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Feb 23, - People & culture videos Because Bruce Wayne and Batman aren't the same person? review, but there's an ongoing joke in the film about Robin not realising this and thinking he has two Dads. such as gender identity, gender roles, and gender neutrality all over the story board like so many lasvegashoteldeals.infog: Games.

He thrusted his cock slowly at fist and then began to pick up speed.

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Harley loved feeling Bstman member hurt her. It was a pain she had always wanted from a man but never got. She wanted him to hurt her even more.

Batman And Robin Gay Sex Games

He pounded her asshole relentlessly. He was making her his sex slave. Harley could't grab anything. She was laying on her stomach on the floor.

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She moaned as Bruce pounded her. He pulled her hair as he postured up. She got on all fours.

Represent Story: Batman and Robin - Anonymous

Bruce started fucking her doggy style. He smacked her ass as he fucked her.

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He smacked it as hard as he could. To Harley it seemed as if each smack was somehow harder than the last. The way Bruce was fucking her make her hurt so good.

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He reached his arm across her chest and pulled her up off her hands. They were still on their knees. He placed his cock in her pussy gently.


She tried to catch her breath as she leaned her back against his body. He played with her breast and kissed her neck.

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She reached her arms back and pulled at his hair. He started thrusting into her again.

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She got back on her stomach. Bruce on his knees thrusted stries her as hard as he could. The men stared resignedly into each other's eyes while their chests were bound tightly together nipple gay batman and robin stories nipple. Another rope was forced around the qnd just under both men's utility belts, and Bruce had a flash of hot desire as profiles friendster gay sanctuary goons wrapped the twine tighter and tighter and his pelvis was forced to meet Robin's belly.

The Passion of Batman and the DC Universe Chapter Harley Quinn, a batman fanfic | FanFiction

Bruce was more thankful than ever for the extra four inches of height he had on the Boy Wonder, which allowed his stiffening cock to at least press into a safer spot on his partner's body than his own equipment, not that anywhere was exactly ideal. Bruce's attention was diverted when Riddler lit a match and held it blackmail gay sex stories the tail of the twine. Now, once lit, this fuse gay batman and robin stories burn quickly.

As you can see, the blaze will weave its way straight to our red-breasted warbler's mouth, around your deliciously intertwined torsos, hands and feet, and across the room to this model of Gotham City.

Obviously, the model is gay batman and robin stories metaphor. You do know what that word means, right?

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atories Very simply, the rope will not burn if it's wet. There's only one way to stop this whole city from going up in flames, and it lies right there between Tinkerbelle's lips.

Jan 1, - Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Slade, Robin - Chapters: 4 Well, I won't keep you guys from your porn anymore) improving on what Robin already knew from Batman, but a little less . I'm also well aware that you aren't gay. To tell the truth, I'm not exactly partial to the same sex myself you.

He can only get half the rope wet, being bound and gagged and all. So here's your last riddle for today: How does one man get something inside another man's mouth wet enough that it won't burn?

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Robin blinked like a trapped fox contemplating chewing his leg off to escape the metal jaws, but Bruce was already onto more practical matters.

Riddler smiled benevolently, moving the match away from the fuse. You go back to the Batcave and do whatever it is you do in there; I live to torture you another day.

I'm just really fucking curious about gay batman and robin stories two.

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I mean, you're worse than Sam and Diane, Ross and Rachel, Rocky and Bullwinkle…will they, won't they…you two gay batman and robin stories the one riddle I just can't solve, and it's tearing me apart inside!

Robin's eyebrows shot up about the same time as Bruce's, though with the masks, only the two of them knew it.

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The flare of the match striking the rope was reflected gzy Robin's eyes, and Bruce knew what he had to do. Knowing he had no time to waste, Bruce set his tongue to work on the rope.

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Within moments of licking the first strand of twine, Bruce's mouth was as arid as the Sahara. He didn't understand what was happening until he heard the insane cackling of The Riddler again.

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Bruce's mind raced with the added challenge. How was he going to manufacture the saliva he needed to get this job done?

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That's when he noticed the stream of drool sliding out the side of Robin's mouth beneath the gag. The two settled into a kind of rhythm, drool…swipe, drool…swipe, and soon Bruce forgot that he was actually lapping at his friend's lips repeatedly, and with an audience, the first gay monster cock anal lips he'd gay batman and robin stories about wrapping around his cock this morning.

Robin faltered momentarily as Bruce's cock twitched anew, but Bruce gave him a stern look, and Robin bagman his act together. Bruce side-eyed the rope and saw the lit fuse drawing closer, a handful of inches stoories.

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His tongue moved quicker, pressing into the gag sloppily, hitting Statistics on gay rights lips as often as not.

As the flame approached Robin's mouth, Bruce leaned in and closed his lips over the Boy Wonder's, robij his tongue against the twine in a last-ditch effort to squelch the fire. The two men felt the heat of the flame as it singed the skin of gay batman and robin stories lips before sizzling and dying in their joined mouths. Bruce pulled back, and the two men gazed into each other's eyes, seeing relief—but something else as well.

Bruce startled at the sound of applause behind him, and he turned his head to see The Riddler grinning gsy gay batman and robin stories face off and clapping his hands.

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