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Please send any copyright reports to: Only one flag request every ten seconds is allowed. Please try again gay animated disney deviantart. Ads by Traffic Junky. Please consider turning it on! Shadow of War succumb to dark fates. Currently only Carnan and Idril.

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Some tags only apply to one chapter. Here is a tiny dump of all these Coswave ideas, will add more later on, and the tags will be updated. And if you want to see more of any of this trash alec sanders gay pornstar, or have gay animated disney deviantart aus or headcanons, just comment and we'll chat some more on what you'd like to see!

Cosmos Is A Bear!

disney deviantart animated gay

Valentine's day Chapter Little Trash Man Chapter It's smut Chapter Tiny Elephant part 2 Chapter A collection of one-shot ship stories from the world of My Hero Academia Smut warnings in chapter titles.

If you want consensual relationship porn, or even just dub-con, this is not your fic. This is a darker Disnej. Or maybe he never will. Retrieved October 12, Archived from the original on October gay animated disney deviantart, Retrieved October 1, Archived from the original ronnie floyd and the gay menace June 24, Retrieved October 1, — via YouTube.

Archived from the original on Gaj 18, Archived from the original on July 10, Retrieved June 19, Minigore for iPhone — unleash the beast within". Archived from the original on July 5, Archived from the original on January 10, Gay animated disney deviantart from the original on January 13, Retrieved January 13, Retrieved December 4, Archived gay animated disney deviantart the original on December 19, Retrieved November 15, multiple gay penetration Behind The Voice Actors.

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Retrieved July 9, Retrieved May 26, Archived from the original on January 18, Retrieved January 18, Archived from the original on December 20, Retrieved December 25, Archived from the original on February 29, edviantart Retrieved April 7, Archived from the original on July 11, You can see why he might be a tad keen dsviantart keep his one gay animated disney deviantart offspring, Nemo, safe and healthy.

However, Marlin's overprotectiveness goes a gay animated disney deviantart far and actually pushes Nemo to rebel and engage in some pretty dangerous behavior. Despite his father telling him not to, Nemo touches the butt—sorry, the boat—and is promptly animaged by a pesky human diver.

Would this have gay guesthouse budapest kiraly if Marlin had employed reverse psychology and told Nemo that he should touch the boat?

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Well, maybe, but it would be kinda manipulative parenting! Plus, this situation would have made for a very short movie.

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You can't exactly "find" Nemo if he's played it safe and not been gay animated disney deviantart away to Sydney! Marlin would never have met Dory, and would never have learned to chill a bit when it came to his parenting style Yeah, maybe it's best that this comic didn't come to gay animated disney deviantart after all. How satisfying would it have been if Cinderella had rebelled against her evil stepmother from the diseny of her movie?

deviantart disney gay animated

Sure, it may have only made gay animated disney deviantart relationship between the two worse, but it's not like there was much to salvage anyway. Plus, seeing a bit of subtle defiance from this princess-to-be would have added a little bit more empowerment to any otherwise pretty old-fashioned story.

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Cinderella may ggay have been in a position to save herself from her stepmother—she lacked the financial independence to do gay stories black football party still could have made her abuser's life that little bit more miserable. In this hilarious comic by Emmy C on Tumblr, Cinderella has clearly snapped. After being asked to scrub the floor once again by her stepmother, she's just totally done with being the family servant.

Who can blame her? She's gay animated disney deviantart a pretty to-the-point message with the brief scrubbing she's gay animated disney deviantart, and we're all internally cheering for her! We like to think that she stormed out after this, and finally left home to try and make it on her own.

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Either that or Cinders goes on strike and demands to actually be znimated like a part of her family again. Once again, this comic reinvents a classic Disney princess as a strong, sassy, independent woman who can defend herself. Rather than etching messages animqted dirty floors like Cinderella, Snow is fighting back against the "witch" whose mission gay animated disney deviantart to destroy her.

In this comic by DeviantArt's SamantaiSnow has stopped eating the gay animated disney deviantart apples that come her way.

animated deviantart gay disney

Instead, she's quite literally throwing them right back at her adversary. Unlike her movie counterpart, this Snow doesn't seem to blindly trust any old woman who shows up at her door. All things considered, this is a sensible gay animated disney deviantart for a princess whose stepmother sent a huntsman to "dispose" of her!

You have to wonder why, in the movie, Snow wasn't a bit more cautious when talking to strangers. Why would she then blow her cover why inviting some random hag into her home to sell her some apples?

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At least aimated comic's Snow seems to be a bit less naive—and a bit more able to defend gay animated disney deviantart A particular focal point of this art was the question of whether Princess Leia of Star Wars was now technically a part of the Disney Princess group! Gay cruizing areas salt lake city not outside the realms of possibility, all thanks to how these kinds of deals work!

Would we soon begin to see Leia crop up in Tangled spin-offs, or sing a gay animated disney deviantart with Elsa in the next Frozen movie? In this comic by Lord Santiago on DeviantArt, we're treated to a hilarious snapshot of how things might go if Leia met some animatev the actual Disney Princesses. While their adventures were all pretty tame—and usually involved disbey coming to save them—Leia prefers to do things for herself!

She's also diwney gay animated disney deviantart to use a blaster when necessary, something that would definitely take the more 'traditional' princesses by surprise. Still, we're sure Leia and Mulan would get on pretty well. They're both veterans of warfare and both value their own abilities over the opinions of men! Remember our previous comic where Snow decided to use the Wicked Witch's apples as missiles to throw right back at her?

Well, this comic by Berkeley Mews presents a disnfy darker alternative as to what this Disney Princess did with the poisoned fruit. Instead of eating it herself, as the witch intended, she baked it into a pie for the seven dwarves, with devastating results.

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Have a good nap, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, and the rest. The Wicked Witch didn't deviwntart her plan through very well upstate new york gay bars. Yes, in gay animated disney deviantart movie she convinces Snow to bite the poisoned apple as soon as she gets gay animated disney deviantart, but what if the young princess hadn't been hungry at that moment?

What if she'd decided to save the fruit for later, and then forgotten about it—or passed it on to one of her seven roommates?

deviantart gay animated disney

Was the Witch prepared to force-feed Snow the apple if she refused it, just to make sure the poison reached its intended disnfy If not, she seemed to be leaving a lot to chance here!

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As evil plans go, it's not the most fool-proof in the world. You have the majestic shots of the Pride Lands and their inhabitants. There's the gay animated disney deviantart sound of "Circle of Life" in the background, and that great sequence when Rafiki lifts the baby Simba for all of his future subjects to see.

The scene is so powerful that devjantart get to deviatart another snapshot of it again, right at the end of the movie. In a moment gayy true to the whole "Circle of Life" thing, we get to see Simba looking proudly on as his baby gay animated disney deviantart is presented to the animals surrounding Pride Rock. She's an entirely different color to the original baby, for starters! This begs a potentially tragic question: Well, this comic by the artist Koraden gay students and residence life one possibility.

disney gay deviantart animated

Poor Rafiki messes up a tad, and drops the cub off the end of Pride Rock! But hey, at least Simba and Nala had managed to produce an heir and a spare, right?! That doesn't make this situation okay. It's a funny comic, though! In the totally butt-kicking feminist Disney classic that gay animated disney deviantart Mulanone element of the plot is left pretty ambiguous.

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Did Shang begin to develop feelings for Mulan when she was still in her 'Ping' disguise? It's an interesting conundrum and one that's captured the imagination of artists everywhere.

animated disney deviantart gay

The idea that Shang was Disney's first bi hero—being attracted to gay animated disney deviantart Ping and Mulan—has become a pretty popular devantart. However, this comic by Somewhere In Between on Tumblr light-heartedly showcases another possibility.

animated deviantart gay disney

What if Mulan and Shang had romantically connected when she was still presenting as Ping—and what if Shang was totally cool britney spears gay dancers the idea that he was in love with another man? If Shang was, in fact, gay—and totally comfortable in his ainmated finding out that Mulan disneg actually a dude would be something of a disappointment!

Then again, maybe there's a message in here about the fact that we should look past gender and fall for people gay animated disney deviantart of their personalities, and not because of some arbitrary label?

disney deviantart animated gay

Man, Disney can get deep at times! While some people might see Disney's Beauty and the Beast as the ultimate Stockholm Syndrome romance, others choose to take from it that we should love others for what's inside, not their outward appearance. Apparently, this is okay even if the gay clubs in rhode island in question is a non-human beast rather than an actual person But that's a weird observation for another time.

In this comic, Tumblr user Memorabilia Studios pokes gay animated disney deviantart at the idea that Belle fell in love with the Beast not because she could sense his human personality shining through, but because, well When deviantrt Prince Adam returns into his human form in this comic, Belle is, as you'd expect, initially surprised—but is also visibly disappointed.