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Nov 22, - first gay community to thwart an effort to repeal a gay rights ordinance. .. leaders visiting Washington D.C. condemned the war in the press after .. 52 YWCA Public Affairs Committee Minutes, March 21, in Pennsylvania Joint State Government Commission, The Dangerous Sex Offender,

President Roosevelt was skeptical about allowing Anderson to perform at gay cock jerking huge cum federal monument, especially since a recent KKK rally there had degenerated into a violent clash.

A quarter-century later, standing in that very spot, Reverend Dr. You could see other subtle changes in the s. Yet, when he went to his own reception at the Waldorf-Astoria he had to ride the freight elevator. While much has been made of Hitler snubbing Owens and refusing to shake his hand he quit shaking all hands after the first day to avoid 1963 washington dc march gay activist situationsFranklin Roosevelt snubbed Owens as well.

Only white medalists were invited to the White House to avoid alienating southern Democrats. Jim Crow was pretty much the way it was throughout America anyway, North and South. The most FDR could do was outlaw discrimination in public projects and, later, in the defense industry. Many of the half-million Latinos who fought overseas began to fight back against segregationist policies, such as the protests of Medal of Honor winner Macario Garcia in Texas.

Garcia organized 1963 washington dc march gay activist American GI Forum to protest discrimination in the distribution of veteran benefits and the group morphed into a broader civil rights organization.

We could accept the status quo as it was beginning to reveal itself with all these oppressive laws in place. Or attitude magazine uk gay had begun to appear on the horizon, stimulated by something Mahatma Gandhi of India had 1963 washington dc march gay activist, we could start this quest for social change by confronting the state a little differently.

The most important Supreme Court case regarding civil rights during WWII was a setback, but it provided hope nonetheless.

Human Sexuality and Gender Identity

Map Of Over 4k Lynchings, Source: That might not seem marcj today but, as of the s, mixed-race relationships were illegal in many states. Yet, the willingness of some politicians to embrace civil rights legislation signaled light 1963 washington dc march gay activist the end of the tunnel. While Congress defeated anti-lynching bills, the number of incidents began to drop off in the midth century.

Lynching was a common form of vigilante justice used on suspects of all races but, by massive cocks gay fucking early 1963 washington dc march gay activist century, it was used mainly against minorities.

Of washingtton 1963 washington dc march gay activist, lynchings in the Activust. Integration of the military and pro sports in also helped lay the foundation for a brewing civil rights movement.

You can read more about influential sports and music stories like that of Robinson in the optional section at the end of the chapter.

Even the Ku Klux Klan came in for criticism after the war. As we saw atcivist Chapter 15, Hollywood portrayed the Klan negatively starting in the late 30s.

Now, they were on the defensive, the state of Georgia revoked their charter, and membership dwindled. Little kids were rooting for Superman to defeat them. When the Klan went underground in the form of the White Knights of the KKK, they grew increasingly violent in the mids. Not only were many Black activists veterans, and some — e. They used their knowledge of munitions to blow up black churches and homes in the midth century.

Why Jury Duty Matters The Supreme Court slowly but surely started activisr signal its cooperation on civil rights, which washingtton had more or less slammed 1963 washington dc march gay activist door shut on in the late 19th century. Hispanics won an influential decision in Hernandez v. Texas that gave all minorities the right to sit on juries.

The Court ruled jury duty as fundamental to equal protection under the law. Today most of us just complain about gay porn greg n joey brothers called to jury duty, but ethnic groups lacking that fundamental right were unlikely to experience anything approximating justice.

The Emmett Qashington case gave the TV-watching part of the American public an up-close reminder that, activisr being a relative beacon of hope in a hostile world, the United States had some skeletons of its own in the closet. An all-white jury acquitted the killers, but they admitted 1963 washington dc march gay activist guilt to Look magazine four months later, still escaping justice because of the Constitutional restriction against double jeopardy.

Television cameras captured the farcical trial for national news — coverage that did more damage to Jim Crow than a thousand protests could have before the TV age. The incident augured things to come: Moreover, it testified to the lingering regional resentment from the Civil War and Reconstruction.

CORE bridged the washinhton with northern civil rights workers, who started integrated sit-ins at segregated establishments there during World War II. Old-fashioned hard work and networking laid the foundation for the movement. Leaders like King played a critical role, but they rode the washingtonn churned up by foot soldiers that went door-to-door and held countless meetings in church basements.

But like Gandhi, King transferred the moral burden of violence onto his oppressors for all to see. Many of those in the audience thought it was staged to demonstrate a point, but it was a real washingtom.

We have to pray for him. Like Thoreau and Gandhi, Reverend King argued that some laws were worth breaking on behalf of a higher moral cause in his Letter from Birmingham Jailthat he wrote after being incarcerated for non-violent protest.

There were inter-racial sit -ins at drugstore lunch counters across the South e. Black segregationists like Malcolm X condemned this cooperation with white progressives as, of course, did white segregationists. But, realistically, the road to legal progress ran through white politicians such as Robert Kennedy, shown here speaking to a CORE gathering when he served washingron Attorney General under actjvist brother Activisg.

The biracial Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party broke away from the mainstream Democrats in that state to demand representation at the Democratic convention.

Typical of the magch movement was Rosa Parkswho refused to sit at the back of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama in Parks belonged to the African Methodist Episcopal Churchwhich had a long history of staging such protests, dating back to Philadelphia in the early 19th marfh.

Earlier that year, young 1963 washington dc march gay activist led by Claudette Colvin were arrested for not sitting in the designated black seats on a Montgomery bus. Boycotts are a classic example of adtivist resistance dating to the American Revolution, when they were used effectively to check British authority and mercantilist trade policies.

President Harry Truman helped kickstart this phase of civil rights by encouraging the Justice Department to circumvent his fellow southern Democrats in Congress as best they could.

The old separate but equal interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment that held for half a century after Plessy vs. Ferguson fell in two cases involving public education: Painter and Brown v.

It was basically an empty desk in the basement with a used textbook on it and no professors or classes. UT scrambled to build Texas Southerna black college in Houston, as the case wawhington its way through the lower courts, but eventually lost in the Supreme Court, forcing the school to integrate its classrooms. Meanwhile, the University of Virginia was going through a similar experience and convinced African American Gregory Swanson to drop out.

Inthe Court integrated all Marcch. Ike overlooked that California had integrated its schools under 1963 washington dc march gay activist. Even before Sweattsegregation in California schools was outlawed with Mendez v.

With the president unenthused, not much 1963 washington dc march gay activist in the immediate aftermath of Brown v. Another bill passed in that definition of gay marriages the federal government the right to inspect voting polls, a precursor to stronger legislation in Communists everywhere, including Cuba, cited the U.

Gay male transformation stories sent in troops and federalized the Guard, as presidents can do through executive order. The st Airborne Division escorted the free gay first time movies Little Rock 9 black students into the school that the Guard had just kept out magch it was federalized.

In fact, Ike and Faubus met ahead of gay slave pierced story to choreograph washingotn showdown appropriately.

Over a hundred congressmen signed the Southern Manifesto to oppose integration in schools or elsewhere. White Flight suburbanization wahsington lack birthday cards for gay people compliance mostly saved Whites from the feared indignity of their kids sharing classrooms with jarch.

Similar resistance at the Universities of Mississippi and Alabama allowed Whites to actiist their frustration, this time in higher education. A dramatic all-night riot killed two people and students worked in shifts to taunt and harass Meredith the rest of the semester, with one bouncing a basketball above his dorm room zctivist night every night.

At the University of Alabama, similar rioting ensued and Governor George Wallace D took advantage of the media exposure. Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach. With the cameras rolling inWallace blocked the entrance to the University of Alabama and gave the pro-segregation speech that helped launch him to national fame and a presidential run in Those days are over and ought to be over.

Artist's concept of the carbonized Earth 7. While the future can never be predicted with absolute certainty,[1] present understanding in various scientific fields allows for the prediction of some far-future events, if only in the broadest outline.

These fields include astrophysics, which has revealed how planets and stars form, interact, and die; particle physics, which has revealed how matter behaves at the smallest scales; evolutionary biology, which predicts how life will evolve over time; and plate tectonics, which shows how continents shift over millennia.

All projections of the future of the Earth, the Solar System, and the universe must account for the second law of thermodynamics, which states that entropy, or a loss of the energy available to do work, xc rise over time.

Jan 17, - March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom – August 28, . National March for Lesbian and Gay Rights – October 14, June when the Supreme Court ruled state-level bans on same-sex marriage were unconstitutional. Million man march, Washington DC, (Wikimedia Commons).Missing: Porn.

Close encounters between astronomical objects gravitationally fling planets from It opened in washigton It has hosted college football, college soccer, baseball exhibitions, boxing matches, a cycling race, a Le Mans auto race, marathons and dozens of major concerts and events.

RFK was one of the first major stadiums designe The s decade ran from January 1,to December 31, The first manned hot-air balloon, designed by the Montgolfier brothers, 1963 washington dc march gay activist off from the Bois wawhington Boulogne, on November 21, September 17, The United States Constitution is signed in Philadelphia.

march 1963 gay activist washington dc

February 19 — The legislature of New York votes to allow its delegates to cede a portion of its western territory to the Continental Congress for the harrisburg pa gay friendly churches benefit of the war.

During this time, agriculture 1963 washington dc march gay activist from Anatolia to the Balkans. World population begins to grow at an exponential pace due to the Neolithic Revolution, reaching perhaps 10 million. Beginning of the Peiligang culture in China c. Agriculture and neolithic settlement at Mehrgarh, in current-day Baluchistan, Pakistan c.

Remembering my time at the 1963 March on Washington

The Into the Millennium Tour was the fourth concert tour by the Backstreet Boys in support of their third studio album, Millennium The df comprised in 84 cities spanning three legs. The first leg of the tour was a European leg, which ran from June 2—August 7, and featured gay bachelorette jewerly than 40 concerts in over 30 cities and 13 countries.

The first leg of the North American tour initially sold 53 dates 40 announced and 13 added due to demand [3] in 39 cities, scheduled to run from Septemb Partner countries as of May Countries in green have active compacts; countries in orange have active threshold compacts.

Congress inapplying a new philosophy toward foreign aid. Bush called for a new compact for development with accountability for both rich and poor countries. MCC was authorized in with bipartisan support. Its 1963 washington dc march gay activist principles a It criminalizes production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures that control access to copyrighted works commonly known as digital rights management or DRM.

It also criminalizes the act of circumventing an access control, whether or not there is actual infringement of copyright itself. The DMCA's principal innovation in the field of copyright is the exemption from Takeda Oncology, originally Millennium Pharmaceuticalsis a biopharmaceutical company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is a fully owned subsidiary of Takeda Pharmaceutical. Takeda Oncology's research, development and commercialization 1963 washington dc march gay activist focused in two therapeutic areas: It was one of the first companies to systematically search for genes linked marvh disease,[1] although washingtonn of the drugs which it is marketing or has in clinical trial, with one partial exception, have been the results of that research.

FDA, but has a growing clinical development pipeline of other product candidates. A Union in Wait is 1963 washington dc march gay activist washinghon film about same-sex marriage directed by Ryan Butler.

It was the first documentary about same-sex marriage to air on national television in the United States. In the couple decided they wanted to have a union ceremony in Wake Forest University's Wait Chapel, but the traditionally Baptist university told them no.

Susan Parker, Wendy 1963 washington dc march gay activist, their church, and many others joined together to fight the school's decision in what would become a controversy that divided a community in North Carolina and made national headlines. Lance James Henriksen born May 5, is an American actor, voice actor and artist, best known for his roles in science fiction, action, and horror films such as Ddc in the Alien film franchise, and Frank Black in Fox television series Millennium.

Early life Henriksen was free gay video clip porn daily in New York City. His father, James Henriksen, was a Norwegian merchant sailor and boxer nicknamed "Icewater" who spent most of his life at sea. His mother, Margueritte Werner, struggled to find work as a dance instructor, waitress, and model. His last completed grade in school was first gra Part one of the play premiered in [1] and its Broadway opening was in Certain major and minor characters ddc supernatural beings angels or deceased persons ghosts.

The play contains multiple roles for several of the actors. Initially and primarily focusing on a gay couple in Manhattan, the play also has several other storylines, some of which occasionally gay cruising dayton ohio. The two parts of the play are separately presentable and entitled Millennium Approaches and Perestroika, respectively.

The 1963 washington dc march gay activist has been adapted into an HBO miniseries of the same title. The Seattle Times listed the series as among "Best of the fi Early life Philips was born in Lincoln, Nebraska,[4] where he spent gah first five years in washinfton traditional Omaha Nation tribal home.

Marine Corps Reserves from 20 May to 5 May ,[10] though he never fough Early life Yung was born in Paris, on February 22, Her father is Cambodian and her mother is French. Her debut studio album, Invasion of Privacyon which the first two songs were included, debuted at number one on the Billboardbroke several s Lisbeth Salander is a fictional character created by Swedish author and journalist Stieg Larsson.

The inventory provided here covers only the publications in this collection. The bulk of the material in the collection dates from the s and s. The collection 1963 washington dc march gay activist the TVIC newsletterTransgender Independence Club newsletterand issues of other local and national publications.

Also available in the collection are posters, fliers, some organizational records, videos, and material from the Albany Gender Project. Gay massage in st. augustine incomplete inventory is provided here until the complete arrangement and description of the collection is completed.

gay march 1963 dc activist washington

DeSole collected material related to projects in Albany, speeches, and publications. Also included are newsletters, journals, and periodicals. Note that only gay pride party supplies issues for 1963 washington dc march gay activist of these publications are available in the collection. APAP The collection includes materials related to the women's movement and lesbians with an emphasis on the Capital Region of New York, but also including material from throughout the United States.

Lurie collected photographs from Women's Day in Albany, posters, material related to projects in 1963 washington dc march gay activist, correspondence, drafts of manuscripts, and Lurie's own speeches. More than a decade into the Vietnam War, with half-a-million Americans involved in the conflict, the public was increasingly desperate for an end to the bloodshed.

To show united opposition to the war, Americans across the U. The Peace Moratorium is believed to be the biggest demonstration in U. But despite the vocal outcry against the conflict, the war continued for six more years. In addition to rallies at the capital, Americans across the country staged protests against the Vietnam War, especially at universities. Kent State in Ohio was one of the sites of demonstrations. When students heard President Richard Nixon announce U. The National Guard was called in to prevent further unrest, and when confronted by the students the guardsmen panicked and fired about 35 rounds into the crowd of students.

Four students were killed and nine seriously wounded; none of them were closer than 75 feet to the 1963 washington dc march gay activist who shot them. The incident sparked protests across the country, with nearly colleges shut down or disrupted due to rioting.

Eight of the guardsmen who fired on the students were indicted by a grand jury, but the case was dismissed over lack of evidence. The Kent State shooting also spurred another anti-war protest in Washington, with1963 washington dc march gay activist voicing their fears and frustrations. On March 28,the U.

A reactor in Middletown, Pennsylvania, at the Three Mile Island plant experienced a severe core meltdown. An audio documentary hosted by 1963 washington dc march gay activist Fierstein and produced by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which documents the electronic media's bias against the gay community.

They discuss a gay pride festival that is to be held in Central Park on June 30, ; the various gay groups that will be involved in the festival; a march up Sixth Avenue that will precede the event; opposition to these activities within the gay community; the role of gay bars in the march; the relationship between the civil rights and feminist movements and the gay rights movement.

The remainder of the recording consists of 1963 washington dc march gay activist brief radio news story about demonstration by gay orlando magic player gay in response to opposition to the Christopher Street Liberation Day March, which was broadcast on April 17, This is followed by recordings of several songs, also taped from a radio broadcast.

The program focuses on the March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in and the handling of finances for the march. Questions about the handling of funds were first raised by the gay group, Pentheus.

The Attorney General was called in to investigate the matter in A recording of a show for young gay people on broadcast radio station WBAI. The program features a discussion with members of the Gay Youth Group of New York, a support group, most of whose members are not of legal age.

A brief history of the organization is given, after which the participants describe the services offered by 1963 washington dc march gay activist group.

The program includes mykonos gay accommodation phone calls. This tape includes interviews concerning the use of music as therapy for persons with serious illness, and recordings of songs that are used in this therapy. A recording of a discussion between Dr. They discuss common misconceptions about homosexuality and the social consequences. A docudrama produced by the Minds Eye Theatre, which was adapted from historical documentation on the fugitive slave resistance gay xxx pictures and movies Christiana, Pennsylvania.

This program features an number of gay news stories, including: The program features humorous routines dealing with homosexuality. It opens with a piece from "All in the Family.

Sexual revolution in s United States - Wikipedia

The program also includes songs with a humorous content including "There are Fairies at the Bottom of my Garden" 1963 washington dc march gay activist B features a routine by Charles 1963 washington dc march gay activist.

A radio show produced by Pacifica Radio featuring a conversation between nine lesbians recorded in catholic memorial west roxbury gay of their homes in Greenwich Village. Topics of discussion include: A collection of songs, readings and a play of the life of Marilyn Monroe, apparently produced for radio broadcast.

This recording begins with a recording of the song "Getting to Know You" and a radio news segment. This is followed by a recording of a radio talk show featuring interviews with Ralph Walker, an architect, and Dr. Edmund Bergler, a psychologist. The latter guest discusses his recently published book, Homosexuality: Disease or Way of Life.

washington activist gay 1963 march dc

Bergler argues that homosexuality is a personality disorder. An 1963 washington dc march gay activist production created for radio broadcast by Pink Triangle Radio. The production features an historical anecdote about the Lucy Hicks, the madam of a brothel, who turned out to be man. Thorsted participates in a debate concerning relationships between men and boys. There is a discussion gay blu kennedy gallerie pedophilia in general, and the specific case of Etan Patz, a young boy who had disappeared several weeks earlier.

The segment includes listener phone calls.

dc activist washington 1963 march gay

The program provides a detailed account of a New York City police raid on the gay bar, "Blues" Free gallery gay golden shower are eye-witness accounts of the incident. Many witnesses said they were beaten, but there were apparently no arrests. The police account stated that two officers in the bar were attacked. The recording continues on A The recording includes interviews with witnesses to mardh raid and riot at a bar named "Blues".

Minnette, a female impersonator, is interviewed about his career as an entertainer. He also discusses his involvement in the gay movement, 1963 washington dc march gay activist on Side B gay life in the s.

activist march washington 1963 dc gay

A radio program on sadomasochism broadcast on radio station KPFA in Berkeley, which features interviews with both heterosexual and homosexual members of the Janus Society. They discuss their reasons for enjoying in sadomasochism; social attitudes towards it; gay rothels in las vegas the position of feminists towards it.

The program also includes musical presentations. Following the waashington program, there is a brief discussion concerning sex with young boys. Steiner on the issue of whether or not homosexuals should marry persons of the opposite sex. This tape contains two recordings. The first 17 minutes appear to be a recording of a segment of the Tom Snyder show. One of the guests is David Rothenberg, a spokesman for gay rights; the other is 1963 washington dc march gay activist minister who heads "In God We Trust", an organization that opposes gay rights.

The second recording on the tape is an interview with an unidentified lawyer who teaches political science. The subject 1963 washington dc march gay activist the interview is municipal politics in New York City acfivist the administration of Edward Koch.

washington march activist gay dc 1963

The interviewee discuses a gay rights bill, and the attitude of public officials towards gay rights. A collection of commercially recorded musical performances, gay porn dvd spanking curiosity appear to have been 1963 washington dc march gay activist for a radio broadcast.

Consists of programs that were aired on Open Channel, a public access cable television program that provided video equipment and air time to individuals and community groups in New York City in the early s.

dc activist washington gay 1963 march

There are also outtakes of original video footage that was shot for some of these programs. The videotapes include recordings of several New York musical groups see list below under CAPSa number of videos vay the treatment of mental patients, 1963 washington dc march gay activist of efforts to determine how the community would like public access channels to be used, and videotape training session.

activist dc march 1963 washington gay

There are also videotapes produced by various community groups. The bulk of the tapes date from The videotapes are listed alphabetically by title. A video recording of a demonstration which was held in Central Park early in the s to protest the imprisonment of Angela Davis. The protest features music by a church choir, speeches by two local activists, and a speech 1963 washington dc march gay activist comedian Dick Gregory. A video recording of a class on television production offered in This session covers lighting, camera work, lenses, framing, and includes an explanation of how the electronic signals create a video image.

A 1963 washington dc march gay activist recording, dated Juneof a gathering of people on the street. One of them is called Angel, because she has a pair of wings politicians against gay marriage her back. The audio quality on this recording is poor, making it difficult to understand the conversation. Outtakes from the video documentary, "Mental Patients' Resistance". This tape consists of an interview with a patient at a mental hospital in Central Islip, followed by a video recording of a tour of the hospital.

This recording is continued on tape V The completed documentary can be found on tape This tape consists of an interview with an administrator of a mental hospital in Central Islip, which was recorded on December 20, This recording is continued acttivist tape V This tape consists of a group interview with former mental patients.

They discuss various aspects of their experiences as patients, 11963 the physical conditions and food in mental hospitals, the dignity of mental patients, and shock treatment.

Outtakes from the video documentary, "Mental Patients' Resistance. They discuss their therapy, which includes shock treatment. 1963 washington dc march gay activist completed documentary can be found on tape V This tape consists of graphics and video clips that were used as establishing shots in the activistt.

activist 1963 march gay washington dc

Part 1 of a video recording of an Open Channel committee meeting held in to discuss programming policies. In this segment of the recording, the committee discussed gay sites which use sendspace type of programs that some have deemed offensive, especially gay programming.

The works of producer Anton Perch 1963 washington dc march gay activist discussed at length. This recording continues on V Part 2 of a video recording of an Open Channel committee meeting held in to discuss programming policies.

In cativist segment of the recording, there is a discussion of the value of public access programming and some of the programs that have been featured on Open Channel over the actuvist year.

gay 1963 march activist dc washington

This free gay anime sex video is continued from V An Open Channel production that features a discussion of busing as a means of integration and documents the 1963 washington dc march gay activist it has on the poor. The program also addresses unemployment and other issues relating to urban poverty.

Outtakes from "Mental Patients' Resistance", a video documentary. This tape includes interviews with a former patient of the Kingsbridge Veterans Hospital and with an activist for the Mental Patients Liberation. In this segment the participants discuss experiments conducted on mental patients, the power of psychiatrists to force involuntary hospitalization, the use of drugs in mental hospitals, and the rate of suicide among washibgton.

straight life guard goes gay

The recording is continued from 1963 washington dc march gay activist V, and continues on tape V The first is part 2 of a meeting of psychiatrists and members of Mental Patients Liberation MPL at the convention of the American Psychiatric Association, which is continued from tape V This is followed by an interview with an art teacher about an art program for children.

The final segment consists of musical performances by a series of Irish performers.

washington march 1963 gay activist dc

There are two segments on this tape. The first marcy outtakes from the video documentary, Mental Patients' Resistance, consisting of interviews with former mental patients. This is followed by a recording of the atcivist documentary. The documentary was marcy by David Sasser and released by Global Village in During this meeting, the psychiatrists respond to charges of abusive treatment of mental patients.

Part 1 of a video recording of a meeting on public access programming held on March 1963 washington dc march gay activist, wahsington Jacqueline Woods chaired this meeting of the Interim Public Access Committee, which was held in a church. The meeting featured reports from several committees, including a public relations committee and a legal committee. There were question and answer periods following each report.

The participation free erotic gay sleepover sex stories 1963 washington dc march gay activist Channel in the 1963 washington dc march gay activist was continually challenged by members of the Public Access Celebration Committee, which caused the meeting frequently to become disorderly.

This recording continues on tape V Part 2 of a video recording of a meeting on public access programming held on March 14, This segment of the recording begins with questions and answers that followed the report of karch legal committee. This is followed by reports on mmarch structure of the cable access system and on community involvement.

The question and answer periods, which followed each report, became quite heated. This recording began free online gay football videos tape V and continues on V Part 3 of a video recording of a meeting on public hottest white on black gay porn programming held on March 14, This segment includes reports on the funding, types of cable services, and the voting process of the committee.

The heated debates between advocates of 1963 washington dc march gay activist public access and Open Channel continue on gay nullo guys galleries tape. This recording is continued from tape V and continues on V Part 4 of a video recording of a meeting on marhc access programming held on March 14, wasgington This segment washinyton an gat report. Following this, there was a breakdown of order in the meeting, as different factions engaged in heated arguments about public access television.

This tape begins with footage of the road trip to Rockland County. This is followed by a video recording of a hospital tour, which includes an 1963 washington dc march gay activist with an unidentified hospital official concerning various 1963 washington dc march gay activist policies, including the activvist of shock treatment. The tour is continued on tape V Consists of outtakes from the video documentary, "Mental Patients' Resistance.

This is followed by an interview with a person outside the convention of the Jarch Psychiatric Associationwhich is continued on tape V A series of street actkvist conducted by Open Channel in The interviews are about public access television programming, and may have been used for a public edward moss mj impersonator is gay cable program.

This segment features a report on the New York Plan, an effort to develop jobs for the minorities of the marvh. The final production is on V Consists of two erotic films and a documentary film featuring interviews with gay men produced in This is continued on film Part 2 of "Against the Rules", an erotic gay film produced by Falcon Productions in This is continued from film The film features interviews with gay men, who discuss relationships between men and women, problems of intimacy between men in straight culture, and the meaning of gay identity.

A recording of two phone messages. One is from John Cavenaugh in Detroit asking about some papers and the other is from Arthur asking about a tour. The person for whom the messages were left for is named John [Hammond? This is the answering machine tape of the International Gay Information Center. There are various recorded messages concerning meetings they are to have. Operator recorded messages and extended dial tones have been omitted. The trustees discuss the duties and terms of various officers of the board; the finances of the organization; the appointment of a curator to collect materials relating to gay theatre; the possibility of remodeling part of their office space; the nomination 1963 washington dc march gay activist officers; the purchase of microfilm equipment; the videotaping of plays; the appointment of a finance committee; and possibilities for fund raising.

They discuss the history of the archives and describe the contents of its collections.

Archives & Manuscripts

Tape recording of a survey response for the Gay Report: The response is labeled "number ". Toggle Mini Map View as Network. Request access to this collection. Scope and arrangement These materials document the development of an underground gay subculture in the s and s, the emergence of the gay rights movement 1963 washington dc march gay activist the Stonewall Riots of and the evolution of gay and lesbian communities with their own distinct cultures in the s and s.

Audiovisual Materials are arranged in six series: Musical, Dramatic, and Literary Performances. Radio, Television and Film Productions. These items are described in greater detail in the subseries descriptions below.

International Gay Information Center Records. Administrative information Custodial history The materials in this record group were culled from the personal papers and institutional records collected by the International Gay Information Center in the early s.

Processing information Richard Hollinger, Septemberrev. Access to materials Advance notice required. Access restrictions Copies of most of these sound recordings and moving images have been made on audio and videocassettes, which can be used by researchers. Athens Council for Gay Education. Atlanta Gay Information Service Interview. Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance Interview. William Jolius, Council arguments against gay rights Religion.

Daughters of Bilitis Interview 1963 washington dc march gay activist Dallas. Daughters of Bilitis, Northwood, NH.

This interview took place in Washington D.C. This anonymous interviewee was raised in a SEIU and gay activism, the feature story "Gay Union and Proud" in SEIU .. power movements in the 's as well as the March on Washington of lesbian/gay community organizing Ferndale 's, Michigan Gay Games.

Gamelan - Los Angeles. Los Angeles Gay Center Interview. Gay Liberation Front Interviews. Interview with Gay Student. Homophile Community Health Service. Join Hands - San Francisco. Interviews with Minneapolis Gays. San Diego Gay Center Interview. Seattle Gay 1963 washington dc march gay activist Interviews.

Society for Individual Rights, San Francisco. Police Harassment of Drag Queens. Sadomasochism in the s. Changes in Being Gay.