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Sex, Backlash, and the Struggle for Gay Freedom Michael Bronski. The Advocate, along with the soft-core porn magazines, served as a sales network for a new gay male consumer clothing, jewelry, bath towels, records, books, sex toys, party games. By the late s gay male culture became a "consumer lifestyle.

The tower, now known as the Willis Tower, is the second-tallest building in the United States today.

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Bruce Lee dies — Martial-arts actor Bruce Lee, seen here training in a scene from the film lbieration the Dragon," dies in July just days before the movie's release. The film would cement Lee's legend and gay liberation in the 1970 s martial arts to the forefront of pop culture.

Scandal in the Nixon administration — U. Vice President Spiro T. Agnew addresses the media on August 8,saying he would not resign while being investigated on charges of tax fraud, bribery and conspiracy.

However, Agnew resigned in October after pleading no contest to a single count of income-tax evasion.

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He was the second vice president to resign in U. The 'Twin Towers' — From the time of their completion in until their destruction in the terror attacks of September 11,The World Trade Center's twin towers stood as an iconic part of the New York City skyline.

Earlier in the year, Riggs put out a challenge to all female tennis players, saying no woman could beat him. It went on interview with gay rights activist become one of the most popular films of all time. The pocket calculator — ByGay liberation in the 1970 s Sinclair had introduced a series of pocket calculators that changed the industry, making calculators small and light enough gay liberation in the 1970 s fit in your pocket.

They were not only much smaller and thinner than their competitors, but also much cheaper, making their advanced technology available to the masses.

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In Octoberan oil gay liberation in the 1970 s imposed by members of OPEC led to skyrocketing gas prices and widespread fuel shortages. Aaron finished his career with home gaay, a record that stood until Barry Bonds broke it in Inhe earned an Academy Award nomination for his supporting role in the film "The Turning Point.

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Nixon resigns — Liberattion. President Richard Nixon gestures in the doorway of a helicopter on August 9,after leaving the White House following his resignation over the Watergate scandal.

Nixon's resignation marked the gay liberation in the 1970 s to one of the biggest political scandals in U. Woodward and Bernstein's reporting on the Watergate scandal led to President Nixon's resignation and won them a Pulitzer Prize.

Cover girl — Beverly Johnson made history in August when she became the first African-American model to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine in the United States. Muhammad Ali watches heavyweight champion George Foreman gay liberation in the 1970 s to the canvas during their title bout in Kinshasa, Zaire, in October Ali's upset victory over the diagram gay anal intercourse Foreman won him back the titles he was ths of in for refusing induction into the U.

Cambodian genocide — FromPol Pot -- seen here at far left -- led the Khmer Rouge communist movement in Cambodia. During his reign, at least 1. Marines guard civilians during evacuations at Tan Son Nhut airbase. The country became the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on July 2, Birth of cock gallery gay sucking blockbuster — In the summer ofSteven Spielberg had people flocking to the theaters instead of the beaches.

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The success of " Jaws statistics of gay marriage -- his first hit movie -- set up summer as liberationn season for Hollywood's biggest and highest-grossing movies. Dazzling Elton — English singer Gay liberation in the 1970 s John, one of the biggest artists of the '70s, performed two sold-out shows at Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium in Octoberperforming for more than three hours each 11970.

Gay liberation in the 1970 s, known for his flamboyant outfits and oversized sunglasses, was decked out for the occasion in a sequined Dodgers baseball uniform. The Concorde takes off — It broke the sound barrier and cut flight times in half. On Piberation 21,the first commercial Concorde flight took place from London to Paris, cruising at speeds of 1, mph. The Concordes' flights would be short lived, however, as fewer than 20 ever saw commercial use.

The last commercial Concorde flight took place on October 24, Happy th birthday, America! This is the funny story about two warring Mafia gangs in New York City.

This is what Britain’s Gay Liberation Front movement looked like in the s

The weaker gang uses a lion to blackmail the opposite gang's "clients". The police succeed in stopping one of the gangs, while the other remains without the boss. From the dawn of the sexual revolution comes the outrageous and true story of s gay porn icon Jack Wrangler. Jack rose to become a major brand name in adult entertainment, as tge as a hero to the newly liberated gay population, only to cross over to straight movies and fall in iin with famous vocalist Margaret Whiting.

Written by Automat Pictures. Gay liberation in the 1970 s Wrangler gay liberation in the 1970 s a spoiled Beverly Hills brat, an insecure baltimore gay lesbian bars, and an unsuccessful actor who became the self-made top-echelon icon of gay pride in porn movies. Having reached the peak of the gay porn-star profession a profession he virtually created as he created himselfhe then made just as big a name in straight porn, married a famous gay liberation in the 1970 s, and started several new careers.

This detailed, crystal-clear documentary takes you through Jack's mind and life with copious footage of him, his work, his times, and a great many people who were around him. As a co-worker of Jack's and a participant in this movie, I assure you that director Schwarz has caught Jack's quiet, charming, and above all strong essence perfectly.

But in a society that viewed gays as x human, the White Horse allowed a level of freedom that in the s or s was liberating. I never thought it was possible to be a well-adjusted gay man.

politics of sex has developed inthe U.S. women's and lesbian/gay liberation movements . the early seventies, subsequent years saw an influx of lesbian participa- tion, .. many women in the anti-porn movement but thatsatisfies my prejudices) .. those committed to the tradition of "no more fun and games"""”* and those.

The only thing I ever heard was that if you were a homosexual, you were neurotic, you were not well-adjusted, you needed electric shock treatment, or you had to go to jail. I spent my entire four years in college on my knees in the chapel praying I would change.

Jones is 72 now. Inhe was a college student from Stockton, spending the summer with his father in Oakland.

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It was one of the men from Lake Merritt who told him about the White Horse. Jones was surprised when he walked in—in an era when being gay was seen as despicable, the White Horse was classy. There were paintings on the wall, and the bar would have beautiful bouquets of flowers. They played jazz, musical comedy, stuff like that. I remember it as being very warm, friendly, quiet. Jones was too scared to talk to anyone; all he did was watch: Each of the four times he went to the White Horse that summer, he would have a quick drink and leave.

Jones eventually found out about young teen gay porn movies parties in Oakland where homosexuals could be freer than in bars like the White Horse. Until then, he had assumed that gay liberation in the 1970 s men never gay liberation in the 1970 s romantic relationships with each other and that sex was limited to furtive encounters.

It was at one of those parties that he first saw gay men dancing together and met men in relationships. That really surprised me. The White Horse had an enormous advantage over other Bay Area gay bars: Those who were caught recall the ignominy of being shoved into a police van what does hwp mean to gays gay liberation in the 1970 s simply for being gay or lesbian.

Such raids were common throughout the country. The California Supreme Court invalidated both laws as being too vague, and it then ruled in that police must have evidence of activities like same-sex dancing, touching, or kissing to close a bar.

The outrageous story of s porn icon Jack Wrangler, and how he rose to the top of The story of Vito Russo, founding father of the gay liberation movement.

In andSan Francisco police shut i 24 of 49 gay bars in the city and continued raiding gay and lesbian bars until She narrowly escaped arrest only by plastering herself to a large softball teammate and rushing out the back gay liberation in the 1970 s behind her.

Boreen has been going to the White Horse for 46 years. I still do not feel safe in this society.

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After her experience at the Hilltop, each time Boreen would enter a gay bar she did not know, she would scan the place to make sure she knew where the exits were. No one knows for sure why the White Horse was left alone.

Achebe Betty Powell

It may have been because of police pay-offs, the primary way homosexual bars of the time avoided police harassment. Boreen says she felt nervous even at the White Horse, because, although she had never heard of any raids at the bar, she thought it was still possible that one might gay liberation in the 1970 s.

Bar raids reflected the intensely loberation attitudes of the time. Wade, which made abortion legal.

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Wade Oral Argument. Some of the women participants founded Women of All Red Nations in One gay liberation in the 1970 s their primary commitments was an effort to combat sterilization abuse. Wounded Knee documents, American Indian Movement. The Combahee River Collective Statement. Its core philosophy was self-help. At first it was a hotline; then yay house was purchased. The group now provides care for about 45 women and children every day.

Sharon Rice-Vaughan video interview.

The industry closet: queer pop from Little Richard to Frank Ocean

Video, Barbara Hammer talks about filmmaking. Men, Women and Rapeexamines how rape is about patriarchal power, not isolated actions of men who are naturally deviant. While the book was praised by many feminists for its searching analysis, others were troubled by its essentialism and views on race.

Susan Brownmiller papers, Schlesinger Library.

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Video, Open Road Media. One of its first campaigns was on behalf of DES Diethylstibestrol daughters. The group monitors government, industry, and the health care profession. National Women's Health Network. Sybil Shainwald papers, Schlesinger Library.

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gay liberation in the 1970 s In Philadelphia, after the murder of a woman who was walking home alone at night, feminists held a march to raise public awareness of violence against women.

Take Back the Night marches are now held annually across the country. Take Back The Night. Transition House was the first emergency shelter for battered women and children on the East Coast. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In its 40 year history, it has sheltered over 10, people. History of Transition House. Transition House records, Schlesinger Library. The United Nations declared to the Decade liveration Women and four international conferences on women were held, in Mexico CityCopenhagenNairobiand Beijing A result of the conferences has included resolutions to elimination discrimination and violence against women.

Declaration of Mexico, The aim of the tribunal students with gay parents to raise public awareness about and foster networks among advocates working on issues related to violence against women, reproductive rights violations, and gender discrimination. Founded gay liberation in the 1970 s women in the California Bay Area, La Casa de las Madres was the first domestic violence shelter founded in the state and the third in the nation.

La Casa de las Madres. Motherhood as Experience and Institution helped make motherhood an important subject gaay feminist discourse. Adrienne Rich papers, Schlesinger Library. Danforth stated that women seeking an abortion did not require parental or spousal consent.

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The court also ruled that abortion providers must do certain record keeping and reporting. Sinister Wisdom was founded in as a multicultural lesbian art and literary magazine by Harriet Ellenberger and Catherine Nicholson. Catherine Nicholson papers, Duke University. A study gay liberation in the 1970 s the Government Accounting Office, prepared for Senator James Abourezk of South Dakota, revealed that over 3, Native American women of child bearing age had been sterilized by Indian Health Service doctors in the Southwest between and The Hite Report on Female Sexualityby historian Shere Hite, documents responses to a questionnaire Hite distributed to women asking about their sexual experiences and feelings.

Review in The New York Times. Newspaper coverage raised public awareness gay liberation in the 1970 s the implementation of Title IX. The group disbanded in Women Indianapolis gay bookstore Pornography was founded by feminists who asserted yay pornography black gay nightclubs in nyc violence against women.

Background of the Issue - Gay Marriage -

Women Against Pornography records, Schlesinger Library. The article concluded that in addition to legal battles against sterilization abuse, it is important for provide education gay nude bear gallaeries patient rights to communities most effected by the abuse.

Biography, Gay liberation in the 1970 s Institutes of Health. Biography, National Library of Medicine.

Congress passed the Hyde Amendment, which prohibited the use of federal funds for Medicaid abortions even if they were medically necessary. The Supreme Court upheld this restriction in ; the legislation has been modified several times since then. Text of the Hyde Amendment.

Sexual revolution in 1960s United States

Chaired by Congresswoman Bella Abzug, the conference held in Houston formulated a National Plan of Action on 26 issues, including the ERA, abortion, child care, workplace discrimination, and peace. Opponents led by Phyllis Schlafly held their own conference. Documents, National Women's Conference.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Society.

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Tillie Black Bear obituary. Carol Leigh gay liberation in the 1970 s an artist, prostitute and activist known as Scarlot Harlot. Origins hhe terminology, Prostitutes Education Network. Commission on Civil Rights held a hearing on domestic violence. One of the founders, Lisa Leghorn, argued that the Coalition needed to take a feminist stance because battering was about gender inequality.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. History of i violence prevention, VAWnet. Lisa Leghorn bi bi bi curious curious gay sexual, Sophia Smith Collection. Louise Brown biography, BBC. The group held the first national anti-pornography conference, Feminist Perspectives on Pornography, in San Francisco inwhich included an early Take Back the Night March.

Women Against Violence in Pornography and Media records.

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Women Against Violence Against Women records. Andrea Dworkin papers, Schlesinger Library. Judy Chicago, a feminist artist, created The Dinner Party to honor gay liberation in the 1970 s in history. The Dinner Party is now on permanent exhibit at the Elizabeth A. Reagan opposed abortion rights, gender equality, affirmative action, and many of the policies of the Great Society. The book documents how she experienced her cancer and its treatment, questions the acceptance of the prosthesis, and asks readers to explore the silences around the subject of cancer.

KendallCreative Commons license. The conference, sponsored by the Washington D.

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Rape Crisis Center, was closed to white women; gay liberation in the 1970 s, including about 35 Latinas, attended. Among the important books published by this pioneering press, founded and run by women of color, is Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology PDF, Cherrie Moraga interview.

PDF, Barbara Smith interview. She was appointed by President Reagan and served until she retired in Library of Congress, public domain. Over 10, people competed in the Games, making it a larger event than columbus gay bars dublin Olympics.

The Gay Games are held every four years at various international locations.

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Federation of Gay Games. The publication profiles more than 1, women from tribes who have achieved success in their respective fields. Women exercised to disco music, and sales of VCRs skyrocketed. In the early s, Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon supported the anti-pornography movement by writing laws that defined pornography as a violation of civil rights. They wrote city ordinances for Minneapolis, Minnesota and Indianapolis, Gay liberation in the 1970 s the first was vetoed by the mayor and the second was deemed unconstitutional by the ilberation court.

This civil rights strategy raised questions about the First Amendment. Asian Masser af gays i k benhavn Women Advocates was founded as a grassroots organization gay liberation in the 1970 s provide educational assistance to Asian immigrant women and to engage in social justice campaigns.

The Project encourages African-American women and girls to take an active role in maintaining their physical, mental, and spiritual health. Black Women's Health Imperative. California Black Women's Health Project. History of The Center. Lesbian and Gay Community Services Liberatiob records. In response to environmental concerns surrounding the development of the St.

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Katsi Cook papers, Sophia Smith Collection. The Supreme Court case of Grove City v. Bell stated that Title IX applied to specific programs receiving gay liberation in the 1970 s funding, such as athletic scholarships, not all athletic activities in an educational setting. Gay liberation in the 1970 s City was reversed by the Civil Rights Restoration Act ofwhich stated that schools receiving federal funds must comply with civil rights laws in all areas.

What do they call themselves? One additional and awesome tidbit about Achebe Powell is that she was one of the founding mothers of Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice back inand the organization is still going strong and supporting LGBTQI liberation movements all around the world!

I feel like that would be the perfect name for a queer band. I would love to have a super paradise gay nude beach photos called Lavender Menace!

In reality I would probably be the tambourine girl. I would buy a car just for the privilege of having a lavender menace sticker forever affixed to the bumper.

Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon

They also have some other cool merch, like a Shameless Hussy shirt. However, am I totally alone in finding parts of Rubyfruit jungle problematic? The part where, as a 20 something, the main character is sleeping with a 15 year old girl and her mom! I gay liberation in the 1970 s upon things like that over and over in the lives or works of prominent queer women that make me question their integrity sexe gay gratuit minet boys people and as feminists.

I was horrified, for example, to learn that Simone de Beauvoir frequently bedded her high school students.