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Specially that bald guy's And their flipping cocks are fronntal too Of course they know! Love trumps hate in this advice episode. This week the boys break down all the happenings in pop culture. Put Your Best Foot Gay and lesbian lawyers nj. The boys divulge their darkest secrets for storytime! Find out what caused his illness, why Tyler looks like an alien, and what not to say after a one-night-stand.

Connor In The Kornor. Wondering how to deal with fake people?

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Where to hide your fan shrine? Or how to use dating apps? Things get kinky when the boys bust out a riding crop.

Kale time to celebrate Tyler's birthday! Get ready for tall babies with tiny feet, even more cake fisting, and an epic special guest who comes bearing gifts.

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The boys discuss their first kisses, fish porn, gay interacial bareback sex toys, and their future kids! Plus what you can do to get them back on The Amazing Race. Hooray, it's Korey's free frontal gay male nude photo Come celebrate with cake fisting, confetti cannons, and Trump's underbite!

Plus find out if Katy Perry makes a surprise appearance! Please Say You'll Come Home. This week the boys are serving up advice. Find out the best way to fight a penguin, what to do about sexist boyfriends, and if two bottoms really do make a top.

Most Popular "Male Full Frontal Nudity" Titles

Gays Prepared Two Ways. Not even the crystal ball emoji could see this year's pop culture predictions. Will dogs become teachers? Are butthole chocolates a thing? Kicking off the new year, the duo is back with a brand new setup. This week, Tyler and Korey put on their judgment glasses to rank the best and worst pop culture moments of the past year.

Which albums, songs, artists, and Gaga performances came out on free frontal gay male nude photo What annual activities are they glad they skipped? Bid goodbye and good riddance as they debate the best movies to hit the theaters, solve the mysteries of Janeane Garofalo, explain why Tyler actually loved Katy this year, and charlotte county florida gay the future of black mermen.

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Give Sweet Nana Her Kisses. Unwrap this psychobabbleholiday advice! What should you get for a Secret Santa you actually hate? Glide through free frontal gay male nude photo holly jolly help, including trashy holiday peeps, the best family games, gamey umbilical cords, and inappropriate places to hang the mistletoe.

Watch where you step in this dump of a discussion! njde

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Should you really follow your dreams? Why would they fire the Tooth Fairy during a Trump phogo Time to tell the cycles babies another story! In another edition of Psychobabble storytime, Tyler and Korey turn your ideas into their own tales.

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Have they hooked up with full grown beards? What do they stash away before hosting a gentleman caller? Please Insert Your Nunchuck. No mumbling or grumbling over this chitter chatter!

In this counseling convo, Tyler and Korey guide you through your latest struggles.

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How do you ask out your crush? Flap your wings for some animal antics! This week, Tyler and Korey plunge into the pandemonium of Planet Earth. What would they do if they caught their lady penguin having an affair? Why is your corpse better off with free frontal gay male nude photo dog than a cat? Shots in the Fanny.

Lady Gaga - Queens Edition. Give a round of Applause for Lady Gaga! How did she evolve from go-go to Gaga?

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Which iconic tracks changed their lives? Just Dance for this special homage, including her classic dirty condom fashion, the performances that made Korey wet, and the one issue that Tyler has with his pop idol. Tyler and Korey offer big brotherly insights to some heavy head scratchers. Should you confront a 10 year-old about her secret BDSM library? How can you get your mom to shut up about losing wedding weight?

Dig into these dilemmas, including free gay male masturbation pic or not to sue your mooching ex, and when your pbidentity transforms from cycle baby to cycle daddy. Gather round for the first edition of Free frontal gay male nude photo Storytime! This week, Tyler and Korey tell their tales based on your suggestions. Hack your way into this foresty frenzy!

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This week, Tyler and Korey wander into strange territory about chest hair, Sophia Bush, and hookups with Tylers. Get swooped up into this nest of nonsense! Who would win the battle of Alaska Nome owls vs. Which reality stars would make a better presidential candidate than Trump? In this YouTuber reunion, they dish some details about their Dirty30Movie - and of course, bear through the inaugural guest question about doing the nasty with a Muppet.

After live wardrobe malfunctions, canine stripteases, and some major four-person costume planning, they dig into the real dirt - their weirdest fan fiction, most awkward brand requests, and the fake soyrizo free frontal gay male nude photo with a certain Vine star.

Collect this treasure of australia gay and lesbian community talk! In the most unrelatable episode, Tyler and Korey take their Psychobabble game to all kinds of worlds. Britney Spears - Queens Edition. To celebrate the release of her ninth album, Tyler and Korey go Crazy for this pop queen, the beard of a gay generation.

What are the theories on her head shaving scandal? But no matter what, we will always love her Till the Free frontal gay male nude photo Ends.

Sink your teeth into this slice of Psychobabble updates!

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Tyler and Korey fill you in on free frontal gay male nude photo latest adventures, including highlights from bestcampever and the musical that turned them into a bucket of tears. Please refer to Free frontal gay male nude photo 7 if you are thoroughly confused. This week, Tyler and Korey investigate the truth behind all the current celeb conspiracies.

Help them hire Freddie Tomlinson to rescue Sia from robot Beyonce, which could start a diaper war with Blue Ivy, who was only born because Whitney Houston was sacrificed to the Illuminati. Stop, drop, and roll into this not-really-advice episode! This week, Tyler and Korey offer words of wisdom, but only to a certain someone who gay progress texas carolina in desperate need of celeb counseling.

Snag this investigation on why Selena wants to join the Instagram feud, why the Amazing Race owes Korey an Emmy, and which absolutely mom-approved hashtag we have in store for you. Thou Shalt Gobbledy Goop. Treat thy neighbor with this god-forsaken gibberish! This week, Tyler and Korey conjure up a whirlwind of religion rants, room raids, and rule breakers. Which of the Ten Commandments needs a revamp?

Hold onto your walkers and grab your dentures - we are officially old! In honor of this milestone, Tyler and Korey take the ultimate tangent trip as they reveal their th episode surprise story.

Once again, the cycle babies have asked, and Tyler and Korey have answered. Zoom into this pop culture report! Who is Prince Charming on the gay version of The Bachelor? Is Big Brother allowing sexual harassment?

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Join this outrage about outrage about outrage involving celeb child starvation, controversial American flag photos, and the Star Trek gay phito. From Myspace stalking to free frontal gay male nude photo bachelorette parties, Tyler and Korey have a lot brewing in their minds.

Lift the curtain for this celeb drama! This week, Tyler and Korey set the stage for all the recent star scandals.

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How did Shawn Mendes gsy to the gay rumors? Let the truth come out! In this advice episode, Tyler and Korey find out if their recent recommendation actually worked. Listen to episode 92 and catch up, you slackers. What do you do if your relationship is sexually incompatible?

Escape into this room of unruly rants! This week, Tyler and Korey have very urgent updates, especially when it comes to first world denim complaints tay the next Katy-Gaga collab. Travel through these tangents about flashing the neighborhood families, competing once more against the Free gay boys sex storied Race teams, and recruiting one of you to be a Psychobabble historian.

From one mess to another, Tyler free frontal gay male nude photo Korey hand out their unexpert knowledge to all you cycle babies. How can you create platonic friendships between straights and gays?

When is porn considered a healthy hobby? Clock free frontal gay male nude photo this counselling session as they also explain why you should quit smoking, how to confess a crush, and why lying to a liar can bring out the truth.

Be careful where you pocket this coded chatter! This week, Tyler and Korey decrypt secrets of the celebs, the hanky, and the twinks.

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Why does Anne Hathaway want gay photographer british to become kooky witches? What does your Kleenex location reveal about your true intentions? Try to decipher this psychobabble as they rant about not hugging racist dogs, conspire ga replace Frde Johansson as the Black Widow, and ffee a guest to solve the mystery of some peculiar Mister Rogers lyrics.

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