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One I have not yet experienced. It involves you, me, and a female friend. A female friend who is so far is faceless and nameless… We have just finished dinner and have begun talking.

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A movie is in the background, but no one is watching, or cares. The sound gay bears and sex stories his Pet mewing and panting, as free gay physical examination movie as the sound of the Wand Love Anr motor, brought him up short. Patrick's eyes narrowed slightly and curiosity made him wonder: The level of trust had gay bears and sex stories been high, at least he thought it had been; it was for him.

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You can get comfortable if you want, Mike. We won't say anything if you want to ebars around the house in your underwear. Get used to it!

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That's all I usually wear when I get off work. The pot was bezrs hitting me hard and I thought "What the hell- may as well get comfortable. Tom was fiddling with the DVD player.

He got it going and sat back down on the couch and we quickly passed the pipe down the couch again as the DVD rolled through the credits. gay bears and sex stories

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Damn- Tom had put in a gay porno flick. I was no stranger to porn.

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I watched it constantly on my laptop when I was alone in my room before bed every night at home and I would jack off to it before going to bed. But I had never watched a gay porn movie before.

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The movie started - it was two guys- one old guy and a much younger guy. The old guy was really fat and the young guy was tsories skinny as a rail and covered with tattoos.

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Both of them had HUGE cocks. I just sat there silently watching. Tom packed another bowl and we passed it back and forth.

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After we finished the bowl, I glanced over at Uncle Roy and Tom. Uncle Roy had his hand down Tom's bikini briefs and was playing with Tom's cock. The end of Tom's shaft was protruding from his underwear.

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It had to be about eight inches long. I glanced down at Uncle Roy's crotch.

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He definitely had an erection going on in his sweat pants. Not that Anr wasn't hard too- the weed had made me VERY horny and my five inch member was rock hard and tenting out my boxer shorts.

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Uncle Roy looked over at me and smiled. I turned my attention back to the TV.

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The older chubby guy was on his hands and knees in the bed sitting on the younger guy's face and leaning over sucking his cock. I couldn't take my eyes off the TV. Suddenly I felt Uncle Stiries hand on my leg. I looked over gay bears and sex stories him.

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