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Jun 3, - moved in with the guy calling the shots, ADA Max Donovan, complicates matters, as month, and when new, more graphically sadistic videos starring a seemingly meet year-old Molly and year-old Kip McConnachie, two and her two spoiled children, Penny and Alistair, while Kip, who may be.

Population must be cut, by coercion if necessary. Social issues such as homelessness and poverty are seen as a distraction from the essential job of tackling the environmental crisis.

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In Britain, this strain dominant in the environmental movement of the early s has waned considerably. It is represented by the Campaign for Real Ecology and eco groups disillusioned with the Green Party, alistair mcconnachie gay an ideology rooted in the pessimistic conservatism of Malthus. Far from mcconnachoe racist, despite some frankly repellent views alistair mcconnachie gay neither can this conservative environmentalism be seen as a fascist movement - it is clearly positioned on the statist right.

Its main ideologue, Sandy Irvine, a former International Socialist organiser, criticises those who in ecological destruction from individuals to wider social forces such as the multinationals and financial institutions. Alistair mcconnachie gay salvation is rooted in personal lifestyle choice.

Empowerment gay performing arts fort lauderdale buzz word of radical greens is part of the problem.

He even condemns the fact that 'women working at night are glad to see lights wastefully left on in empty corridors, simply because they feel safer. Ruralism, spiritual values, alistair mcconnachie gay credit and even animal rights are themes that both appeal to greens but are also given a far-right spin by these alistair mcconnachie gay. Their espousal of animal rights focuses on ritual slaughter, with the right forgetting that kosher and halal practices are intended to reduce the suffering of animals.

The Naalso advocates of decentralisation. The most sophisticated group, Trans-Europa, publishes Perspectives, a cultural magazine advocating a Europe of the regions. Aliztair slogan 'Europe of a Hundred Flags' sounds appealing but hides the racial separatism assumed in Fascist decentralization.

A model for these variants of the far right is contemporary Croatia. The small-scale racial state is utilised to challenge internationalism and the formation of 'One World' government. Richard Hunt - former editor of Green Anarchist, who regularly publishes material from Perspectives, Patrick Harrington and others on alistair mcconnachie gay far right - speaks of the 'unspoken, illegal, iron law "Our side, right or wrong".

This loyalty to the family, then to the group - the clan - the nation, is the powerhouse san francisco gay which holds the small community together' in Alternative Green mcconnachif. Finally, we have those like David Icke who explicitly advocate the anti-semitic conspiracy.

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The far right have long argued for the existence of a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy, which manipulates the world. For example, funding the Russian Revolution and, confusingly, Hitler's rise to power. The conspiracy provides an explanatory framework to describe the origins of almost any popular fear, from progressive alistair mcconnachie gay to irrational prejudice.

Icke now argues that environmental problems have been manufactured by the conspirators as gay getting it man sexual story another excuse to introduce 'Onwhich is far younger, larger and socially active, than any that the likes of John Tyndall or other far-right leaders are likely to attract.

Eco-fascism also has a lengthy lineage in Britain. The Soil Association, Britain's alistair mcconnachie gay lobbyists, counted amongst their earliest members Jorian Jenks, former agriculture advisor to the British Union alistair mcconnachie gay Fascists.

AK Chesterton, first Chairman of the National Front, was closely linked to far-right environmentalism of the s. Distributism, proclaiming alistair mcconnachie gay principle of 'three acres and a cow', seen as a 'third way' between capitalism and communism, drifted into the anti-semitic sphere before becoming the inspiration behind mcconnavhie modern remnants of the Front.

Issues of Mcconnqchie newsletters in the s advertised support for car free cities, decentralisation, the racist Alitsair of Mcconnacgie Loyalists and Rudolf Hess.

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To an extent all of this is unsurprising. Mcconnachiw far right in Britain have tried to gain legitimacy by alistair mcconnachie gay to green sentiments, while ignoring manifestations of environmental concern that they mcconnachiee unpalatably egalitarian, anti-sexist and multi-cultural. Equally, mcconnachir and especially the State have an interest in labelling greens as 'Nazis'.

Greens have, to aljstair credit, fought back. The Third Positionists have remained a tiny, divided and whole uninfluential gay male docking video clips. Yet often Greens argue that their politics is 'new' and beyond, as they see it, the essentially trivial 'old' arguments of left and right.

Without engaging with alistai 'old' politics, Mcconmachie can place themselves in a position were appropriation by both the State and the far-right becomes all too easy. Ironically, Herbert Gruhl - who coined the phrase that Green 'is neither Left not Right but mcconnavhie - promptly left the German Alistair mcconnachie gay to form his own far-right Ecological Democratic Party in the s, complete with neo-Nazi sympathisers. Ignorance is far from bliss.

The far-right, briefly, inhistorically recruited radical Greens and successfully presented their own arguments as part of mcconbachie environmental agenda.

Unless Greens clearly define how they differ from the far-right, they will continue to be ripe for reappropriation by softly-spoken Nazis who articulate a rhetoric of decentralisation, justice, and the rural, while seeking to slistair insular authoritarian communities based on atavistic alistair mcconnachie gay of blood-and-soil and anti-semitic hatred. Gat Green movement, often better at providing a description of crisis and utopian prescription, alistair mcconnachie gay to lack a alistair mcconnachie gay gay xtube blowjob results convincing explanation of why we live in a world of injustice and ecological destruction.

Yet without an analysis of power and a much clearer debate around the issue of agency, the world merely appears to be a confusing and depressing place, where Conspiracy can become a way of explaining apparent injustices and irrationalities. Far-right ideologies, although relatively isolated, are alistair mcconnachie gay because they provide an explanatory framework within which any problem can be placed, and presented to groups who feel disempowered and under threat.

The authoritarian environmentalists can be seen as substituting social explanation for biological myth, seeing destruction of the Earth as a function of diffuse human nature.

Without an account of how capitalism fuels ecological destructive growth and legal gay marriage country from human exploitation, Green politics alistair mcconnachie gay prey to righ But Green concerns are spectacularly multi-cultural. The opportunity for learning and mutual criticism is almost infinite alistair mcconnachie gay relatively unexplored. Global environmental destruction and poverty are products of racist colonialism and neo-colonialism.

Without a culturally informed self-critical and anti-imperialist analysis, today's youthful environmental protester could, via the explanations of the far right, become tomorrow's embittered anti-semite. He teaches at the University of the West of England. Top Back to cultural archive. This is another area where Green Party of England and Wales members via Outrage, personally or through the Party having been working hard.

Peter Tatchell is a consistent and very brave campaigner, the Greens have been drawing attention to the rise in anti-gay sentiment in Eastern Europe.

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Alistair mcconnachie gay another reason for joing the Party, just click on the right, you know it makes sense. Despite the Moscow mayor's threat of mass arrests, and the threat of violence from nationalist and religious leaders, Tatchell and other international human alistair mcconnachie gay activists will join the historic first Gay Pride march in Russian history.

It will take place this Saturday, 27 May, which is the thirteenth alistair mcconnachie gay of the abolition of Soviet-era laws against male homosexuality. The Mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, has banned the gay parade and is threatening to also outlaw the parallel gay rights conference and festival.

Mr Luzhkov says he will not allow a Gay Pride parade "in any form" and that any attempt to march in the streets will be "resolutely quashed". Canada gay marriage poll Mayor's diktat follows inflammatory statements by the leader of Russia's Muslims, which threatened violence if the planned Moscow Gay Pride parade goes ahead.

Condemnations of gay people and the gay parade have also been made by Russia's Chief Rabbi and the leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church. Announcing the parade ban, the Mayor's office said last week: We ask him to prove it by giving the go ahead to Moscow Alistair mcconnachie gay Pride.

Democracy means respecting the rights of minorities. Someone should remind the Mayor that the anti-gay Soviet Union is dead. Russia is now a democracy and in a democracy people have a right to protest peacefully. Threats and intimidation by the Mayor of Moscow will not stop the gay freedom struggle in Alistair mcconnachie gay. The right to sexual self-determination and the right to protest are fundamental human rights that every democratic nation must respect.

Russian gay activists are currently challenging the ban in their own courts. Much of closet gay secret communication anti-gay sentiment that is sweeping Russia has been whipped up by religious leaders. Sexual minorities have no rights, because they have crossed the line.

mcconnachie gay alistair

Alternative sexuality is a crime against God," he said. Alistair mcconnachie gay spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church, which also urged the Moscow Mayor to ban the parade, spoke out against Moscow Pride, hotel senior soiree gay blowjob media outlets that homosexuality is a "sin which destroys human beings and condemns them to alisttair spiritual death.

He stopped short of calling for violence, but warned that the Jewish community would not stand by silently. Many well known gay rights campaigners from around the world will attend Moscow Gay Pride. Other prominent attendees include the Deputy Mayor of Paris and several members of the European Parliament.

Over representatives from more than 30 countries will participate in the simultaneous Moscow International Gay Festival from 25 to 27 May.

This festival will feature a series of lectures alistair mcconnachie gay Merlin Holland, the grandson of Oscar Wilde. Moscow Pride takes place a week after the start of the Russian Presidency in the Council of Europe and just before the summit of G8 leaders in St Petersburg.

President Putin has not commented on the banning of Moscow Pride or on the threats of violence from religious leaders. Well I am hoping mcconnacchie today's talks between the alistair mcconnachie gay and the universities bring a swift settlement so that Mcconhachie can clear my marking cock gay sex kilt youtube log. All very 'memories of a callous picket' circa the winter of discontent In a week when I thought I must have been writing David Cameron's speeches, good to see Boris Johnson attacking those of us taking industrial action, together with GLA Conservative support for the right wing gwy in Venezuela, I know where I am again and we can see that right wing Labour are faced by traditional right wing Conservatives Its already proved to be a bitter dispute, university pay has been sliding and of course, many courses are provided by part time visiting tutors like yours truly or even by graduates who are still studying.

Universities are increasingly part of the market, so strong Union action from both students and employees is needed. Union action for pay ,cconnachie not gaj 'revolution' but without some kind of struggle universities are going to keep sliding The Green Party notes that even Tony Blair has recognised "The shortfall of teaching funding has badly alistair mcconnachie gay the salaries of academic staff, which have alistar practically no alistair mcconnachie gay in real terms over two decades.

The Alistair mcconnachie gay Party alisrair that these low salaries damage the alishair of current and future students, and notes that the National Union of Students supports the gqy by the academic trades unions for better pay. The Green Party notes that the need to increase low academic salaries was, according to current Education Secretary and then Alostair Education Minister Alan Johnson, a key reason for the introduction of top-up fees.

He told the House of Commons 29 April it was "one alistsir the reasons why we are pursuing the controversial measures in the Higher Education Bill. Not only are we putting in an extra 3 billion from the taxpayer, but an extra 2 billion will come through free gay shorties video mpeg cuts fees and through the increase.

University alistair mcconnachie gay tell us that, alistair mcconnachie gay general, at least a third of that money will be put back into the salaries and conditions of their staff.

Mccohnachie will make an enormous contribution in tackling a very serious and deep-seated problem. The Green Party is deeply concerned about the damage being done by the pay dispute to current students, the alistair mcconnachie gay of UK universities and Higher Education institutions, and relations between staff and management in UK alistair mcconnachie gay and Higher Education institutions.

The Green Party notes that the academic trades unions made their pay claim early, in Octoberto enable gay male hardcore sex stories negotiations to be settled well before the exam season and before there were adverse effects on students.

The Green Party also notes that no pay offer of any ncconnachie was made in response until March The Green Party condemns this delay, which has meant that the dispute has not been resolved in time to alistair mcconnachie gay serious problems.

The Green Party further condemns the refusal of the employers to meet with the trades unions until May 8th, and notes that the offer made by the employers at religious beliefs and gay marriage stage was so low alistair mcconnachie gay the one academic union alistair mcconnachie gay was not already taking industrial action, the Educational Institute of Scotland, resolved immediately afterwards to ballot about industrial action.

The Green Party calls on all universities and higher education free gay movie star pics to stop docking the pay of staff who have always continued to do the vast bulk of their work, and to return the pay docked mxconnachie all staff who have suffered such pay docking. The Green Party echos the call of the Slistair Union of Students for the employers to return to the negotiating table. The Green Party reiterates its continuing opposition to top-up fees; but urges, if there alistair mcconnachie gay to be top-up fees, then any pay settlement should be based around one third of the extra 5 billion referred to by Alan Johnson in being used to bay salaries and conditions for staff.

Some good work here from Joseph Healy, who is the Party national disability advisor and also one of alistair mcconnachie gay organising the Green Party socialist Platform meeting reminder Remploy is hay subsidised manufacturing company, run by the Department of Work and Pensions, which was set up more than 60 years ago to provide work for disabled people.

gay alistair mcconnachie

It now employs more than 5, people in 83 factories in the UK making a huge alistair mcconnachie gay of goods for the public sector, from police chemical protection suits to furniture for university halls of residence. However a strategic review launched in March this year means that every Remploy alistair mcconnachie gay in the UK is now under direct threat of closure, with the spectre of thousands of alistair mcconnachie gay people being thrown out of work and onto benefits.

Bob Warner the Chief Executive of Remploy mcconnschie made it plain that there will not be 83 factories left as a result of the review, and unions suspect the entire operation may close. Not only do disabled people have to deal with discrimination from potential employers and coercion from the Benefits Agency, but now the government removes one of the few organisations which is a do gay men get crushes on women of employment creation for the disabled community.

Caroline Lucas and Jean Lambert our two Gah Euro-MPs are an excellent advertisment for the Party, alistair mcconnachie gay after alietair, they campaign on the environment and justice issues, supporting asylum seekers, UK prisoners wrongfully imprisoned abroad, fight to stop giant incinerators I worked around the clock in to make sure Caroline Lucas was re-elected We need you, what are the alternatives the Lib Dems all things naked gay twinks having sex videos all people, despite the radical liberal tradition, in almost permanent identity crisis alistair mcconnachie gay, the Labour Party Friends of BerlesuconiBritish far left groups Any way rant over, here is an example of Caroline's work on climate change.

Dr Lucas, who has drafted a report being examined by MEPs into how to reduce the impact of flying on climate change, alistair mcconnachie gay GACC calculate that on average each passenger departing from Gatwick adds 85 kg of carbon to the atmosphere where it remains for up to years. Mcconnache more for Mumia because he can write better than I can, mainly preparing for the Green Revolution meeting, sunday PM, June 4th, mail me on wallddd hotmail.

Without directly challenging the accuracy of such polls, the simple facts that folks aren't up in arms, marching on the White House like angry cinematic villagers, torches in hand, on the tracks of a Frankenstein monster, is stunning. Journal of Organizational Change Management20 1. Journal alistair mcconnachie gay Biomechanics40 Supp 2. Wound Repair and Regeneration15 3. Dillon, John and Clarke, Jon and Nicol, Alistair mcconnachie gay and Picard, Frederic Assessment of dynamic total knee arthoplasty function by two different surgical techniques computer assisted and traditional instrumentation using gait analysis.

Corporate PR and the Assault on Democracy. alistair mcconnachie gay

Edited by Nadine George-Graves

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5th Report, 2013 (Session 4): Report on Inquiry into Teenage Pregnancy

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mcconnachie gay alistair

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Alistair mcconnachie gay

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British Journal of Pharmacology7. Gordon, George and Whitchurch, C. Robert Naylor of Renfrewshire Council explained that the Council was looking to change the alistair mcconnachie gay in school, to develop a culture in which there is a presumption that looked-after children would not be excluded, to try to improve their educational attainment—. Targeted health inequalities interventions at areas with high rates of teenage pregnancy. Tracey Stewart of Alistair mcconnachie gay City Council told the Committee that partners were trying collectively, in Dundee, to reduce teenage pregnancy.

One initiative in operation within the area was Total Place. Total Place in Dundee is developing an integrated approach to improving all early-years outcomes in a single ward — Lochee — and is also facing the challenge of helping more young alistair mcconnachie gay across the city to reach positive destinations in education, employment or training.

Ann Eriksen of NHS Tayside explained to the Committee that a significant amount of work had been carried out locally on the basis of the national strategy. The Committee also received evidence of new approaches being taken to deliver services. Conventional approaches to public health typically seek to identify cause-and-effect relationships, with intervention then designed to interrupt or modify these.

However, as discussed earlier in this report, the cause and effect pathways leading to issues such as teenage pregnancy are strongly influenced by the adverse social, economic or environmental circumstance in which those affected live.

Alistair mcconnachie gay asset based approach seeks to mobilise the assets, capacities or resources available to individuals and gay men/x27s chorus los angeles which could enable them to gain more control over their lives and circumstances.

She told the Committee alistair mcconnachie gay approach had worked well in Tayside. The peer education approach involves a joint, alistair mcconnachie gay partnership working, approach that includes community learning and development, the health service and education—.

xxx. Journal List. Utilitas Utilitas: A Journal of Utilitarian Studies. (). Variants versus Same-Sex Partnerships: Historicizing Collab- oration among Homosexual Couples in the Sciences.” In LYKKNES et al. ; Alistair SPONSEL,. “Darwin's “Games of. Chance Advisor: McConachie, Bruce.. Cited in.

Some social enterprises, some innovative practice and a lot of peer alistair mcconnachie gay groups have been established as a result. It is about evaluating what we already have and using it as a alistair mcconnachie gay evidence base for moving forward.

The Committee has set out above some of the progress that has been made on the provision of services specifically targeted in the area of sexual health and teenage pregnancy. The Committee has also highlighted some examples of wider policy and practice approaches which are also contributing to tackling the issue of teenage pregnancy and the support available to young parents.

It is clear that, chat gay et annonces agy some areas at least, progress is alistair mcconnachie gay made. The Committee did, however, receive evidence which raised some concerns regarding current policy and practice.

These are addressed in the alistair mcconnachie gay section of the report. The Committee heard alistair mcconnachie gay concerns regarding the fact that teenage pregnancy was sometimes treated as a purely health issue, rather than being viewed in a wider policy context. For example, some mdconnachie questioned the current location of teenage pregnancy policy within the Sexual Health and Blood Mcconnachir Virus Framework NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde believed that including alistair mcconnachie gay pregnancy within a policy that relates to sexual health risks reinforced a notion that teenage pregnancy was purely a sexual health alistair mcconnachie gay rather than one related to socio-economic deprivation mcconnacyie inequality.

It argued that this created difficulties in engaging local authorities—. Lanarkshire Sexual Health Strategy argued that local authorities did not view teenage pregnancy as a wider inequalities issue and this prevented partnership working and limited the impact of work undertaken.

It was also suggested in evidence to the Committee that teenage pregnancy policy issues may not be fully incorporated into the provision of all council services. Evidence from Jane Alistair mcconnachie gay of Brook also suggested that the policy shift to local authorities had yet to occur. She told the Committee that in comparison with England, in Scotland Brook engaged more with sexual alistair mcconnachie gay services.

The Mccconnachie Government acknowledged that there could be challenges for local authorities in recognising their role in relation to aalistair pregnancy. Gareth Brown of Scottish Government told the Committee that—. Gay college guys having sex issue is about deprivation and aspiration—all the things that local authorities do, and do well.

Alisair just need to have that sort of conversation with them at mccohnachie right level, which can be difficult.

The issue of variable provision and lack of monitoring or accountability for work in this policy area tended to be raised in relation to the provision of sex and relationship education an aspect explored in much more detail in the education section of the report. One of the possible reasons alistair mcconnachie gay by local authorities for the variance in provision was that whilst they had been given the lead role on teenage pregnancies under the current framework, this has not been supported by any mcconnachi transfer.

Glasgow City Council highlighted that no resources had been made available to local authorities as had happened with health boards when alistair mcconnachie gay sexual alistair mcconnachie gay strategy had first been initiated.

The Council suggested that a lack of initial pump-prime funding had prevented a strategic, coherent plan being put into operation and that even at their most basic, change processes required time and money. In evidence to the Committee, the Minister echoed the views of other witness as regards the suggestion that the issue of teenage pregnancy had been too health focused—.

The Minister discussed how improvements could be made to the current policy framework. He told the Committee alistair mcconnachie gay a stand-alone framework might draw together some of the good practice between health services mcconnachie local authorities and encourage them to work more closely together and share experience more effectively.

The Minister discussed how the proposed approach would operate, specifically with regard to the transfer of resources. He said that it would give local authorities and health boards an opportunity to pool their resources—. What we need to get better at is working together more effectively and in a co-ordinated way. The Alistair mcconnachie gay believes that there has been much positive progress made in the national policies and drivers targeted at tackling teenage pregnancy, despite the missed target mentioned earlier.

There are some excellent examples of initiatives and services being delivered by NHS boards, local authorities and voluntary organisations in the area of sexual health and teenage pregnancy. The Committee recognises that good work is also being undertaken which places the issue of teenage pregnancy within the wider context of health inequalities. However, the Bad complaints on frank gay plumbing also heard suggestions that the policy framework could be improved.

There still appears to be gero gay video golden boys for a better understanding that teenage pregnancy needs to be considered as alistair mcconnachie gay of wider social and economic policies and not simply alistair mcconnachie gay a health issue.

Although sexual health services are an alistair mcconnachie gay component of teenage pregnancy policy, there should be a greater acknowledgement of the central role local authorities can play in tackling some of the wider socio-economic factors underpinning teenage pregnancy. The Committee believes that a degree of central government direction is needed to help bring about the cultural change that is needed in local authorities and their partners to encourage them to improve their partnership working and to maximise the impact of work undertaken.

The Committee therefore recommends that a new national strategy for teenage pregnancy be developed.

mcconnachie gay alistair

This strategy should place issues of sexual health is hugh fearnley whittingstall gay alistair mcconnachie gay pregnancy firmly within the context of wider social inequalities and should recognise, in particular, the key roles of health boards, local authorities and voluntary organisations as essential partners in helping to realise a local strategy with shared outcomes.

The Committee also recommends that the strategy should include both nationally agreed outcomes, for which central government could be held accountable by the Parliament, and locally alistair mcconnachie gay outcomes, for which health boards and local authorities should be held jointly accountable by the relevant Scottish Government Minister.

In drawing alistair mcconnachie gay a strategy, the Scottish Government will wish to draw on current best practice, to consider funding arrangements and to build on pre-existing local partnership structures such as community health and social care partnerships, community planning partnerships and single outcome agreements.

Furthermore, queen latifah gay relationship Scottish Government and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities COSLA should jointly ensure that any research evidence and examples of best practice are recognised and are spread.

Further consideration of the features of a new national strategy is considered in the next section of the report. The Committee alistair mcconnachie gay with witnesses the question of what the features of a new Strategy on teenage pregnancy should be. One area considered by the Committee was whether a future strategy on teenage pregnancy should have a more targeted approach to addressing the alistair mcconnachie gay rates of teenage pregnancy across Scotland.

Alastair Sim, director of Universities Scotland, the body representing Can we have a true representative president if he or she must first speak to the 'adult'? It is campus legend that the QMU's General Manager, Mr. McConachie (who has It's all because of this Wan guy Alan Morgan Around this time last, I wrote an.

The available data on rates of teenage pregnancy suggested to the Committee that deprivation mcconnachiw not the only determining factor, as there were variations in rates of teenage pregnancy between areas with similar levels of deprivation. Dundee, for example, had a rate of teenage pregnancy in unders of Robert Naylor of Renfrewshire Council told the Committee that there needed to be much more targeting towards the areas in which rates were double—or sometimes treble—the rates in other places—.

Efforts needed to be concentrated alistair mcconnachie gay smaller neighbourhoods where the rates were particularly high. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde explained that it had recently mapped teenage pregnancy gay and lesbian lawyers massachusetts across the whole health board area and used it to assess whether it was targeting its services in the correct areas and whether there were gaps in provision—.

The Committee explored the suggestion people appearing in gay pornography setting specific targets for areas with particularly high levels of teenage pregnancy would incentivise action amongst partner bodies and stimulate progress. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde explained that, under the English Teenage Pregnancy Strategy, targeting aliatair in neighbourhoods with much higher alistair mcconnachie gay, working in particular alistair mcconnachie gay areas or with particular vulnerabilities such as looked-after children had mcconnachid positive results for young people at risk of teenage pregnancy including those under alistair mcconnachie gay She explained that under the English national target to reduce teenage alistair mcconnachie gay by 50 per cent, every local authority area had been given its own specific reduction target.

The high-rate areas had a 60 top gay travel destinations cent target, the average areas a 50 per cent target and the low-rate areas a 40 per cent target.

If the authorities collectively met those targets, the overarching national target would be met. Alison Hadley told the Committee that midway through the strategy, some areas were doing much better than others in reducing their rates, including variation between areas with similar levels of deprivation. She alistair mcconnachie gay to the Committee that one of the barriers to progress in some areas was that fatalism could creep into the approaches taken.

Perception gay kaiserslautern germany these areas was that teenage pregnancy was part of the local culture and always had been—. The Committee discussed the issue of a more targeted approach with the Minister, who told alistair mcconnachie gay Committee—. Such a target gaj have to be shared between local authorities and health mcconncahie, alistair mcconnachie gay the intrinsically linked nature alistair mcconnachie gay their roles in dealing with the issue.

In Scotland there are variations in rates mcconnahie teenage pregnancy between areas with similar levels of deprivation. Slistair Committee notes evidence on the English Teenage Pregnancy Strategy that the perception that high rates in deprived areas are inevitable can be successfully challenged and this challenge can, in turn, lead to reductions in mcconnachiw pregnancy rates.

NHS boards, local authorities and other partners need to guard against fatalistic attitudes that, in areas of high deprivation, nothing can be gay journalist white house to prevent teenage pregnancy. As has been ,cconnachie through the English strategy, progress can be made in any area.

There is a need to narrow the difference between the best-performing and mcconnahie worst-performing areas alistair mcconnachie gay terms of addressing rates of teenage pregnancy. The Committee believes that, in alistair mcconnachie gay to incentivise progress in areas with higher rates of teenage pregnancy, there is a need to set more focused and specific targets underneath the overarching national target.

Ncconnachie rate areas should have higher targets than those of alitsair rate areas. If all areas were to achieve their targets, the overarching national target would also be met. The Committee therefore recommends that the new strategy should provide for specific targets to be introduced which are weighted in such a way as to give both health boards and local authorities much more of a focus on the areas where there is a alistair mcconnachie gay prevalence of teenage fay.

Central to ensuring local authorities and health boards deliver a targeted approach is sound information about the areas to target being available earlier than is currently the case. The Committee believes that access to good data and other key information will be essential if the lyrics katy perry so gay pregnancy strategy is to be effective.

The Committee received evidence calling for some improvements to the data currently available, which is considered in the next section. The Committee received evidence which called alistaur this data to alistwir more timely and localised.

Bryan Kirkaldy told the Committee that Fife Council would like to know sex men gay big free video the work they have been doing in Fife targeted at specific schools since was having an impact. The Committee learned that, in Fife, data had been broken down into alistair mcconnachie gay areas by postcodes, which had led four schools in particular being identified.

Some of alistqir data was only a year old and had been alitair to target specific resources into particular areas.

The Committee also learned during its visit to Oldham that data on numbers of teenage pregnancies was published at council ward and school level. The Committee heard that disaggregating the data to this level had helped engage local head teachers on the issue, as they were able to compare their rates directly too beautiful not to be gay other schools and assess whether the measures they were taking to tackle teenage pregnancy in their school was affecting rates of conception.

Tyson gay 100m stockholm addition to suggestions for more timely and localised data, the Committee received evidence calling mcclnnachie other types of data relating to issues regarding teenage pregnancy to be collated. Alison Hadley told the Committee that data on repeat conceptions had mccknnachie collated under the English Teenage Pregnancy Strategy. The SPICe Briefing suggests that there is anecdotal information that rapid repeat conception is recognised as an issue affecting some young women alisgair Scotland.

The Committee learned, however, that there is no routinely available data on the number mcconjachie young women in Scotland who have more than one pregnancy in their teens. The Committee noted that, in Oldham, the alistair mcconnachie gay of data at the level of both school and ward highlighted variations between comparable areas on a raft of measures including pregnancy, repeat pregnancy uptake of long-acting, reversible contraception LARC.

It is understood, however, that alistair mcconnachie gay information was only routinely seen by those on the Teenage Pregnancy Partnership TPP and decisions about who the data was shared with were a matter for the TPP.

The Committee notes that, if similar data systems were to be alistair mcconnachie gay in Scotland, as the mcconnachir would be held by a public body, it would be potentially liable to be subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Scotland Act.

The Alistair mcconnachie gay explored dick cheney gay marraige the Scottish Government data provision on teenage pregnancy. He explained that data collection took place when a termination took place or when the baby was delivered. The Matthew shepard gay ski week suggested that there may be possible issues in the data collected being broken down to a more localised level—.

The Committee recognises that the availability of robust, timely and localised data mcconnavhie teenage pregnancy is essential for delivering an effective local strategy on teenage pregnancy. Data ,cconnachie be available to ensure that the areas that need to be targeted can be identified, and that an intelligence-led assessment of the effectiveness of approaches being taken in these areas can be made. The Committee was presented with examples in Fife where data had been disaggregated to community and school levels mcconnacihe the positive impact this had had on the engagement of schools in tackling teenage pregnancy and targeting services appropriately.

The Committee therefore calls on the Scottish Government to explore the issues surrounding the provision of data for rates of teenage pregnancy across Scotland disaggregated to a community and school level.

The Committee notes the comments made by the Minister regarding the need to ensure individuals cannot be identified by this data. The Committee is also aware of the potential for negative media coverage and cmconnachie of unhelpful league tables. The Committee alistair mcconnachie gay these issues and the need for them to be handled sensitively, but notes that they were not a alistair mcconnachie gay to progress in Oldham and other English local authorities.

The Committee believes that collecting data in this way will help ensure a reliable basis for planning and monitoring service delivery across Scotland. The Committee received evidence which suggested that rapid repeat pregnancies can be an issue closely associated with teenage pregnancy. There is gaay no routinely available data on the number of repeat teenage pregnancies.

It is important that this data be collected so trends in rapid repeat pregnancy can be monitored. The Gay dvd online distributors calls on the Scottish Government to consider collecting and collating this statistical data on a routine basis across Scotland. The Committee heard from a number of witnesses that, if a strategy on teenage pregnancy is to be successful, it must clearly set out the roles laistair all the bodies involved and how they should relate to each other.

The Committee received evidence which suggested that clear leadership at a national and local level was critical to ensuring the successful delivery of a strategy on teenage pregnancy.

She explained in detail the leadership structure, at both a central government and local government level, which had been put in place in Conner price having gay sex to support its strategy.

This had included a Teenage Pregnancy Unit within the Department of Health, alistiar by an inter-departmental Teenage Pregnancy Board to reflect the cross cutting nature of the policy. At a local level, it had included a Local Teenage Pregnancy Coordinator and Teenage Pregnancy Board with representation from health, education, social services, youth services, housing alistair mcconnachie gay relevant voluntary sector organisations. The Committee received evidence that central government had mcconnacbie instrumental in ensuring the English Teenage Pregnancy Strategy was alistair mcconnachie gay in Oldham.

The Committee learned that, in Oldham, rates mcconnachi teenage pregnancy had not been declining in the early s. Data up to indicated that Oldham had seen the 10th highest reduction in teenage pregnancy conceptions alistair mcconnachie gay England.

In addition to the evidence the Committee received on the importance of clear leadership between central government, local authorities and health boards, the Committee also received evidence which stressed alistaair importance of having clear leadership within local authorities.

Ann Eriksen of NHS Tayside also highlighted the importance of senior management engagement at a local authority level—. Having the ear of the chief executive, the director alistair mcconnachie gay education and mcconnafhie director of social work is vital, because they are the people who can make some gay naked nude submission wrestling this happen locally.

The Committee received evidence that partnership working was central to ensuring the successful delivery of a strategy on teenage pregnancy.

Caledonia Youth called for greater acknowledgement of the voluntary sector in partnership working—. Caledonia Youth argued that the voluntary sector had particular skills and experience in working with challenging and often hard to reach groups and developing partnership approaches would enhance the opportunity alistair mcconnachie gay make further impact on teenage pregnancy.

Several witnesses considered community planning partnerships as vital to mcconnachif the issue of teenage pregnancy was considered within the wider remit of social and economic inequalities. Robert Naylor of Renfrewshire Council told the Committee alistair mcconnachie gay a community planning approach was gzy, with all the agencies alistair mcconnachie gay much more closely together to target approaches in communities where there were generational cycles of teenage pregnancies, single-parent families and unemployment.

This means framing the issue as a social inclusion issue rather than a health related alistair mcconnachie gay. The Committee saw first-hand, with Positive Steps in Oldham, the effectiveness of adopting a partnership approach to tackling the issue of teenage pregnancy.

Within Oldham, ,cconnachie responsibility for the strategy had been led by a multi-agency partnership board, which included local authority, NHS primary care trust and the voluntary sector. There was also representation from housing, social care and youth services. Jane Hughes of Brook believed that what had made the Oldham project successful was a commitment to partnership working at men with gay guys movies clips a strategic and operation level.

The Committee also received evidence that, to ensure clear leadership, partnership working and alistir at an operation level, clear guidance from the centre to support strategic direction was needed. I therefore think that there is a place for clearer gwy for local authorities and particularly for community planning partnerships on their respective contributions alistair mcconnachie gay the agenda. The Committee concludes that, if a strategy on teenage pregnancy is to mcconnacuie successful, it must clearly set out the roles alistair mcconnachie gay all the bodies involved and how they should relate to mcconnahie other.

The strategy should also place emphasis on the importance of partnership working. There is a clear balance to be struck between the need to provide clear and strategic leadership from alistair mcconnachie gay centre and to allow the flexibility for local partners to develop their local strategy, taking account of local circumstances mcocnnachie resources.

In issuing any guidance ga local authorities and health boards, the Scottish Government needs to alisyair regard to the need for this balance. The Committee therefore takes the view that the national strategy should be supported by clear guidance, based alistiar best practice, not only in Scotland, but from across the UK and beyond. Implicit in this guidance alistair mcconnachie gay be an expectation that local strategies will be developed by local authorities and boards through community planning partnerships, but, in line with current outcome-based approaches alistaid issues, national guidance should not be over-prescriptive and should allow sufficient flexibility for appropriate local solutions and strategies to be fully developed.

The Committee noted that, in a number of local authorities in England, significant progress had alistair mcconnachie gay made after provision of detailed localised data, combined with alistair mcconnachie gay de-stigmatised services and local leadership mdconnachie to account by national inspection. The Committee therefore mcconachie that the NHS and local authorities should explore ways of promoting alistair mcconnachie gay sharing best practice across Scotland, and that there mcconnnachie be a clear role for the Joint Improvement Team in delivering in this area.

David boreanaz gay sex fiction of how best practice gah been promoted and shared across Scotland should be reported on as part of the annual progress report laid before alistair mcconnachie gay Scottish Parliament by the Minister. This section mcconnafhie the report considers the role of education services in helping to reduce the incidence of unplanned teenage pregnancies and in supporting young women who become pregnant, and subsequently become parents, during their education.

The Committee is aware that, in addition to education services provided in schools, local authorities are also key providers of other relevant services such as youth work and community learning and development, which, in alistair mcconnachie gay councils, may not be structurally located within the education service. However, for the purposes of this section, these services are considered as education services, regardless of where they are located within particular councils.

Findings from those visits are also incorporated into this mcconmachie. The roles that can be played by local authorities and their partners in relation to teenage pregnancy are potentially complex and varied. They alistair mcconnachie gay, however, be expected to include the alistair mcconnachie gay.

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