbies strutting their stuff at Try Some Thing at 10pm ishgive all your dollars to the queens in the 11pm ish show, and stay gay publications in san francisco for the after-hours dancing.

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Founded by another SF drag legend, Cookie Dough may she rest in peace and MC2, the eclectic performers always audiences. The show starts at You might even catch me hostessing with regulars Sue Casa and Sugah Betes.

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Another quintessential San Francisco experience is anything involving film connoisseur Peaches Christ. She creates elaborate stage shows at the Castro Theatre for cult movies, and her annual Showgirls tribute in August features an army of drag queen lap dancers.

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Gay publications in san francisco Kevin Seamanartist, cultural worker and long-time San Francisco resident.

The Lone Star never charges a cover but has many great events where you can meet like-minded hirsute men, such as Cubcake second Friday of the month and great Saturday night parties, including Leader of the Pack 50s music night. Another favourite SoMa hangout is the Eagle kn, which has a cruise-y atmosphere.