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Newsletter · Book your flight · Games Romania mulls legalising same-sex civil unions after referendum fail just weeks after a referendum that tried to bury the idea of gay marriage. European Commission 'will not hesitate' to take Romania to court, warns Romania's diaspora lays claim to the country's future | View.

Take a look at our selection of pictures from Friday night's anti-government protests in Romania. Driver who had personalised plates containing an insult to Romania's ruling party is taken off the road.

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More than 5, people gathered outside government headquarters calling for the resignation of Liviu Dragnea as speaker as well as of the Prime Minister. Opposition groups post videos showing them removing litter after government-organised rally.

European court rules in favour of American-Romanian gay couple who wanted to settle in Romania, which doesn't recognise same-sex marriage. Prosecuted ex-finance minister decides to pay part of his 1 million EUR bail in european union views on gay marriage.

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At just 30 years' old, Florin Badita has founded a movement that has single-handedly exposed endemic corruption in Romanian political life. Euronews' Sophie Claudet interviewed him to find out more.

He said that the same story took place for divorce and the civil union act. With reference to the decision by PN MP Edwin Vassallo european union views on gay marriage vote against the Bill, he Muscat stressed that everybody's beliefs and choices should be respected.

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Nationalist Party MP Edwin Vassallo, who made waves by voting against the Bill at the second reading, stood up to say that he again would be voting against at this final stage:. I understand the separation between the state and church, but I believe that if a liberal person comes into Parliament, and pushes their beliefs that msrriage not mean that as a Christian politician, I should not push my beliefs.

european union views on gay marriage

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The Act makes it legal for any and all consenting adult couples, be it of the same sex or different, have the right to enter into a marriage. The Nationalist Party had presented some 80 amendments to the Bill in order to retain the gender specific terminology but also add clauses so that homosexual married coupled are recognised by law.

The bill was drawn up in order to comply with a Constitutional Court ruling in December that said existing marriage legislation was unconstitutional for eruopean european union views on gay marriage same-sex couples.

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The court gave the government a Dec. Homosexuality is still largely taboo in Africa.

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Even in South Africa, gays and lesbians are often attacked because of their sexual orientation. Denmark in became the first country to legislate for same-sex partnerships and eurolean other European Union members have followed suit.

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It has offered a degree of substantive and formal equality for the disadvantaged. I look to the Charter to ensure that people achieve equality in their day-to-day lives, as Canada guarantees affirmative action in its Constitution.

InCanada became the fourth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriages.

Lawmakers approve bill for president's signature

We forgot to fix our divorce legislation so that those who had married here could divorce here! We've fixed that now.

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When I came of age in the s and 60s, there were few spaces European union views on gay marriage could go to be safe as a woman and as a lesbian. That remains the case today for many women, for many lesbians. We have been formally accommodated, both in the mainstream and in gay culture, but not fully included.

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Economic, social and cultural realities, like all aspects of violence, remain gendered and racialized. We spend vast amounts on the ISIS war on terror, but not on the war on terror against women and girls, the violence in the next room, street or town.

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Now the eurooean is that because sex and gender are a matter of personal choice, across a spectrum and fluid, we have no use for sex and gender. I do not believe this.

Gay spouses have rights in all EU countries, says European court official

Sex is determined at birth with a DNA pattern. Gender fluidity is a matter of personal choice.

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european union views on gay marriage Ultimately, through these changes, I remain committed to laws, communities and spaces that address widespread and deep discrimination against women in all of their diversity.

Lord Chris Smith of Finsbury is a member of Britain's House of Gay and lesbian marriage and a former secretary of state for culture and media under a Labour government. When I first came out 30 years ago -- as the first ever openly gay MP in the United Kingdom -- there was ferocious inequality and a huge amount of discrimination. An unequal age of consent.

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A prohibition on "promotion" of homosexuality. No equality in the armed services, in the diplomatic or civil service, in access to goods and services, or in the recognition of partnership. And there were regular denunciations of any sort vidws gay equality in the rabid parts of the tabloid press.

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How things have changed since then. All inequalities in law have been swept away. A Conservative government has helped to put equal marriage on the statute book.

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And even the tabloids have -- albeit grudgingly -- celebrated the first gay marriages. It's been one of the most rapid and remarkable stories of social change in recent wuropean.

The Church's opposition to same-sex marriage derives from its doctrine and teachings, In view of the close links that have long existed between marriage, procreation . the status of same-sex couples be made uniform across the European Union. . Are the Adult Children of Parents Who Have Same-Sex Relationships?

Partly, that's been because a Labour government systematically picked off one bit europeab discrimination after another and changed the law.

But even more importantly, it's because society has changed.

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People everywhere have realized that they have friends, neighbors, work colleagues, people they admire on television, even perhaps MPs, who just happen to be LGBT. And they are just as good, as valuable, as likable and as effective as european union views on gay marriage else. And it's because social attitudes have changed that the law has been able to europexn too.

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In recognizing difference and diversity, we've moved uniob prejudice, to tolerance, now to acceptance, and we're moving toward celebration.

We're not there yet, but we're moving fast in the right direction.

All EU countries must recognise rights of gay spouses, ECJ rules | World news | The Guardian

Sadly, discrimination and violence are still a part of life for an alarming number of lesbian, gay, bisexual ujion trans people in the Dominican Republic. And, despite some promising recent roommate web camera suicide gay reforms, a survey conducted last year found almost three-quarters of Dominicans believed the country discriminates against LGBT people.

One of the problems here is the widespread lack of knowledge on human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity among police officers.

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A report published by the Human Rights Observatory for Vulnerable Groups Observatorio de Derechos Humanos para Grupos Vulnerabilizadosfor example, noted that the head of the country's police force had said publicly that he would not accept homosexuals in the force.

This view, he argued, was consistent with article 10 of Lawwhich prohibits sodomy between police officers of european union views on gay marriage same sex.