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To find out more about this website, click here to read all about it. A lot of porn sites seem to be the same these days. While reliability can be a great thing, monotony can be painfully dull.

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Besides all of this, there llke other community features like the Community Feed which focuses on giving new users exposure or highlighting fresh uploads. Plus, you are limited to the number of private messages you can send on a daily basis. And oh boy are the gays gay amatuer posting sites like xtube post there stricken with arguments againt gay marriage deep thirst.

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If you just skim the blog lkie, you'll be wondering whether you're reading a blog or sorting through the casual encounters section of Craiglist.

Or rather, Craiglist before the regulators fucked it up by forcing them to eliminate their personals section.

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Anyway, most of the posts revolve around requests for sexual favors, solicitations for dick pics, or stories about sexual escapades. No manifestos or treatises here just posts about sex, sex, and more gay sex.

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The writing quality is all over the place. Some of the uploads actually using correct spelling and decent formatting while it seems like some people can barely type.

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Then again there are the users who do fake spam spamming. If you don't know what I amatur, I'm talking about guys who are regular, active users but write barely legible posts or just enter non-sense text for some reason. To give you a more dramatic example, a sample of one user simply consisted of….

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On the other hand, the blog section managed by Xtubes has excellent quality and revolves around news for the site and developments in the porn industry. Those who are into keeping up with the adult entertainment industry should check it out.