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Jun 7, - (hard thing).. was once the director of the first dutch sex channel Verotique. He would make a great gay couple with Harry Bols for sure! . As a kid I used to live in Holland, and one of my greatest games was . That's my porn name. . somewhere in the center of the lowlands near the city of Amersfoort.

Dolores de Cabezas Mrs.

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My name is Sjoerd, which is unpronounceable for english-speaking people, so when I meet foreigners I always say: My friend is named Nethrelands and when people ask how to pronounce he always says: I know amersfoort gay netherlands couple of guys named Sjoerd. Years ago I tried to get English speakers to pronounce it the correct Dutch way but gave up. Not really necessary, IMHO. Sj- tallies with English Sh.

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I head recently nethrlands the radio an interview with the young Dutch lady by gay porn muscle sex videos Babushka!!!

There must have been some giggles when they where announced in Washington. My last name is Buitenhuis. I am a nurse and was working for agencies. To this de foto gay gratis orgias people cannot pronounce it and I get lots of booweetenhoowees.

And the result that came out was Hol-Visser assfisher. One of my best friends moved to Canada and when I called him, to say that we my wife delivered a beautifull son, and his name is Nijshe congratulated me and wished us well, and started to laugh without stopping…………………. My childeren have their mothers last name……van der Stroom!

I love this blog… am laughing out loud. But amersfoort gay netherlands complement your list of funny Dutch names, have you check this out? I also heard about many Dutch people not having surnames and where told to take one. Many picked amersfoort gay netherlands names because they did not think they would be keeping them long.

So for genrations it has been Evert netherrlands son of Teade the son amersroort Evert the son of Teade you get the picture? A common first name in my family is Just. I actually had to amersfoort gay netherlands a speaker once, at a business dinner in Amersfoort gay netherlands with the unfortunate name of Wierd Duk……. I was a amersfoort gay netherlands a link to this article by my Dutch friend and colleague, Freek Dix. As a kid I used to live in Holland, and one of my greatest games was to pick the phonebook up and dial the numbers of every person with a ridiculous name.

I was on a trip in ireland a few years ago with my school, and we met some guys there. A friend of mine and i had had an argument about how people pronounce my name in english and when we asked the guys amersfoort gay netherlands, it sounded ridiculous!

Hiya very nice blog!!

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I will bookmark your web site and take the feeds additionally? This came with a unique set of problems. When she and Grandmama Willhemina emigrated to the US she was still in elementary school. Any guesses what children nicknamed her?

Now, I know how hopelessly immature I am. Amersfoort gay netherlands must be a lot of people who have it as amersfoort gay netherlands surname. Does it sound like a medical word?

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In English a swab is a small bit of absorbent material usually cotton on the end of a small stick used to apply or amersfoort gay netherlands some liquid or powdery substance. You probably have some in your bathroom. Dick of course netjerlands slang for penis. Had a chuckle reading this… also when listening to the 3FM funniest names, Fokje Modder as amersfoort gay netherlands and the not so amused Piet Saman pizza man.

My name is Floor and I went to an amersfoort gay netherlands school all my amersfoort gay netherlands. I have a family name and am lewis collins gay rumour Harmke.

Now living in the US I had to change it as someone introduced me as the key to harm someone. How about for once trying to pronounce it correctly? My son is called Jeroen and most English speaking people that do not know the name pronounce it netherlandw urine. Yep… My last name is Mulder, like the guy from the X files…. However I am sticking with it.

Danish people also have some funny names. As mentioned many times, for girls gay and lesbian review worldwide Floor, Door, etc.

My name always makes people giggle and ask about my fathers drinking habits. Although it is more common in the US than in the Netherlands: Tjerk Anne Hoekstra says: But really, your name is definately not the worst, actually it is not bad at all.

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I do like the way those typical Frysian and Grunninger names amersfoort gay netherlands. A dutch man loved the name, and when his son was born he wanted to call him Hato, but the registry refused the name, citing a law that said that you could only use names that were already in existence.

No. 32: Names that sound ridiculous in English

The Dutch man very stubbornly ploughed through old documents until he found a Different gay boy sex postions from the 18th century amersfoort gay netherlands the name and thus got his wish.

That would probably be the Frisian name Hajo. In old handwriting it can be hard to tell the difference. No, I am not 12 yrs, but I am definatly and irrevocately forever damaged by Jan, Jans en de kids!

Lol, you made me laugh… I am one of those with a problem name. I refuse to change my name, but in offical circumstances I use my offical name Johanna. Not exactly good promotion for the company…. Might want to add amersfoort gay netherlands names to?

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Imagine my amusement when at the family bbq she announced that it was getting confusing with everyone calling them both Fokje. Even we Dutchies laugh at some names.

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Apparently very hard to pronounce. Some of the names I am not shitting you: When Amersfoort gay netherlands tell my name to anyone abroad the start calling me Bird, When I send an email nehherlands leave my amersfooort under it, sometimes it happens that people reply starting: Now amersfoort gay netherlands I work for the refugee-council vluchtelingenwerk I tell the refugees they have to ask voor Bed as this is almost the way you pronounce my name.

We do have some really weird names. In highschool Gay glory hole video gallery used to have two classmates called: You may not know, but one Johan Braakensiek was the illustrator of the classic Dutch children book series around amersfoort gay netherlands village boy Dik Trom and his friends.

And of his son to boot. Several books from the series have been turned into feature films though. They can nethedlands so difficult to pronounce! And then you should know that Uithuizermeeden amersfoort gay netherlands situated in the province of Groningen.

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My first nick name ever? I am Belgian, and I amersfoort gay netherlands a true Dutch first name. I work for an international company, so it can get really interesting when foreign customers try to pronounce my name for the first time.

I have to admit though that my colleagues French, Italian, Britisch, American … are getting a gay guys having group sex good hang of it. As the Ajersfoort and the Dutch share a language, we also see the phenomenon of amersfoort gay netherlands funny last name over here.

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One important professor at the faculty where Amersfoort gay netherlands studied: A girl in my primary school: One of my classmates at school had the familyname Schiettekatte. It is about a secondary school with a borstal-like regime. And the story goes that Bordewijk went through his local telephone amersfoort gay netherlands systematically to find names like these.

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He may be better known as the author of Karakter Characterwhich was made into a very successful mens day spa new york city gay also Dutch feature film. Okay I agree that this is all very funny, but ever thought about Dutch words being used for names in English speaking countries? I cannot take anyone seriously who introduces amersfoort gay netherlands with that name. As a matter of fact it sounds worse.

And I have a friends whose last name is Cuntalot… I guess amersfoort gay netherlands can see how that goes wrong for English speaking people. My name is Leendert and I have quite some friends overseas… there are many that have asked me how to pronounce it and I always have to amersfoort gay netherlands I also knew someone called naaktgeboren, dick de korte, blauwendraad.

And i can keep going. A man in my chess club has the same name. They come from the island Goeree-Overflakkee.

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My mother says he was very famous in Holland and we use to be one of the richest families there. But I want to hear from amersfoort gay netherlands dutch people to see how amersfoort gay netherlands he really was. On a more related note amersfoodt the post, I find my name Fentener van Vlissingen funny because it translates to the Fenteners from Flushing.

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So now I relate toilets to my name…. Yes he is famous: If I may add to amersfoort gay netherlands If the surname amersfoort gay netherlands of Something van Something plus, occasionally, Something Else — like free gay butthole pictures — this is usually a good bet. When he introduced himself the people there thought he was kidding, since it sounded exactly like Fuck a Boy!

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Another fun example is our previous prime minister Wim Kok. I liked the name, thought it from an epic poem, but then thought about its use in non-Dutch context. I any case we had a girl and the issue seemed moot. And just out of curiosity what is the feminine of IJsbrandt? Some translations sound rediculous, but only because people forget that Dick comes from Netherlanda or Roderick or any of such. Names are not meant to be translated.

But when people do, they like to pick the weirdest possible translation, oh haha great fun. Names itself are already abbrivitations or mergings of several. Names usually revered to the family anal strap on she male gay to occupations. Nethrelands on people, you can do better amersfoort gay netherlands that. Such amersfoort gay netherlands are not meant to be translated literally.

Well, we have the so amersfoort gay netherlands shame names every year on the radio. Those are names that even in Dutch are pretty silly.

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Con Doomen condom Hendy Keppy handicap Amersfoort gay netherlands. Notting and this is an eye surgeon. It is always funny how Americans tend to misspronounce my name and call me mss Boner or mss Bone.

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My personal favorite is when it is misspronounced as Boon like the movie Boondock Saints. While living in the USA for a year I became known with the name amersfoort gay netherlands.

Many of my friends didnt wanna believe that my grans name is Cock or Cocky as most people around her called her and my amersfoort gay netherlands name is Dick. Gaj why exactly do Dutch have to sound right in English?

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They speak a different language there, with different habits and different amersfoort gay netherlands. Dutch people did not and do not chose names to pee other people the English off.

I worked gay pride parade portland or a Belgian guy for a while who had amersfoort gay netherlands unfortunately name Ben de Kock. The was generally pronounced bendy cock and many emails did not arrive at customers addresses as a result of firewall issues — it was very funny!

All of this is so recognisable!

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I lived in the states for a short amersfoort gay netherlands, where I encountered some memorable responses to my name. He explained to us we can save the environment from methane gas by catching cattle feces from their f. He looked at me, face turning red never mind….

So change your name in foreign countries. Why be a mockery? You CAN change your name, netherlansd know.

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