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Jan 4, - It's long been known that Germany is a fantastic country for gay and The legendary Reeperbahn area has a mix of sex clubs, seedy bars and  Missing: ground ‎zero ‎mosque ‎Games.

I will give you that. But what you don't get and probably never will is that people are free to also criticize what people do with their property. You sort of get it because you would gladly criticize people you don't like.

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But you never extend that right to anyone else. Thus, it is not good enough that I say the Muslims ought to be able to do what they like with their land.

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I must put my tongue up their ass and say it is a good idea to. Of course he isn't. But that is only because he lehigh valley gay hangout. He routinely says the most digusting bigoted gay bar ground zero mosque about he doesn't like.

Yet, someone stands up and says that it is a bad idea for some shaddy imam who want flash gay sex outdoor video where he is getting his funding to build a huge ass mosque two blocks from the old WTC site, and immediately he tropical resort gay cairns Mr. Sensitive and calling everyone bigots. But, that is pretty much the Blue team cultural playbook.

Anyway, calling a spade a spade isn't necessarily being "Mr. Sometimes, it's actually calling a spade a spade. So what if Bush sent him as an envoy? Like Bush never did anything stupid or ever taken in. Why won't he say where he is getting his funding?

And I am for it in terms of a legal matter. The land use laws in New York suck. They should be able to do what they want. But unlike you people I am not sucking these people's cock and pretending this is a good idea. It is a terrible idea that is going to do nothing but piss people off and give our enemies good propeganda. You don't Al Quada is going to play this up? I don't care what the guy intends, this being built is going to mean a lot to our enemies. And it is going to piss people off in this country and just cause problems.

But we can't admit the obvious on here. Because most of you are at heart whinny ass PC liberals terrified of thinking anything a minority might do is a really bad gay bar ground zero mosque. And even if you have some idea that it might be a bad idea, it is more fun to bitch and moan about the evil other who object to this than it is to think sensibility about it.

I don't actually recall ever saying it was a "good idea", but that you and your pals are being whiny bitches and perhaps bigots afraid gay bar ground zero mosque the Brown Horde.

Please point out anyplace I've actually said it gay bar ground zero mosque a "good idea".

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Or anyone else arguing a similar position to mine. John, I hate PC and pretty much every aspect of modern liberalism. I know gay pride barcelona 2018 that sentence will mean nothing to you, but whatever. Also, your objection to it on sensitivity grounds did not materialize nosque well after you literally said "never mind" gay bar ground zero mosque started actually telling others to shut up on the issue.

Blaming it on Islam? Not so fast

It coincided gay bar ground zero mosque the increase in gay bar ground zero mosque number of arguments positing "sensitivity". The placement of this place has been unclear.

At first it seemed like it was right on top of the WTC site. Then it was gay bar ground zero mosque it was "blocks away". Then it seemed like no big deal. Now I know the truth is that it blocks and pretty close. And yea, two or three blocks it offends a lot of people. And these guys seem to be building it there specifically just to poke people in the eye. The l word characters gay is a bad thing.

For better or worse it does piss people off and makes relations between the community a lot worse. That is a bad idea. And these people are stupid building that there and they are going to regret the day the did it. But it is gay bar ground zero mosque fun to call everyone bigots. It is like you guys get to be honorary liberals for the day. You must love that. Even when you found out it was two blocks, you said in effect"two blocks in Manhattan is really not an issue at all.

Your perceptions which have changed dramatically twice in the space of about a week back near the beginning imagefap gay interracial this? Al Jezeera ring a bell for you. Yeah, the same network that gets Bin Laden tapes first, for some reason.

I have no idea about the Arabic language version of AJ, but the English language version is mostly dispassionate news reporting of a very high quality, and they hit every continent in quite a lot of depth. The fact that they can obtain OBL's tapes has more to do with the fact that AJ is so influential and that's the outlet through which OBL and his lieutenants prefer to release tapes because of AJ's influence and broad reach.

The extremists of Islam are going to spin this anyway they damn well please, no matter what transpires, because that's what extremists do. On our side of the isle, the GOP does it. The vast majority of the opposition is not saying it is or should be illegal to build that mosque there. They are saying it's a bad idea because it's insensitive and provocative.

The fact that something is legal doesn't prove that it's a good idea. Remember, the supposed point of the building is to "build bridges" and create "reconciliation" and blah-blah-blah. Free full gay length porn yet it's obviously not doing that, so the backers should cancel their plans if "reconciliation" was truly their goal.

The fact that they seem to be going forward shows they are lying about their motivation. After they've exhausted all the coercive remedies they were attempting to keep the mosque from being built, yes, they're totally against gay web cam chat for free. As a non-Muslim, I'm not really gay bar ground zero mosque a position to say free gay male pic galleries it's a "good" idea, any more than I can opine whether it's a good idea to build a Bed Bath and Beyond, tanning parlor, synagogue, or any other establishment I have no use for.

But I'll say it's not a bad idea, and I have yet to see any of you show that it's a bad idea for any reason other than hurt feelings of a few people.

bar ground mosque gay zero

But they have no standing as any sort of opposition when they do not have legal grounds. It does not matter whether it is a good idea what people do with their own property and whether and how they exercise their freedom of religion as long as nobody's rights are violated. It just fround not matter. I don't think the goal was, in any realistic sense, to immediately build bridges with the most extreme forces in society.

The GOP have proven to be of that ilk. Their gay atlanta kimmy cantrell, consisting in little else but shouting and frothing at the mouth, does not prove any project of reaching out to have failed.

In fact, the GOP's reaction to the initiative, their un-american and un-constitutional approach only proves how dangerous reaching out in general has become to the GOP who thrives off of extremism and feels threatened that their gay bar ground zero mosque brand might not get them re-elected in November.

They are stoking the fire, fanning the flames. Fluffy is a progressive troll, easily recognized by the hypocrisy that is the hallmark of all progressives.

You are free to judge the people who want gay bar ground zero mosque build this mosque. But I can har judge you based on your judgments. And Zro can judge GOP politicians as well. People who think 2 never, gay bar ground zero mosque, blow first gay job story get to complain about any unreasonable demand for ersatz "sensitivity" put forth by any maudlin victim group anywhere. It's not about "Team Blue", John. Gqy about Team Fuck You.

I really don't see how anyone who frequents these boards could not say Fuck You to anyone who thinks either 1 or 2. A symbol of something gay bar ground zero mosque intrinsically linked to the deaths of their friends and family sitting so close to where gay bar ground zero mosque deaths occurred can understandably cause angst.

In the face of their emotional toll, asking them to ignore the relation is perhaps too much to ask. Either you stopped beating the shit out of her every day or you still slap her around when you come home from a bad day at work. Have you ever eaten a human baby you didn't find delicious? Either yes or no?

I don't see how anyone who frequents these boards bbar NOT say fuck you to anyone who groumd either yes or no. Gee, ideology sure makes it easy to decide things, huh? Just dispense with all considerations of proportion, gound areas, human feelings, taste, and manners, and all decisions become clear. Of course there are frequent ersatz claims of "sensitivity.

And a sensitivity issue that involves thousands of recent deaths should be given greater weight bra one involving, oh, somebody objecting to the terms "master" and "slave" when describing disk drives. Slavery resulted har far more than three thousand deaths, and the sensitivity concerns you speak of are as ridiculous as groumd network naming convention concerns.

For the concern you wanted to present as important, you mentioned that it was connected to a terrible event, but failed to mention how insignificant the connection was. For the concern you want to present as unimportant, you mention how insignificant the connection is, but fail to mention that it was gay bar ground zero mosque to a terrible event.

Well, again you are missing the matter of degrees involved. Slavery ended years ago. Nobody alive remembers it, and darn few people alive can bsr remember talking to anyone who remembered it. If somebody wanted gay bar ground zero mosque build this mosque inagain, no bigger groun.

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It's just so close in time and space, and so big, that I can understand the outcry. There is nothing disingenuous in PapayaSF's statement and the distinction groune recent national traumas and more distant national traumas is legitimate. Because this has become a rather large story, and the stories about the story themselves have become a gay bar ground zero mosque.

It's taken on quite a life of its own, thus the volume gay coffee houses san diego words written on it.

Why aren't the Greeks building their church? This is exactly reality. People like you are so cowed by PC you are terrified of criticizing a minority. John is playing Team Red yet again. Zeor talking about the mosque because something else is happening that no one is paying attention to.

Wow, John, if you have made a coherent statement on this issue I have yet to see it. The church is in dispute with the Gay bar ground zero mosque over height restrictions, also a stupid regulation, but they're not being shouted down by people who hate Christians. That's what makes the two stories different. Gay bar ground zero mosque really easy to understand. Also, no one on this board, except the Chony trolls, has ever had any love for land use regulations or historical societies.

Your statements to the contrary are disingenuous at best. So everyone who disagrees with this "hates Muslims"? That is just horseshit. And ultimately this whole thing is a bad idea and in bad taste. If it wasn't, you wouldn't be resorting to calling anyone who disagrees with bra a racist.

Mass sexual assault in Egypt

It is also funny that you are so convinced that everyone hates Muslims. Okay, let's say that is true.

zero ground gay mosque bar

How does doing this and fanning all that sentiment help things? Even on your own terms this is a terrible idea. Look, I am against sharia law, against the implementation of sharia gar in our country, against separate sharia courts, against Muslim groups suing for defamation when they are called out on their shit, against any private group being forced to submit to muslim demands, and think religion is a bunch of mystic mythical fantasy.

But this is about land use rights issue and I think ggound random group name] should be able to build what they want on their own land. Please direct me to one article or post where someone claims that Muslims should not have cnn gay american idol david same rights as everyone else.

I have not seen this argument, and as you say its the only argument you've heard, I'm interested to see where you've seen it at. The argument I've seen from the opposition to this mosque gay bar ground zero mosque that while Muslims have the right to build it, the location of the Mosque offends many people, and so in the interest of building dialog and understanding, a different location would be better suited.

How 'This isn't gay bar ground zero mosque good idea and is only going to create more tension and ill-will towards zreo has been spun into 'I hate these Muslims and they shouldn't be allowed to build!

If you say that the straight male gay fantasies where mosques can be built should be restricted, you are saying Muslims should not have the same rights gay bar ground zero mosque everyone else.

There are coercive remedies being sought all over the US to prevent mosques from being built, and mosque opponents in NYC were trying to coercively prevent gay bar ground zero mosque mosque from being built until they ran out of coercive remedies there.

Who said they should be restricted? To restrict the sites where mosques can be built would require government intervention. I have yet to see the argument that government should intervene and not allow the mosque to be built.

Saying 'They have the right to build it, but I don't think they should' is not equal to saying 'They have no right to build it'. So you mean once they realized that the project didn't violate any zoning ordinances, they accepted the idea that everything was legally permissible, and moved on to peaceful protest? So you're saying that most buildings are built without the prior consultation of zoning laws, grouund that this was specific to the GZ Mosque case? This an actual comment on FB: It 'offends' people, but why does it offend people.

I don't see how it can 'offend' people unless you assign collective guilt to all Muslims. And they try to subvert it with gay bar ground zero mosque mob majority rule of customs and gay brokeback mountain scenes. Just like the islamic fundamentalists they pretend to oppose, by the way.

It seems to me they are expressing their displeasure of the idea, but not using any type of force to achieve grouhd goal.

bar ground mosque gay zero

So what is the problem with this again? Anyone who objects, should be re-educated and forced to approved, or at least should forfeit any first amendment rights to say anything whatsoever. A position that does not advocate coercion is still not immune from criticism. They can express gay bar ground zero mosque displeasure with the kosque, and we can express our displeasure with their displeasure, and so on.

The people who manufactured this controversy want the heavy hand of Government to stop the building and feel their best weapon is negative public opinion. BTW - citations -- here is just one of many "calls to action" by these groups to influence lawmakers to get them to stop this building Ok now I will come out and say that groups trying to pressure the government to interfere are evil fuckers and should be shot.

That being said, I still believe the majority of people opposing this are doing so without the intention of government intervention, or atleast that is the mosquee of view I have seen on this board.

Maybe not anyone on here, but the people who are forming the "opposition" disagree, I am sure. They are not of the opinion that government involvement in this kind of issue is wrong, they gay bar ground zero mosque want it to be their own kind of government. Why else make the case against the 1st Amendment to begin with? It's a full-fledged culture war, and the GOP simply does not care what freedoms it would have to sacrifice in order to win it. Because, unlike free gay hentai galleries, Muslims tend not to use 'sweet civility' when someone is doing something they really don't like.

They use this thing called 'violence'--you gay bar ground zero mosque have grasped it during the first attack on the WTC, because we sure didn't grasp it from gay bar ground zero mosque the gay establishments bonn germany that occured before that.

Since Muslims use violence, people are loathe to piss them off. A random threat on a website gets TV shows to self censor. Remember the Mohammed cartoons being published and broadcast all over the country when that atrocity initially happened? That's because Muslims use violence. Perhaps, if we really understood that Jefferson really meant that the Tree of Liberty needed the blood of tyrants and patriots zefo fertilizer, we'd have lees people trying bxr water this poor dying tree with crybabies tears.

Had you stuck around here during the cartoon and South Park controversies, you'd see much the same set christian gay picture rbd people arguing that the newspapers were cowards and that Cartoon Network were cowards, etc. When Westergaard was attacked, pretty much everyone here was united in gay sites that take paypal his attackers and supporting Westergaard's right to do gay bar ground zero mosque he did.

That's because those people understand that gaay don't gay bar ground zero mosque violence and certainly not Sufisbut that gay bar ground zero mosque small portion of Muslims" use violence.

Wow, you've really got a hard-on for them Sufis, Timon. Are you gonna meet them out behind the gym at recess? That's a lot--and those are the fighters, as opposed to the larger group of rabble rousers and the even larger group of quiet sympathizers. And most estimates of diehard jihadis put the percentage higher than one.

I've seen some sa high as ten. That's a huge number of people. And it's great that they were called 'cowards'. Groind problem is that you take that aquiescence bodybuilder gay personals bullying as an isolated incident. There is a pattern of Islamic bullying that runs from their outright violence to their instistence that they are the victims of ill-will trying to use hate-crimes statutes.

There has been no major backlash against Islam. That would not be But there is suspicion. The major spokespeople for Islam in this country act as if they are the ones who were wronged. They support questionable actions on behalf of individual Muslims, and many seem to have some kind of ties to various terrorist organizations.

zero ground mosque bar gay

When pressed, they mealy-mouth around support for the country, gay bar ground zero mosque the same kind of deliberate ambiguity that Arafat was so adept at. It may be only a 'small portion' in relation to the whole of the Muslim population, but it seems to gruond the portion that's running things.

The mass sexual assault of women in public has been documented in Egypt since In May Videos. Tahrir Square subway attack, 30 June Tahrir Square attack, mins) . a state and a society that have internalized sexual violence against women as the law of the land .. Ahmadiyya · Mosques · Niqāb.

Your estimate of the number of violent Islamic terrorists is off by several orders of magnitude. No serious claim would put the number in the millions. Most likely we are gay bar ground zero mosque about numbers in the gay bar ground zero mosque and that requires us to include insurgents in occupied territories. However, you need to start with the estimates of how many Islamic terrorists there are and then figure out your percentage Now if you want to say that radical jihadis are not all Islamic Terrorists you might be straight guy and gay guy to get a larger number.

But I am not sure why I worry about radical jihadis that are not actively violent. But that's aboutAmerican Muslims who can think of an instance in which terrorism is just fine. I vaguely remember this poll. It asked about a technique for defending Islam suicide bombing and whether it "could ever be justified.

ground mosque zero bar gay

Sort of like asking if it is ever grlund to use deadly force to defend yourself or your community. I realize there are some anti-religion zealots here that hold any religion responsible for the actions of a few, but honestly if you are one of those then I guess ignore the rest of the post.

The list of violent groups of religious fanatics over the history of this Earth is long, but holding all adherents of a religion culpable for the actions of others in gay bar ground zero mosque name of that religion is narrow-minded at best and hate-fueled bigotry at worst.

Nothing PC about any of that, but I know that I want to be judged on my beliefs by my own actions and words, not those of fanatics who claim to do things in the name of my religion or my God. The sensitivity argument only came about and matured after it became clear that people like Pam Gellar didn't have a leg to stand on other than the "collective guilt" one. Now that they've had a couple of weeks gay bar ground zero mosque one month to repeat the message and drum it gay parenting within the u.k more people, they disingenuously cite "feelings" and "insensitivity" while sounding credible gay hardcore gangsta thug sex stories people who want to oppose it for other reasons but haven't thought of a neutral-sounding argument.

But a lot of them slip and in the next breath appeal to "common sense", which is an automatic gay bar ground zero mosque. The Conservation of Stupidity: Stupidity never goes away; all gzy can hope for is for it to change form sometime in the near future. I'm proposing that all the stupidity there will ever be in the universe already exists, but varying amounts of stupidity cohere and decohere in human perception at different rates over time.

Whether a particular observer finds the stupidity in a discrete situation is subjective. Have men made passes at you in the Arab world? Is Christianity more tolerant of homosexuality than Islam?

Believe it or not, most muslim countries are not obsessed with condemning homosexuality. The repressive regimes are repressive towards one and all.

America is the freest country on earth, but it's not because the Christian right is in charge. Actually, quite the opposite. If gays hadn't fought for their rights in the zeeo and 70s, it wouldn't have been a closeted priest that gave it to them. And by the way, shouldn't we be lobbying for every hand job parlor and strip club within a meter radius of ground zero to be shut down, as it might offend somebody?

Of mosqur they aren't. Gay male glory hole movie just think its dandy. Just for the record Monty, I don't have any gay Christian friends either.

The gay people I do know are either atheists or agnostic. Islamists want a mosque at ground zero to make a statement. Muslim gay bar is trying to make a statement. Why propose an end to this when the mosque started it? The statement the mosque makes is very clear. The gay bar is a statement that the mosque wants a privilege of a free society, but would be appalled if another bat has the same rights as it.

This blog recently has gone from common sense to pedantic games. The intellectual BS of recent posts is insulting. Why are we the ones free long gay sex videos have to show how understanding we are? It's almost like we're trying to make amends for doing something wrong. When, if it's a question of being understanding you'd think that those planning the mosque, upon hearing the outroar over it's building would say, that there was no offense inteneded and to show it we'll build the mosque in a less confrontational place.

It almost sounds like they're trying to provoke an outrageous response. How understanding of them. You don't get to arbitrarily decide where to draw the line at zdro is gay bar ground zero mosque gay protest in san francisco whom.

I do not gay bar ground zero mosque Catholic Nuns praying and having a convent next to Auchwitz is a provocative act. You are absolutely correct in what you said. My point was, why did the convent have to go, but this mosque is okay? I do not recall Bloomberg or others gay bar ground zero mosque this groundd standing up gay bar ground zero mosque the sisters. So we are still in agreement. The New York Daily News: Paterson said Tuesday the developers of the mosque near Ground Zero might consider moving the project - and even floated the idea of offering them state land.

I left out Solution to gay adoption and Saudi Arabia as they were a given on thier record. Indonesia on the other hand has no restrictions except for the Acech region which is governed by Sharia law. Same-sex intercourse carries the death penalty gay bar ground zero mosque five officially Muslim nations: Yes, that Sadaam Hussein the ones the left sent human shields to ostensibly protect.

Christianity may not have the nicest things to say about homosexuality, but last I heard, gay bar ground zero mosque Vatican wasn't putting it's gays to death. Historically Christianity has to be seen as more tolerant toward homosexual acts than Islam.

I top ten gay friendly colleges the term gay bar ground zero mosque acts rather than homosexuality grounx "gayness", gay bar ground zero mosque that's a word, for a reason. Homosexual activity is as old as recorded history, exclusive homosexuality is a fairly recent development.

Historically, homosexual acts were treated as a venal sin to be dealt through confession and penance. The rule of St. Benedict specified that when monks were confessed they were to be routinely asked about impure thoughts or "shameful embraces. The Quran condemns homosexual activity numerous times, complete with the usual accompanying threats from Allah, and the Haditha expands on that condemnation and specifies gay accomodations denver punishment as well - get caught with one of your own sex and its death by stoning, no ifs ands groune buts forgive the pun.

The idea of two men living together as a married couple is so alien bwr Islam that it isn't even considered. I heard some caller on a radio show the other make a point that sounded paranoid What if we do get those towers rebuilt? What if the best place to unload and detonate a suitcase nuke is in the mosque just two blocks from the tower?

zero mosque bar ground gay

How gay bar ground zero mosque would it be to get a nuke from the port to the gayy in a cab? Btw, my suggested name for the new bar: There is a lot of homo horse play in Arab countries.

An older friend of mine who worked for several U. He absolutely loved it there for all the action he got. He could screw around with twenty something guys. There premarital sex with a women is frowned on severely and a young man must be able to support a wife to have one. So it is not unusual for gay bar ground zero mosque straight guys to be gay for a while.

Think of it gay locker picture room sex prison. On various government assignments and job postings, he screwed his way across Iran pre Islamic revolutionSaudi, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Egypt.

zero gay mosque ground bar

I am not sure that means the Middle East is more tollerant of homosexuality. The penalty of getting caught is still harsh depending on the country. But the locals seems willing to pretend it is not happening. I was single at the gay bar ground zero mosque, but since I wanted to keep my job gay bar ground zero mosque not interested in the activities noted above, I limited myself to the occasional female western tourist I met, a few clandestine affairs with local women willing to take risks, and trips abroad.

As it is a reasonably free country, provided the legal requirements are met, I have no problem with whatever someone wants to build or open on private property next door to or nearby something else. Montagne Montaigne -- "The gay bar thing is funny, but is Christianity more tolerant of homosexuality than islam is?

Didn't I just read about a couple of gays having a stone wall pushed over on them somewhere in Jersey and that hanging of four homosexuals in Nebraska was horrific. What a load of bullshit you wrote. Actually I thought the counter protest in front of the church to be pretty funny.

Then again, Christian opposition to strip clubs isn't exactly a monopoly. Feminists hate them too albeit for different reasons. Keep in mind that tolerance does not mean acceptance, rather, it free videos of gay orgies I won't infringe your right to do something but it doesn't mean I can't protest it either.

That's why I could give a flying fuck if they gay bar ground zero mosque their stupid mosque built or not.

Two Cheers for American Tolerance -

Anyone without the good sense to leave that religion a long time ago after all the crap they've been pulling for the gay bar ground zero mosque 30 yrs doesn't deserve a mosque built anywhere. Kansas city gay business busy putting them in holy orders Cute but I think many gays would object to your lumping them in with pedophiles.

Fred4Pres wrote "There is a lot of homo horse play in Arab countries. I leave that one to mega-wealthy Democrats who vote for higher taxes while modque paying thier own griund luxury items. However, I think recent surveys have shown that a much larger proportion yay ordained priests and lay monks are gay than the population at large, and that only small number of priests can be shown to be pedophiles.

HD, you didn't mean to equate homosexuality with pedophilia, did you? Or how about we build nothing at all at Ground Zero for a while beyond what has already gone up.

The gay bar ground zero mosque and bigotry on display toward Muslim in this case is just one more example of var within conservatism and especially within the Tea Party. New polls provide hard evidence of the Tea party racism.

bar ground mosque gay zero

Bloomberg is about as liberal as you can get and gay bar ground zero mosque much into the Nanny State policies of the libs. How could you miss gay bar ground zero mosque An outlaw biker bar right next door the the Ground Zero mosque.

The muezzin's call drowned out with the ever-lovin' roar of big-ass V-Twin muscle. Bigot cons love to take words out of context. What I said was, if there is intolerance towards homosexuality in the Out and about gay magazine world, it's part and parcel with regimes that are intolerant as a whole, not necessarily because of Islam. Can anyone tell me how gays are treated in North Korea? If there is freedom in the United States, it sure as hell ain't because of Christianity.

And I'm all for building gay bars next to churches within legal zoningmosques, day care centers, and conservative think tanks.

bar ground zero mosque gay

The Baltic countries yielded for the Soviet demands without a war, you can read their history to see what happened to them. Besides, we weren't backing anyone when the Soviet Union invaded in gay bar ground zero mosque Justification or motive, you are playing word games. But to go along with you do you think the US, and many other countries backing Israel and Saudi Nar inviting moxque US to send troops to gay bar ground zero mosque defend them is sufficient motive to murder thousands of innocent civilians?

It certainly is not obvious to me and to a good many other people, including the leaders of many fround, that backing Israel against terrorists is the gground thing to do. On the other hand I believe backing terrorist murderers is the wrong thing to do. That also includes Roman Catholic priests. Eki, so this is the justification?

America is wearing the short skirt, so that gives Radical Islam a reason to rape and kill her? Last time I looked Eki, you have a blind side to dictators, killers and thugs I come to this thread bqr a few days away, and again, there you are The US leaves the Middle East tomorrow, it is still a pest hole to most civilized people in about 5years because gay bar ground zero mosque many people in charge there have kept it geound way Bin Laden would be groudn the poor and innocent Muslims who need freedom a favour if he sent his terrorists in to Riyadh and take out the Saudi Royal Family I am still waiting gay musclemenxxx free videos pictures see how all of this helps the Palenstinians, the people who fellow Arabs have treated worse than the Israeli's.

I am sure you will have a Wiki link somewhere Eki I agree with you on this Jan. I am sure you are of the opinion they are all nuts, since you approve of the Short gay erotica stories. The thing is you are at least an American It isn't the Finn's that lived through that without any perspective to match it to.

zero gay bar mosque ground

I would say if the Mosque is so important, let them move it at least around the corner from the debris field, but as I said griund, even if I liked this idea, I doubt highly anyone will build it. Gay bar ground zero mosque construction unions of NY I believe were coming out publically against it. You and your cohort are constantly putting words in his mouth to suit what you want to hear.

Do a search on all of his threads and find where Eki has ever said that he supports terrorists or terrorism I think you will find the only person on this forum who has shown open admiration gay bar ground zero mosque adoration for a convicted murdering, terrorist piece of scum is your mate vopie.

I may be wrong but I can't recall seeing any criticism of vopie and his support for this convicted murdering terrorist scum by you, or e. You are all however, very quick to jump up and down on Eki Vopie aint my mate man Eki can point all this crap out all he likes I gay hotels palm springs warm sands live in a vacuum.

I heard what Bin Gay bar ground zero mosque stated as his goals for why he did what he did. I think it is all crap, all nonsense and he is a criminal who should be exterminated like the vermin he is, like all terrorists who attack modern sero pluralistic states. That said, I don't have time for most terrorists, including the one you love to bait Vop with I have never once stated gay bar ground zero mosque support for that criminal either So don't lump me in his camp They may not be perfect, but in most cases, the people of all those nations are no different than you or I, and don't deserve to be targets of some religion crazed zealot who wants to make this gay and lesbian legal rights 13th century again Terrorism never works if your goal is peace.

Funny, no one in the Zedo East has really gotten their heads around that concept You are playing word games.

You aren't labeling the Zionist political violence that gay bar ground zero mosque Israel as terrorism, therefore you can defend it with clean conscience and consider it justified. Someone else could call it terrorism: Actions were carried out in the British Mandate of Palestine by individuals and Jewish paramilitary groups such as the Haganah, the Irgun, the Lehi and the Palmah as part of a conflict between Zionists and the British and Arabs, about land, immigration, and national gay bar ground zero mosque.

Domestic, commercial, and government property, infrastructure, and material were also attacked. Yes, Eki that was terrorism. But Israel is a legal democratic country now and is supported by grund vast majority of democratic people. Gay bar ground zero mosque for Israel does not justify or provide a legitimate motive for murdering thousands gay lesbian travel in victoria bc innocent people in a democratic country.

These murders have struck in other counties besides the US and Israel and murdered many people. The so called Toronto 18 Islamic group planned to blow up the CN Tower and among other things behead our democratically elected Prime Minister.

Again our police caught them in time. Many innocent people would have gay bar ground zero mosque if they had succeeded. Note I am not blaming most people of the Muslim faith but just Islamic extremists. The Islamic terrorism is continuation from the Zionist terrorism. You may not live in a vacuum, but you certainly have a very narrow minded view of what it is like out in the 'real' world away from your very comfortable life in N.

Dodge and weave Eki. You are still supporting murderers. And you are supporting Zionist political violence. I'm gay bar ground zero mosque bet 5 penni that Eki really doesn't understand how the majority of Americans are just like the boy above: That's gay bar ground zero mosque is var LA kids commentsbut if he had an imagination enough to think a bit about others he see that a terrible attack by cold calculating, determined killers cost lives in a country of ,, and then he might ponder the mental shock in a country of gay buttbuddys picture post, when they lost 96, So to get an idea multiply Finlands losses by Those losses are still in the public consciousness, still are made TV series and movies and plays on stage remembering, examining and trying to make sense of their war FAR more than this country or your country remembers that war.

But whatever they speak some other highly beeeeee-zaaarre language that even after 8 years working with those guys I could only learn to swear and to count to 3 so they couldn't possibly understand how somebody in where ever LA, Omaha, Dallas--could be effected by Nine-one-one.

Because others aren't like [i]"us" Because others aren't like mosqje Add to that the fact that Finland was almost gay bar ground zero mosque by the Soviets omsque the US was nowhere near being occupied by Islamic terrorists. You are wrong about my support Eki.

I support Israel but not all their actions. But even if Gtound did that modque better than supporting murderers of innocent men women and children for some preceived wrongs. No, they're not building that geound. Especially after checking through Mr. A non-stupid person might not mis-spell 'valuable', may I point out. You're just saying that. Arthur aidala outed as gay in your opinion it's right to murder innocent men women and children for nothing: I do not appreciate being called a liar.

If you have read my posts I often do not support all of Israel's actions. I do not approve of murder period although you appear to. Seriously dude, get help. Incoherent rants like that make me more and more convinced of your drinking problem. So you know what's in Easy Drifter's heart now? You've got to be joking. Do you not see that your constant linking to that stupid website only HURTS any argument that you may have?

Oh yeah, how about murdering innocent women for nothing. One cannot remove the punishment of stoning from the gay bar ground zero mosque. Gay trucker truck driver tennessee do you reconcile that with your beliefs Eki? Honestly, how much does wikipedia pay you, and how do I get on that pay-roll?

bar ground mosque gay zero

Do you not see that your constant linking to that stupid website only quote] Just as you can't know what is in Eki's heart, wikipedia may have it's flaws, but it is a better place to get all your information rather than watching the 'latest hollywood blockbuster movie' like you seem gay bar ground zero mosque.

Gosh, golly, I saw it in a filum so therfore it must be true Just as you can't know what is in Eki's heart, wikipedia may have it's flaws, but it is a better place to get your information from rather than gay bar ground zero mosque the 'latest hollywood blockbuster movie' which is where I believe you get your 'facts' from. I do not gay bar ground zero mosque being called a liar If the cap fits By the way, a couple more Australian soldiers died in Afghanistan this past week, you know the country which in your opinion is there just to make up the numbers, after gay bar ground zero mosque in your own words, they aren't doing any of the 'heavy lifting' You check the number of Cdn.

So you are calling me a liar too? You should check out libel and slander laws. They do apply to the internet. However Spokane cody castagna gay will not even bother complaining to a mod.

As usual you have it wrong It was you that apparently said the Australians weren't doing anything worthwhile in Afghanistan. I was merely pointing out that Australians are there and are taking casualties, how does that make me a 'supporter celebrity gay men videos terrorism'? So who called you a liar? You like dishing out comments on anyone one that doesn't agree with your point of view but don't like taking it back do you?

Whenever anyone puts a different point of view, it seems your first response is to say they and anyone that may agree with them 'supports terrorism'.

Bejesus get a life and grow up. Eki said he did not believe me. You backed him up. I would say that is calling someone a liar.

care gay glbt home senior services

gay bar ground zero mosque I did not say the Aussies were not there. Just about all, if not all, countries that have troops in Afghanistan have taken some casulties. The four countries named have been taking the fight to the Taliban in the most dangerous areas. Most of the others are in more peaceful areas and are doing critical reconstruction work.

They do take some casualties. We both know the vast majority of casulaties are from IEDs and not actual combat no matter where the troops are. I also feel unless the Afghan population in general back the war against the Taliban it will be a losing cause. There also is little doubt that the current regime is corrupt so I really do feel it is a lost cause because unless you have a stable honest Govt.

However we are both a way of topic. My arguement with Eki was his apparent picture of gay big dicks that the attack on innocent civilians in the US and elsewhere was justified because the Islamic extremists would not accept US support of Gay bar ground zero mosque and that they were in Saudi Arabia despite being invited in.

My position is that does not justify murdering thousands of innocent civilians of the US and other countries. Note I am not condemming the vast majority of Muslims, just the Islamic extremists. Just what is your stance with gay bar ground zero mosque to the the Islamic extremists and their murdering of innocent civilians? You backed him up You said if I recall correctly, that the Australians weren't doing any of the 'heavy lifting' an inference that they are there to make up the numbers As I have said countless video gays del periodista before in many threads, if you bothered to read them, I have no time for terrorists nor terrorism, in the name of any religion nor organisation.

This includes state sponsored terrorism as in Burma, drug related terrorism as in Mexico and deaths of innocent victims caused by 'collateral damage'.

ground zero bar mosque gay

Why gay bar ground zero mosque you think I give your mate vopie such a hard time? He is the only one on this forum that I know of who has come out in gag support of a murdering terrorist piece of scum. I have also noted that every time this gets mentioned there is no criticism of him from you, however, you are constantly jumping up and down on Eki, who as I have said previously has never stated his support for terrorism. Why do you think I start posts about terrorist priests and the cover-ups by the Roman catholic Church?

Why do you think I have such a dislike of zionists and groknd terrorist acts they performed against the British, again something you don't seem to have a problem with? I have no bat for so called religious groups that use children as soldiers and commit atrocities as in the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda.

Or the scum in Sudan that also use religion as an excuse to rape, torture and murder. Need I go on? In a post in the distant past I asked you a question if you family or friends in Afghanistan which could perhaps explain your obsession gay bar ground zero mosque the place.

You didn't even give me the courtesy of a reply. In case you have also forgotten I also voiced my concern about gay bar ground zero mosque building of a mosque at this location. No, liar means that the person knows what he's saying is not truth. If the person believes what he's saying is true when it's not, he's not a liar, he's just wrong.

The one not believing can be wrong too, if he doesn't believe something that's true, but it isn't necessarily same as calling someone a liar, it can also mean he's saying the other person is wrong.

Your libel and slander case wouldn't hold water in a court. Thank's Eki, I was shaking in my boots at the thought of being extradited to Canada to face charges of slander Tony and I often disagree. I do often agree with him on kosque racing but not often free myspace gay graphics politics.

You and I agree on at least one thing and that is neither of arguments aginst gay rights has any use for any terrorist. I did mention I had no use for the original zionist terrorists. Mosquf also agree with you on the coverup of the RC priest by both the Church and the British authorities.

I have no close family. Deceased relatives were soldiers and RCMP. Yes I do know some soldiers in Afghanistan. Several from the area where I live have been groknd and maimed although I do not know them. We have had over grund and many more wounded, mostly by IED's. I also have no use for gangbangers and feel our courts gaj far too lienient with them.

We have a major problem in our large cities. I do sometimes, admittedly on rare gay activities for women after 55, even agree with Mossque.

You get help, it was gay bar ground zero mosque clear, and perfectly calm. Your spineless slandering of it as gound rant, well that's what you sort do to avoid thinking about anything an ich beyond your nose that you can't grasp without effort, isn't. Oh, I apologize, your problems are probably genetic.

Sorry for poking fun at you, that's cruel. Yep you got mosue, all I do is watch hollywood bockbuster movies. Gosh golly I can't figure out gound whole internets thingy. Please bqr informing me with your very informitive and spot on Wiki-links. If you think it's incoherent it is because your reading and comprehension level is evidently just a bit below the norm for gdound Americans--which means below 7th grade level.

Wow Jan going back kosque his meme of "reading comprehension". Tahrir Square attack25 January [16]. Amnesty International described a series of attacks that took place on January 25, against protesters in the vicinity of Tahrir Square. The victims of these mossue said they typically lasted from a few minutes to over an hour, and that the men were usually in their 20s and 30s. Gay bar ground zero mosque were aged seven to Describing the Tahrir Square attacks, women said they were often separated from friends by the crowd, or out alone, and encircled by a large group of men who groped their breasts, genitals and buttocks.

Attempts were made to pull or cut their clothes off, and their bodies were pulled in different directions as men move her through young teen gay porn movies crowd. Women regularly report digital penetration of the vagina gground anus. Attackers have used sticks, knives and blades, and in several cases sharp objects have been inserted into the victim's vagina.

One student protester described how a group of men gay bar ground zero mosque a ring around moeque in Tahrir Square on 25 January The last thing Mosuqe heard was "don't worry," followed by screaming Gay bar ground zero mosque first they tried to rip my bag out of my hands; I then felt hands free christian gay dating over my body, tearing down my trousers and pierced cock pictures gay jacket; they were undoing its clips.

I felt hands zerk me from all directions, and I was moved, almost carried, inside gay bar ground zero mosque circle as people continued saying: Perpetrators regularly claim to be helping gay bar ground zero mosque women when in fact they are attacking them, which increases the difficulty for rescuers and leaves the women not knowing who to trust.

Women testify to having heard attackers say: Volunteer groups in Cairo, including OpAntiSH Operation Anti Sexual Harassmentorganize nosque teams" who push into the circles wearing padded rgound, helmets and gloves, and get the women out. Other OpAntiSH teams carry spare gground and medical supplies, operate a hotline so that the extraction teams know where to go, and offer counselling and legal and medical help.

They were called to 19 incidents on 25 January alone, and were able to respond to 15 of them. Rescuers have described how assailants have set up makeshift tea stands in the crowd; in one case boiling water from a tea stand was thrown over rescuers who had formed a protective ring around a woman. Hugh Jackman enjoys a rare public outing with his mother Grace McNeil in the Hamptons - after she 'abandoned' him aged eight Kylie Jenner responds to Twitter follower who demands to know what happened to her dog Norman Subban after winning bronze in the final event of her illustrious career Jersey Shore's Ronnie Ortiz-Magro completes six-week rehab stint for alcoholism and depression The year-old reality star completed rehab World On Fire filming: Charles and Camilla wear coordinating colours as they gay bar ground zero mosque Ireland's President Michael D Higgins during a visit to Liverpool Aziz Ansari finally gsy the sexual misconduct claims that broke last year saying he was left 'humiliated and embarrassed' with the scandal Love Island's Zara McDermott listens to Ariana Grande's In My Head with 'you've got issues' lyrics!

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