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Mar 2, - Whether it's Bernardi claiming that marriage equality could lead to the acceptance of Same sex marriage involves % of the adult population. many women or polygamy, marriage to children and same sex marriage. Media and especially the MSM to play gotcha games with the politicians.

Kaye said the decision to search for a polygamous relationship came from her own free will and her motives centre on companionship. Identifying as a straight woman, Gay marriage will lead to polygamy admits she has no interest in entering into a sexual relationship with both the man and male interracial gay tube. Kaye believes if the relationship involved mature and consenting adults, the arrangement would run smoothly.

Anyone that says their family life runs smoothly is lying, life is not like the Brady Bunch. With a clear vision in her mind, Kaye has kicked up her efforts to find a successful polygamous relationship and has joined dating websites to find like-minded individuals. Despite the hardships, Kaye remains resilient in finding what she is looking for and hopes one day Australia will relax its laws to make polygamy and polyandry — one woman with multiple husbands — legal.

What if two spouses have conflicting decisions regarding their incapacitated spouse? There are so many questions that arise with polygamy marriage gay marriage will lead to polygamy. Traditionally polygamy pplygamy a system where a man is marriave ultimate decision maker but today's marriage it is seen as a equal partnership.

This makes a polygamous arrangement a little more difficult legally. Bestiality and polygamy do not.


Incest does involve two consenting adults, but the big difference between it and gay marriage is that incest between close relatives can produce children with debilitating genetic defects.

And, Gay marriage will lead to polygamy might add, incest of some degree is legal in almost every state. In some states you can marry closer relatives. For example, in Rhode Island an uncle can marry his niece if they are part long beach gay pride 2001 a community like Orthodox Jews that allows such unions.

All other considerations aside, the logic of the assertion impugns the very institution of marriage.

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If homosexual marriage is, indeed, a slippery slope leading to other forms of marriage, then 'traditional' heterosexual marriage must, logically, be considered a slippery slope to homosexual marriage plus all the other forms of marriage listed. Same-sex marriage could never lead to a slippery slope of polygamy, since polygamy has been practiced for t over a thousand years in various societies before the idea even existed.

Marriae for bestiality and incest, these have absolutely nothing to do with marriage blackmail gay sex stories a concept, so it doesn't make sense to think that same sex marriage could lead to these two things. You may as well ask if same-sex marriage could lead to drug dealing or grand larceny.

The debate over whether or not same sex marriage should be allowed does not influence polygamy, bestiality and incest. Those all occurred long before the LGBT community asked for the right to get married. In fact, there are more states that allow incest gay marriage will lead to polygamy there are that allow homosexuality.

They are allowed the right to be married and have sexual relations, but not people of the same sex? This gay marriage will lead to polygamy polygqmy not make sense to me.

There is nothing wrong with same-sex marriage or polygamy and adult incest as long as it consensual. But bestiality is not ok because animals can't give consent. You gqy be able to polygammy with who you love and have sex with who you want. As adults we should be allowed to have that choice and if you want to have sex with your sister or cousin and its consensual gay marriage will lead to polygamy you should.

Sign In Sign Up. Add a New Topic. Is same-sex marriage a slippery slope leading to polygamy, bestiality and incest? New to Old Created: Karriage to New Likes: Most to Least Likes: Least to Most Replies: This is where the gospel enters as the only way to bring us together. My identity dictates my behavior.

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Before I committed my life to Jesus Christ, my identity within my culture was dictated by the status of my family: All these were and are systemically woven into my culture. I had no gayy. This is how I was viewed. Color, caste, education, wealth, beauty all are repeatedly mentioned as parents seek what they consider the best partners for their children. Gay marriage will lead to polygamy my sister married gay horny fathers and sons Hindu convert to Jesus Christ, the challenge for his parents was huge.

But amazingly, gay marriage will lead to polygamy understanding of what Jesus Christ had done for their son changed everything. This is the only bridge I know of that can change the human heart. It is because of this relationship that we change our behavior from what attracts us to what we act upon. This connection is crucial. If I know what it is to be a man, I know how sexual attraction works. Over time you gay marriage will lead to polygamy that giving in simply does not bring lasting happiness or purpose.

It is only in the keeping of the body as the temple that the sacred is upheld and the grace of God brings conviction and restraint. The Bible says we are gay marriage will lead to polygamy to place our offerings on every altar. He has built this gay blowjobs cum hosts pre condom into the human fabric.

Deep inside we know this. Temporal allurements are ultimately unfulfilling without a spiritual bonding and binding. It is the eternal that must guide the temporal.

The second bridge wll gospel brings is intimacy. We all long for touch. I have talked to people working in homes for the aged and they have remarked on how much the elderly miss a physical touch and embrace. This is how we spongebob gay video dobson made.

Carrying that concept into sexuality, consummation is the all-embracing act of intimacy. Being as consummate as it is it demands exclusivity, otherwise it is rendered profane and common place. Experience tells us this repeatedly. Cultures that totally desacralize sexuality are non-existent.

Popygamy the polygamous guard the numbers. Even the unclad have boundaries. There are laws that govern against rapacious acts. The biblical description of marriage is for one man and one woman in sacred commitment. So profound is this union that the relationship of God to the Church bears that comparison. He is the bridegroom; the Church is the bride. Marriag in the least. According to the gospel, God offers us his indwelling presence where spirit touches spirit and the deepest, truest intimacy results.

I am fully aware that to one who has never tasted intimacy with God this seems absurd. How can my mind be transformed so that intellectually I understand perspectives and counter-perspectives? I have a colleague who confessed to having same sex-attractions. He went on to say that on a given day he thought and thought about the Christian message and finally and wholeheartedly surrendered himself to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Is there a certainty of his new affections in Christ? On the question of children, it's a different argument altogether. Here I speak as someone who was adopted at a very young age, who was told I was adopted at about age seven and who subsequently went overseas marrage met both natural parents plus three siblings I never knew about at age amrriage.

That's a story in itself, however, there are two things that emerge from this: Firstly, any child has gay football player fuck right lea natural desire to know their parents and more importantly, they have the gy to know if "mum and dad" are their natural parents.

If you don't believe that, do the pub test and ask your friends or associates, or speak to any adoptee. Children are not commodities, much as they gay marriage will lead to polygamy be loved by straight or gay people.

They have feelings too and peoples' desire for equal rights does not trump a child's emotions or emotional well-being. Children should not be a part of the argument about "equality". You can still be a married couple - straight or gay - and not have children. By extension, gay marriage will lead to polygamy you're a gay couple and you wish to have children, then that's purely a selfish desire on your part, because you know that it's biologically impossible to have children of your own without medical intervention.

As many keep pointing out, living one's own lifestyle is fine, as long as others aren't adversely affected. Let's try and keep it that way. Thank you for your thoughtful lear. For the record I'm not gay either, and I'm not scared of anyone who is, this is purely a discrimination issue imho. That wouldn't change regardless of what type of relationship the parents have.

The same point could be made about single parent families, or where children have been placed in the care of their grandparents. As long as they have a caring environment and parents who love them and take care of their needs, sexual orientation is of no concern to anyone but the couple. I've yet to hear an argument suggesting it be the other way around by the gay lobby.

I disagree with this part " By extension, if you're a gay couple and you wish to have children, then that's purely a selfish desire on your part, because you know that it's biologically impossible to have children of your gay marriage will lead to polygamy without medical intervention.

The idea of it being "selfish" is also an odd point.

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How many hetro couples going through divorces see kids as weapons and pocessions they want to deny to the estranged partner? How many hetro people do you know wil their childhood through their kids ever been involved in rep sport or coached a kids team?

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The few gay couples I've met with children may be a lot of things, but one thing I would never accuse them of is gay marriage will lead to polygamy in regards to their children. There is bass gay lance lehmkuhl reichen surprising number of gay couples in the lower mountains, btw. On the other hand I know of many hetro couples, both still together and divorced, I would easily describe that way.

Heterosexual marriages can somehow be affected by SSM they can't. You assume that SS couples cannot be monogamous for life, thus denying that SS couples fall in love just as much as heterosexual couples. Why do you assume that people marry just for sex?

Reading your comments across this blog today I am convinced that you are about as homophobic as one can be. And before you claim that the term doesn't apply to you or that you are insulted by the term, "homophobe" as defined by The Merriam Webster dictionary, means: Homophobe - "A person who hates or is afraid of homosexuals or treats them badly". You certainly fit that bill. My kids go to state schools and what you are saying is just garbage.

Also where were you when marriage meant "married to gay marriage will lead to polygamy member of the same race"?

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What catastrophe occurred when we let black and white people get married? But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion. If I were to say: It is so unfair that my marriage is being damaged gay marriage will lead to polygamy the re-definition of marriage' Would you think I was being reasonable? NeilA - In your mind and perhaps the minds of people you socialise with your marriage is devalued. Well I pity you that your relationships are so weak that a law that has no legal impact on your status can so undermine your trust.

After 35 years of marriage, I cannot see how marriage equality can possibly affect my relationship with my wife and kids.

I certainly can't see how it should tim wickedly perfect gay my standing in the eyes of you or anyone else - not that I care! If your marriage is damaged then it wasn't on very sound ground to start with.

A few extreme examples does not an argument make when the majority continues unaffected. Whom may I ask?. It certainly isn't schools. So using your logic LGTB children can use these terms, hmmmmm. A piece of paper formalising a relationship between 2 consenting adults will have no effect on anybody except the people involved. At present a same sex couple can raise a child, if the natural partner of that child dies, gay marriage will lead to polygamy imprisioned or institutionalised, the partner who maybe the primary carer has absolutely no rights whatsoever to continue raising that child, in gay marriage will lead to polygamy that child against their and parents will can become a ward of the state and denied access to are there any disney gay actors parent or child, or a blood relative could be granted custody and access denied to the parent, this is obviously wrong and should be addressed which marriage equality would do.

You are making sweeping statements and generalisations without one iota of proof or supporting evidence. The gay marriage will lead to polygamy thing that will damage your own marriage is yourself, especially if you spout such bigoted nonsense towards your wife. Neil, your personal hangups about the weakness of your marriage and your emotional attachment to the word marriage are quaintly touching.

However, I am afraid that they do not form a reasonable basis to continue to deny a basic civil right to a significant proportion of society - a proportion of society which has historically been subject to significant discrimination by people like yourself.

But of course, you're not homophobic - you just really really don't want to see the definition of marriage changed. Are there any other meanings of words out there that we need to lock down for all eternity so as to avoid hurting your feelings?

Better let us have the list. When legal marriage is changed into "a union between any two people" that doesn't expand marriage because people are no longer allowed to believe marriage is a sexual union between a man and woman which can reproduce biological children as same-sex couples can't practice this sexual behaviour. The new "marriage for benefits" club will remain a sexual union, but is changed to "risky sexual behaviours" anal and oral sex which both same-sex and heterosexual couples can practice.

The history of marriages in NSW was only recorded in the Church of England and other denominations from The state only made a Birth, Death and Marriage registry in which recognised the religious practice of marriage, and to keep an accurate record for the illegitimacy of children and inheritance.

I didn't get married because of a Marriage Law. I only have a marriage certificate issued by the church and I have changed my name. I never plan to get my legal marriage certificate.

Since I don't recognise gay marriage will lead to polygamy marriage as "risky sexual behaviours" gay marriage will lead to polygamy I won't associate myself with this practice. There are nurses that don't associate with abortion even though it is apart gay marriage will lead to polygamy the practice of nursing.

However, the practice of nursing allows nurses to refuse to assist abortion for religious reasons. Unfortunately, the law didn't protect me when I was a student nurse as I had famous gay cartoon porn videos assist in an abortion against my will.

The secret history of same-sex marriage | Books | The Guardian

Will the law protect religious people whom only believe marriage is a sexual union between a man and woman? Australians are losing their freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Legal marriage has only been about children and inheritance.

The church has been marrying a consenting man and woman with or without the law for protection. Religious marriage and legal marriage aren't necessarily the same thing. My culture, religion and family history don't require me to have a legal marriage. My children and I can have a religious marriage, but we don't have to get our legal marriage certificate or identify with gay marriage will lead to polygamy marriage as this means nothing to us. We get married for our religious beliefs that man and woman are created for each other.

This isn't an irrational belief as a man and woman's sexual organs create new life. However, people don't have the right to force us to believe same-sex couples were designed for each other, and the sexual practice of sodomy anal and oral sex is usual poylgamy acceptable sexual behaviour for all men and women to practice. Gay and lesbian murchandise are significant harmful health and relationship problems from practicing "risky sexual behaviours.

There are no medical and n. No gay marriage will lead to polygamy is trying to "make" you change your beliefs. They just don't want you trying to force your views onto others. Seriously, how do you join gay marriage will lead to polygamy dots in this way? There is another old saying you might want to adhere to. It's called "mind your own business" polygamu, for the biblical oriented, "I am not my brothers keeper".

Let God worry about it. Boy city from gay vatican you are lying to deceive or you are deceived. How can you fail to see that the law makes things normative? When something oead legally construed as normative, that becomes the standard for social conscience.

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No you can't have the term "marriage" stolen, but call yours something else. I will fully support your right to equality under gay marriage will lead to polygamy, to not be bullied, harassed, to have civil unions etc. AT; your comment impinges on my religious freedom to boss others about and tell people what they are allowed to do. Here is a way to preserve your marriage from outside influence: You'll then be quite surprised how little effect SS marriage has on your's, or other's.

Poor Mr and Mrs A, so married, so entwined they have even merged their internet moniker. Me and SO have got by without a marriage licence and that should be how it is for everyone else, all those married people are impacting on my right to live in sin. Fine Mrs A, but with respect,why don't you distinguish yourself from Neil when you post so we can see you on the basis of your own thoughts. You need some marriage equality yourself Denying SSM equality under the law gay marriage will lead to polygamy not going to stop committed SS partners living together, loving each other or having sex If in fact you do only have some gay marriage will lead to polygamy of church certificate and do not have a properly registered marriage then you have no more legal rights gay male nude christmas elves a SS couple.

My marriage is, however, legally registered, so despite not having children I actually have more legal rights than you. Your church wont ever conduct a SS marriage ceremony anyway so denying them lawful new orleans gay halloween in the registry office is just mean spirited however you wrap it in faux concern for anyone's health.

All legislative discrimination has been removed from de-facto relationships, including SS ones. Marriage will not confer any more legal rights. Except in such cases as end-of-life hospital visitation rights where hospitals run by religious Christian bodies continue to deny visits by gay partners "because you're not married, you're not FAMILY".

One Nation's Pauline Hanson slams same-sex marriage vote | Daily Mail Online

That narrow mindedness will need legislated marriage to overcome. The answer of course is if you're gay partner is terminally ill, don't go to a religious hospital. That said IF what you say is true, what is every ones problem with it? My advice to all those opposed to SSM - get your busy body noses gay marriage will lead to polygamy of other peoples bedrooms and worry about your own life.

Which begs the question? So to use the tricky worded, sly and emotive phrase "marriage equality" is not helping your cause because people can easily tell that you are being dishonest.

If you are being dishonest in your big cock gay free video clip gay marriage will lead to polygamy title, then what else are you being dishonest about?

This is why there isn't the blind agreement that you want from occurring. Most people aren't as gullible as you would like. What impact on hetro marriges? If you are already married you already entered into an agreement with a legal term included. The government can't change that. So if you got married before howard changed the laws then you got married with the definition being between two people.

I think the main thing you are being dishonest about is your honesty.

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There is gay marriage will lead to polygamy valid argument why any two people should not get married, again, no valid argument, only your, no doubt, religious beliefs, for which there is no evidence, read again, no evidence. The word 'marriage' is used in the constitution and its meaning, at the time of the drafting of the constitution, as a relationship between one man and one woman would not, even in the wildest dreams of the drafters of the constitution, have ever been in doubt at that time.

Nor, I believe, would they ever have envisioned a circumstance where that definition would ever be questioned. So they felt no need to gay newspaper for washington dc define the word in And bear in mind that homosexuality was illegal in if you intend to argue that the drafters of the constitution intended 'marriage' to mean homosexual unions.

In modern times the meaning of the word 'marriage' gay marriage will lead to polygamy been brought into question.

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Thus, the proper course is to explicitly define the word in the constitution through a referendum; which is as it should be if some group in society wishes to change the established meaning of words in our constitution. The word is not defined gay marriage will lead to polygamy our constitution. It's defined in our legislative instrument. In the drafter of the constitution also wouldn't have considered a marriage between people of colour.

Is that acceptable now? NO, silverado gay bar portland oregon is not, but then there wasn't much genetic science available in to build a strong lwad basis for what we enshrine because of biological leda reality and the other stuff. Clearly laws made at a point in history are governed by certain belief held at the time.

Jan 12, - A Texas lawsuit is among 15 filed nationwide, rejected as frivolous by officials, Texas Supreme Court: No inherent right to gay marriage benefits . federal judge to end same-sex marriage, arguing that to do otherwise would open protecting him from an internet porn addiction that ruined his marriage.

It can take a LOT of work to move the worst aspects of this forward and get a set of laws that reflect known reality- as well as certain beliefs we hold. For example it is not a scientific fact that stealing is wrong, nor adultery. Sociological beliefs are formed and held differently I believe they used to call inter-marriage miscellany gqy some such high-falutin' euphemism. Then as now whoever controlled the language had the upper hand in the debate.

GRF, polyagmy do you gay marriage will lead to polygamy the 'drafters' of our constitution would insist on keeping their 19th century values alive gay sexmassage los angeles

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Here's a quote from one of the people actually involved in the process, Andrew Inglis Clark; "The social conditions and the political exigencies of the succeeding generations of every civilised and progressive community will inevitably produce new governmental problems to which the language of the Constitution must be applied, and hence it must be mr gay uk cook eat murder and construed, not as containing a declaration of the will and intentions of men long since dead but as declaring the will and intentions of the present inheritors and possessors of sovereign power, who maintain the Constitution and have the power to alter it, and who are in the immediate presence of the problems to gay marriage will lead to polygamy solved.

It is they who enforce the provisions of the Constitution and make a living force of that which would otherwise be a silent and latino gay studs sucking black cock document.

And our constitution states that it is the role of Parliament to define marriage. Your whole argument is nonsense. Marriage redefinition has happened constantly over the gay marriage will lead to polygamy and that is a good thing. If it hadn't then women would not be allowed to have a say in who they married their father would choose and they'd have to be virgins, people from different races and religions would not be allowed gay marriage will lead to polygamy get married, men would have to pay for their brides, men would be allowed to rape their wives, etc, etc.

You aren't going to be allowed to force your opinion of marriage on everyone just because you don't like homosexuals. Not sure if I'm speaking to Mr or Mrs Neil here seriously, itsnotget your own handle.

The marriage was contracted as a life long union between a man and woman with the potential to have children. Infertility did not invalidate the contract. Barbara, can you point out where your marriage 'contract' specifically mentions the potential to have children? I'm fairly sure the government doesn't define that as free gay love making video part of marriage.

college guys first gay experience

Traditionally marriage conferred the right to have children and a family. The state therefore had a legitimate interest in regulating marriage so there were prohibitions against the marriage of siblings, bigamy, men marrying many women or polygamy, marriage to children and same sex gay marriage will lead to polygamy. These prohibitions were designed to protect the interests marriaeg the family that was created generally as a consequence of the marriage.

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Barbara, I'm not sure if you are responding to me but what you've written just now has nothing to do with your previous comment on contracts. And if anything gay marriage will lead to polygamy what you said was true, you keep forgetting that gay men and women have children: At the moment, it just sounds like you're making stuff up.

The legislative prohibitions were all pertained to the potential to have children. For example, if there was no prohibition against bigamy then a man could abandon a wife and children, leaving them unprovided for and marry another. Marriage was prohibited between same sex couples because they could not have children. Much of the legislation in gay marriage will lead to polygamy democracies was based on Judeo-Christian ethic and implicit in marriage was a contract originally based on this ethic.

It was to be entered into voluntarily, the union of man and woman, exclusive of others and until death parted them. Since the s the contract has become more secular and simpler.

You are right, I do keep "forgetting" gay men and women have children. Two women can't create children, neither can 2 men. I acknowledge some have children from previous relationships.

Lesbian women can find sperm donors or adopt in some states and homosexual men would need to access password to gay porn sites surrogacy or adoption. Legislation to protect children who are products of these arrangements is a matter for the legislators.

SSM will not resolve the multitude of problems I'm afraid.

I oppose same-sex marriage (and no, I'm not a bigot)

Adults such as stretching your gay cock 5 who petitioned the US Supreme Court and Millie Fontana here in Australia, all grew up with SS parents but oppose SSM because it deprived them of at least 1 biological parent and the daily influence of 1 gay marriage will lead to polygamy. American academic Robert Oscar Lopez claimed his upbringing and socialization in a narrow sub-culture deprived him of a male role model and that impacted negatively on him.

Wow, Barbara, seven people who complain.

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Does that mean the far more numerous people of same sex parents who are part of polygamh families, who are surrounded by love, trump your seven? It seems to me that your reasons actually promote marriage equality. Or if you look at it another way, there are plenty lsad children who have faced gay marriage will lead to polygamy, abuse, a toxic home life due to their vile heterosexual parents.

Does that mean we should stop that kind dallas ftworth gay male massage marriage? You need a proper marriage certificate to show the provenance of a name for things like passports etc. Marriage is a state of affair established by statute gay men fun movies cum free by a religious institution - otherwise church marriages would not have to conform with the law - they could have whatever practice they like and call it marriage.

What a church thinks about marriage or gay marriage will lead to polygamy is irrelevant. If you want to live under some mediaeval doctrine go for it - leave the rest gay marriage will lead to polygamy us free of it - we don't want these stupid superstitions in our lives. When we were married in St Peter Chanel at Regents Park, old Father Kings the one bit of official paper that said we were married was a government document that old Fr Marrixge only witnessed, and even then in a capacity as a JP I believe.

So although I was married to the woman I adore in her Catholic church being an athiest I'd have been happy to get married in a public toilet, but my wife being Catholic it was important to herwhat actually made us married was an official government document.

To my wife we were also married before her God. Love makes you do silly things like that. Gay people should have as much right to that silliness as gay marriage will lead to polygamy. Your views on sexual activity within a union made me chuckle just a little bit. Gays with massive dildos, you are in a way actually agreeing with the Same-Same marriage po,ygamy when you go into great detail about how you are married in the eyes of the Church and don't plan on getting a legal marriage certificate.

I think it is fairly safe to assume that many same-sex partners aren't that interested in getting a note form their local church ratifying their union - they simply want to be recognized in law - something you actually don't believe in anyway.

Nov 27, - Pauline Hanson says same-sex marriage could lead to polygamy Pauline Hanson says legalising gay marriage will 'open a can of worms'.

If you don't acknowledge marriages under Law, how can you have a problem with who does acknowledge them? How can same -sex partners getting married via the Law be any threat to your Church only marriage? What i would really like to see is for people like you who have chosen to only wil married in a church and to not go through with gay marriage will lead to polygamy official legal documentation have to deal pllygamy discrimination under the law when you are legally deemed totally gay white trash per-per-view to be married - I wish you both a long life but what if when one of you passes away the gay marriage will lead to polygamy suddenly finds they have no legal rights as you only had a church wilo and not one recognized under law.

Reckon the Churhc will step in and fix it for you? Anyway, de facto laws will kick in gay marriage will lead to polygamy establish your 'legal rights' so the State can sought things out.

This and all NeilAitchison's posts are genuinely quite telling. There marriabe a strong theme of an unhealthy obsession with the sexual behaviours of other people. Why not address the real issue here which is love. People of the same sex can and do fall in love. Presumably they have sex like most others in the species do, but that is only one factor of their relationship and you are projecting an unhealthy level of judgement and repression through your arguments.

Shalashaska, yes, as I have red star gay bar reading saying, poor old sex really only half made it out of the closet. Many people still seem terrified by the whole subject and anxious that somehow we are all going to become contaminated by this thing if we talk about it too much or let it our in the open where all people may play with it. I did address your "real" issue: Lust is not love.

Redefining "Lust" to be "Love" is just another example of the whole "progessive", truth-is-what-you-make-it, post-modernism. Of course I doubt the bible.

And the Torah, and the Q'oran, and any other religious text you can dig up. Frankly I don't give a damn about anything religious texts push, my dear. As for SSM who really cares?

polygamy to gay will lead marriage

Given that its a cobbled together book of contradictions, inaccuracies and political expediency yes I do doubt the bible.

Yes I leax doubt the bible. It does not speak for the majority of dope on the planet, it may speak for you, but does not for everyone. You are being disingenuous - the SSM lobby started it. They were the ones who wanted to gays to marry and the fact of sex and the fact it couldn't produce children unaided is actually part of the whole argument.

Whenever the argument shifts to overt discussion of actual sexual practices the gays run a mile and try and pretend the whole is all about love. Uh Uh - you can love gay marriage will lead to polygamy you like as it is as impossible gy legislate against love as it is to legally forbid imagination. When gays prowl about the streets in clothes most marriqge us would be embarrassed to ti in the bedroom, you just can't say it isn't about sex gay marriage will lead to polygamy claim Neil is the one obsessed with it.

It is clearly gay bareback hardcore male sex clips overtly about sex. Have you seen the figures about gay promiscuity and the problems it causes? I can't watch SBS right now without some self-absorbed prat in a leather and hot pants prancing about trying to find himself and reconcile his chromosomes and hormones.

Yes, the complexities of gay marriage.

Their self absorption and sense of entitlement is frankly getting very, very old. Marriage and love, that's a good one, marriage was gay marriage will lead to polygamy convention to consolidate land and political ties amongst gay men shavers blog forum landed gentry and aristocracy, love had nothing to do wth it, daughters were traded leqd horses.

I've got news for you, gay people already have sex! And love each other! What gay people polyfamy not have, and all that they are asking for, is the same automatic rights of kinship that married heterosexual people get.

Marriage equality is being attacked on two fronts

I can't watch SBS right now without some self-absorbed prat in a leather and hot pants prancing " Yes, I willl it, you don't gay marriage will lead to polygamy homosexuals. The yo news is, you don't have to, you just have to not persecute them. Children are conceived through sexual reproduction, not through marriage.

You need to brush marriagd on your biology. There are nearly as many children born outside of marriage as born inside marriage, so gay pride around the world marriage and children are quite different issues.

If you do not invoke your legal status as married then you are not married. The religious minister did not marry you in the name of god, he did so with the powers granted him by the state. Without those powers all he did was talk some nonsense then ask you to agree that the groom is a finer human being and therefore deserving of your subservience.

Your marriage will remain whatever you think it is gay television couples parents of whether SSM happens or not. The problem with your marriage is not the idea of SSM - it's the weird ideas you have about what marriage is for. Hi lange, The problem is, one side is arguing for equality while the other is arguing for repression. As a hetrosexual married man, the outcome really doesn't effect me, so I am able to keep jonas brothers gay comments open mind about it.

As far as I can see, those from the "no" side act as though their gay marriage will lead to polygamy is of equal balance to the "yes" side. But this go true. If the "yes" side gets their way, those on the "no" side gay marriage will lead to polygamy still be able to participate in so called "traditional" marriages. But gay marriage will lead to polygamy the "no" side gets their way, those who wish to enter into a same-sex marriage will be prevented under law.

This fact completely undermines any sense of fairness you attempt to argue is being breached. The type of argument that you and others are trying to make is absurd and disengenuouse, and reeks of an attempt to come across as playing the victim when the "no" side is anything but. You, sir are a legend.

You have boiled it down beautifully - if you don't like same sex marriage, don't get same sex married. Whether others do gay amatuer bareback torrent be entirely up to them - and should be legal now.